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Post your complaints about anons posting videos by ecelebs.
"According to the numbers 70 % of all businesses fail within 10 years. And if you're failing after 10 years, that means you have been struggling and having a terrible time of it for that entire time. It's just not a proposition that most people can undergo realistically. It's worse than gambling. I could go to Las Vegas. And I could go to the craps table. And I could bet on the pass line with odds, and I have a 50/50 chance that I'm going to win on that bet. Your chances are better in Las Vegas at the craps table than they are for you to go out and bootstrap your own business with your life savings, for the vast majority of workers on planet Earth."

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Someone get this nigga to read Marx.

Good to read, thanks.
But I was really thinking of, for example, when you get in tired from work. You don't want to read. You've got a bit of time before bed. You want to do something a bit more entertaining, than reading a pdf.
I mean.. someone get Peter Coffin's wife to read Marx, on YouTube. She's just diccussed ads, so far.
She seems to stare right through the camera into the soul of the viewer. I find it unnerving, but pleasurable at the same time.

Adolf Stalin

what's your favourite Adolf Stalin video?

"For fun and profit" is a programmer meme like "considered harmful".

I like this from Slejm (now Partizán):

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pls no

But my favorite video is "Towards a scientific definition of anti imperialism" by Pierre tru dank

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I used to be leery of Noncompete but he's made some solid stuff recently, including the vid in OP.
Here's another good one.

Stop relying on liberals – Choose your own DESTINY!

I do find his attempts at humor to be cringeworthy.

I like any of his ones on people like Camatte, Pol Pot and Linkola. He’s one of the most redpilled people on youtube

The Saiyan Race: Victims of Class Struggle by Jason Unruhe

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you know who here, what would Finnbol think about this, especially the bottom part?

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Idc what you think I'd love to slap my meatstick in between those thighs nomsayan'

Nice I also love Pierre's video about "The Left and Free Speech". He makes a good point about free speech.

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You can do so for the low, low price of $5 grand:

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You could have an experience with a real human being and go for a pie and a pint afterwards, at least x100 times for that sort of money. (If you exchanged it from burgerland money.)

Nah I'm good

I've had exgfs women are more trouble than they're worth

I should do a part 3 of my Frankfurt school series

You sicken me

Isn't he just like one of Jim Profit's fans who decided to start uploading?

I’m not sure, but his videos are fun to watch. He’s redpilled on a lot of the same things as me

I started uploading before I knew much of him

Ash Sarkar
Guy she's interviewing:

I suppose what I am saying is not all poor people are Marxists…Not that it's wrong for poor people to want the norms of middle class life. Who doesn't want to have a comfortable life? Who wants to spend twelve hours a day working and have nothing to show for it at the end of fifty years? In a factory or wherever it may be.
But yeah…a lot of middle class black outrage at so called gangster rap for example is more about black people wanting to look respectable. Because every other culture celebrates violence. [He mentioned Korean revenge films, and Italian gangster films earlier in the interview.] If your argument is its going to make us look bad, what you're doing is normalising the white gaze. - you're saying it's going to make us look bad to who? Middle class white people don't say Danny Dyer makes us look bad. [Danny Dyer is a white English actor who got his big break playing a football hooligan in a a film] So them refusing to interrogate why they think a white audience is not enough to know the difference between the black underclass and black people that are not part of the underclass.

Moar of pic related:

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*not intelligent enough

Gangsta rap has been a fucking minstrel show since “The Chronic” and 2Pac.
It does make black people look bad. The Godfather flicks didn’t play into Italian stereotypes of them being idiots. It glorified the fuck out of the mafia.

I haven't heard, but normally minstrelry means a version mocking the genre? Al Johnson in blackface, something like that? I mean gangster rap-, it's not just the subject matter that's going to make it minstelry. I've got Ice Cubes "Death certificate" cd . On the front he's in the mortuary with the corpse of uncle Sam on the slab. On the back he's in a gun holding pose. Yes lurid stuff! But the tracks are poetry:
The same subject matter was dealt with successfully in fiction by Richard Price:
I think that's the point the interviewee is making. Middle class Italians don't say "mafia films make everyone think Italians are all crooks."

I don't think I can get a doll to read Marx, user.

It's strange how well the channel is doing since Mrs. Coffin appeared on the scene, though.

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Holy shit, this fuckin guy. He spends the entire time repeating the same "we need idpol to have a revoultion" and never substantiates it. In fact, he even makes the counter-argument that being working class unites people and underpins idpol issues. But somehow the "class reductionists" are wrong to say that class is fundamentally different from idpol concerns.

He keeps saying we need to "negate" idpol problems before we can get rid of capitalism (he butchers the fuck out of dialectics and materialism), but never specifies what that actually entails because he wants to do another video about that topic. He really did just omit the "what is to be done" part of his argument, which is kind of important to the point he wants to make.

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nigga what the fuck

how do i become an cool leftist like this? be rich?

Anarcho fabulous and luxury communism I believe to be the specific society in which the commons are all high quality bourgeoisie stuff, like all clothes available are Gucci, and all homes are high class hotels or mansions. Luxury communism in specific being that there's little to no need for work as everything is automated. Hopefully that's what you were asking.

Luxury communism is a legitimate goal, but it looks like she's a champagne socialist tbhfam.

Awww c'mon, she's ok. At least if she's on the telly giving the lefty opinion it means that Laurie Penny isn't.

Me? For me? My communism is influenced by consumer capital and exploitive commodities. Welcome to the real counter culture guys.

The Swoletariat is pretty good

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New anti-anti-idpol vid from badmouse

CPGB-ML: An Infantile Disorder

It's more of the same thing where they conflate anti-idpol and class reduction, and they conflate those two with social conservatism, as if "Our socialist org needs to focus on socialism" is equivalent to "there are two genders." The CPGB-ML has an official rule to stay on topic for socialism, but Badmouse and friends interpret this as upholding patriarchy and shit. He goes on to psychoanalyze anybody who disagrees with him as having a pathological and barely suppressed bigotry. While that's true of some people certainly (and some in CPGB-ML), he's using a few examples to paint everybody who wants socialism to focus on class as crypto-bigots. Further, he credits "intersectional" socialists as the ones who recognize that class is the basis of identity politics, and tries to redefine "brocialists" as people who deny all other problems entirely, while still throwing around that label and applying it to anybody who wants to focus on class struggle with the same justification that he himself recognizes. It's a mess.

What really gets me about this is how much he wants to write off anybody he puts in this category as Bad Socialism and have them dismissed instead of working with them to create a synthesis. The basic contradiction these people have is criticizing "class reductionists" as being too exclusionary, while themselves excluding anybody who doesn't have a Right enough version of communism. Instead of taking a dialectical or grassroots approach, they define Good Socialism based on adherence to their pre-existing beliefs. They fight to avoid having to work through the contradictions and conflicts between these tendencies. It's not about class struggle for these narcissists. It's about a social club for people to wank off how woke they are, which is ironic since that's a common accusation they make for people who are willing to organize workers in spite of a lower wokeness index.

The example in this video is particularly frustrating because Badmouse goes on to admit that the stuff he used to criticize CPGB-ML as larpers (using communist aesthetics) is common to British parties, but he still leaves that in as a jab trying to discredit them. As stupid as he is, he doesn't get to use this as an excuse because he expresses awareness over this. He's always come off to me as a cynical douchebag with no scruples who would always rather smear than analyze, which is probably why he was an ancap before and why he converted to Maotism from anarchism.

tl;dr Badmouse is a retard as usual, and acts as a useful idiot for people trying to subvert socialism by making socialist orgs about anything but socialism.

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The level of decay and insanity inherent to this false dichotomy, and its acceptance in the modern left, is gobstopping. Remember when the left's goal on identitarianism wasn't to redraw the chalk lines, but erase them? Remember when "gender nonconformity" meant transcending gender, rather than merely traversing it?

There aren't two genders, and there isn't an infinite spectrum of genderfluid, there are zero genders, because ID'S A FUGGING SPOOG!

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SEV uploaded a new video about Freedom of speech

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Badmouse is an idiot

This guy is pretty good.

lol how come i never see you niggas in the comments of these videos? yall niggas are like "we must stomp out the idpolists" but you cant even show yourselves in youtube comments. gay ass bitches lmao. you lost.

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what did he means about this?

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left-wing kids are the coolest kids in school

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Maoist says:

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admit it, they got you on this one, youre all ex-Zig Forumstard white bois with bigoted attitudes, the only reason you left the right is because rightists dont reed muh books and some of them look like your ugly fat dad.

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bro leftoids are the most boring unimaginative fucking losers on earth, reading this shit is putting me to sleep youre a wet fart on planet earth

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Every gay ass leftoid nigga has a social media username like "Joshua Da Commie boi Trotsky mad lad uwu-chan kawaaii comrade XD"

The blueprint for an leftoid social media avatar is a nintendo / disney / children's video game character distorted to shit wearing some stereotypical communist garb

Distort an extreme closeup zoom in of a person making a funny face to borderline vapor wave aesthetics add a suicidal nihilist caption and you got yourself a funny leftoid meme

I see anti-idpol in the comments but usually they're buried under all the comments that get upvoted, or they're outright removed by the video uploader.

Funny, I'd say that these leftoids are just liberals who never questioned most of the ideology they received from their parents.

Personally I was never a right winger. I looked into their stuff but it was pretty clearly retarded to me. I was jaded and disengaged from politics before I looked into communism, because everything else is massively retarded and obviously so. Given how often leftoids make basic ass mistakes about theory, I'm pretty sure they don't read at all. I'm not some bookworm but I do read, and it seems to me like what little reading they do is in the context of "what can I find in here that justifies ideas I already have?"

Much for so peach freeze

Nigga these niggas call you fascists and you niggas calling them niggas liberals.

You’re all faggot communists lets be real for 5 fucking seconds.

To be honest it can be cringe seeing her spout feminist theory amongst normies on a breakfast show of all things.

Notice how the tone and atmosphere of the show goes awry as they react like she's an unhinged tinfoil type.

Get laid nerds!

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Did someone convert him by sucking his dick or what? lmao, imagine being this much of an opportunist

Gee, I dunno, hard to say, really.

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"Communism is when you have clowns instead of normal people, the more clowns there are the more communister it is"

-Karl Marx at the Frankfurter stand of hotdogs

To be honest it can be cringe seeing her spout feminist theory amongst normies on a breakfast show of all things.
She might have a point about affective labour user. I used to work in the building of a firm of stockbrokers. One of the receptionists on the front desk told me the agency she worked through put a clause in the contract which said she had to wear make up so it would be visible from the door of the building. (I can understand why that might be a legit requirement if you're working in a brothel, but a stockbrokers?) The other receptionist had a habit of giggling, due to smoking puff in the storage room. One of the heads of the company, a fat middle aged guy (a bit like the guy in the telly clip) thought it was due to his jokes instead, and, I don't know, it might have been coincidence, but she got offered a job as researcher for the firm.
all I noticed during the second part, the pancake tossing segment, was how her check trousers show off her thighs tbh

SEV uploaded a new video about Freedom of speech
I didn't watch that one, but I watched
Objects to Ollies (Mr. Philosophy Tube) theatrical style of presentation. I hope SEV doesn't see any Brecht or Arthur Miller plays. WhY didNt tHey just SaY thEir argumeNt to The audIeNce without fanCy sTaGIng

He's not criticizing Olly's presentation in a vacuum. He's criticizing it in the context that his actual argument is sophist garbage. "Maybe you should have spent more time making an argument and less getting the perfect lighting" isn't just an empty jab. It's a substantive criticism of a basic problem with Olly (and breadtube).

as long as the left is crying about "hurr muh sexualizing of women" they will lose

SEV's wrong about this, imo. Sev says that Olly thinks democracy only means electoral democracy, when there are other types such as direct democracy. But olly wasn't talking about direct democracy in his video. He was talking about Brexit and the British voting system. Sev might as well have said Olly neglects to mention how in 5th century BC Athenians voted by a fairer system of secret ballot by casting stones into urns instead of the numbered slips used in the Brexit vote.
I believe Contrapoints started the whole lighting thing, and she got it from ASMR videos

They're oversocialized

He wasn't talking about direct democracy because he thinks democracy only means electoral democracy. If olly understood democracy in its broader meaning he might have talked about other forms.
Wasn't the point of olly's video to use Brexit as an argument against democracy? It's kind of relevant to that discussion to point out that democracy isn't limited to the specific system that produces that result.

Again, the lighting itself isn't the issue. It's spending more time on production value than on arguments. There are a lot more problems with olly's argument than the one you're talking about. For instance, he also badly misuses statistics to make a point about whether Brexit voters represented the majority opinion in Britain. It's sloppy stuff that olly could have avoided with a little effort (unless he's willfully manipulating information to make his point work). Choosing to focus on the jab about presentation style when there were plenty of substantive points against olly is consistent with breadtube's ethos though.

And who cares where the trend came from? It's not a good thing that they focus on aesthetics at the expense of arguments.

Haven't seen the vid, but there's also the broader point that remoaners are indoctrinated shitlibs whose only acceptable role in the future of the UK is to be bulldozed alive into mass graves serving as mortar in the keystone of the revolution:

Well sure, I was talking more about why breadtube sucks than anything about brexit specifically. Even if olly came to good conclusions he's still doing a shitty job.

Best thing is to just rape

tbh I didn't watch this video. It was really long and full of jargon but from his other videos:
The reason why we don't say fuck off to trans people (bc trans ins't a working class) is because we need the support of as many people as possible to bring about the revolution (since socialist is in the minority).

Greek philosophy? lol nope
Paganism, hinduism, or buddhism? nah
Catholic philosophy on mathematics and metaphysics? sorry, no
Marxism? het
Drag queens and glitter?





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Y'all all say the same shit every time, but there's no substance to it. We can ask basic questions like these and there's just no answer. There's either a pivot to another point or there's accusations of bigotry. Whatever, though. I'll keep answering because it calls out to be answered.

Being a "class reductionist" doesn't mean telling trans people to fuck off. It means socialism is about class struggle, and identity politics are at most secondary. Trans people are allowed to exist in a context other than someone being an advocate for them, and they are perfectly welcome in any decent socialist movement. If the movement is focusing on trans issues (or any other identity issues) rather than socialism, then it's not a socialist movement, at least not primarily.
What? Most trans people are working class. It's a whole different category.
How is bending over backward to please a small minority like trans people going to win the support of as many people as possible?

99% of people (probably including myself) are fucking retarded ship. This is just prole-food for the masses to consume.

Lol there is an right-wing cringe thread right underneath this cringe thread
new anti idpol video from SEV
Bad communists don't make idpol revolutionary

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To be honest I would like to see, with him or Swoletariat, a debate on intersectionality with anarchopac as she seems the knowledgeable on this subject.

I agree, but I kind of would expect anarchopac to pull the "you're harassing a trans woman" card when the debate moves in their favor.

Swoletariat debated NonCompete on this.

Every time one of these breadtubers says something kind of good, they always follow it up with bullshit like this to remind me they're either very stupid or actual feds trying to subvert radicalism. Either way they clearly don't know shit beyond what they cherrypick to support their points.

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You know what, I actually missed the beginning of this, so I'm going to start watching from the beginning on 1.5 speed and live-post highlights with timestamps.

First two minutes:

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thx user for summarizing that shit for me

doubt it she doesn't seem like that kind of person to me

Imagine actually giving a fuck what these grifters do

The people who watch the grifters are the same mob who will call your boss to get you fired if you say an ableist slur on twitter.


you don't remember that drama with Unruhe?

When Unruhe got mad because anarchopac called him out for not understanding Marx. Is that correct or did I over simply it?

I mean this drama

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Yeah Jason was being a douche.
Swoletariat insn't.

Jason's dumb and needs to read theory, but he gets that operating under someone else's framework is a fast track to losing
And? Are we supposed to cry now? Niceness never did anything.
Jason's grugbrain reaction idpol helps him in these cases. He's too stupid to fall for identity sophistry, he can't follow down the rabbithole of logic. And he's right, upperclass trustfund kiddies have weird sexual identities as a hobby. They're fake.

Same shit in this debate. Idpol is a way for upperclass people to shame lowerclass people, but not feel like they're punching down. The endless tone policing, dismantling of hwyte supremacy, patriarchy, cishet monarchy, etc pisses people off and just confuses the conversation. Bad on Unruhe for not reading, good on unruhe for not being a grifter.

Clarifying that I know Jason wasn't in that last debate, but that idpol is one of the ultimate grifts.

Articles like this have some dumb idea that individual rights supercede community rights. Why not go full ancap if one's individual right is more important than a community's right?