Great replacement

The big replacement is bullshit.This is not a discussion.Its the truth.Deal with it.

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I think you posted this on the wrong board, pal.

true but the real culprit is capitalism/capitalists no the human waste they use to replace you

This. I don't claim to speak for the board but I do get a breddy strong sense that most people here agree that le eppid replacement may-may is bunk.


Yeah, but capitalists who may or may not be Jews get killed on the basis of being capitalists, not Jews.

All that demographic change demonstrates is that social cohesion is a lot less important than profits.

Jews want to mongrelize us, enslave us and rule over us. They control the levers of power – media, many large corporations, culture and the banks. You can’t attack capitalism without also attacking the Jewish power-elite. Jews are the brain of this entire operation(Yes mister Sherman it was all the jews)

they are doing fuck all work, tippling the amount of people on welfare and putting a few people into jobs that are being automated away does not make sense for corporations. If this is a conspiracy by the greedy oligarchs why are all the right-wing parties in Europe against mass immigration, while all the left-wing parties are for it. Many militantly so. Why left-wingers volunteer to join NGOs that ferry migrants from Morocco, Libya, etc. to Spain, Italy and the rest of the Mediterranean countries.

You are brain dead liars.

The Great Replacement is not about focusing on the capitalists who are the perpetrates. It is a far right view that is focused on culture/muh feels over reals kind of analysis rather than a materialist analysis. Essentially muh white genocide. Opposing the viewpoint of the Great Replacement does not mean there is not something going in with respect to more desperate and cheaper workers being used instead of western workers who have had a history of fighting for better standards of living and therefore cost more.


White genoc.ide is essentially undeniable though. The fact is that the capitalists are trying to annihilate whites through demographic replacement and through the movement of as many third-worlders into their countries as possible to expand their consumer base and to mix everyone up and further atomize them into capitalist hyperindividualism. The capitalist seeks to destroy all culture, all races and all traditions opposed to its sick ideology. They won’t stop until they have a world state

If you didn't have that shitposting flag, I might be inclined to call you a retard.

okay Francis Dec



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Like the kraut CDU-CSU that has presided over the greatest increase to immigration in German history? Or the bong Tories, whose party leadership has unanimously been anti-Brexit? What about outside yurop, like the burger GOP under Donald "great big beautiful door" Trump, which has increased visas and cut deportations versus Obama? Aside from powerless fringe-right parties, rightist talk on mass economic immigration is pure rhetoric.
Yes, those great "left"-wingers in AD that accosted a Linke politician for daring to suggest that mass economic immigration is a porky plot, or elsewhere sold out SYRIZA to kraut bankers and used Podemos as a vehicle to do the same.

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In international communism there would be no economic incentive for mass migration, why the fuck would someone leave their home if they're not getting bombed and exploited by porky?
Or do you genuinely believe brown people come to 1st world just to destroy whitey?

But as if this leftists of any stripe outside the nazbols have a solution that isn't "Yeah well fuck you, you deserve to be replaced because some white people did bad things two centuries ago"


IF you want a good long-term solution, it's more effective not to take their reasons to immigrate than to try and suppress the symptoms.

Fixing the root causes of mass immigration, like Syria being burned to the ground, is how we stop that, both in the short and long terms. As opposed to the right, all of whom are fueling such devastation in the 3rd world.

Border controls alone won't eliminate the issue, only internationalism can.

Orban is opening up what's left of the Hungarian economy to neolib stripmining that drives his own people to emmigrate. Salvini is a meme.
We are the only people truly committed to protecting 1st-world wages and 3rd-world futures

Its coming N.i.g.g.e.r


absolving turd world nations of the debt and interest rates they owe to first world nations is a better way forward than anything anyone else has come up with and the two things i remember proposing this was the psycho leftoid parties of sweden and the mongoloid right nick griffin of the bnp

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No, the people "fueling the devastation" are centre-left dweebs that went to Ivy League schools that think nationalism is for hick-ass proles. No one in the UK, France, or the US co-ordinating support for Syrian rebels gives three fucks about nationalism beyond vague, wishy-washy statements about how first-gen Muslim immigrants are exactly as French or British as you and me (if not more so!).

The devastation is fueled by proxy-war-politics as performed by any jingoist superpower, because to maintain their own industry they focus on all the fossil fuel production and transport there.
So what are the causes of middle-eastern instability?
The capitalist economic system, it's control over politics and its dependence on fossil fuels due to all the sunk costs.
The devastation in Africa is caused by government corruption, western negligence over our former colonial states, corporate exploitation of its natural resources (which prevents its profits from going to infrastructure improvements).
Heavy land use, deforestation, and climate change is also causing desertification.
This will essentially salt the earth, meaning

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A party in which the core was eventually replaced by center-leftists, like most center-right parties. The is not a single center-right party that works for anything except pro-Israel stuff and pro-some big business sectors. Just look how far removed the Tories are from Enoch Powell or an of their most important members with respect to the ideology they are supposed to represent.

Trump literally go fucked over by his connections to the Kushner family and the deep state apparatus. Sessions did a great job, but got fired. The man is going senile, and the jewish supremacist Kushner family is using this for every penny it is worth.

Some guy getting called racist for not getting with the new program is hardly a counter argument. This is far outweighed by all the pro-mass immigration propaganda from the left. Every breadtuber that you guys watch is pro-mass immigration, and you are pro-mass immigration. You can't surround yourself with shit, and push all the pro-mass immigration narratives and pretend it a porky conspiracy

bullshit, that didn't fuel it before and the only reason it is relevant now is that it is an excuse to cover up the planned and managed mass immigration by leftists.

This, right down to the "mass immigration is a force of nature that can't be stopped even *if* cheetoh hitler built a wall, deployed half of the military, and left thousands of landmines scattered on the mexican side". The only difference is the why, which in your case is that its righteous punishment for colonialism and exploitation of the third world by psychopathic multinationals (even though we both know its not Raytheon or Exxon executives that will have to actually live side by side with the 'fugees)

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Her name is Sahra Wagenknecht, and she was slapped in the face with a pie. Also, much like others such as Corbyn or (most ironically) Sanders, she has been repeatedly slandered as antisemitic for opposing Israel's right-wing militarist obstinance.
We don't watch eCelebs, we read books, and sometimes listen to lectures from intellectuals such as Zizek, Chomsky, Wolff, or Cockshott.

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Guess mass immigration isn't a Koch brothers conspiracy anymore