What the fuck is up with the schizophrenia that is the Anglo nations?

What the fuck is up with the schizophrenia that is the Anglo nations?

They worship violence, conflict, and angst. Any piece of media that's happy or fun is "de-generate" or immature.

The adults are covert supporters of bullying. Any child that's surrounded by happy people and pure love is "weak" They need" to be punched in the face and gut, spat on, and laughed at to "toughen up, 'cause life is unfair."
(Yet, if a child was to bully an elder, it's "disrespect.")

They believe that young men who aren't dumb enough to knock up a bitch or marry is a "selfish manchild who's afraid of responsibility."
(Even though Anglo countries are notorious for their disdain of children, going as far as to ban them from public spaces and conjure up fantastical correlations between video games and mass-shootings or anime and homosexuality.)

They believe video games cause mass shootings, yet adults watch hours of violent movies and love reading stories about mentally ill people and their fetishes. And they want the young to do all the dirty work (warfare, police, hospitals where gore and violations of ethics are common.)

An who can forget the Anglo war fetish? They want young people to fight in pointless wars yet, when young people protest the injustices done to the homeland, they're "unruly children to be put down."

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The Norman Conquest and its consequences have been a disaster for the Angle people and the human race. Had the Norman Conquest not happened, the possibility of a proto-socialist Anglo-Saxon kingdom going on a different path to a different proto-mercantilism and proto-capitalism, giving way to Socialism with Angle Characteristics might have been possible.

Before the Norman invasion, Angle women had ancient rights to own property alongside their men. We see that the Norman invasion, the spiritual Continental-Viking pollution of Angle society, created a set of historical conditions that introduced French agnatic primogeniture and thereby reduced women to property. This is the first indignity of the Norman Conquest, patriarchal feudal propertarianism eventually evolving into capitalist patriarchy - an ontologically French patriarchy governing English women and men!

Secondly, the Norman conquest was the formalization of a proto-imperialism that forever wounded the Anglo-Saxon people's collective consciousness and distorted it forever. The Norman Conquest violently destroyed the rights of old Angle landholders. Collaborators with the Norman's were rewarded. Despite having been foreigners to the Isles just half a millennium before, their resistance of Danes and Vikings (guess what, forefathers of the Norman's!) taught Angles to resist invasion and proto-Imperialism, no matter what the coat. Yet just as an abused child grows up to become another abuser of children, by the violent subjugation of the Angle peoples paved the way for them to become modern imperialists. In the Norman Conquest, one finds the prototype of extirpation of the American natives and Indigenous Australians.

Thirdly, the Norman invasion had once again connected Angle history to the history of the Continent. Previously, the Angle evacuation of Old Anglia from climate change on the German continent had severed English historical development from the oppressive violence that was occurring on the continent, from the Holy Roman Empire's squabbles with the Papacy and from the incipient French absolutism. Just as imperialism and liberalism-capitalism need monopolies over entire continents (see the EU) to grow, so did feudalism and Roman Catholicism. Then there was the eventual entrance of the French-speaking English-ignorant Crusader king Richard who ruthlessly took from his kingdom's coffers to fund proto-imperialist Crusades rather than focusing on home English development.

Just by looking at the current state of the Anglosphere, one will understand the disaster of the Norman conquest. America, chief imperialist power, are a continental nation of Angles with Norman minds. New Zealand has been harried by fascist spiritual Norman Crusaders slaughtering 50 civilians. Merkel is as the Empress Matilda violating English sovereignty. Only the island nation, a Macro-Albion Australia (most proletarian of the English nations) is relatively unscathed and even then it's connections to the Norman-minded English is reducing it to a mineral colony, a Richard Lionheart's coffer for imperialism.

Everything wrong with modern Anglo societies are ultimately evils derived from the Norman Conquest. We must strive to "Deconquer" ourselves, to "Decolonise", "Denormanize" ourselves that we may be put back on the path of Angle socialism from which we were disrupted by this great evil. Down with Normanism, down with the New Normandy of America, Angles with Norman Minds!

Stop, Survive, Denormanize!

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I agree OP. Anglos are insane.

hi miss piggy

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Nice try kikes but anglos doomed white people not once, not twice, not thrice, but four or more times for you, now get back to
>>>Zig Forums
>>>Zig Forums

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Stay here.

fucking limeys

Zig Forums is our home, don’t worry. The Jewish moderation will never stop us

nice try Seamus

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Whites be mad

I’ve noticed this too among anglos. I think it’s a “misery loves company” situation. They’ve so throughly cucked themselves since the fall of Rome that they can’t face up to the sunk cost of throwing multiple generations of their people into meat grinder that is s their ideology, so they just keep doubling down. Hopefully a 3rd World War wipes them out and we can start over.

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There's nothing wrong with being schizophrenic you bigoted nigger

Being mad as in the sense of insane, we are. The greatest thinkers of the world were insane, and also not niggers.

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Like who?

Americans would naturally refute this by demanding to know why the rest of the world is obsessed with sex.

OP realize that America's founding myth is Puritianism and bringing light to the wastes, this theme rings true even within leftist US movements. Violence is a natural means to achieve this. On the other hand, anything involving sex or fun is hard to justify. Even within the context of left politics, the mere act of letting people choose which bathrooms they want to use is a massive political fight whereas mentally ill trannies got no problems getting a gun.

Covert? They openly support it. In poor areas it's bullies that survive using muscle in rich areas it is done with money, influence, and lawyers.

No, this is just a Twitter meme. Americans don't care about each others' sex lives which makes the above point all the more hypocritical.

More on this: videogames are blamed for mass shootings because banning videogames is not only easier than banning firearms, but it also makes everyone feel good and skirts larger antipoverty reforms and socialist-lite programs that hurt established sources of power. The gun industry doesn't want regulation meanwhile any new regulation made is always done in a manner where individual consumers are criminalized, not businesses or enterprises. Someone caught with an "assault weapon" serves 5-10 years, meanwhile the state buys them by the crate to arm police with.

In poor areas the bullying is explicitly done by police: get caught with a weapon and the state will take away your ability to solicit work independently and force you into a managed work program where you're working under min wage. In rich areas it's done by peer pressure backed by written complaints: conform and don't question or you'll get kicked out of school and gainful employment. The only way out is, unsurprisingly, to go Union because Union workers are still covered by collective bargaining agreements regardless of parole/conviction status, and Unions can't eject members based purely on complaints by people offended by their lifestyle choices.

It's for exactly this reason why Unions are disliked in both realms: in poor areas they "steal" work from "honest" scabs and in rich areas their strikes inconvenience people and make their taxes go up. See all the teachers' strikes, which is causing rich areas to try and phase out traditional schools for online learning and charter schools. Of course this is also the source of the untenability, since kids dumped in front of a screen 12 hours a day without guided instruction or interaction will turn out to be retarded adults that are unable to sustain their parents' wealth.

Fuck off schizo. You are a dangerous reactionary in waiting


There is actually another angle to this.

America is not just founded by Puritanism. Really, there were two founding concepts of America: Democratic Jeffersonianism and Puritan-Capitalist Hamiltonianism.

The Democrats used to embody the former spirit, representing the white working class and the lower echelons of the middle class, while the Federalists/Whigs/GOP represented both the poorest minorities (With the GOP), the middle class, and the capitalist elites.

The 20th Century's ideologicalization of politics, of which Jeffersonianism had no place in, as well as the Counter-Culture of the 60's led to the take over the Democrats by the New Left, at the expense of both the unions and the South. The New Left, due to their similar material conditions to the GOP's Progressive, essentially morphed into a left-wing version of Hamiltonianism, while the GOP kept to the same old Hamiltonian policies with only occasional mentions of Jeffersonian rhetoric to appeal to discontent Democrats.

This entirely coincides with the decline of the white working class and the relative rise of the immigrant/negroid middle class. At the same time, the GOP rises due to rifts in the Democrat Party and cuckservative Christfags, especially soccer moms with too much time in their hands, take power. Capital gave support to all of this as it benefits their interests.

Basically, scabs, nigger lumpens, upper-middle class puritans, and capitalists ruined this nation, and we should have killed them all while we had the chance.

It also doesn't help that our intelligentsia is obsessed with dividing politics into a left-right spectrum, ignoring actual material conditions.

Also, gun-grabbers deserve the bullet, and so do moralfags who want to take away my Doom.

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I believe any great thinkers from Aristotle to Camus were a bit insane if you really think about it.

Awww, you're afraid.

Read Foucault unironically.

I'm british but at I don't live in a J.e.w controlled country with a K.i.k.e.d president that hands all the countries money to P.i.s.s.r,a.e.l if any America needs to be nuked along with P.i.s.s.r.a.e.l.

I'm just saying boyh countries have there problems yours is not any better so don't go ripping the piss out of another country when yours is in just as much shit.

Uh, I would tend to disagree considering your country was bigger imperalists than we were. But let's pretend that didn't happen, sure.

And your monarchy is full of Jewish money thanks to Churchill. Who, attacked Indians but let's forget that too.

clear off or I'll post a petanko sitting on someone's face

Philosemites get the bullet

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A lot of our historical figures were insane but does that mean it's ok to be insane? Some were de-generates, especially if we're talking about "Greco-Roman philosophers."

This is the problem with Anglos. They worship the filth of the human mind yet when it comes to haunt them, they cry blasphemy.
They want to make boys "hunt and play sports in snow " to "toughen them up", but should said boys turn Tarzan on them, they will say that "kids are sociopaths."
Anglos are sado-masochists.

The complaint for kids being 'le ebil menies' comes from mostly idiot soccer moms here. Your Tipper Gore types

no, back to your echo chamber, Miss Piggy

Thats not what I hear. Everytime when a racist/fascist/misogynist comes here, everyone cries "UNDERAGE" or "ZOOMER".
"Because only kids are nitpicky, adults appreciate others as they are." Even though adults in general cannot even tolerate any new piece of tech.


Irrelevant. Pretty sure I have my reasons not to like jannies or modern women, and I'm Xennial myself. Totally fucked up your argument there. I don't think any of those set beliefs have an age range, same with feminism and "anti-racism"

For the record I'm pretty anti tech even Though I realize the irony of that statement

Gas all soccer moms.

Fucking Karen at it again with the white van

I like how this cuck gets offended at crazy people existing and how I'm "dangerous"

Rape and impregnate all soccer moms

We were Iceni once.

Ye are the conquered, not the conquerors!

It is not sufficient to repudiate the Norman influences within the settler cultures. The true spirit of the those settler descendants is not even English at heart. We must repudiate the Anglo-Germanic spirit of conquest entirely and turn to our old Celtic and Briton heritage to understand what it means to be an "English"-descended settler.

We must free ourselves of the imperialistic spirit, we must reach to our genealogical elements that have been conquered and subjugated, lost under two thousand years of Germanic and Roman lies. To restore the spiritual integrity of the settler peoples, we must begin to understand that as workers and toilers, unwitting beneficiaries of imperialism, in reality we are spiritually Celtic rather than English. The English bourgeoisie will have to be disposed of as soon as we rid our culture of the Norman elements.

Firstly, we stood and resisted imperialist violence. Secondly, in failing, we still were aware of what should've been our anti-imperialist nature. Thirdly, for nearly two thousand years, our conquered Celtic bodies have been stifled by Roman and Germanic spirit. Today must be the day we return to our old Brythonic freedoms.

Firstly, we remain largely descended from the old population that existed even before the Roman invasions. We had worked our lands for time immemorial. Until then, we were largely free from conquest and empire. Yet our tribe was violated, just as Boudica's daughters were. We were Romanised and thus acquired the Imperial spirit of robbing others' bread and land! We were deceived by the lie of the Paterfamilias, that which now manifests itself as the nuclear family! Along with Carthaginian, Hispano-Celt, Gaul, Belgii, Carthaginian we suffered and our nature were changed for the worse! Yet in being aware of this, we see how wrong it is to take the bread of others, to turn our island-people into imperialist extractions. We must relearn this!

Secondly, even as we changed, the Celtic spirit of resistance, that same spirit we shared with the French (who deep down were still common Alesian Gauls) at Verdun against the invading Germanic hordes, we marshaled that spirit against the chieftains of Angles and Saxons that brought chaos and tragedy to us, through Artorius. We had been irreversibly changed by the Roman conquest, but we still had to fight for what was ours against the Germanic invader, even if they too suffered. Millennia later, even as the English appropriated Artorius, in doing so they affirmed anti-imperialism, subconsciously aware of their true roots.

Thirdly, in view of these distortions of our original Celtic heritage by Roman and Germanic invaders, we must understand that we have changed for the worse - an abused child becoming an abuser! "Empire" derives from "imperium", a Roman word signifying imperial oppression of others. It is not a Brythonic word! "Reich" and "realm" likewise are respectively Germanic and Latinate for concepts of exclusion and authoritarianism. We have been distorted, utterly distorted. We have been severed from our meek Irish, Scottish and Welsh brethren, the old Britons, Iceni turning to path of conquest, with all the feudalism, capitalism and slavery that it implies.

Not only must we Denormanize. We must Deanglicise, Deromanize and once again join with our Irish, Welsh, Scottish Celtic brothers. Whatever tribe we may be then called is up to the future. But we were Iceni once!

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this thread is embarrassing


Faggot Nazbol-Marxist Jew Nigger Thread. Zig Forums and Zig Forums need to be deleted off the fucking site. All of you need to be murdered in hellfire.


Fuck ☘️they☘️ know!

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Funny how this is a thread where everyone is sperging about Anglos, Americans, and British and you chose to be sick of

>repetitive sperging
about the Jews.

You Jew you.

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Lol your mad

Yea but the British empire was worse than America. America dindu nuffin.

T. LaRouche