What was the reason for it?

what was the reason for it?

I vaguely remember it as a kid, (I was 3 then), but it seems to stem from this:


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According to Wikipedia a few minor crimes were used to classify them as terrorists so the pigs moved in to try and arrest them. It's likely they just didn't like them.
Tl;dr no reason.
The US government doesn't need reasons to do something they're just terrible people.

I agree our government is shitty but some like to throw shade on the citizens as well. Since when has my country been a representative democracy anyways?

Cops are bloodthirsty faggots.

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They were black.


Police killing blacks is normal in AmeriKKKa, it's part of their culture.

neck yourself tbh

nice whataboutism you fucking retard

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how about going back to /trannypol/

Zig Forums supports trans rights


I never saw that shitty flag before this year when I saw it flying in someone's yard? I was like wtf is this shit? Isn't recoloring the flag considered anti patriotic. Looked it up: muh thin blue line. I went into a court building the other day and the cops watching the metal detectors had it painted on a canvas and hanging in there office. Such faggotry.

The cops killin er'body out here.

Go LARP muh ebil PO-leece somewhere else, god damn.


It is really no different from Jonestown so why am I supposed to cry about it?

Forcing the government to give you money makes you a house nigga? Do you know what that term means? Do you think house niggas were in the habit of suing there masters?

Say it with me: HOUSE NIQQAS

I posted it because I thought it was important. not because I care.

as per a lot of leftpol's shitty takes on stuff like this:

nobody said you had to

maybe you do, the rights of the mentally ill come first ofc

House Nigga


Well, obviously the pólice just are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic, white supremacist, fascist, and colonialist; and as capital owners, the pólice want to oppress based on abstract identity groups, because power is idealist that way.


pure idealism

I'm pretty idealist myself but that just sounded like the sjw landwhale having a seizure.

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I'm autistic you bigoted faggot

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And therefore what?

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