Was >>>Zig Forums BO right? What's your excuse, you piece of ideological shit?

Was >>>Zig Forums BO right? What's your excuse, you piece of ideological shit?

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Excuse for what exactly?

At least they admit it. Now if they would just fuck off of the mod team as well.

For being drunk on ideology?

But we aren't the ones banning for wrongthink.

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>Was >>>Zig Forums BO right?
Yes, but it's social media as a whole. BO won't go that far because he's probably a semi-renown twitter tankie addicted to hearts and rts.
I want something mildly entertaining to do when I'm fucking around at work.

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Doesn't matter, every other discussion venue is worse, even ignoring that they're all namefag honeypots.
I want somewhere I can talk freely without some random innocuous statement causing a brittle trankie hotpocketeer to fly off the handle.

Fuck feminists for destroying leftism. I had high hopes for Zig Forums, I thought we could avoid the pitfalls of plebbit and other anti-male leftist spaces.

No. If he doesn't like imageboards then he shouldn't visit them, let alone try and control them.

I unironically learned a ton of shit from old Zig Forums regarding socialism, anarchism, Marx and a bunch of other related and unrelated topics. I got a ton of book recommendations and still have a folder of PDFs downloaded from here that were good reads.
Then again, I tried to post in good faith on actually interesting topics and not e-celeb shit or shitflinging debates. Since all the old effortposters got banned and replaced with Zig Forums and Reddit shitters it's no longer worth browsing.

Posing as a mysandrist is likely getting you banned from Zig Forums as a false-flagging SJW, so for some reason I don't believe your story.

I dunno both BOs do a shitty job, this one a bit better than trannypols

Many leftists have nazbol because of their bullshit. Politics is a men's game and there are few true men left, thanks to trans nonsense

Cuba's parliament has 50% women, so it clearly isn't biologically determined for women to not get into politics.

Why are you attacking us in particular when she said it in general? I don't think it is inevitable, Zig Forums and 4chan are pure shit but for example 0ch had proper discussion without the compulsory shitposting and fake hostility.

I wish there was a way to ban retards like you from real life.

It's cool though. Year zero is upon us. Intellectuals are the ones on the chopping block this time.

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*sand in my

But you get my drift

Go back to >>>Zig Forums you fascist piece of shit

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Is that photo actually real?

To what kinds of people is Zig Forums a refuge?

Just look at yourself, leftpol.

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beats looking at r/tankiepol/

t. narcissist

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This is objectively wrong.

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TERF shitlady!!!1!

BO forgot the point of Zig Forums was initially to offer refuge, to those who went to imageboards for refuge from forums which literally had less discussion than we did like Reddit with it's constant virtue posts and memes being op's instead of replies or dedicated to one thread, and revleft which was so Marxist-Divisive dominated they couldn't discuss jack shit without major attacks over who was right breaking out over and over again, Zig Forums and Zig Forums managed to have booming book club discussions, and issue discussions that neither Reddit nor other places could have, if shitposting is a problem for you why not attack /r/Chapotraphouse and half of the Reddit left? They shitpost more than we do. Zig Forums got worse and worse the moment it became popular to bring more people like the one's above in by marketing itself not as a place for different discussions than what the left had instead just another leftist discussion area. You want high quality? Re start the book club, hell even organize, protesting especially one on one is easier to do than mass party funded shit that alerts the pigs before you even get there which is presumably the "Efficiency" BO was talking about.
Yes Jim and the others are terrible administrators but what can you do about it, the last few truly free imageboards are all dedicated to cp, and Overchan died before anyone got to it, because everyone treated it as a bunker.
Overall I feel new Zig Forums and BO have missed the point of everything entirely, but to be fair I don't believe they ever understood it, Zig Forums was entirely built by users, the mods never fully supported them, everyone keeps bitching over nazbols and that annoying buzzword incal while also forgetting that Zig Forums also anchored their threads and let them stay up for ages often times as we did. Is Zig Forums and Reddit currently actually stopping anyone or furthering leftism?
Has anyone even done anything for leftism in the past few fucking years? All I can remember is:
Oh wait that's right Zig Forums always hated Milo for being gay, and called Richard Spencer a crypto-Jew along with TRS a bunch of posers ruining their movement. So if anything Antifa literally did Zig Forums a favor silencing people who could be considered the Trotsky to their Stalin.
So the entire left has done fuck all except kill themselves in failure for the past few years, and anything that shows potential like Rojava will always be put down by the Anglo's once they begin to """stabilize""" the region. And even then Rojava is a commune nation not one that could ever go beyond.
Counter this with the right which has grown in mass numbers and has had major operations.
Counter this with the real right and the US Government, a literal fascist empire could potentially be building a secret space force ensuring the survival of capitalism and fascism far into the future, forever cementing the struggle as eternal, but even worse ensuring that if socialism wins, the universe itself will forever be a varying pool of ideologies.
We've literally done absolutely nothing, even minor protests like the last few Natives in Canada being massacred are going unheard and doomed to fail.
But sure point us out as the worst of the left. Tell us that just because we had a few Nazbols which Zig Forums also had that we're the failures.
Zig Forums can shove their opinion up their ass.
Just kidding that would be implying those retards actually do anything except shitpost, circlejerk in /leftytrash/, or have the 350th "Guys I can no understandu Mooks and Das Kapital" thread where it takes 15 posts for them to finally come to an understanding over basic Marxist theory because none of them ever fucking read Marx.
Ya motherfuckers.

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are you the same misandrist flagposter from the other thread?
BO of /leftwhypol/ is a feminist and bans people for criticizing feminism. Since you're a misandrist too, for some reason I don't care about your not believing me.

christ people shouldn't fuck around with guns

No point in defending a Federal run group with the sole intent of making leftists look bad and disrupting real leftist irl action.

Dirty tricks MI6.

I got banned for talking about Bakunin's views on race.

t. bootlicker

lel, should have her fatshame after the body-image comment too. Also needs a parents' basement joke, they love to bust out that old chestnut any chance they get.

I think he's just a redditor lol

What's the big fucking deal with this one? English has a real dearth of gender-neuter pronouns, when you're not sure of someone's gender what are you supposed to do?

That's a Nazi propaganda image, what did you expect?

haha eppin benis lol

the issue is when you're expected to use it even when you know somebody's gender. And when they insist on you using it because they want to be a special snowflake. A bearded person who was born with a penis that says "don't refer to me as 'he' refer to me as 'they'" is a weird attention whore.

Imagine if a language without gendered pronouns became the de facto lingua franca instead of this abomination, how many problems couldn't even exist. We would live in full communism by now.

I genuinely believe leftypol and the peterson vs zizek debate will create the next nazbol wave. read that jacobin article about post-modernism and shiet from a few years ago.

I think if a society didn't have them, they'd make them. I mean that's what they're doing now with all the extra ones.

We don't have them in Hungarian and nobody cares.

We've already got much larger gaps to fix

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Haven't been there in years but ok

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Nothing wrong with this train of thought. At our core we're just selfish. Probably the biggest argument against Marxism and a skeleton in the closet nobody wants to talk about

Men do too, for hopes they get used up sjw pussy

And for this you're just mad I got you cornered so you yell ad hominems and never try to prove me wrong. Stay classy Zig Forums

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There is revolutionary potential in the mentally ill though, something that's not found in queers or women who because of low T levels couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag. Esp. Male psychopaths. We feel no pain, we have nothing to gain, nothing to lose but blood. Society doesn't care about us so why should we care about anything if it serves us? Prison inmates and psych ward patients make for good guerilla fighters. Let us be useful.

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You're 12
Another chess victory for the pigeon, according to the pigeon.

quality lol

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


A well-deserved ban, we should ban reactionaries pretending to be leftists too.

It's really sad that egalitarians who care about the rights of all people are called "reactionaries" and fake leftists, while regressive bigots like yourself and the Zig Forums BO are apparently the "true left" nowadays. Why do you assume everybody who supports equality is "pretending" to be a leftist? When did the left stop supporting equality?

If things are truly subjective than why is the act of the pigeon shitting on the chess board even up for debate?

also I'm close to my 40s but ok

That's the reason I got banned. A good argument against female leaders

A good argument against *FEMINIST leaders.
BO is a male feminist and there are a lot of other shitty male feminists out there. Feminists of any sex would make terrible leaders but there are non-feminist women who would be competent

Haven't you got some underemployed McDonalds whigger nationalist to dox, you fat tranny?

I'm far more surprised a femifaggot has, somehow, managed to seize power over an entire board. I mean, I knew Zig Forums went to shit after the rojava thread and their pansy-ass word filtering that they abused, but a feminazi BO? Are you shitting me?

Hopefully, that board dies quickly and we become more active, even if we have to deal with nazbolniggers.

heard you talking shit

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