Max Stirner

Does he live up to the memes?

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He's actually good.

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That and more.

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Thank you kind user, I've been meaning to get a copy of those.

Do you people not know about ??

Eh, not Solipsistic enough to be a true egoist

Being overly self-absorbed is not in your interests though.

But how as you, as not me, know what my best interests are?

Life experience.


but what if you don't have a life? or rather would just isolate yourself on purpose because nobody knows you better than you

not an argument. a dumb thing for one person can be a smart thing for someone else and vice versa. there is no objectivity.

Then you are emotionally unstable and incapable of reasoning what your interests are through your illness.

But what constitutes emotional instability?

And who decides what's mental illness or not. If trannys aren't mentally ill, it opens the floodgates for accelerationism

Why wouldn't they be?

He's just a meme.

If the only thing of his that you have read are memes, then it would makes sense for you to come to that conclusion.

current society says they're not. in fact gays used to be, and now they're not, how much more overton window pushing can we do to render psychiatry useless?

Society does not say anything. It is just a spook.

so I can rape if I want to?

I doubt it, unless you have access to a whole lot of chloroform.

Or firearms. I love the dead

That's not rape then. It's masturbation with meat.


No. He failed to realize that thinking something is bad because it is a spook is a spook itself.


Lol, this is like porkies saying they're not cucked to capital.

He never said that though, and not every idea is a spook. You can believe in something if it serves your ego.


Pretty sure stirner addresses that argument at some point

what if I believe the only way to secure my own existence is through rape and terror?

Then to end your existence would be part of my ego.

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But what if your existence gets ended?