Stop being a cog

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It's literally illegal to do that in 90% of land across the world and if it's not then it's open season on your head, the government will try kidnapping you to do tests on you, if not drug cartels or other crazy serial killer types, and if they don't get you the aliens, anomalies, or forest spirits will and you will suffer fates much worse than death.
Eastern Eurasian Wilderness.
That one county in Colorado made specifically for people who want to leave society that also has the highest rate of disappearances in the US.
And if you buy a plot of land in a secure area to operate then the US government will just kick down your doors and napalm your whole family. Nothing will change if you don't bring down the system first, it's like an even bigger version of "No such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism." There is no such thing as being able to find peace without capitalism dying first.

Dude lmao just go eat berries in the woods lmao, that's how you'll bring down capitalism.

Get out of here stalker

There's a leftist argument to be made for survivalism but being a north sentinelse is retarded. At least utopian socialist didn't propose living like gibbering savages.

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Or one day the DOT builds a road across your favorite spot so you get real mad and start sending mail bombs.

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Joke's on you, I'm a NEET

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Unless you are completely off the grid you are still contributing to capitalism.
You don't work but you still buy food, shelter, clothes, electricity, etc, I mean, someone buys those stuff for you. And this act of consumption keeps capitalism going.

*stops being a cog*
i did it, OP.

Riddle me this OP: if in the current situation the option we are left with is impotently larping as a bunch of tribesmen in a forest(which will never amount to anything) then why not simply suicide and spare yourself the pain of existing in this doomed world?

OP sounds more Hutterite-pilled to me

Fine by me

Ah yes. The wilderness which definitely still exists and where I can just go to and live without being arrested by the state who it belongs to.

Maybe you should realise I dont want to be a corpse at age 30 and eat berries all day, I just want capital to stop fucking over the entire world and all the peoples and use technology for the greater good.
Why are you even posting on a pc you hypocrite, why havent you gona into the wild yet? Oh right, because you would literally starve to death.

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You sound pretty assblasted

This. Either we kill capitalism, or it kills us. Going lumpen isn't a legitimate long-term strategy.

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I have a bunch of capital, but because it's mine I get to decide 'the greater good' and put it in action. You're shitposting on a hebraic containment board. You know what the difference between you and I is, kiddo.
< I stopped being poor.

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were going to communicate through iphones, uber to the porkies mansions, practice the revolution in VR oculous headsets, brag about our fashy porky kills with facebook posts

make sure to catch the guillotine on instagram stories this thursday 1:00 pm central yall

how 2 lrn psychoanalysis so i can analyse this seething impotent faggot rage?

the revolution will be periscoped

im sorry but being off the grid sustainably homeless is really freakin hard XD

the revolution where we kill all the bad fashy porkies is very easy and doable

The revolution will be legal in California by 2020

I'm going to decapitate a banker with a fucking machete in the revolution but 2 seconds away from the system and I feel like an scared little baby

communism feels am ir rite guys?

I just want capital to stop fucking over the entire world but like I sure do love cheese cake

There is no ethical consumption under capitalism but you sir are very impotent small penis baby if you make efforts to contribute to it as little as possible

big baddy fashy gonna nuke the planet if you dont buy a tesla

The world isn't orcs vs humans its fallout 4 where the porkies already nuked the world

stupid gamers

Why do you keep double posting, you fag.

you'll just die painfully of an infected wound, starve, freeze or get rabies
besides if more than a few hundred ppl did that all the forest eco systems would collapse, cause of an abundance of predators and also hippie communes already exist and they all just get bulldozed at the slightest inconvenience of the gubbermint and so far they haven't achieved anything in stopping capitalism


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