News 5/4/19

French minister slammed for twisting ‘truth’ after fake claim of hospital attack by Yellow Vests
Yellow Vests protesters and opposition politicians have slammed French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner for describing an incident at a Paris hospital as an “attack.” Social media footage tells a different story.

Hostilities flare up as rockets hit Israel from Gaza
Militants in the Gaza Strip have fired more than 200 rockets into Israel, the army says, prompting air strikes and tank fire on the Palestinian territory.Three Israelis were wounded by the rockets. Israeli fire killed three Palestinians, including a mother and her baby daughter, Gaza officials say.

Prince William booed and heckled at service to mark 50 years of Royal Navy's nuclear submarines
Protesters shouted "shame on you" at the Duke of Cambridge as he entered Westminster Abbey for a service to mark 50 years of the Royal Navy's nuclear submarines on Friday.Activists from the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), who were across the road from the Abbey booed and chanted, condemning the Duke's attendance.

Rio de Janeiro: killings by police hit a record high in Brazilian state
Police killings in the state of Rio de Janeiro have hit a record high, rising by 18% in the first three months of this year.Official data reviewed by the Associated Press on Friday show police forces in Rio killed 434 people during clashes in those months, compared with 368 people in same period last year.

Theresa May must go now, former Tory leader says
Theresa May must resign or the Conservatives should force her out, after the party's heavy local election losses, Iain Duncan Smith has said.The former Tory leader called Mrs May a "caretaker PM" and described her attempts to reach a Brexit deal with Labour as "absurd".

Assange’s father slams US pursuit of Wikileaks founder as ‘revenge’ for exposing war destruction
Julian Assange’s father John Shipton has blasted the US for seeking “vindictive revenge” on his son for WikiLeaks exposing the US “destruction” of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria and the “millions killed” in wars.

'Let's just not say it': Jared Kushner says 'two-state' label hinders Middle East talks
Jared Kushner has revealed aspects of the US peace plan for the Middle East, indicating it would pull back from longstanding mentions of a two-state solution with the Palestinians and accept Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Fuel tanker drivers threaten new strike in Portugal
Portuguese fuel tanker drivers have threatened further action, less than two weeks after a three-day strike over low wages and poor working conditions brought the country to a virtual standstill. Half of the country’s petrol stations ran dry, factories halted production, public transport routes were suspended and flights cancelled.

Venezuela: Socialist Party Headquarters Torched, Attacked
The local headquarters of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in San Agustin, Caracas, was the scene of arson early Saturday morning in an act of targeted violence.

Biodiversity crisis is about to put humanity at risk, UN scientists to warn
Up to 1m species are at risk of annihilation, many within decades, according to a leaked draft of the global assessment report, which has been compiled over three years by the UN’s leading research body on nature.

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Sanders trip to Soviet Union comes under new scrutiny
The Post’s report, which was based on audio and video of the visit, as well as interviews with several people who accompanied the Vermont senator, includes anecdotes about the then-Burlington, Vt., mayor criticizing U.S. intervention in other countries along with the high cost of housing and health care in his home country.Republicans seized on the report to hit the top contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, using the remarks to bolster President Trump’s argument that Sanders would move the U.S. further toward socialism.

Neo-Nazi networks exposed across US military
In March 2019, independent media outlet Unicorn Riot, published more than 770,000 Discord chat messages from chat servers associated with Identity Evropa. Discord is a messaging service popular with computer video game players. Combing through the chat logs, Huffington Post reporters have so far been able to identify 11 members from the white supremacist organization who are currently serving in the US military.

People are hiring private police squads in Detroit
In 2013, the city of Detroit filed for bankruptcy. As a result, budget and pay cuts have since pushed police officers toward better paying opportunities outside the city, and private security companies have rushed into the city. Now, private security is a booming industry in Detroit. The largest contractor has reported 25% year-over-year growth since the city’s bankruptcy.

Oglala Lakota Sioux to South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem: You are not welcome at Pine Ridge Reservation
South Dakota governor Kristi Noem (R) is governor non grata at Pine Ridge after her support of new "riot boosting" laws that target indigenous people opposed to oil infrastructure on their land.

U.S. Ride Share Drivers Will Strike On May 8th Ahead of Uber IPO
Uber and Lyft drivers in major U.S. cities have united to strike during peak hours on Wednesday May 8th for two hours from 7AM to 9AM local time, according to a report from Autoblog. Cities which may see rush hour even more rush-y include New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles, among others.

Warren Buffett says the US won't 'go into socialism in 2020, or 2040, or 2060'
Warren Buffett was asked about the growing political discussion around socialism."I don't think the country will go into socialism in 2020, or 2040, or 2060," Buffett said.Socialism has become a hot topic with the rise of democratic socialists like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and recent attacks against the idea by President Donald Trump.

In 2008 "synthetic CDOs" destroyed the global economy, and now they're back
CDOs are toxic as fuck, but there's a limit to how much damage they can do: you need actual loans or other payment streams to package up into CDOs. Once every rental property's payments have been financialized, you can't mint more CDOs from rental property. But synthetic CDOs have no limit: so long as there's a financial engineer willing to place bets on the performance of CDOs, there's a synthetic CDO to be packaged up from the returns on those bets. And that means that synthetic CDOs can be totally uncoupled from the real economy, which is how the 2008 crisis came involved trillions in debt, representing many, many multiples of the entire planet's net worth

You don't even need to false flag anymore lmao.

How does anybody rationalize Israel as the besieged one?


Can someone more familiar with bong politics weigh in whether this helps Labour?

I'm surprised he did get locked up in a black site tbh.
It's kind of amazing that public opinion is starting to come around on Israel.

This is amazing news. More people need to see this shit so they realize what kind of power they have over the supply chain.

Fucking civil war brewing. It's going to be such a mess.

The state of the biosphere is maybe the most grim and depressing shit these days.

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If they think this will hurt him they haven't been paying attention.
Anyone shocked by this is a retard.
Pinkertons are back, baybee.
Can't wait for the media to completely look the other way when the government finishes off these native tribes.
Get the apps and book a ride or two to put a strain on the system, and if you get picked up, give the scab a 1 star review.
Warren Buffet won the lottery. His opinion doesn't mean shit.
Of course they are. The financial sector needs bullshit like this to keep profit from collapsing. We're in the end game for the falling rate of profit, my niggas. Buy guns and train with them. Organize mutual aid networks in your community. Get to know local farmers.


Art for the 99 Percent
Rich kids are way more likely to grow up to be artists. And that's because capitalism doesn't give us all the freedom to reach our creative potentials.

Environmental Crisis, Oil Geopolitics and the Trump Diversion
America in 2019 is a very strange place. The problems of the age: looming environmental calamity, the threat of nuclear annihilation and accumulating class tensions, keep being shoved to the side through diversionary tactics. No sooner had a range of left programs been consolidated under the banner of a Green New Deal than establishment Democrats and their partners in misdirection made it known that ‘stopping Trump’ was their only priority. As priorities go, this one speaks to the limitations of its proponents.Back in the land that time hasn’t forgotten, environmental calamity has been a growing threat for three centuries now. Its growth rate accelerated after WWII along with the threat of nuclear annihilation. Class tensions have been escalating since the 1970s as neoliberalism has diminished the public sphere and accrued wealth and income to those who benefit from social destruction. Given the singular source and its persistence through periods in which either Republicans or Democrats exercised control, systemic drivers are the only explanation left standing.

New York Times column falsifies legacy of Eugene Debs
The growing interest in socialism continues to provoke attempts to falsify its history. This is the aim behind the New York Times’ publication last week of a column on the pioneering American socialist, Eugene V. Debs. Written by Hamilton College professor Maurice Isserman, the article presents Debs as a tragic figure who attempted to create a distinctly “American socialism” only to see it fail.Debs’s fervent insistence on the centrality of working class revolution, which dominated his writings and speeches, is overlooked entirely. Isserman makes no mention of the Russian Revolution, though Debs enthusiastically supported it. Indeed, in Isserman’s rendering, Debs was not much of a socialist at all.

Yeah no shit. Art's only viable at a large scale or by commission in capitalism. You can't be a "true" artist, you have to be commercial. In communism everyone can make art.
As if the people who are interested in socialism read the New York Times. If anything this will raise his profile and people below retirement age will do their own research.

Why did you archive the jacobin link?

The leftypol BO put a word filter on the name and it messes with links so i archive it so leftypol anons can read.

What did Jacobin do? Did they say something mean about Assad?

Based trannies defending the leviathan war machine from infiltration by a handful of racists

Jacobin are socdems who support sanders so BO filters it to "Jakkkobin", because tanks are tanks.

That "trotsky show" is a thinly-veiled antisemitic revision of Bolshevik history.

Based post, prepare to be attacked by antisemites pretending to be comrades.

I haven't watched it yet, but how so? Are they pinning the worst of the revolution and subsequent state on Trotsky, and implicitly the echoes gang, while absolving Lenin and Stalin?

Jacobin has no consistent editorial or author recruitment policy, both the theoretical rigor and ideological slant of their articles are absolutely all over the map.

All right, what the fuck happened to newsanon? You can do better than this trash, can't you?

The editor/owner is a member of the "radical" socdem caucus of the dsa and the majority of, if not all, articles are endorsements for the electoral strategy. Minor disagreements between individual authors doesn't change the overall function of the journal.
Only if the map ranges from "liberal to socdem", cuz there ain't any anarchists, leftcoms, or tankazoids there. Regeneration or Commune have more variety than Jacobin.

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Here though I haven't seen the show but I assume this is what he's talking about.
All I can say is wasn't Lenin ethnically Jewish too?
Why would they oust Trotsky when a major chunk of the revolutionaries were ethnically Jewish?

It depends. Either May resigns and makes the Tories look even worse, boosting Labour's image, or she resigns and we get someone more competent in the Tory party in charge. But I do believe it would be the former. Considering the state the Conservatives are in, both in their own party and in the polls, I do believe that Labour is gaining the upper hand at the expensive of the Conservative Party constantly looking like it is about to collapse.

The same way burgers are ethnically native american.
To make papa stalin look good I guess.

people hate Trump, but why aren't people talking about Kushner enough?

this will just get more people to hate the press. its counterproductive

Posadism is really the only good thing to come out of Trotsky tbh and it wasn't even his own creation

casting a wide net over Americans is ok but don't do that to Jews. good god…and Trotsky was a bigger tyrant than Stalin. look Posadism is really the only way to spread global communism. I mean would you rather live under HIS vision of Communism or at least die getting nuked?

But they weren't?

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You and your image focuses on nationality (Jew wasn't even a nationality back then even if they claimed they were) and religion instead of ethnicity. If all those people weren't Jewish then neither is Trotsky (which your image says he is) because he was an self proclaimed atheist himself. Your infograph contradicts itself to push a point.

Then nobody is a nationality.

The entire Mediterranean world is nothing but one big genetic soup. How does "Jew" make any sense as an ethnicity?


Like Pho?

jews were always two handed players

It's not.

It's actually quite okay, but obviously completely over the top for dramatic purposes, but it didn't come over as ideologically motivated. If it was an American production you'd get the version where Stalin is portrayed as a comic book villian and Trotsky dindu nuffin.

Lenin is portrayed as a bit of a cuck to be honest, Stalin is portrayed badass, Trotsky is portrayed as a Machiavellian character. In general the Bolsheviks are portrayed as a leather-clad chads that rob trains and fuck women all the time. There is a scene where Stalin makes a somersault off a moving train after delivering a James Bond-like line.