Who hates freedom of speech more these days? Liberals or conservatives?

Who hates freedom of speech more these days? Liberals or conservatives?

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They both pretend to be for free speech until it's speech they don't like.

Both, but digital liberals hate it a tad more if we're being honest.

Conservatives forever pretty much. There really is no conservative foundation for it - it was literally always bullshit, and frequently over being shut out of things for advocating the reduction of rights for other people. The present day conservative position on this is now completely incoherent - on the one hand, a private business should be able to deny a service to certain people. On the other hand, certain businesses are now doing it to American conservatives for generally being obnoxious twats… so those businesses should stop.

The actual mainstream conservative ideology in America is perpetually authoritarian.

It's always been the conservatives.

I'm all for freedom of speech until it tells people to hate and fear me for existing.

On a perpetual basis, the right. At this moment? Rightists are willing to abuse free expression opportunistically and flip back to censorship as it suits them, but shitlibs have now arrived at a position of unconditionally opposing free expression itself as inherently evil under all circumstances.

Free expression doesn't tell people any one thing. Unless leftists are bullied out of engaging with and debunking the right with coherent reasoned argumentation, by the shrieking hysteria of "leftists", of course.

Then (you) create a dangerous vacuum between the flawed but unopposed arguments of the right, and the faith-based feelz>reelz fluff allowed to be spoken on the "left", which renders even the simplest truth impossible for leftists to defend and easy for rightists to undermine or twist.

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Both because conservatives are liberals

Only correct answer in this thread. At least conservatives won't get you fired for wrongthink

At best, it's just because they're not smart enough to.

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is reactionary and will be abolished. Zig Forums isn’t for liberals, please return to your home on Zig Forums

And why should they? If mean words offend someone online, they should call up their cable company and disconnect their internet. People are generally evil and they need to make peace with that. Or post tits and gtfo, because it's mostly women who bitch about it. The internet used to not have many broads on it and it was better off for that.

I bet your mother has a nice "freeze peach"


Liberals aren't in favor of free speech though. Maybe you're the one who needs to go back.

r/socialism types

Pretty much "reddit" anything. There's a good reason they're despised.

A left-wing space is the only place in the world where something like this would be said. That answers OPs question.

Tell that to any slightly left college professor or grad student.
Tell that to ACORN.

If you're against free speech you might be the liberal.

If you are for it you are definitively the liberal.

You seem to have stumbled on the wrong website user. Perhaps you should return to your favorite namefag forum where censorship and the stifling of debate is more easily accomplished.

Or pretty much anything else O'Keefe is involved with.

Our boy's now harassing BDS activists on campuses and working with the ADL to ruin people's careers. Thank god for the pro free speech right.

Interesting that this is seen as indicative as an authoritarian left when a left Internet forum is, indeed, the only place where such speech is tolerated.


Liberals, as they no longer resemble anything close to liberalism, and instead are big-state "progressives" who either larp as libertarians or socialists, depending on what's useful to them.

You are definitely a liberal Burger

American libs literally call themselves Anti Fascists.

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They shouldn't. However, I think they actually probably do, but are just less effective. And even if they didn't then milquetoast conservatives would still show up in comment boxes whenever there's a protest to feebly call for the cops or national guard to arrest/shoot/hose all the participants. IE the screenshots in my other post. What I'm saying isn't "conservatives are too dumb to want to" shut down free speech. They absolutely want to, that's not even up for debate. At best, they're just largely too dumb to get into tech or make coherent cases for shutting down people they don't like. But they will openly call for those people to be killed by the state for saying things they don't agree with.

I'm a freedom minded man, not even interested in the left/right dialectic, which is cancerous and you niggers ought to slow down on such dalliance. I've decided long ago, my speech is free, and so shall it be, for my kids and me, so I'm gonna shit-post til it kills us all. Those that survive shitpostodomor, they will respect freedom of speech properly.
Communism is a eugenics program run by bumbling hebraic buffoons, my eugenics program at least has noble goals in mind.

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welcome to leftpol

You have to be absolutely retarded to support banning fascists when "Nazis were socialists" is one of the most common banalities people keep saying again and again.

/thread Only an idiot is more scared of a few fascist nutjobs embarrassing themselves in public than giving the state massive oversight over individual expression.

lol this board was started because the other lefty board went nuts with the ban hammer

lefty boards is an very freeze speach places… all 30 of them

when the mods go tyrant we just make an new board

very free speech zone

Both groups only pretend to care about it. Us communists have been illegal silenced since the 19th century.

The problem with the "Muh hate and fear!" argument is that it's used for everything. Feminists have used it to justify their attempts to censor MRAs because feminists think "supporting gender equality" is "hate and fear." Anything can be hate and fear to somebody.

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