ASk a german whoe grew up in the GDR anything

ASk a german whoe grew up in the GDR anything.

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Why are there so many neo-nazis there?

Was war das beste und was war das schlechste in der DDR?


poor youth

most Nazi shit that happens here is ignited by Wessis

Meinungs- und Reisefreiheit
keine Altersarmut

keine Wohnungslose
hab ich vergessen

How was life then, how is it now?

What is that

read the OP you fucking Wessiscum

thoughts on ostalgie ?

also who was the best leader of the dance dance republic and who was the worst ?

also also is it true that erich honnecker was a massive weeb ?

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A west german I once spoke to said everything in East Germany was grey, is that true or was that literal propaganda bullshit?

Everything in socialists countries is grey, color is capitalist.

I'll ask if you prove somehow that you really grew up in there. I'm not gonna waste my time on a LARPer.

What's your feelings on the Stasi?

Did East Germans have more sex?

And he never came back.

The end.

it is not true

I know some people who were in the Stasi and they're quite alright. the Stasi in general wasn't as bad as it's shown today

we still do

So what of Zersetzung, some might say East Germany either influenced or evolved for the worst in the aspect of government control than the modern US at the time did due to that.
Mind you the US does the same now, and really stalking people is always less harmful than what the US did but we're talking about government control here as opposed to governmental abuse like the US poisoning it's own people.

How do you feel as a former East German citizen today, the victory day 9th May

Not him, but I'm German and it's kinda bittersweet because sadly Stalin went full retard on the KPD when it was in diaspora in Moscow during the Nazi time and purged a lot of good communists there while letting Thälmann rot in the concentration camp. A lot of the later gerontocrats that were responsible for the downfall of the DDR and were put in charge were yes-man of Stalin but weren't very good communists, more like right-deviationists and bureaucratic administrators.

The DDR could have been much better if Stalin didn't purge the KPD and didn't dismantle all our industry. Potential wasted :/

What about behavior? did people had more camaraderie back then? did capitalistic greediness, consumerist mindset and high competition took a toll on people's ability to have empathy like everywhere else?

Makes sense because Stalin could've viewed Thälmann as a rival.

typical counter-revolutionary

it was a victory then, and now it is a memory.

there's still a huge difference (mentality wise.. between east and west and between post-west and post-east)

Not an anarchist, I also don't think the USSR was a shithole but how can you deny Stalin's purges were absolutely retarded? they weakened the Red Army and didn't even target people who were actually "counter-revolutionary"

That is my biggest criticism of the purges as well. They were carried out under the guise of combattting "right-deviationists" and while you can argue that Bukharin and his lot were indeed right-opposition in regards to the collectivisation, the actual deviationists, petty administrators, revisionists, nationalists, etc. got a pass and actually profited from their rivals being eliminated.

Stalin purged the KPD because the thought they would have sympathies for Germany. Yet someone like Erich Mielke who joined a not socialist worker's front in France and had nationalist tendencies, had his career opened up for him with the more principled communists being shot. He stayed in power until 1989 when the GDR fell. however young Mielke was pretty based, he styled his hair like a punk and killed cops in the Weimar Republic

Wasn't he living undercover with an assumed name at that point?

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Where can I find more anime girls in GDR clothing?

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Stalin, except for Lenin, was the greatest communist leaser to ever exists…
the purge was necessary, he may went over board with it, but it was still justified.

Mielke was not a nationalist but more like a egocentric idiot


what about red?

"Der Meister Der Angst"