Best socialist fiction?

Need some lefty fiction (besides Lê Guin) preferably sci-fi. Whatcha got robots?

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Oops, forgot text:
Also one of my favorite novels purely on the level of a great story, and great SF. As an adjunct, Eric Frank Russel's short story …And Then There Were None, which inspired Voyage to Yesteryear, is highly recommended. It has a stronger LibSyn focus.
Most directly an allegory for resistance against fascism in WWII, it still applies well to pretty much any repressive regime.
A little bit of a Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire feeling to start with, but it expands to cover a broad sweep of phenomena, and its stories are marvelously clever.

Does this count or are you looking for purely science fiction/modern "classic" literature? I presume there are a lot of left fiction books and plays out there from as early as Greece.

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A personal fave classic of the genre

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Good dude but sold out by falling for the feminism meme

Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy (at least the first two books).

The thing it inspired is 1000x better TBH

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Forgive me for enjoying the literary depiction of a literal anarcho-communist revolution on Mars.

The State and Revolution

Non-SJW M-Ls

Don’t read this garbage. Read Mein Kampf

Did you read any of the books they mention? Did you even read the book you're shilling?


It's time to go into the tanks!

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The Communist Manifesto, What Is to Be Done?, Capital, Volume I, The Conquest of Bread, The Ecology of Freedom.

Communism Takes, Capitalism Makes, Speaking of taking, take a basic economics course. And if you still support the ideology that killed over a billion people, move to Venezuela or Finland and see if you like the utopia there.

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And they say NPC meme isn't real

Capitalism fakes, Ancaps snake, and. anarchy bakes.

Quite funny, but there's no chance righties know any of those books beside the manifesto and maybe capital.

Absolutely based

I'm not trolling, it's economics 101, supply and demand curves control the economy where the equlibrium between supply and demand is the price, socialism works to drive the price down to zero through market controls, this explodes the demand and crashes the economy.

Also, hitler was left wing, "not socialist German Workers' Party." Socialist workers party. Learn basic economics and history before you advocate a murderous ideology.

And by the way, taxes and socialism ARE theft, anything coercive that requires you to contribute to something you don't support is theft.

Seriously, this crap again?

For god's sake, why don't you actually read book for once. And as to your "AnCrap" Philosophy.

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You're boss doesn't just "Arbitrarily" own the company and do nothing. He is responsible for the company as a whole in a way a menial like you couldn't possibly comprehend. They are responsible for organizing and setting up the entirety of the so called "means of production". Can you navigate the bureaucracy to acquire land to build you factory on? How about arranging for the building of the factory itself so that the whole thing follows all regulations? Negotiate contracts with potential buyer and sellers of materials? How about set up the business organization itself so that it's not just a bunch on smucks fucking around? What about the fact that most of the money is reinvested into the company to help it grow? Just because you idiots don't understand economics doesn't mean you're right

Bosses (that is, managers of other employees and other internal bureaucratic tasks in business) are usually salaried workers, all the way up to CEO in a giant corporation, they (aside from stock options) don't own shit.

The actual owners of a firm under capitalism are the stockholders, given the fact that most public shares have little or no voting power at stockholders' meetings, more specifically the board of directors. What little "work" these porkies do (choosing stocks to buy and sell, running the board) is itself typically farmed out to salaried deskjockey shlubs at some investment bank, literally the same people managing your pension money, except porky gets far higher interest rates than (you).

If you're about to bring up "muh small business owner who don't need no publicly traded stock", remember those are invariably in hock to the banks, which are in turn owned by the same porkies.

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Almost forgot this ridiculous point.

Which system works better for countries, tyranny, or democracy? In terms of the economic power, military might, and of course material prosperity for the common citizen, democracy has proven itself the superior system. Sure, citizens might not be expert enough to personally oversee every single daily decision in every specialized domain, but allowing us the ability to vote in or out the experts (or "experts") to set a general agenda in our common interest, is definitely better than allowing corruption to run rampant totally unchecked against our interest, as every tyrant always does.

Why not extend this superior system, democracy, from management of government, into management of business?

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Again, quite funny but /liberty/folk don't argue in such concrete terms. They rely on the literal existence idealistic abstract concepts such as 'rights' or 'freedom' or 'coercion', which they define in calculated ways.
You, however, argue in terms of concrete material realities, and that betrays you.

This is already possible, with mixed results. So what are you waiting for? Lead the way, set the trend.

In direct, unregulated competition with capitalist businesses, cooperatives must shoulder the added burden of not so readily being able to abuse their workers.

This is a similar chicken-and-egg problem to allowing slaves in your economy in times past, or having open borders with corrupt/unregulated 3rd-world economies today.

Coops, some of them giant multibillion dollar firms or entire sectors, do successfully compete directly against capitalist competitors, but to become dominant in the economy, coops will require greater regulatory intervention against the injustices capitalists use to their advantage.

Quite probably, much as in the case of democracy and capitalism emerging against feudalism, this will require centuries of usually failed, usually violent, revolutions.

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Ackchyually communists are real deregulationists since we want to get rid of private property, the most widespread monopolistic right of them all.

Too on the nose to be anything but bait.


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