Alabama governor signs nation's most restrictive anti-abortion bill into law

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I'm unsure whether this is throwing a bone to the base or a calculated maneuver to sheepdog democrat adjacent voters back into electoralism so they don't get radicalized.

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The day democracy died.

Bottom text.

abortion is scam pushed by the bourgeoisie to trick the lower classes in to having fewer "useless eaters"
once capitalism is abolished, there will be no need for abortion


Black people abort the most, so it's obviously a move to breed out the whites. The bourgeois doesn't like white people you see, they invented socialism after all, they also don't make good slaves like black people do, which is why they used black slaves instead of white slaves.(daz waicis)

Ironically, the soviets though those conditions were already met when they decided to ban abortion a few years after making it legal.

Its restriction was actually portrayed as a fulfillment of Lenin-era policy. To quote one author (Pat Sloan, Soviet Democracy, 1937, pp. 125-126):

Needless to say, the notion that Soviet women had no more need to recourse to abortion was erroneous (plenty continued to do so illegally), and abortion was thus relegalized after Stalin's death.

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Good, shame the punishment isn't the death sentence.

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Or the GOP in Alabama just really hates abortion and doesn’t care about the potential consequences. Republicans are true believers when it comes to this shit.

The same people pushing for abortion to be banned are also pushing for nonsense like abstinence-only sex ed and restrictions on contraception.

I'm sorry why is the left generally pro abortion again?
Lowering the population is what capitalists want, allows for easier control, sex being turned into a commodity through the contraceptive industry and more means more profit from it, and this stuff generally promotes less critical decision making skills. Is it just "muh free will"?
If that's the case can't someone just do something equally retarded like constantly crash cars over and over from the store because "it's their free will"? Obviously not so why the application here?

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It's about emancipation you imbecile. Capitalists want bigger populations, that's how the reserve army of labour works and that's why every single capitalist country panics about their spooky "demographic crises", that's why they ban abortion and why they promote their disgusting natalist policies. Parents naturally prefer quality over quantity but capitalism develops only quantitatively and capitalists need masses of cheap labour which is why they are pushing everyone to breed like rabbits even if that means keeping families perpetually in poverty, that's actually preferable for them. Parents are docile because they believe they have too much to lose. You never see parents on barricades.

Emancipation with what justification, none, some, why would you need to do it especially in a much more stable society than capitalism like socialism or communism or anarchism? Especially in those considering society would welcome the child with open arms and in some cases rape wouldn't be an issue.
So is that why the Georgia Guide stones which if not legit Frankenstein Zionist Computer Gangster tier manifesto's are indeed confirmed to have been funded by rich organizations, and have their ideology fully rooted in population control narrative?
Is that why China has had a disastrous time trying to control the population?
Or why liberals and capitalists promote abortion in the media?
No if you live under capitalism you'll be in poverty. The US tax code benefits you the richer you are and the more property you own. You do realize people without or with little to now children will be as poor as those who do?
Judging by boomers still being forced to work it seems to me like they have a steady supply either way, just look at Japan, big meme country purported for a declining birth rate.
Still one of the most heavily capitalist enslaved places on Earth. You can't even have children because you're working to death.

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Dangerously idealist.

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Fuck you for fooling me, here's a real twerking girl in revenge.

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Okay pal', businesses like ToysRUs which went out of business anyways because most children are on phones these days anyways.
And in general:
This is pretty much admitting to just being a bad parent by saying your children will inherently grow up to be retarded mind controlled consumers because you never bothered to teach them about anything much less socialism. If this is the case then just don't have kids.

user… that's a trap.

In that case allow dumb people to abort their future dumb children.

Japan's far-right capitalist government is doing everything in their power to make their population breed, they are constantly shitting their pants about their workforce shrinking because of men preferring waifus to children. Access to abortion is not population control, forced abortions and banning abortion are, which are policies that every leftist must oppose. Liberals support abortion because it fits into their ideology of individual freedom, but capitalists do not support it in any way, I am not sure where are you getting your delusions from OK I know it's from Zig Forums's paranoid fantasies of Jews brainwashing "white" women to abort their "white" babies so fuck you retard

Abe tier meme theory considering people are accusing them of using waifus as breeding propaganda too, neither theory has any credence.
You contradicted yourself.
Zig Forums explicitly supports abortion because it lowers the black population and they're pro eugenics. Yet you call me delusional.
I will say I support abortion now thanks to you convincing me that we need it so that people like you aren't born though. So thanks.

Also I felt bad about tricking you guys with the nigga twerk meme so here's an actual strip and twerk video.

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Both of these perspectives are based on the same false premise embraced by both "sides" of the "debate", that Japan is in a severe demographic crisis compared to its peers.

In reality, Japan's fertility rate, if compared against that of the USA minus the effects of mass economic immigration in the neolib era, are identical to within a couple decimal points. Much the same is true compared to Europe. That Japan even achieves this globally typical level of fertility is all the more remarkable when one considers Japan's sky-high population density, even higher than it initially appears at the international level, due to most of Japan's landmass being too rugged for settlement or other exploitation, driving their infamous urbanization.

In spite of this fact, while hysterical natalist/open borders agitprop pours out of the mainstream both domestically and abroad press about a catastrophic wave of NEET herbivore otaku and frigid hikki fujoshis pushing nips to the brink of extinction, nobody (aside from Zig Forums) spouts such shrill alarmism about the white youth of USA or Europe.

Nip porky-san isn't just angry about the future prospect of shrinking population, but about the present population not being squeezed tight to an absolutely insane degree.

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user please.

Do you have a link to Porky's manifesto where he advocates for a higher population increase for more workers?

Do I even need one?

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You do considering the evidence and manifesto's I've found advocating population control funded by bourgeoisie organizations.
Remember just because cows have increased in population over the years doesn't mean the farmers will ever let them go beyond the limit.

Eh, maybe I'll dig up some hyperlinks later. But right off the top of my head, there's the perennial favorite of "muh pension crisis". Unless porky is so retarded as to imagine such an "autistic economics" Ponzi scheme is actually sustainable, the only other possible explanation is more meat for the grinder.

The Pension Crisis still doesn't prove that society needs more people just that it needs a new wave of some. That's why it's called population control not extermination. More so pensions were a scam, the whole thing is the consequence of bad policies. Not a very large excuse used by Porky from what I've seen.
How do you also respond to the modern contraceptive and sex industry as well? They're sucking out money as much as anyone else.

itt: no real arguments can be made because you're all scared that you might look like reactionaries. Abortion is a popular topic because the news media doesn't want you focusing on the US conflict with Iran. Regardless, I've become more against abortion as the years go on. That's a real person, you don't get to create life and kill a human baby just because you are its mother.


Who has more ability to self-determine: someone without kids or someone who has kids they need to look after? Having kids makes workers work harder and tolerate more bullshit because they don't want their kids to be hungry.

Abortion is okay but only if the babies are bourgeois

This, we need nobility blue blood tests during pregnancies by 2020 to combat the bourgeois menace.

I'm sorry user but abortion is legal here, it was legalized by the communist party itself. In fact my parents had an agreement with the state that they will have at least two children in exchange for a very favourable loan for their home, so if anything, you should hate natalist policies.

Got any statistical proof that people who are childless by 30-40 make more/have better lives than parents at that age? Self determination sure? Self determination leading to not getting assfucked anyway? Probably not.

Reread what I said.

You say this as if the timing of children is totally irrelevant, i.e. like a fucking retarded child. Someone who has a kid when they plan to are going to have a much better life than someone who has a kid at a bad time.

If they cared about consequences they'd be vehemently in favor of letting the niggers kill their babies. Lots of people have trouble believing it, but conservatives genuinely and sincerely believe abortion is baby murder

Lol, found the delusional anti-natalist. Capitalists in developed countries don't give three fucks about natalism outside Hungary and Japan, especially when they've spent the last half century importing Third Worlders to make up the balance (because it's cheaper than "spend 16 years supporting extra kids before they become productive economic units").

They live off other people's work. All babies are bourgeois.

All right. You only know about Hungary because their policies were controversial for being very clearly classist, it barely helps the working class while Fidesz's rich friends get even more government money thrown at them. Most European countries give incentives to young couples to breed like rabbits, it's to address future projected labour shortages. Importing foreign workforce is for addressing already existing labour shortages. They are different "problems" with different disgusting policies to "solve" them.
Get ready for the ultimate galaxy brain take.

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Oops my bad

If European birth-rates are anything to go by rabbits aren't a good comparison

No it's accurate, it's the policies that don't work. Turns out simply throwing money at problems don't magically fix them.

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