WHy do people think Hollywood is "left wing" when it so clearly isn't?

Hey all, here is a thing that I've noticed when it comes to people critiquing any new movie, especially when it comes to things like Star Wars or Star Trek. Everyone thinks that these big corporations are pushing some king of "Left-Wing" agenda when in reality these corporations are only using liberal/feminist talking points as nothing more than a cynical marketing ploy/publicity stunt.

Why don't people ever notice this fact?

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They think liberals are the left.


People associate liberalism with the left before associating socialism with the left as said above.
I wonder why though.

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why indeed

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Makes me want to accelerate the contradictions and call myself a "post-feminist" who thinks feminism can't go far enough to address sexism because it only looks at women's issues and not how gender affects men, trannies, nonbinaries, etc.

Putting up a dedicated thread for discussing gender-critical feminsm is the dead canary that Zig Forums has officially been colonized by liberals. Why the fuck would a radical care about that "debate" other than to say don't mistreat people? It's all just an abstract/theoretical argument about how we choose to define the word gender.

That's all well and good but it's usually the T levels that determines the propensity of a class to use brute force against their opponents. If we live in world of non-binaries, trannies and women, they all tend to have high E levels. For the straight men of this world the essentialism of Herodotus rears its ugly head and is an opening to dominate by the remaining straight males, white or not. We can see this in the migrant crisis. Men always win, and the tougher the better.

And Hollywood is capitalist but lib left for sure.

Good lord, this whole "T levels" bullshit again. It has nothing to do with your pseudoscience bullcrap and everything to do with capitalists bringing in migrants to be a cheap foreign workforce in order to depress wages and break apart the unions.

Isn't that an euphemism for TERFs (i.e., actual misandrists)?

Because americans are retarded.

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Let's pretend I lend an ounce of credence to your dumbass biodeterminism argument for a second.

Hollywood isn't any kind of left. The commies got purged during McCarthyism. Read some history for fuck's sake. The studios are openly in bed with the Military Industrial Complex and produce pro-imperialist propaganda. When something with an alternative view gets made, it's because the creators pulled a sneaky on the studios.

Yup. Quick reminder that "transmisogyny" isn't real. Those people don't "hate women" because according to their worldview the people they hate aren't women. And also they generally hate anything with a penis regardless of gender identification.

what the fuck am I reading

Worst of hot takes

They only do that because the police state apparatus exists to coddle women.


On your second argument it's not left or right, just pure liberalism, which historically speaking used to mean 'left' but it's been pushed off the compass so far it's just an excuse to throw consumerism and consumer based economics instead of working class values and economics. the dialectic moves constantly. It has no ideological root as of now and if it did, it's living independent of it to be rent free in the minds of those who actually want a system that works

so is that pic but whatever bruh

I know essentialist views trigger the left more than Muh jews but denying human nature is to deny life itself, no matter if some of the existential minds had wide things to say every now and then

Testosterone is real, your conclusions about your bio-deterministic bull crap are pseudoscience though.

Nobody on the left denies "human nature", we just dismiss your "human nature".

Where were you when you realized America is basically the new USSR.

Bitch, please.

Any non-retarded person who have had contact with men and women realizes that they are different on a biological level, not only physical but mental differences. Our brains are literally chemical processing machines, anything can drastically change our behavior and hormones are specially good at it.
Take your mentally ill denial of reality outta here.

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Because they are socially liberal, and the political axis of Zig Forums types doesn't take economics into account.

Also you have to already be extremely bourgeois to even be in the position to "sneak" anything past Hollywood, Get Out is the most social justice (believe it or not social justice is left-wing lol) liberationist thing I have seen.

then I must be a robot then. DIE HUMANS!!!


like I said, capitalist praxis, social liberal ideas.

Left and right don't mean anything in the present day. At least, the original definitions don't mean anything.

Hollywood shills for coastal capitalists, who tend to be very 'progressive' on social issues. America's elites always had a sense of philanthropy for minorities as well. (Mostly since they make for really good lapdogs to use on mostly white workers.)

Basically, cosmopolitanism and liberalism are part of the capitalist agenda. Even a bloated welfare state is part of it. (Have taxpayers absorb the costs of low wages.) It makes perfect sense that the same Hollywood that shills for immigrants and niggers would somehow shill for drone-striking mudslimes and capitalism.

Hollywood is left-wing on socio-cultural issues which is all the diot masses who have been sucked in to manufactured culture war nonsense need to label is communist.

I'm sorry to break it to you my murrican friend but there isn't such a thing as left-wing or right-ring socio-cultural anything.
Yes, yes, I know people got fooled into associating more liberal social stuff with leftism and more cuntservative social stuff with rightism but that's just wrong. Those associations were pushed on people to distract them from the base structural problems of the system and make them assume that the system is just "the normal, natural, 'always have been' way of doing things" and it just need some fixes here and there.
You can have a more socially conservative left-wing society like the USSR of Stalin times and you can have a right-wing capitalist society that pushes a socially liberal agenda 24/7 on people like most of the western world right now. More libertine or more conservative aren't inherently left or right wing. Real left-wing or right-wing is all about how the base structure of society is shaped economically.

true. I was wondering where you went.

Fucked off when I noticed that the mods were deleting messages in a certain thread. Took it as a sign that there might be a purge coming, but I guess that didn't happen thankfully.

Glad to see you back

Go away.

Sorry but this is so funny to me, how the split between these two boards has unintentionally recreated the ideologies of the Cold War. Zig Forums gets taken over by twitter tankies who can't into Marx, Zig Forums is filled with dissidents who fear "authoritarianism" so much they bluepill themselves into becoming neocons.

last time I checked, leftypol aren't even proper Tanks, just red liberals.

Tanklib gang, lol

I still restlessly wait for the day someone unironically makes a political party that's a combination of all previous political ideologies.

That was Trotskyites vs. Stalinists/Maoists. ML autism that has nothing to do with us.

Here's a start

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I've said this also, you either die a Nazbol hero or live long enough as an ancomm to start seeing yourself agree with neoconservatives.

Dude, I'm against burger interventionism and spreading liberalism worldwide. I don't think anyone here actually is for that. If anything, the dissidents tend to be nationalists/'nazbols' here. But really, there's just a diversity of opinion. (I know, a foreign concept to faggots like you.) Hell, I barely see anyone talking about Rojava or complain about muh dictators here except in passing. (If anything, we have a lot of apologists for third world regimes and ML sorts. Hell, we have a goddamn Juche poster.) This kind of proves that tankies are pretty much all foreign policy nuts who care exclusively about muh imperialism.

Well, I already have pretty much blended all four corners of the autistic political compass together.

Burger interventions are basically caused by Israel holding a carrot over senile boomer neocons and whispering "free oil if you follow me" in their poor ears. As a citizen of the U.S. I apologize our government is run by idiots. It also makes sense why nazbols are growing exponentially here, our first real opposition in decades.

I'd be more than okay with it if the founding mandate of the UN as originally envisioned were put into full force as a completely multilateral nonaggression and human rights enforcement body, in concert with full funding for regional peacekeeping and nationbuilding bodies in conflict hotspots such as the African Union, Arab League, etc.. But only on the condition that it, especially the ICCt's prosecutor, had full jurisdiction over all members, including the USA & EU.

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Never would happen. Not until the boomers die off for sure. Just going to be more John Bolton/Israel type theatrics. Hell even liberals all of a sudden love Dubya now.

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Why it no like my pictures?

Because you're a BIG FAG

They loaded, you just have to wait a bit.

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People assume Hollywood is left-wing the same way 4chan and Zig Forums think the alt-right is just "only zoomers" It ain't.

Basically this. Neoliberal "progressives" do indeed fill up Hollywood, but to think they're the same as socialists or that they even have the same aims is absurd. That being said, new Star Wars is indeed terrible.

I don't think either continent understands socialism, considering how Euros think they're "empowering the common man" with their shitty welfare capitalism

I'm not a fan of Rojava. I started that in my text essays and videos

Whining about woke Hollywood is classic slave morality in that it can only articulate a critique using the language of the masters. All the skeptic neckbeards on jewtube (including token Moms) and culture warriors like J Peterson, Milo etc point out the denigration of "culture" but in doing so refuse to even consider how this culture is produced or maintained. Many of them are ☘️enlightened moderates☘️ since taking an actual position on anything would alienate a fanbase who's can only define themselves as being opposed to nebulous "cultural marxism." They cannot name the jew or capitalism so they can only wallow around reeeing about a phenomenon they're reinforcing all the time in their discourse.

The primary area of contention in complaints about the SJW involvement in popculture isn't the pollution they belch into it, but specifically that their preocupation with popculture as an appropriate and effective arena within which to pursue politics is both misguided for their purported agenda, and harmful to any actual agenda requiring political consciousness by the masses.

This or that political slant in culture is completely irrelevant to any actual political stance the audience may hold, because artistic merit is wholly separate from "message", rendering all attempts to substitute political activism with woke cultural gestures pointless at best, harmful at worst. What it IS very effective at, aside from distracting would-be activists from actual political involvement, is degrading the quality of culture, as culture is promoted/denigrated less for its artistic quality, and more for its ticking boxes for shallow, insipid propaganda.

The entire point of GG and similar movements from day 1 was to push this pseudo-political gibberish out of culture, so that the masses can enjoy the freedom of cultural expression for its own sake, and honestly pursue genuine politics in its proper frame, as part of real life rather than some virtue signaling "everything is political" fashion statement.

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What did he means about this?

What? Their agenda is to encourage the will to power of woke liberals in order to make proles complacent. This is the "society of spectacle" after all invading everything with ideology perfectly serves their agenda.
Unsurprisingly you got smeared and neckbeards like sargon rode the GG wave to popularity.
And besides most good games are political in someway but are open ended enough so you can form your own conclusions and discuss them.
Vampire the masquerade's setting was written by pagan hippies and degenerates yet the Troika game is great since Strauss, smiling Jack etc tell you to think for yourself and it's highly debatable what the "best" choice is.

I'm guessing it was something along the lines of "I enjoy sex with other dudes"

They (the true believers) have no political power, and want none, satisfied in their entirety merely hearing the superficial markers of their own virtue signaling reflected back at them from every angle, any material change to the world they live and suffer in irrelevant to their LARPing. As for those at the head of any shitlib scheme, they too have no political agenda, the height of their ambition is personal enrichment, or even just the opportunity to abuse others free of consequence, they are petty shysters and bullies wrapped in the flag of "progressive" causes they neither care about nor understand in any depth. For both groups, the elimination of any popular involvement politics in favor of a mirage of endless, pointless, inescapable culture wars as the world under their feet is reduced to ashes, suits them perfectly.
Sargon, like most post-GG eCelebs, started out a milquetoast lib, alongside others that washed away later, such as Investig8iveJournalism or BestGamers. Anything else that were self-declared imports from beyond, such as anti-A+ Slymepitters encompassing left-lolberts like Thunderf00t to hippies like AmazingAtheist, or Zig Forumsyps from the wittier IA, to the pathetic KoP, to the loopier S4T. That post-GG eCelebs pandered to the aut-right wasn't GG's fault, so much as the result of success by SJWs in consolidating their claim over "left"ism.

I think the greatest failure of GG, aside from not concentrating day 1 primarily on personal "deathblow" tactics like hiring private investigators and bankrolling lawsuits to destroy the core SJW clique, was the stonewall persistence of SJWs in academia and the yellow press peaking at the Berkeley spergout, which solidified the aut-right as characterizing everything about GG, and made it virtually impossible to reform or expunge SJWs from their institutional powerbase inside the "left".
What I meant by that wasn't that politics are necessarily bad (nor good) for art, but that they are not strictly necessary. Further, that while good art with a bad message (or political stance, etc.) still has some worth, bad art with a good message is worthless. In order for propaganda to be effective, it must 'first be good art, wholly aside from its message.

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Peak Idealism: the post.

Yes we can all admit that America’s artistic output is now exactly the same as the USSRs was

The real ones like Marshall Ironsides and CulturedThug do this but have paid a hefty price for it. What other reason could be that they have gotten attacked by YouTube ☘️content moderators☘️ not only once but twice?

Hint: it's not because they're idiots. Try again.

(Cont.) Also keep in mind a lot of these companies push progressive shit not because they actually care, but because they want to widen their profit margins, and will outsource content moderation out to say, India because they will work for less thus increasing corporate monopolization.