Zig Forums BO is resigning

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Can we finally come home, comrades? Is the Great Schism over?

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Well, that's disappointing.

The criticism of Zig Forums in their thread doesn't seem justified. We don't have a NazBol problem. NazBols and Traditionalists on the board have been rebutted with arguments drawing not just from Marxist thought but metaphysics and archaeology, etc. Ofc you can argue on a purely economic basis, but (wo)man needs more than bread to live on.

That said, /leftyol/ *is* good for in depth discussion of Marxist thought. If a critique of Steve Keen's critique of Marx is what floats your boat, you'll find it there.

I won't be going back. I was never there to begin with. In fact it's time to quit here as well. "Real life", as the situationists used to say, "is elsewhere."

Not sure if this is satire. I participated in the feminism threads here trying to defend a materialist perception of feminism of the likes of Clara Zetkin, Rosa Luxemburg and Silvia Federici, and I witnessed several users with AnCom flags drooling with boomer tier lingo that comes straight from the likes of Sargon or Styxhexenhammer666 or other tools.

NazBols on this board have been refuted with "metaphysics and archaeology"? Oh wow you sure are euphoric. The matter of fact is that when your board uses anti-IdPol as a means to justify a contrarian position (e.g. the imperialism debate) you'll eventually slip into (right-wing) IdPol yourself, it's quote evident that NazBol and Zig Forums talking points permeated this board and are now regurgitated by the leftists here in a milquetoast form. This board is a cesspit, and you are doing damage control. You may not like it (and I disagree with the bans of BO last year) but literally everything Zig Forums predicted what would happen to Zig Forums did actually happen.

There are plenty of cultural threads on Zig Forums as well, at least not less than what you can find here.

Around what time and what exactly did they say, because for what it's worth Sargon and the other skeptics maybe broken clocks but in the span of almost a decade within 4 years from now, a broken clock is bound to be correct sometimes assuming they used the arguments of "Feminism hurts men" like Sargon did which I recall most of the serious one's using.
Hot take, last I checked Zig Forums would be more inclined to disagree with that assessment than we would. But what would I know.
On /ypolyps/ I honestly could care less about them, the NBO will be just as bad and the userbase has become terrible even with the lack of nazbol rhetoric that you accuse of ruining this board, by now .site is a better alternative than them, but that aside if you think they can give better discussion or if the bo was somehow your only problem, then yeah go back, I can't even fathom doing so myself from the increased pph they have now.

I missed those. They might have been before I arrived. I remember a female Stirnerite moderator with a Greek logo getting into some arguments along those lines but that was it.

NazBols on this board have been refuted with "metaphysics and archaeology"? Oh wow you sure are euphoric.
Well, they've fucked off, haven't they? It used to be an onslaught, now it's a spluttering, the occasional thread.
NazBols have been reduced to complaining on YouTube about Zig Forums posters, and how they're at an unfair disadvantage to them, as they (NazBols) didn't go to Yale. (I don't know about anyone else, but I didn't either. I get academic books out on the public librarys inter library loan system.. )
Anyone who reading of the notorious Zig Forums in the press, who happens across Zig Forums, really I think they will find right wing arguments filleted. (“I am thinking of deradicalising from the right“-threads like that..) Maybe visitors think maybe there's something in this alt right business, which is why they're looking at dodgy imageboards in the first place. well honestly I think they'll find good arguments against it. That's not nothing.

I agree with your critique. but the right wing IDpol gets rebutted (Vice and the Guardian thread.)

>you are doing damage control.
Not any more. I've done my bit.

Butterfly lesbian girl? She wasn't a mod, and she barely got into arguments, every time she made a claim it was always highly passive, but even then sometimes she easily won by dismantling openly falsifiable nazbol arguments, other times she rightfully got a thousand (You's) for making incorrect assumptions or irrelevant claims as per her style which ended in multiple people yelling at her.
Over all a decent poster considering the average poster, myself included make multiple mistakes. Shame she left Zig Forums as a whole, I haven't seen her in any other boards she browsed in ages but I hope we haven't seen the last of her. That aside I managed to find her on YouTube so she's still active on other sites but probably just lost interest in leftism online as a whole.
Also has extremely basic taste in music.
As for the press's view on Zig Forums, they will never take Zig Forums or any other board aside from /v/ and Zig Forums into consideration.

Notice the number of "oh wow, just started posting here, tank you for your service o7" posts in that thread. Newfags from Zig Forums and Reddit contributing to some lovely historical revisionism. The damage from BO's sperging is probably permanent, it would take too much effort to de-Stalinize Zig Forums and new mods/BO would probably resist it too much.

Zig Forums doesn't have any "problem," it's so small that a few dedicated anons can dominate the front page if they want to. Then tankies can link to those threads to make bad-faith generalizations about the entire board.
Is Zig Forums now a pro-DPRK space because of those two Jucheposters? Are we anti-imperialist because of Christcom-poster? Not really, they're just more visible because they post more.

Holy shit I thought this day would never come.

Too late, the damage has been done and it's never going to be what it was. Anyways the next BO will almost certainly be one who ideologically aligns with him so it's doubtful the board will be significantly more hospitable to anyone who isn't a reddit tank.

I'd say this is a problem, Zig Forums doesn't have the posters to reliably provide discussion worth coming around for so it's dominated by whoever has the autism to post a lot. This is going to continue bleeding posters until we're left with nothing, and given that Red Planet was stillborn will be the end of OG Zig Forums.

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Google's asshole is right where they belong.

There is absolutely nothing bad about losing a namefag.

I'm willing to give it a trial run but I'll be back here if things don't clearly improve.

We will see if it gets any better. BO got rid of 3/4 of the board's population and only the very worst has remained. If discussion on Rojava is allowed then it may be worth a shot. Even then, I doubt any free discussion on MENA politics will be allowed on that board. So in that case I don't know if there will be any reason for me, personally, to go back.

Also there is a poll on Body Oder's performance:

Zig Forums is kik.ed still. The pozz will remain

That's a shitty way to take a rating.

The shitposting is getting too intense on that thread
I want to tell the mods to get on the old modchat if they can but everytime I try to connect to it but my internet collapses and that's so specific it's scary.
I really want to get in contact and see what old mods are still around and see if we can get to an agreement or something.

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Strange how she doesn't even mention her grand plan to turn it into a tankie recruitment board. There's no way I will go back there after that.

brb Tor

The entire board is cancer right now, current mods are cancer, people who still go there are cancer, the next BO will be one of the current leddit mods continuing the cancerous torture chamber.
Zig Forums died in 2017 and will never come back.

you either live as a Nazbol hero, or die agreeing with neocons eventually.

what a shit argument. "you have to be privileged and rich to be a communist"

get rekt.

It's is really weird going to leftypol after being on leftpol for a year and a lot of people there seem to be brainwashed into thinking that leftpol are somehow entirely full of reactionaries and fascists. It is frankly bizarre.

When you refuse to see things first hand for yourself you can only listen to what other people have to say about things and take their word as truth. They wouldn't have come to Zig Forums anyway.

It's eerily similar to how Zig Forums was/is viewed as being a liberal hive because Zig Forums said it was back in the day.

A lot of them are redditors who found their way there after getting banned from left-reddit for accidentally misgendering someone. They take the "Stasserite" memes seriously.

I fucking hope so cause yall are autistic honestly. This split is retarded.

t. BO

It's a public secret that BO prefers Zig Forums to Zig Forums. It is the real reason they are resigning.

You ban us and call us retarded for creating a refuge board?
Isn't that victim blaming?

I'm still banned so…

Funny all the people fondly remembering hoochie. I fucking made hoochie. She was just some random anfem flag poster and I baited her into giving up her Viet background blah blah. Not that it matters, I just think it's funny too all the posters who get referenced even if they aren't namefags. I'm always like how the fuck is everyone keeping track of people and how come I never get mentioned? I dunno, I prefer it that ways because I just love to shitpost and I've come to terms people ain't going to ever see eye to eye with me because I don't have an ideology based specifically on this or that person or movement. I am the unique one lol.

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They are ledditors and twitter tranny retards, Body Odor itself was surfing on the twitter crowd as of late.
Those are people who unironically think that calling capitalism retarded is awfully ableist, so to them a board like this is literally the 4th reich.

BO actually promoted Zig Forums because it got people who disagreed with him to fuck off.

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Exiled leftcom gang here, I think we are still blacklisted but I'm not sure. Either way the DPRKfags are unbearable.

This is the Zig Forums equivalent of Perestroika.

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Sounds about right.

Did you expect any less from me?

How is this not entirely the fault of monolithic moderation? Zig Forums had such strict rules that genuine leftists were banned alongside rightwingers and shitposters, almost like authoritarianism gets people drunk with power or something. The resulting split divided leftists into half, one board where you walked on eggshells and the other to have the effortposters overwhelmed with the shitposting. Please, tell us more about what a tragedy it is to have other leftists make shitposts that aren't in line with your specific variant of leftwing ideology. Don't look now, but I think there's a nazbol Kim Jong-Un shitpost behind you!

At times I'm envious of rightwingers, who for all their infighting can fall in line and lock shields when the situation demands it.

Can we just agree that anonymous imageboards are a terrible medium for discussing leftist politics?


I think /trannypol/ is too far gone, or at least rehabilitating it would require tremendous volumes of effortposting, shitposting, and effortfulshitposting to scare away all the redditumblr that's accumulated like black hairy mold in an abandoned room.

Please stop with the insults.

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It's these type of reasons why using leftypol nowadays is as difficult as it is. It's just too culturally different now. That and that people can't stop sucking BO's cock. It seems that when 3/4 of the board left, it was mostly the good guys that wanted to leave Zig Forums entirely.
It's funny how people accuse leftpol of not having the same amount of "effortposting" in comparison to leftypol. Besides from the fact that leftypol is x4 larger than us (so ofc they are going to have more effortposters) I've actually found this board to be a lot more chill and informative, considering the amount of posters we have, despite the amount of reactionaries that are allowed here. There is a lot of unbearable autism on leftypol, it just isn't worth the time imo. No wonder this whole thing lost us >1,500 posters, people just can't be bothered with this shit anymore.

In a war of posts, autism, repetition and quantity always win.

not today CIA

The internet in general has become a terrible environment to discuss anything. Back 20-15 years ago it was possible to have good communities with interesting people offering valuable insights but nowadays that everybody is on the internet this is not possible anymore because the majority of people are mouthbreathers and they'll always outnumber the actual interesting people and get to positions of power in any online community not just in leftist centered spaces, just look at the absolute state of any board on this site, 4chan, reddit, facecancer, twitter, etc, it feels like living in that idiocracy movie.

Old internet communities, especially forums, always got destroyed from the inside by a clique of attention whores and mods that sided with them, which is why anonymous imageboards got popular with autismos in the first place.

I never experienced Usenet but I've heard it managed to avoid this somehow.

Usenet wasn't any better. Plenty of the bitching about userbases originates from there.

The problem with Zig Forums is, it's already an indoctrinated tankie breeding ground.
An ideology that bases itself on critical thinking can't be OK with that.

QFT. Seen it a thousand times.
USENET was completely decentralized and distributed, all moderation occurred via messages (similar to normal news posts) that servers and clients were free to honor or ignore based on their target or provenience, allowing competing wholly optional hotpocket teams.

USENET's downfall was the coming of spam, which given that automated CAPTCHA hadn't been invented yet, resulted in discussion groups being rendered completely unusable, and the resulting swamp of binary (filesharing) groups and spam-riddled ghost towns made ISPs eager to drop complementary USENET access, which they did following a moral panic over cheese pizza.

Aside from its resilience against hotpocketry and legal suppression, USENET had some other characteristics I like, such as strictly direct reply threading to make derails a nonissue. About the only real flaw it had was no protocol-level support for seachable fulltext archives, made worse by the fact that Google's stewardship of the Dejanews Db frontend has been less than stellar after they bought them.

Everything wrong with dumbass users is at least as bad on modern rulecuck venues, whereas rulecuckery wasn't an issue at all.

There are very few misogynists/nazis in those threads. 95% of them are either egalitarians who correctly realize that feminism is anti-male, or misandrists who defend a hate movement.
We can even see one of those threads still left:
look through that thread and you'll see a lot of anti-feminist egalitarians, and several misandrists like you. There may be a few Nazbol, but most are either misandrist feminists or egalitarians.

she literally never won and got dismantled easily. Here is how every single "argument" with butterfly user went:

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Usenet didn't have mods. Spam killed it because capitalism ruins everything.

I think the solution, if we ever get one, will have to be something decentralize like it. The WWW was a mistake.

There was a typo in your meme.

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absolutely based


okay but the thread I linked already has a lot of examples of feminists who oppose gender equality, and none of you ever give examples of feminists who do support equality.
You can meme all you want but we're the ones with actual evidence.

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Perhaps far more damning than such quotes, is the resounding silence (or affirmation!) from every feminist organization of note when asked to acknowledge their backing of such individuals.

Yeah. There are tons of influential feminists who oppose gender equality and we never see any other feminists criticize them. But when a feminist like Cassie Jaye actually supports gender equality, feminists turn on her.

the feminist threads were egalitarians vs. misandrists. I find it hilarious that you think supporting gender equality makes me "NazBol"

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No matter how many times you write down the made-up word "misandrist", it won't change the fact that feminism is about equality. Claiming otherwise is like claiming that socialism is a far-right genocidal ideology because of the national "socialists". Go back to Zig Forums, you are not fooling anyone here.

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Nice unprovable assertions, retard. Regarding your pictures, it's clearly a result of reactionary slander against feminism, it's the same situation as with the millions of workers who intrinsically believe in everything communism stands for but when asked about communists they feel nothing but pure hatred towards them.

Feminism is about women being allowed into university, feminism is about the resentment of ugly women, feminism is about freeing women from religious oppression, feminism is about shielding religious oppression by calling its opponents islamophobes… feminism is about a whole lot of things, but like every master-signifier, it only really has value, not meaning.

We've produced quote after graph after study pointing to the conclusion that feminism, particularly after the 3rd-wave, is a hate movement with "mainstream" establishment approval.

You have produced nothing but hot air, accompanied by weak appeals to nostalgia for a 1st/2nd-wave movement that succeeded in every one of its policy goals, then dispersed to causes that are still relevant IRL, leaving the skeleton of their prestigious movement to be claimed by the battiest and most opportunistic dregs that refused to move on.

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Hey cunts, ex-Zig Forums and current Zig Forums moderator here. There seems to be a ton of misconception over how the mod team actually operates, or possibly over how Zig Forums handles moderation. You have to appeal your bans to have them undone, we can't just go in and mass undo them due to the way Zig Forums is designed.

You have to appeal the ban, or at least mention it in the moderation thread. Volunteers have no way to undo bans without a direct appeal. The ban list is so insanely bloated that the new BO will not be able to hunt out your ban without you directly mentioning it.


I lost the link to the old mod chat. Was it on Riot or Tox? I'll gladly talk to you if I can find you.

It's a dude lmao. He has a dick.

Uh, how long have you been posting on this board? The moderation here (which was mostly shared by Zig Forums at first) made it very clear that nobody recruited, even in 2017, supported the bans. Evidence was even posted in the "Zig Forums whine thread" that the bans were entirely the doing of the BO.

Purge the entire thing and start over, to put this retarded chapter behind us, get all the other hotpockets onboard. Courageous rogue mods have done the same during Che's reign.
Even aside from slurping BO's fronthole over modcuckery, I've seen some incredibly loathsome SJW shittakes in disturbingly large volume. Maybe that's just because of fear preventing the rest of the board from shouting them down, but it really feels like /trannypol/ is no longer the board I left behind.
>It's a dude lmao. He has a dick.
I don't think anybody who isn't a raging newfag isn't aware the whole thing started as just a gag to bait Zig Forums with.
Is that still true?

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I'll bring this up. The ban list now only goes back 5 days, so I need to discuss it with the BO to see if it can be changed. It's not feasible for me to turn back permabans from months ago, as I do not even have access to them.
Effectively, yeah. Even the one or two mods who wanted to figuratively suck the BO's dick have never banned anyone for "imperialism". A few of the people modded in 2017 were oldfags from the foundation of the board, so naturally they'd be against it, too.

This has been a thing for as long as I can remember, at least since mid 2015. Retards from Reddit and Twitter occasionally invade the board with their hot takes and get scared off after people call them retarded enough times, declaring the board to be LITERALLY NAZBOL and also LITERALLY WHITE MALE. Back then, though, Zig Forumsesmokers and twitterniggers kind of fed off of each other. We'd make the former fuck off and the latter would go "omg… theyre just like us!!" and then after they were also scared off, you'd start seeing threads on Zig Forums about how they had "secretly redpilled" the board and they'd start posting again, thus repeating the cycle.

Yeah shitposting and vicious unproductive bickering is a true threat to the state lol.

Putting up with the possibility of trolls, is better than being subjected to the certainty of censorship.

I asked there and they hold this same retarded "muh SJWs, feminism is evil!!!" position there. Now that the tankie BO is gone, how is it any different from here? It's the same mental illness. I wish there was a place to talk with actual leftists.

Maybe try /marx/, if you specifically ask for more than one person other than Ismail to answer you there's a chance there may also be anarchists willing to talk to you.

Instead of autistic nazbol or crypto-socdem libertarian flavor you get crypto-socdem reddit/twitter tankie flavor.
You could try a dedicated forum like libcom or revleft if it's still around, but it seems like everyone fled to popular social media to be extremely autistic.

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SJWs are retarded useful idiots for the bourgeoisie and feminism in current year in the first world is entirely bourgeois and non-sensical.

Did you just imply that feminists and social justice virtue signalers are leftists?

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Leftists are feminists.

No I'm not. How do you respond?

Is it possible the Zig Forums exodus is what finally precipitated this resignation? Did we just win a successful strike guise?

You are not a leftist.

I'm too far left to be a feminist because feminism is woefully inadequate to eliminate gender roles and gender-based repression of the working class. The internal contradictions of feminism are already pulling it apart at the seams in the 1st world where it has solved pretty much all the problems that it can and yet many problems for women and men still remain, but feminists are too headstrong to consider that they need to re-evaluate their ideology to achieve their purported goals.

How do you respond?

Really not liking the amount of cyclical, stickied, and anchored threads I see on Zig Forums now. Is this why they stopped churning out OC?

Feminism made sense like 100 years ago when women couldn't vote or work. Nowadays it doesn't make any sense in the western world, this is so true that they have to resort to complete non-sense stuff like "mansplaining", "manspreading" and so on to feel like what they do is still valid somehow.

They stopped making OC because all the people with an actual soul left the place, there's only NPCs there now.


We're going to discuss it in the next moderation meeting, there are way too many generals and cycled threads.
Thread anrchoring has always been used in place of deleting threads as it allows them to be unanchored if discussion picks up or is re-railed. If there's a thread that has been unfairly anchored, you need to report it in the mod thread.
No, that would be years of pro-hugbox moderation and active attempts to sabotage the community by the BO.

Banning for "imperialism" was just part of the retardation. The whole board turned into r/socialism 2.0, people got banned for the stupidest of reasons and the current userbase is a bunch of unbearable drooling retards.
Also even if it were true that all the current mods are still the same OGs from prior 2017 (it isn't you are lying) old BO is still a mod over there and zhe can continue to ban people for posting whatever zhe doesn't like.

It doesn't matter if the realest niggas from the golden age were mods, the problem is at least 2/3rds of the userbase left and isn't going to come back. The users make the board, and the current users are shit.

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this. It was another SJW/tankie safe space with arbitrary bannings.

how is that a "retarded" position? There's nothing retarded about opposing bigotry.

while it is unfortunately true that many so-called "leftists" today oppose gender equality, that doesn't mean it is necessary. It is still possible to be an egalitarian and a leftist. If anything, egalitarianism is more in line with what true leftism is supposed to represent, while feminism goes against the principles of equality that we're supposed to support.

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Aside from the user base having skewed since we left (the equilibrium will shift again if we return) , is there any other reason why we shouldn't go back? I never got banned, I was just appalled at the Rojava banning which led me here.

If the new boss is the same as the old boss, we should stay here instead. I'm not perma'd either, not that it matters since I'm not barebacking this site and can therefore evade bans with relative impunity. Like you, I saw little point in trying to discuss leftism or even engage in bantz, over Body Oder's autistic screeching about great satan burgerland.

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Aw that sucks, for real? As in you'll still get banned for discussing Rojava? What were the other shitty things they were enforcing on there again?

It's not just the bans, the filters are retarded, unfunny and homosexual, as is much of the userbase atp.

Also they never follow their own rules for what constitutes bannable behavior anyway, I'm not sure if I'd be banned for discussing them, but afaict it would still filter to 'over a dozen US cocks up mangled dickhole'.