Caleb Maupin, "Cultural marxism" n shiet

In this video Caleb Maupin argues that "Cultural marxism" conspiracy is not entirely false. What do you guys think?

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Read Adorno faggot.

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Just looking at his face I can tell it's dumb

Adorno is sort of right about consumerism but had shit opinions otherwise.

Cultural Marxism is a meaningless slang invented by Zig Forumsnigger retards that refuse to believe their movement is merely reversed identity politics for so called "aryan" master race. Most of the degenerate fucks are just a bunch of amerimutts (pir related) seriously thinking they wuz aryans n shiet, because "muh skin color mufukka".

Bottom line: Trust Zig Forumsniggers at your own peril.

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this kind of shit is stupid.

"muh Amerimutts"

I'm glad Notre Dame burned not because I'm a satanist, because its a heretical monument. Macron played the fiddle.

It's been proven the Titanic sinking was planned and inspired by a book published12 years ago so these people have been proven to steal ideas before.
That's "cultural Marxism." Anyone behind it isn't connected directly to Marx or Adorno. Said people wouldn't be in power without capitalism.
Attack those people and not this operation. CM isn't a system its an operation, conservatards will never understand this.

he was right about consumerism, but then you get fucks like Fromm who compare pining for nationalism as a substitute for romantic love, and lot of lesser ones like Reich (who may or may not have been involved) bringing weird sexual crap into it. its a Kafka trap.

Go advertise your shitty video somewhere else, retard.

definitely not Zig Forums tard trolling

No that channel is 100% sjw to the point of embracing being a caricature check out his videos.

Do you realise Maupin thinks that Iran and Russia have a socialist mode of production?

Let's go comrades! It's not like Khomeini didn't kill all the communists after the revolution or anything…


I only like the Ayatollahs social views.

Being retarded > being an intellectual.


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No I'm not the Zig Forumstard OP. I unironically like the Frankfurt School and have many juicy pdfs to share:


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So you're just like a "socially liberal" fiscal conservative?

It truly baffles me how the very people who see the entirety of history and culture as one giant conspiracy, dismiss cultural marxism as a conspiracy.

It's not meaningless slang, it wouldn't be such a massive trigger if it were meaningless. Now if you weren't so insecure, you wouldn't have to dismiss terms that contradict your self-image as meaningless.

How do you determine whether an -ism exists?

What conspiracy? That people no matter the era do not live in a void bubble but under an economic system that impact their lives?

Pic related

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The conspiracy that has conspiratorial reasoning as an a-priori, subsuming everything that contradicts it, back into it. It is always right, because everything that contradicts it only proves it more by favor of being one of innumerable methods in which the system attempts to hide the truth about itself.

Or you must genuinely be bothered by meaningless words, in which case I do have to ask why it is this meaningless word in particular that bothers you so much, granted that it has no more or other meaning than all the other meaningless words that don't bother you.

You seem to have a lot of qualificative for this conspiracy yet you didn't tell what exactly is this conspiracional reasoning we're supposedly adhering to.

Well you can play the u mad? game to your heart content, it still doesn't make calling you out for believing in fairy tales the proof that you somehow struck a nerve.

Read a book nigger.
You are falling for porky propaganda.

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The reasoning that negates everything that contradicts marxism, as evidence of marxism. Workers behave like good marxists? Marxism is proven correct. Workers don't behave like good marxists? They have been manipulated by Capital with false consciousness, marxism is also proven correct.
Perhaps I was wrong and you didn't break a sweat, that happens too sometimes. But then were comes this need from to so vehemently deny cultural marxism? What is so particularly threatening about it to leftists that in their haste they simultaneously call it meaningless and a fairy tale?

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40 minutes in msfactsandlogic later

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le not an argument man has written books? I'm actually quite surprised he even has the discipline to pull that off. Has anyone read one of them?

Stefan's response was that this refutation of his arguments was condescending and that it is a dangerous idea to take into consideration arguments from people who don't have your best interests at heart. He literally believes that arguments stop valid being arguments when they hurt his feelings.


Wouldn't that be a feature of any accurate world view? Imagine a true theory of everything. Every event would be evidence for it. I don't think that feature proves or disproves anything. I see no contradiction except in the hypothetical where you imply the workers are identical yet responding differently. To me it makes sense a comprehensive theory would be able to account for any actual occurrence even if seemingly unfalsifiable on the surface.

Frankfurt is a mixed bag at best, deplorable at worst.

No the other way around with Ayatollahs views on women intact