For the sake of the Third World, Russia must perish

For the sake of the Third World, Russia must perish.

Eastern Orthodox Russia must die so that the teeming masses of the Third World may live. Control of Russia must be seized from the Moskals and a global refugee zone be established within the former territory of the Russian Federation. The teeming masses of Syrians, Afghans and other assorted ethnicities of the world must have Russia as home. Russia must be converted into a giant refugee camp. In no uncertain terms, I am calling for a new Generalplan Out, but instead of Aryans, it must be populated with the masses of the world yearning to be free.

Why Russia? Threefold:
1) Russia has been the primary supplier of heavy munitions for Assad's Syria and had a role in creating the refugee crisis; 2) The Siberian tundra is about to thaw, thereby opening it to mass population while greenhouse gases burn the global south; 3) Russia is the font of white supremacism, reactionism, the alt-right and is the Ur-traitor to the socialist project of the 20th century and must be punished accordingly.

Firstly, Russia has supplied the heaviest munitions to Assad and in doing so displaced the greatest number of Syrians to Western Europe. Europe's social safety nets are on the brink as refugees flood into Germany, France and Poland. In doing so, nationalistic rhetoric is being fuelled viciously. The FN, AfD, Orban etc benefit from Russian aid in the Syrian Civil War as the tide of refugees politically empowers them. Putin and his allies benefit hugely from this vicious cycle relationship. European unity, the vehicle of social democratic politics is threatened gravely by ethnoseparatists, of which the Moskals are in contact with.

Secondly, the Siberian tundra is about to thaw due to continued global warming. This will unleash a vicious cycle of Siberian methane warming the Earth, further warming it. The Russian state is additionally complicit in funding global warming denial through the support of pseudoscience and denialism in other countries. Most materially, Russia is one of the largest supplier of fossil fuels in Eurasia. If they contribute to climate refugees running around, it makes sense for them to take them in.

Thirdly, Russia is the font of reaction within the West. It is a traditionalist, spiritualist, chauvinistic power that flirts with the global right. Additionally, Russia is the super-traitor to socialism, the country most responsible for the downfall of the USSR, the country of Khruschev that disgraced socialism forever. For this alone, Russia and indeed, ethnic Russians must be punished.

Russia must be opened to the masses of the Third World. New Russians must be allowed to live in the wide, rich black-soil expanses of the Third Rome. Russian households must be billeted to house five, maybe even more refugees. Iraqi's, Afghans and Syrians must find comfort in the co-ethnics of Lana Lokteff and speaking of which, remember that is was the Moskals that opened the festering wound of Afghanistan. This new state, non-Orthodox, non-Christian, can then swiftly fall under the influence of the PRC, for the rebirth of the Soviet Union. The virile seed and manhood of Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis desperately call for a home in Slavic pudendae. Russia must turn into a true rape-state, a real orgy of the otherwise imaginary white genocide. With this new Refugee-State, the borders of Europa will be protected from rising China.

The problem with Generalplan Out was it originally called for the destruction of the Soviet Union, the leading socialist power of the ages and the extermination of a socialist country. Yet there now is no socialist Russia, only an Eastern Orthodox font of reaction responsible for the worst rightist excesses on this world. The Boers, the most vicious rightists seek sanctuary in this land and our domestic right opponents in alliance with Russia.


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This is the kind of quality content we need on Zig Forums.

sounds like radlib bullshit but ok

lol I bet this is the type of shit that would turn tanksters and USSR apologist LARPing socialists racist

>>>Zig Forums2901987

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This is literally the type of shitpost you'd see on Zig Forums before it died.

Hey United States CIA, how're doin' tonight?

Told you

>Frankly this shitpost with its radical-liberal intersectional idpol nationalism is a display as to why >>>Zig Forums is just a >>>Zig Forums front, except instead of being "Kills europeans and Capitalists" its "Kill Whitey". You faggots are how the Right wing justifies its argument about 'Whit Genoshide'.

Should be "n!ggers and k!kes". Wordfilters on both boards have altered this.

Literally no one here has advocated for killing whites, op is a shitposter whom everyone here has called out, also didn't Zig Forums just weeks ago criticism us for having a nazbol infection? Did you niggers seriously just change your whole narrative on us to slander us over one fucking post? If I go on Zig Forums shitpost "Killnigs" with an ancap image does that now make Zig Forums a bunch of racist capitalists?

It's just a bunch of newfag Redditors making up history to feel smug and superior. Anons are openly admitting in other threads that many of them are recruits from r/cth2 and other radlib subreddits.

It's a classic reddit dramatarian move.
>make sockpuppet account
This sounds kind of crazy until you understand these people's online socialization is formed on a site built around accumulating points based on how much people give you upvotes. It incentivises people to search for (or create) something approaching a platonic ideal of whatever their favorite subreddit wants to showcase. If that's cute animals then they'll try to find the cutest possible animals. If that's theater of the absurd with internet drama, they'll find the most nuclear hot takes and even realize that it's possible for them to imagine and post those themselves. With just a bit of creative writing you can come up with the most extreme and attention-getting enemy-image to spread as an example of the people you don't like, and then you can just rake in the internet points.

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Even after years of suffering on "normal" forums, it's sometimes difficult to remember just how fucking retarded they are and always have been.

If only there was some way to shut all of them down forever.

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not the common citizen's problem

Kill darkie and capitalism

Worldfilters are just moderators gone wild

he was ukrainian, you retard

But I think there really are some Sakaist tards who woukd unironically believe in this

For the sake of Third world, shut up, CIA

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well in 1997 (I was in high school then) we had a wigger epidemic and maybe it would've been for the better if these future juggalos got killed

Based. Black nationalists are pretty cool guys.

Let me try niggers Capitalists

This is what I expect to find here after Zig Forums died. First as meme then as tragedy.

This is why I never trusted Dugin, and why Russia is an ally of convenience at best.

Seriously though, fuck black nationalists. They deserve the noose. Ghettos need the Sherman treatment. Black identity needs to be eliminated on American soil.

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I don't know why you loiter here. Leftypol, loves that racist "anti idpol" shit.

Pretty based.

You're not as smart as you think you are if you don't get Dugins point here. "White America" means liberals my duder.

Also, leftypol is basically r/socialism at this point. They aren't even le anti-idpol.

I wish. You still see niggers even in suburbs. Hell, some suburbs are actually overwhelmed with them like Southfield.

I understand that. But, the idea that niggers are somehow woke and against the system is retarded. These apes have voted for the party of the capitalists every single time, except when FDR and LBJ came in with gibsmesdats. The extent of negroid 'anti-capitalism' is more welfare. Welfare is pro-capitalist at this point anyways as it pays for their low-wage precariat workers.

Just because the neoliberal establishment is pure cancer doesn't mean that we should be pawns in Russia's game. I'm perfectly fine with working with the Russosphere to destroy the neoliberal elites, but they will become enemies as soon as the common enemy is gone. Also, geopolitics autism leads to you cucking yourself to either the ruling class or the ruling class of another nations.

Example? :^)

He doesn’t think they’re woke he thinks they are a racial proletariat at the very least not domesticated in the liberal suburbia that rests on the back of the third world and tries to justify the empire. He doesn’t say anything about niggers being in power or what they would do with it. His point is exactly what Tarrant said. The US empire must be weakened so it cannot exert its power on others and for it to be weakened it must balkanize. We must unleash the niggers upon white suburbia to red pill them so to speak.