I can't help it...

I can't help it, but I seriously hate liberals more than (Neo)Nazis and capitalists… even though I know it is a diversion…

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Meh, I can see why you say that I guess, they are loathesome in their own way, but liberals will ultimately tow the line in a socialist world, they are fundamentally normal and adaptable people who would learn how to live without capital. Neonazis and reactionaries, perhaps not so easily.

I think that neonazis are more likely to integrate…

Nigga do you even know what liberalism is?
Pro-tip, it ain't muh pocs and muh trannies.

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Nahh, you've got it wrong. Liberals are, most often, basically good people who have fallen victim to the prejudices of their society and upbringing without realising it. They think racism is bad but they don't examine how their actions contribute to it (in the past, opposing bussing for their precious kids, today, participating in gentrification and white flight, et cetera), they think war is bad, sorta, but allow themselves to be persuaded this time is different and it would be kinder to send in the jets, and so on. The fatal flaw of the Neonazi is roughly put, hate, whereas the fatal flaw of the liberal is looking the other way, or not thinking too much about how their actions contribute to the wider issues.

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The only liberals who deserve the rope are those who call themselves socialists.

Harsh. New Dealers are good for socialism. The chance of leftist revolt is highest when the left is the most strong both electorally and in direct action. Accelerationists think somehow the Reagan era was the most likely time for socialism to happen. Makes sense to me.


While I don't hate shitlibs as much as far-rightists, I have to say they are probably worse for politics, for the opposite of your reason. They're harder to push into any productive direction, because they (at least desperately pretend) to see nothing wrong with the world. Zig Forumstards are concerned about the wrong things, or simply attacking them from the wrong angle, while shitlibs are simply unconcerned.

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In current year muh pocs and muh trannies are part of the neoliberal ideology.

Who are these liberals? The only people calling themselves liberals, or "Liberslists", the ones who might have read the books like Hobbes' Leviathan, are figures like Sargon, and the Nazi - saluting pug guy, etc Who both joined UKIP,an offshoot of conservatism.

Aside from the electorallly insignificant literal Liberal Party, one group explicitly claiming to support British Liberal values are the EDL, but they're doing it in opposition to supposed Islamic values. So they're not very liberal.

The denunciation of liberals is only good for getting patreon money for dirtbag leftist podcasts . It's like Michael Moorcock said about getting applause merely for raising a clenched fist and saying "freedom" on a rock stages in the 70's; it's easy work.

In political life, leftists need liberals like conservatives need postmodern neo-Matxists.


Are you some kind of evolutionary dead-end?

Not quite, a liberal will die before living on their knees, the only answer is to live free.

Liberals may be more annoying than Nazis (by being absolutely retarded yet extremely smug and arrogant while having a shit taste in almost everything) but if you ever consider joining fascists in some red-brown alliance to fight liberals you are wrong. When shit hits the fan, you need to at least critically form a popular front with liberals (e.g. progressive bourgeois forces) against fascism or you'll end up in a concentration camp.

ninja'ed me. Oh well.

Not everybody on the world is an American or subscribes to the retarded American dualism of political terminology. Liberalism in the rest of world is usually allied with the centre-right and subscribes to Ordoliberalism.

Liberals are capitalis and so are Nu Nazi's.

Go back to >>>Zig Forums retard

Are you legitimately mentally deficient or just dense?

You have to go back there, or better yet, commit suicide, since you are implying that not all Nazis are capitalists.

Either way I have things to do so I can't reply to your complaints for now, so go bother someone else I don't have time to enable you today.

Don't forget to anoint your ass with some oil to ease the butthurt.

But muh optics.
They're literally not real socialists, and worse yet, they often incorporate idpol-ridden, anti-worker rhetoric into their anti-materialistic ramblings; making people associate us with that trash is pretty much treason even if I readily accept that a new new deal would be better for American workers than a second Reagan.

At the very least, call it "socialism" with american characteristics.

That's classic. This needs to be a thing.

Neo-Nazis are just liberals, they believe the system works, it's just the "Bad People" who are making it the not work. In the Neo-Nazis case it's the jews. Conservatives and "left" liberals believe that the other ones corrupt and causing the problems.

I hate liberals more because they are considered by the general public to be "on the left", so all the shit they do and say is linked back to us.

people don't "participate" in white flight. its forced upon them.


no they literally don't.

Nazis are definatively capitalist. Opinion has fuck-all to do with it.

Bullshit, it's "forced upon them." You make it sound like they're refugees. Black people moving into the neighborhood isn't equivalent to the US toppling your government.

Well if you really think about it, the nazis pioneered a lot of the socialist procedures and policies that we still rely on today.
So you cant hate them too much.

For example?

Socialised buying of luxury goods like cars and holidays
Government control of the price and supply of goods
Government dictating peoples wages and pensions
The welfare state
Anti Semitism
Socialised health programs like anti smoking

All the usual stuff that we now associate with socialism but dont realize it was invented by the nazis.

Good to see this has turned into the LOL thread.

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Other than cars and anti-Semitism these were all done by the Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919.

user– it's a shitpost the moment you read "welfare state" should make it obvious.
Second anti semitism was done by anarchists before Nazi's.

That is quite interesting. If true.

We all know about the volkswagen 'peoples car' and its socialist beginnings. What was the Hungarian equivalent?

Oops I missed the part where you said other than cars.

Social Democracy existed well before nazis, and it was shit then too.

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I guess the nazis were like Apple. They took ideas from other people and made them work together in a way that the previous people could not.

More like a repackage of the same shit.

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Liberals are capitalists. Liberalism was invented to enshrine capitalist theory, so it's utterly redundant to try to divide them into sub-categories. Neo-nazis are just dumb fucks drowned in white idpol. They hardly have any stance on economics or worker's rights. They are, if anything, a mirrored version of SJWs and feminazis.

Neither of them are our allies. Liberals utter contempt for the working class is well documented, while the nazis merely want to replace the, alleged, "jewish" bourgeoisie with white bourgeoisie. They'd love getting fucked in the ass, as long as they're getting ass-raped by white "aryan" men.

Both are enemies of the working class, for obvious reasons.

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Well your opinion is wrong. Feelings don't care about your facts.

They only lost because a) the Molotov-Rippentoff pact was broken and b) Brits had ties to the highest levels of corporate banking and nobody ever talks bad about Churchill. It's always Muh Evil Stalin and Muh Evil FDR.

That image would be more accurate if a trotskyporkie was the one barbequing the anarchists in the lower-left quadrant.

They lost, because they started the war?

Churchill was an incompetent boob who would have personally fucked up both World Wars if the burgers hadn't bailed his dumb ass out.

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Read a book.
Stalin and Hitler were initially going to attack each other in an unspoken agreement after they finished taking mutual enemies out first.
Churchill was someone who did his job at the cost of multiple Indians lives and an overall worse world. Only liberals praise him.

Hitler was the one who broke the pact so how can you bitch about unfairness. Fascism inherently includes an irrational belief in your nation/people's superiority and capabilities, that's why it will always fail.

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Thanks for telling me you didn't need to yell it out loud though.

Oh I see, you're one of those 'Hitler had no choice but to declare war on the entire world because actually they were going to kill him first, so the allies are morally responsible for starting WW2'. Makes total sense to me.

No need to exaggerate friend, Hitler did indeed mean to start the war from the start, but it was more of a mutual power struggle at first, the allies later got involved which is what he wasn't planning on, that's all I'm saying.

How could he have possibly not known what would happen when he invaded Poland?

Hitler wasn't a very smart man when it came to the west.

Well liberals are capitalists.

Come on, he had to know appeasement wouldn't last forever, and Poland was a big important country unlike Czechoslovakia.

I dunno the opposite seems to be panning out

Liberal is a social thing, capitalism is an economic thing

We should have never fucking done that. And yeah Hitler was a boon himself for that but that's dwelling on the past

I don't need to. I already know what happened

That's by far the worst conservative meme.

Calling things memes might be a sort of dismissive humor but definitely not an actual argument

The economy is a social thing.

There's no need to argue for something that is evident.

you only say that to dodge social problems

by whom? scientific think tanks that have members with personal biases? you can't be objective over human perception.

The first and best national environmental policy, a lot of which still stands in Germany today.

The opposite is true you mongoloid, economic conditions sustain ideologies and feed off of them. Read any leftoid book.



except that the more ideologies grow, the more divided people will be to lead to the destruction of mankind.

but I'm a mongo and not a jew so that goes over your head.

You sound like a liberal yourself.

I don't believe there are as many Nazis as left-wing Twitter grifters say there are. I think most people who identify as ethno-nationalists are simply reacting to the scarcity that capitalists (liberals) create, in a bad way and we should empathize with them.

Also, Nazis aren't going to give us Joe Biden or Liz Warren, liberals are.


Ethnonationalist here. I hate the state of affairs of the modern world and believe letting people do whatever they want(even when it is harmful to their fellow man) is to blame. I just also believe that in general human beings are tribal animals that are incapable of empathizing with folks that don't look like them. I base this on my observation of problems that seem unique to multiculti shitholes. Further, I reject the elimination of ethnic diversity that seems to be currently pushed as the solution, as in my opinion, it diminishes the value of our species.
My many ethnic friends have not changed my views, so I'm here with an open mind trying to learn about other proposed solutions. How am I not a more likely ally than the average liberal ?

You drew wrong conclusions from your observation.
The problem of multiculti shitholes isn't derived from people not being able of empathizing with those who look different, the current problems are caused by bringing in people who have a backwards mentality, cultural values and religion which are completely incompatible with the host nation causing friction and disorder. Western values are all about freedom, liberty and secularism while mudshit values are basically the opposite of all that.
If people or just most people really were unable to feel empathy towards those who "don't belong to their tribe" then those giant migrations wouldn't be a thing even if all the politicians pushed for it because every fucking body would oppose and reject it. Also just look at Scandinavia and their pathological levels of altruism and empathy towards shitskins, this alone should be enough to show how your conclusions are faulty.

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Most shitlibs understand politics only through pop-cultural references.
Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter (used extensively by blairist Rowling herself) and now Game of Thrones and whatever movie marvel shits out.
They refuse to read books, you can only reach to them if you own Hollywood.

Liberals are running the show right now and ruining us, it's the political wing of capitalism. Nu-nazis are fringe LARPers who liberals point to as an excuse to consolidate power. It's absolutely legitimate and justified to hate liberals more.

I dont define one side being suicidally altruistic and the other raping and robbing to be "getting along". I dont see the example of conquistadores being welcomed or peaceful christians getting rekt by vikings so bad that france gave them part of their country as a model of good, pragmatic policy in line with human nature. The pathological altruism I chalk up to more religious zealotry with anti racism being the new chruch of the west (I realize I'm shifting the goalposts).To clarify I was referring to an observed trend that some measures of prosperity are correlated with ethnic homogeneity. While there are certainly examples of awful ethnostates, their problems seem to either stem from some combination of failing to stop foreign influence/colonolization, and bad culture/genes both of which suggest to me that immigration is a bad idea. Anyways, I wasn't trying to start shit, I was just saying I think I'm closer to you guys ideologically than most of you would care to admit. >inb4 muh nazbol meme

Could you recommend me some reading that might change my mind/ spoonfeed me things I havent considered?