Capitalism's merger with idpol

ah shit, here we go again

Budweiser, wanting to sell more urine lite beer decides to join many other corporations in putting color patterns on their products. Pic related is the pride flag meant to endorse all types of non-heterosexual people. However, it has the black bar and a brown bar on top, to represent blacks and browns. That's right homos, your sexual pride comes second to proud negroes. It ruins the aesthetic of the rainbow but too bad, you'll just have to accept it bigot. Why isn't there a white bar? People of european descent don't get a bar, haven't you read settlers?

Fighting fascism and resisting Drumpf is difficult, but you can help by purchasing more consumer goods from transnational conglomerates. Don't you fucking think about appealing to the working class with class politics, that's what rightwing populists do. You wouldn't want to be a cryptofash class reductionist.

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Reminder that this pandering nonsense is the whole reason Zig Forums retards call giant corporations "communist".

Of course corporations want to pander to liberal faggots. How else are you gonna divide and conquer, if not with idpol? Just toss some virtue signalling, you convince the working class to be classcucks and you profit out of gullible morons.

Besides, all idpol groups are petite bourgeois sacks of shit. I've never met an SJW that isn't middle class.

Zig Forumsniggers are a complete joke. Even when they seized over gamergate's initial cause (combatting identity politics), they merely worshipped their own version of identity politics (white nationalism).

As a matter of fact, when the revolution comes, Zig Forumsniggers and SJW faggots will be the first to go.






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It's pretty shameful by now.

it's because only faggots drink lite beer

And more than half the corps throwing up rainbows fund politicians who hate the fags because they also slurp boogee cocks. Corporate pr is a crock of shit and they care nothing for fags, trannies, or anyone else besides their profits.

lol settlers has been more influential to woke capital than the left. There is even a chance that if rightists start reading it it will be more influential for them than it could ever be for the left.

needs one for furries, they'll be the next group they try to colonize probably

you have solved the spooky mystery!

Zig Forumsniggers are worse, at least the aut-right get hysterical MSM pieces about how Drumpf is literally Hitler/Stalin/Mao 2.0.


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Yeah fuck this shit, I just want some queer Absinthe.

Isn’t their a nazfur flag with a pawprint replacing the hammer and sickle in the nazbol flag.

So the best option is to be a faceless beauracracy?

I thought the white nationalists had taken the rainbow back? Ops like you are encouraging the idpol losers.

Settlers claims white people have an underlying urge to "colonize" just like blacks have an underlying urge to "criminalize"

It's a feedback loop. Don't get trapped in it.

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Do you have a bigger version of this?

yes, for all intents and purposes. pushing either or just causes division and is just more money for big business.

Getting mad at whites is sour grapes because you got conquered

Thanks for the tip I will give it to /fascist/

Implying communists and mega corporations don’t hold 99% of the same views and goals

it's easy to hate but all this corporate woke shit is a sign that capitalism is doing what it's supposed to, it's only really a problem if you think being gay or whatever is some kind of sacred identity that transcends the market. if anything, people seeing themselves as isolated consumers is a step in the right direction as it is at least based on a vaguely materialist concept of existence