There is absolutely nothing wrong with building an empire and conquering weaker people. Also fuck jannies and fuck niggers.(WEAK USER WAS COLONISED BY THE MODERATION UBERMENSCH)

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking everything from the rich so everyone else has a good chance of living.

Fuck Porkies.

But there is something wrong with using Cuckchan memes, go back.


Fuck off capitalist Capitalist rat
socialism is the only way

kek, even that shill's filter replaces k*ke with capitalism

If there's nothing wrong with the conquering of weaker people then white genocide is justified because whites are weaker.

Because it's synonymous with capitalism.

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I love the wordfilters just for how badly they butt-fluster Zig Forumsshitpoters.

Especially since Zig Forumsyps all think the only way the Superior Aryan Race™ could fall to juicy subversion is by its own self-destructive tendencies.

At the very least lazy ass mods are finally doing something about Zig Forumsnigger shitposters.

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If they were legitimately social darwinist they would support whichever "race" came out on top.

but can your ☘️wordfilters☘️ censor this ?(NO BUT I CAN)

Oh Brilliant yet another pepe meme, truly Zig Forums certainly is a genius meme creator.


Empire doesn't exist anymore because it is not economically optimal, geopolitically viable, or militarily realistic anymore. It was a product of the archaic material conditions that have been rendered obsolete by capitalism through industrialization, and modern communication and transportation systems.

That's because it makes you uncomfortable because you're hiding something

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moderators can't be ubermenschen because they spend most of their time fixating on other people's problems and not spending enough time self-critiquing.

its the ourborous, birth and rebirth, life and death



unironically this is true kek

Does this mean that "the Jews" supposedly controlling the world is justified?

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they do it through dishonorable means so no


ok you don't need honor I guess.

though the Machiavelli way is superior to the Stirner way. happy?

Machiavelli was actually trolling the fuck out of the aristocracy/monarchy/whatever and telling them how to be terrible rulers so that the common people would eventually get sick of being lorded over by inbred despots and stage a revolution. He was accelerating the contradictions.

Those that claim to be "Machiavellian" think Machiavelli was giving serious advice and are setting up their own demise.

isn't that just advanced nihilism? I mean serious or not, I don't think people who claim to be Machiavellian (at least some of them) really care about their future as long as they get theirs, even if they take a few people with them.

also how do you gauge Chinese Legalism? it was invented centuries before and is much harsher than almost any system. it literally says "people are scum and deserved to be treated like shit"

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Non semites fucked up on that one.

Is pic related okay?

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You know all you snowniggers were building huts and sacrificing sheep to swamp gods during this time period.

Better take: Ethnostates are okay. If I went to Africa I'd be shot dead for looking at a local women the wrong way. Why aren't Europeans allowed to preserve their unique biology and culture?

Because they don't have either.

How so? The first metal tools were made in Europe. Sumeria and Egypt were civilized by blue eyed men who brought metallurgy. The culture of Europe is far more advanced and unique than any other region besides maybe some areas of the orient since they're the only only post stone age people who weren't uplifted by indo-european migration like the Near East

Then why are you against Mexicans reclaiming their stolen territories in the US?

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That's a very nice imagination you've got there kid.
Uh, but just a quick pro-tip, there's a difference between things you imagine and actual factual reality, I'm just saying cause I've noticed that your kind gets confused very easily maybe perhaps because of your low Autism Level or maybe even something more serious like a mental illness of a sorts.

What happened to biology and culture? Why is the subject now ancient history? And bad history at that. Where are you getting this silly shit?

China has been the undisputed center of human culture and civilization for the past six-thousand years notwithstanding about a century following the Opium Wars.

Your knowledge of the proto-indo-europeans and modern european history is shit, as expected from a Zig Forumsyp.

What the fuck does some rich, untouchable chinaman have to do with anything?

The first metal tools were invented in Serbia circa 5700BC. It took a few thousand years for metallurgy to originate elsewhere, like the Near East. And the ruling class of ancient Mesopotamia had blue eyes, which was considered a sigh of divinity. Blue eyes originated exclusively in Europe, meaning if you have blue eyes you have European blood. The simplest, and most logical conclusion is that the Near East was conquered by technologically superior people of European origin. How would people who never faced great selective pressure have the intelligence to erect a great civilization? While Europeans were hunting mammoths in -50 degree weather the Near East was still warm. You didn't need to plan far ahead to avoid freezing or starving to death to survive in such a forgiving climate. Meanwhile ancient Europeans had to be hyper intelligent killing machines in order to survive each day. Only the strongest and smartest survived When the ice age ended and they got some breathing room they were able to focus on things other than day to day survival, like technology. This is why they developed metallurgy thousands of years before anyone else. They were able to move south and conquer the fertile crescent and establish themselves as aristocracy of the native populous who were technology and biologically inferior


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Bullshit. No archaeologist of any standing takes that claim seriously.

Their statues had blue eyes.

Blue eyes originated in neanderthals.

More like a huge logic leap from Point Hurr to Point Durr.

Top kek, World Ice Theory. So, why did the Frozen North remain a backwater for thousands of years while the Mediterranean, the Yellow River, and the Indus Valley were the centers of human civilization?

Is it also why they languished in obscurity for millennia?

Why are good threads funneled directly to the dumpster?

Genetic evidence literally disproves the narrative your trying to push and your timeline is so off its comical.

Bonde hair and blue eyes originated in old Europe and were "taken" by the proto-indo-europeans when they imposed themselves on old Europe and took their women, and then spread the alleles for those traits in the geographic region they migrated to in later periods. The Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations existed long before the Indo-Aryans began migrating into the near east and there is no evidence the small amount of statues with blue eyes are literal or represent anything other than an rare foreign trait. Same with the Egyptian statues and mummies, the only ancient Egyptians who probably had blue eyes among some of their members were the foreign, and diverse, Hyksos conquers that were eventually driven out by the real ancient egyptians.

The copper tools found in Serbia predate all other metal tools by a landslide, dipshit. Show me an example of older metal tools or fuck off
The blue eyes gene originated 10000 years ago in Eastern Europe. The neanderthals went extinct around 40000 ago, you fucking retard.
Nope, it was the other way around. The indo Europeans had the genes for blonde hair, and blue eyes. The old Europeans were swarthier

You lose.

Source: your ass

Neanderthals had genes for blonde hair and blue eyes.

Your wikipedia article doesn't mention a specific date, fucknuts. 5700BC predates the copper tools at Tell Maghzailya

Wrong answer. Just admit you're wrong.
Source: your ass



The closest thing I could find to a decent source on this awl was this article
Apparently the awl wasn't even smelted. It was a carved and hammered piece of native copper. The Serbian site is still the oldes undisputed site of copper SEMLTING, not pounding on a copper nugget

Because of they really wanted to, they'd lose. Their military is shit.

No they are actually stricter about social interactions with outsiders there

What that retard failed to mention is that those negresses that the Chinaman was fondling were most likely hookers no one gave a shit about. I never said I couldn't go to Africa and fuck a hooker. What I said was that if I went to Africa, tried to buy a non secluded house and court a respectable woman I'd end up in a ditch with a burnt tire around my neck and my testicles in my eye sockets

Oh and he cited a video of a nog bitching about racemixing as an example of how racemixing is tolerated in Africa.

Well no shit

No wonder this board is such a shithole, leaving this thread up for a fucking week.

The BO is more concerned with Wittgenstein-esque Wordfiltering nonsense than being a decent mod. But hey idc either way

One thing is for certain, it caused discussion, so it's served its purpose

No it was not smelted. Soft metals like lead, gold, and copper do not need to be smelted. It was, however, a metal tool that predates the Vinca. The fact remains that the Anatolian Plateau had metal tools before the Vinca.

Nope. The ones from the vinca culture are older by around 1000 years, and copper is smelted dipshit. It's how you separate the metal from the ore. You can find pure copper in nature, which is what the people in the near east did. They simply pounded and ground pure copper nuggets into shapes because they didn't posses the intelligence to liquefy it and cast it because they came from a warm climate where you didn't have to be really intelligent to survive. They had to learn smelting from Europeans like the Vinca.
Vid related copper smelting

You don't get how B.C.E works, do you? The bigger numbers are older.

Oregon, Washington and Colorado I want us to keep, y'all are more than welcome to the rest, g/l h/f. Also that eagle logo looks like a Picardia as I scroll past it
t. borgor boogieman

Tough shit. The Northwest is going to be the first to secede. Fuck all you guys. We're gonna make our own America with blackjack and hookers.

And his, or your wikipedia article didn't provide a BCE date. It just said 7th to 6th millennium BC, and the older settlements had only stone, so the copper awl came from a newer building from the 6th millennium


That's fucking retarded. In order for a race to come out on top they would have to fight. That's the idea of the theory. They wouldn't just lay down and die.

Muh ego dik

Anyone worth a half a ballsack would support the propagation of their species and fight tooth and nail for its survival. And history shows that whites have almost always dominated non whites in combat, even when outgunned. The kingdom of Dahomey was a very wealthy African nation that amounted a vast fortune selling slaves, ivory and gold. With this wealth they were able to equip their armies with Winchester repeating rifles and cannons; yet they got BTFO by Frenchmen with single shot breech loading rifles

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Cry all you want storm weenie. You can't stop your race from being erased. Keep blaming the Jews even though most of the most wealthiest people in the world are Anglos.

But the so-called weaker people have overthrown your Führer and killed your so-called master race, faggot!

Forget it!

Start learning Spanish, gringo
No military in the world will help you here, unless you turn it into a nuclear wasteland

No they're not. 35-40% of billionaires in the US are Jews. Others are a mix of whites and handful of blacks. Jews are over represented. Not to mention it's not the Anglos pushing miscegenation and the idea of white being some evil oppressor class that needs to be usurped. Also Anglos don't practice nepotism like the Jews. Jewish billionaires have stronger racial solidarity than any other class of people. Jewish billionares also have a higher combined wealth than the Anglos, this and their racial solidarity means they can unite and bring nearly a trillion dollars to bear against anything that would hamper their interests.
P.S. Non white birth rates are getting hit harder than white birth rates



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Those richest lists are calculated because publicly traded companies have to disclose who their shareholders are.
There are even wealthier groups like "The Carlyle" group that are much wealthier, completely private, and most likely Anglo.
Regardless I thought Nazis believed in might makes right. If Jews out smarted all the Anglos to be over represented in the list of wealthiest people, then don't they deserve to be in charge?

Communists don't care, they live in their own world, one that is white supremacist even though mentioning jewish results in media outrage and a ban from academia, when that very same media and academia has become an industry fabricating stories and theories about how whites do exactly that.

Perhaps they do and I can't even blame them for thinking so. What I truly can't stand however, is the disingenuousness regarding this, leftists crying antisemitism over stuff not even close to what they publish and how they act towards whites, and it isn't even that their paid by rothschild's or soros as many claim, no, they do it out of their own volition, even when they're fully aware that jews are many times more over-represented than whites are, when that very over-representation of whites is taken as evidence of white supremacy.

As in you have no fucking clue. I Laurent you there are some jews in that group. Even so let's pretend they are all of indo-european stock. What sort of pro white action is this Carlyle group partaking in? Are they dumping money into pro white groups, or funding projects that would exclusively benefit white people the same way jewish groups fund things that would exclusively benefit non-whites at the expense of white people? As a I said before. A handful of old school Anglo billionaires doesn't mean much if they lack the racial solidarity of the jews.
No. They've used unsustainable, underhanded methods that will and have backfired on them. Now you have all kinds of jews who are pushing for miscegenation and homosexuality in Israel and now they're kvetching hard about it. Not to mention jews have gotten their asses kicked more times in history than any other race besides maybe the niggers. Jews are the physically weakest of all the races and have many genetic disorders exclusive to their race. They are a dying race with no hope of survival; extinction is guaranteed. All jews are cousins and as mentioned before are plagued with many genetic defects. They'll either die off from these defects or be forced to commit racial suicide and breed into another population. If they win they'll just die off in a few decades to a century or two later anyway then the rest of mankind will follow suit without the dauntless efforts of the white man to keep the planet ticking along

You may have conquered their land, but they conquered your genepool

I'm surprised this didn't make more people upset even though its true.

btw who is this Carlyle group? isn't that the last name of a famous socialist connected to Christcomms?

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actually, so did Celts. to all of Europe. brown hair alpine master race.

and now our former homeland will get conquered by Islam. which is a good thing. call us mutts while you get mowed down by superior Arabs. \m/

Some private equity firm
From the wikipeida article
See. As always I was fucking right. Anglo Saxon my ass

Really gets them kidneys firin

So sir, are you trying to say that neither of these engage in the same kind of masturbatory discussion of morals? I almost believed you communism was actually based on a scientific and rational analysis of the economic system, but then I realized 99% of the people who ever identified with the term leftie are as ideological and wrong in their analysis as a modern day Nazi.

Can we perform replicable experiments to prove the hypotheses of Marxism? Are the hypotheses even falsifiable?

if the test groups have biased individuals, and all individuals are biased in their own way

We legally obtained those lands and mexico tried to steal them and got owned