How do I de-spook someone after they've read this crap?

How do I de-spook someone after they've read this crap?

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The classic, complete with vintage assravaged bitching in the comments section:

Pretty much any og tbh. Sakai's work is like the workerist concept of the proletariat in that it ignores what makes a proletarian (the wage labor relationship) in favor of social characteristics.

I'm slowly becoming aware that it's not actually good enough to ignore and dismiss this kind of divisive idpol. We actually need to engage with it so that we can expose all the holes in it and bring others back into the fold of working class solidarity.

Ask them what they believe and then criticise their arguments if you disagree? Most of Sakai's errounous assumptions is that he obscures the definition of the working class. His theory of settler-colonialism isn't even wrong, but to assume that no white people were working class is wrong, and even during literal slavery you had white particular interests to ally with black slaves and workers against the ruling class.

That's not a good critique and Charnel House is a pretentious pile of shit.

To claim that all whites are reactionaries and the working class vanguard must be black or indigenous? That's bad IdPol. To say that there are relations between black and whites that go beyond class through centuries of colonial stratification and are present in the superstructure of the division of labour? That's good IdPol.

So does this book pretend Bacon's Rebellion didn't happen then?

The idpol are the historical and present hierarchical relations based on identity. Pointing it out isn't idpol. What is idpol is to declare that because of these relations we need to establish an inverted version of these relations. Anti-idpol is removing political identity, which involves acknowledging its existence. Establishing new political identity is pro-idpol, even if it's in the name of opposing other idpol - that's how most idpol was historically established.

The racial lines of exploitation are a lot more complex than whites exploiting blacks though. It's almost exclusively an elite minority of whites benefiting from these relations, rather than whites as a whole, who only benefit in the sense of a transfer of wealth from the third world to the first world (which also benefits first world blacks). The active repression of blacks in the first world is not to the benefit of whites in general, only the elite whites. A cop killing Tyrone doesn't help Cletus, just Mr. Beauregard. The race relations of intra-national white supremacy are against the interests of most whites, because it divides them and blacks against each other. The race relations of colonialism are in the interests of anybody in the imperial core, even if they're kept from fully enjoying the fruits. That interest is mostly marginal, however, and it's again something that happens because it benefits the ruling class rather than racial groups. It's just that the ruling class happens to be racist so it keeps itself mostly homogeneous.

This is fucking garbage. If this is the best you have it is fucking hopeless and you might as well slit your fucking wrists open.

No, it doesn't
Sakai talks about it in second chapter

They want to eat their cake and have it to. Settlers is a work of mental gymnastics, wanting to continue the racial idpol but also wanting to be radically against capitalism. Sakai comes to the conclusion that it is literally impossible for someone to be white and also be a worker and thus an oppressed class under capitalism.

Just call them for what they are, racial nationalists or nationalist socialists

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Face it retards there is no universal class unity. A racist white left will be your only savior when you get kicked out of every farcical nigger leftoid organization.

Even those probably won't exist much longer, once the ethnic equivalent of the tranny vs. TERF slapfight from feminazism repeats itself.

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The rabbit hole of this pathetic slap fight is deep but only embracing it and turning it on its head will get you out. A white left is what is truly needed. Sakai turned not socialism on its head and its time for the white left to turn the entire left on its head. Dont even call it nazbol if you dont want just be a racist white leftist.

Here are some good critiques:

Additional reading:

Also Sakai makes many historical mistakes and lie about W.Z Foster and E. Debbs

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obvious Zig Forumsyp but not exactly false. American id(p)ol is accelerating instead of decelerating, and racial tensions haven't gotten better.

Why do people take screencaps like this? We're not all fucking idiots that try to red web text in panoramic widescreen.

This. For fuck's sake, adjust your browser window before taking screencaps.

And pump up the text size

I preferred when people would actually copy paste text. Modern user is so lazy.

Sakaism is a form of brain damage

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First part of the video is about Sakaists and other radical "decolonialists"

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pierre seems like a Zig Forums oldfag who happens to be left

yuropoors would not comprehend the sheer retardation of american identify politics. You really have to see it firsthand.

We're hitting hotep levels that shouldn't even be possible

It's an old meme article written about how blacks sympathize with the Chinese. Which to be fair they do out of gullibility.

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Gonna level with you - I did not know that, but looking into it, it still sounds like an abstract kind of hotep.

still better than some BreadTube radlib

It's a tuffy.


Oh man, the mental gymnastics whitetarians perform when "Settlers" gets brought up.

It's a mystery I tells ya!

Oh yes it is.

No, it isn't. you can fight structural racism without theories of Sakai.

You wanna talk about spooked…. holy shit! That cartoon could have been written by Rush Limbaugh for as much scolding it does to black people.

Sakai recognizes the MATERIAL reason for white racism. White people in this thread desperately want to make it seem like idealism all the while white people are getting a material comparative advantage to minorities. White people accepting this Faustian bargain is the real reason that racism divides the proletariat. Not gays and blacks complaining about it and hurting white boy fee fees.

Lol ok, black red guard.
Which advantages do homeless white people have?
And also the things you are describing aren't from Sakai, "white privilege" theory comes from DuBois and Allen. But you haven't read Settlers, have you?

lol ok, Zig Forums
now go back to BBC porn, cuckold

they don't get genocided by the police

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Yes they do, America is a colony. Land was distributed on racist lines. The proles that Marx describes in Europe were utterly property less. No surprise that socialist uprising have occurred in places like China where peasant serfs were closer to the landless proles of 19th century Germany, than to the McMansion owning burger of America today.

Nigga police don’t keep track of how many people they shot, even if your bullshit chart were sourced it’d be wrong anyway. Half of all the prisoners in the US are black, and a third of all black men go to prison at some point in their lives.

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Settlers makes more reactionaries out of people than say, anything De Maistre wrote

The amount of butthurt is astounding

I think a lot of it stems from protracted penis envy.

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Nice unsourced graphs.These numbers are meaningless without considering the relative size of those populations. You disingenuous piece of shit.

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I mean, these aren't ideas which originate from Sakai himself.
The main idea of "Settlers" is that white working class is not proletariat but labor aristocracy. And thus the first contradiction is not working class v. burgeoisie but colonized v. colonizers.

The flaw is thinking that black Americans are proletarian, considering they benefit from the same imperialist state institutions and super-exploiting global commodity trades as white Americans.

There are NO genuine proles in America, REGARDLESS of race. Only workers in peripheral "developing" states can be considered modern proletarians.

haha everybody laugh at the salty whites in this bred

The only white leftists that will exist in 5 years will be the freaks and geeks whomests entire existence will be a struggle session so they can share a table with the niggers and spics.

Third Worldist gang?
Endymion made a good video about third worldism

Lol you don’t know what a proletarian is than. It’s funny how you turd worlders always blame working Americans for shit the Chinese government did to third worlders. It ain’t Nike enforcing their private property over there lol.
Lol they don’t. And white proles don’t either, they’re just stupid enough to think so like you. 50 years ago it was possible to raise a family, have your wife stay home and buy a home on a high school diploma. Now even entry level jobs require 4 year degrees.
Only landed white boys like you could think that being able to buy a nice shirt and eat avacado toast is benefitting from super profits while drowning in student debt and being a de facto serf lmao.

Your main point about the Faustian bargain is kind of reasonable but Sakai argued it's in white nature to be a colonizer. You're wildly misinterpreting the text.

As to the Faustian bargain, this is an ebin meme about social contracts. White people or the proletariat aren't in a position to negotiate the shape of these power structures. You say whites "accept" it but there's no material way to reject it within the system so your presentation of this as a choice is false. The only way for whites to reject white supremacy is to go outside of the system and work against capitalism itself. And don't forget that white supremacy does indeed antagonize non-whites against whites, and even though they do have a worse time their best option is to join whites in overthrowing capitalism, the system that antagonizes them against each other in the first place.

Lol post proofs, I’ll make it even easier, post anything racist Sakai has written in his book.

There is an alternative, which is to be Black like KIm

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Not at all, I'm a young arab man and I came here to laugh at you guys. No one here addressed his points and you call him butthurt, you act like children and anyone who is scared of you is a pussy

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Looks like all those years of US imperialism got you white worshipping than.
It’s Sakai’s critics that can’t make an argument without strawmanning the book the hell and back.

Which posts in here have contained straw men?

Sakais argument died before he even made it when Eldridge Cleaver went republican and then again when BLM nigger baboons like Deray became a living billboard for any company that wants in

Yours do, like the one where you claimed the points of Sakai’s critics where never addressed when they are all strawmen. Back up your critique with a quote from the book nigga.

And which user do you think is me? Do you even understand how anonymous image boards work?

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America had a yeomanry but that belongs to the past, the legacy of the homestead act is hardly relevant in a country that's 80% urban. The descendants of those farmers got proletarianized and the land that matters now is in the hands of banks and a small landlord class. McMansions belong to 1%ers.

Mayonnaise Maoist is pretty funny tho. But yeah, derivatives of this cancer are everywhere. Even many anti-capitalists seem to believe that you need communism because AmeriKKKa is racist.


Israel is racist but lately I've been seeing a bunch of Muh Israel Dindu Nuffins on this board. America is just the right ideas with the wrong economics.

Also Joseph Stalin liked American westerns so you can leave his assumption that he disliked America as a whole at the door

there is no white proletariat

buy guns race war is coming

Call him a nigger

Sorry snowflake, but all you white boys are parroting the same strawmen. Sakai is racist, he doesn’t know what a proletarian, anti-racists are the real racist. Lol, you’re all Zig Forums with the USSR cuckloldry.

I live in a metropolitan city with several million McMansions, how big do you think the 1% is?
Average home price is 300k, you’d need to make 100k AT LEAST, which only like 20 percent of Americans do. And all those home are being bought by white people because they already had property.
Occupy collapsed because Obama successfully stopped a second Great Depression. He did stuff like make GMs creditors eat shit and make a second GM completely free of the debt of the first. You should have seen the salt that one created.
Anyway Occupy didn’t collapse because some white people got back talked to, or had to speak last LMAO.

oh nononono-

You are either retard or Zig Forumsyp troll. No Sakaist ever praised Obama, brainlet.

Prove that his definitions are the right ones. And stop crying about le evil wypipo. But you probably haven't read that book have you?

Yeah, nutzis really like "Settlers", Sakai even quotes Mein Kampf there

Was there a Depression in 2008 or not? Holy shit didn’t praise him I presented a fucking fact. He initiated a bunch of unprecedented in modern times Keynesian stimulus into the economy. Just STFU you trigger crypto lib.

Shit, sorry. I wanted to react on this>>144437

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In what way? We've been effectively in what can be considered another long depression since 2008. Rather than dealing with the root causes of the crises with even some meaningful Keynesian controls, they've simply been pushed off so they can wreck even greater havoc at a later date. We very well may have another Great Depression in store for us, coming soon.

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Yes in fact there was. The "Great Recession" was bigger than everything since the Great Depression and everything before it. Just because some terrified neoliberal or Keynesian economist was too chickenshit to use the term doesn't mean it doesn't have more in common with classically defined depressions than recessions.

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I'm not interested in generalizations. I'm interested in specific arguments with specific refutations. Please provide some.

I already have, not going to play your dumb game. White people have the most property, including proles. That are the most anti revolutionary, just look at who votes Republican, a third of black men will see jail time at some point in their lives which is literally slavery.
Because white people have property, in particular real estate, they receive trillions of dollars in property equity. This is why their interests are with capital, and against minorities with no property. There are exceptions which Sakai states like the Appalachian coal miner whites.
Whites have property and blacks do not because of colonialism.
Now post some proof Sakai is racist, or his analysis wasn't Marxist.

Now there wasn't, open a history book to see what the actual Great Depression was like.
Losing your ability to borrow against your home is a depression lol

check this post, lol :
Your Suckai is historically illiterate tard
Also nobody in this thread called him racist

A slump in capitalist growth that failed over a long period to return to previous growth rates. Just like the Long Depression before it, and just like our current depression now. Unlike every recession.

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class unity? Fuck dat shiet nigguh deez mayos be oppressing us proud Black (use capital B when referring to proud Afrikans) people of indijinniss colorizations


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Black red guard is a golden mine of Sakaist cringe
And so is the site of MIM

A disgrace to both the real Huey Newton and the cartoon character.

be more racist
best advice

What's with hoteps and the boondocks?

Can we talk about sexual white supremacy?

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Why, exactly?
Do you also want to talk about the wetness of water?

Post some Sakai quotes nigga. All this criticism but not one goddamn quote from his book from his critics. You all some mega pussy ass white boys.

Lol, no.

Are you illiterate, you little bitch? Read those critiques before crying about them.

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fascists confirmed for being dialectical materialists