Are you intrested in seeing a little girl interviewing a nazi while nazis groom her in the chat?

Are you intrested in seeing a little girl interviewing a nazi while nazis groom her in the chat?

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no but i can masturbate while i imagine it's me who does all of that

I'd rather watch little girls beating up Nazis.

How little is little?
Usually attention whoring starts at the age of 12.

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She looks like 10

Apparently she's 14 and grew up on Ben Shapiro videos:

Absolutely disgusting if you ask me.

It's like that Greta Thurnberg girl, with the caveat of this girl seeming to have a personality and a sense of humor apart from one-dimensional autistic fixation. Too bad she has a fist up her ass.

Surely that's child abuse.

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Let's not insult poor Greta, she might be a liberal but at least she is not whoring herself out on youtube to reactionary imbeciles.

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While hanging out with a man whose mastery of space of time allowed him to create the longest 5 minutes of fame in human history might be unsavory, it's not nearly as unsettling as that icy gaze, sizing me up, calculating the drop in temperature levels if I were to be composted into biogas.

Useful idiots.

If you have a YT or twitter acc tell her to read TANS.

Well, that's disturbing. And what a hideous little girl, I'm actually impressed.

her name was Lt. Corbis on youtube but now just goes by Soph.

She blew up because of Pyrocynical and Keemstar doing videos on her.

Also recently Nfkrz made a video on her calling her out on her racism.

And he had a debate with her too

I think Nfkrz and Corbis had beef in the past, but I forgot for what reason.

Retarded reasons, that's for sure.

Why do these people even exist

As in: not even close

Also Spergs are the master race. Suck our dicks or die.

At little after 11 minutes in the girl says that censoring doesn't work as a business model, that seems like an ideologically motivated statement. Since the users are the product and the customers are the advertisers

I am not happy that this exists.

Doesn't matter, the ends justify the means

Just sounds like you're making a justification for capitalism, that's all.

Suffering is a part of the human experience

xddd she is super charismatic npc


Actually, allowing any random jackass associated with your business to say nigger hurts your reputation and your bottom line. Case in point: the recent Papa John's controversy over racist remarks. She's merely parroting Dave Rubin's "free market of ideas".

And no. I'm not condoning censorship, just stating facts and how a business operates, regardless if it's hierarchical of worker's managed. We live in a multicultural society and actions have consequences, including saying stupid shit.

That aside, that girl is merely a future Lauren ( ( (Simonsen) ) ). She's the fresh young thing and those alt-right pedofaggots and beta orbiters are preying on her already. Hear me now, quote me later: She'll replace Lauren Southern, when Southern ends up aging like shit and her coalburning days are over (when her looks deteriorate and she becomes Ann Coulter).

I don't think so for two reasons. 1. Having that "cute" face as a kid means that at twenty you will look like Steve Buscemi. 2. There is plenty of time to deprogram her before she becomes an adult.

I wonder if her parents are even aware of how creepy 90% of her fanbase is. I wonder how she will act when her alt-right lolicon pedo fanbase starts stalking her if they aren't already.

This happens to kids who don't read TANS.

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I watch her sometimes

oops lost the kids oops future generation out of our grasp oopsi daisi its not our fault though its not our responsibility though we didnt do nuffin its not our own behavior and we dont have to be critical of ourselves and how others perceive us we dont have to understand why we are fucking human repellent why we are such repulsive slime that people this young want nothing to with us oops just blame the nazis though they brainwashed her before we could right guys?

this is how the kids see it

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Will she go full essjaydubya once she gets diddled by the nazis?

Nah. She'll become a tradwhore like Lauren Southern. She's still young enough to pull off being a "not like other girls" facade. Wait until she's in her early 20's, then Zig Forumsniggers will harass her to shit.

I don't get it, she is based as fuck and in her "Be not Afraid" video skinned lefty psychology to the bone.
What about to address that? Huh?

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She's supposed to die of some illness.

She is 6 years old it’s more useful to discuss in detail about how she will be raped by orc men. Just normal nice things for us good guys to think about very nice and cool we are good nice human beans nothing is our responsibility never be self critical just blame the orc nazi mens.

The same baboons talking about how the nazis will surely rape this 4 year old want to discuss orcs vs humans simple baboon logic

the irony of Zig Forumslacks hating pedos but being obsessed with a 13-year-old girl.

Jews and their capitalist puppets are the ones who are making us hate fertile little girls. Stop listening to shills. The age of consent should be abolished

Interesting in that Zig Forumsyps spend so much time slandering all blacks as niggers, while themselves aspiring to embody the most stereotypical caricature of a nigger.

Any girl who has started puberty is fit for marriage

fucking d.egenerate

this is delicious

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