On the Need for a Socialist Monarchy

Marxists allege that the "dictatorship of the proletariat" will rule a post-revolutionary society, abolishing the relations of capitalism, and resolving the contradictions of liberal capitalism. But how is the DotP to be organized and kept together? How can exploitative or alienating social relations be struggled against in perpetuity? And how could such a society mediate conflict between liberated workers while maintaining a permanent commitment to the advancement of socialism?

Democracy is certainly inadequate to the task. Indeed, leftcoms and other insist that "democracy" is to be abolished along with other fetishes of liberal capitalism. Revolution and the struggle for socialism is inherently anti-democratic. No individual group of workers could claim to truly represent the "will" of the proletariat anyways. The correct path of the DotP must be ascertained at a distance, without reference to any one worker or group of workers.

The obvious solution is the empowerment of a single Sovereign to rule over a socialist society. Such a Sovereign would be granted absolute power and authority to carry out the dictatorship of the proletariat. His or Her power would be mandated by the will of all working people, through which Divine Right could be claimed (depending on the religious beliefs of the population). Such a position would obviously be hereditary, in order to raise successors from birth to study the science of Marxism and train the necessary mental and physical faculties to successfully assume the Mandate of the DotP. Thus the Dictatorship of the Proletariat could be guaranteed in perpetuity (so long as the Sovereign's Mandate is upheld), free of deviations or revisionism that may form in lesser forms of government.

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>no gods, no masters!
Superstition is authoritarian and anti-socialist, again we see it.

This is bad, not because of it´s content on intent but just the plain execution is bad.
I´m sure if monarcho socialism was a thing they could argue for it better than this.

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Reminder all members of Royal Families will be killed during the revolution. Also Centralized electronic Direct Democracy will become the dominate political system.

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Anally raping ANTIFA is good revolutionary monarchist praxis

anyways what did Hobbes mean by this?

also this proposal sounds Blanquist I like it

Anti-authoritarianism is hyperstition

>A monarch is a sovereign head of state in a monarchy
Reminder that the President of the SPA Presidium is the head of state, which is a position now held by Choe Ryong Hae, and previously held by Kim Yong Nam.

Tone the word salad down, dr. Peterson.

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Land like every single 21st century internet famous "philsophers" is a pretentious, glory-seeking hack.

Rule by superintelligent AI is the only solution.

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I'm sure you frequent holes of glory yourself.

Do you mean monarchy as in any strong one man leadership, as how aristotle described it in politics, or hereditary rulership?

Democracy is a giant meme and should be abolished as part of communism. An elite class of philosopher-kings should undertake the construction of socialism. Ever thinking that the masses have a capacity to pick their leaders or decide on policies they have no experience with and advocating for a system which gives two retards a larger say than an educated man was a mistake. Monarcho-communism will structure society like a vast army. If soldiers were to elect generals it would be chaos, the same with a state

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Socialism is democracy.
You have a bourgeois idealist conception of democracy, despook your self and embrace the materialist conception of democracy.

Can you even imagine what direct democracy or councilism would look like on a planetary scale? It would be an absolute clusterfuck of planning meetings and the perpetual politicization of every little aspect of production and distribution. No one alive would want to deal with that shit. Representative democracy would be even worse, reproducing the same dysfunctions of liberalism and creating a political/bureaucratic caste which would degenerate into revisionism at the first opportunity.

And before some ML rolls his treads in, "democratic centralism" is an even bigger meme than democracy, it's a nonsense handwaving of the problem of socialist politics and has never existed in practice.

Objective analysis of the proletariat as a whole, and directing the DotP in an impartial and far-sighted manner, requires a level of abstraction away from the masses that can ONLY be fulfilled by a single Monarch. Having a single Sovereign simplifies things immensely; start adding in more people and you reproduce the same oligarchical tyranny of past representative systems.

The creation of a Worldwide Communist Gangster Computer God would be an ideal long-term solution, however my understanding is that strong AI is still a long ways away. In the interim a hereditary Sovereign is the most straightforward solution; modern medical science and gene editing should be able to avoid the problems of producing heirs and succession crises that have brought down previous hereditary systems.

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You're the sort of person to whom 'power' is a spooky ghost some people just have that can't be understand through material conditions.

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