Why can't I defend myself from islam

Why should I put up with Muslim's running over kids. Why shouldn't I retaliate? I don't think you have an answer. This is totally academic just so in my heart I know I asked.

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Why should muslims put up with westerners bombing their countries for a hundred years? They retaliated, now you want to retaliate, and then they will retaliate.
If you want actually want to stop muslims from doing terror, then overthrow the imperialist powers that give rise to religious fundamentalism.
But if you are anything like other nationalists, you enjoy muslims terrorism, as it gives you an excuse to hate them. No right wing parties have ever actually tried to ease tensions with the middle east. Brown man bad! Nation good!

"western" is not codified. I can say " I don't agree with bombing you." and be credible.

Not so with Islam. Let's be honest. It says to kill me for not converting.

Did I say "brown"? I don't remember saying brown. Kinda sounds like a human shield and a straw-man. Literally the only time I ever here "brown" is when leftist speak for me.

I say "don't kill me as your religion demands please." You retaliate with "so what you're saying is kill people based on skin color. durr punch nazis."

It's like talking to a brick wall of savior complex.

sorry for reddit spacing. This is the bullshit re framing reaction I expected from the left though. I knew this stupid caricature rather than a real argument was coming though.

Is it not so? Isn't there a distinction between people born in western countries who had no choice on where they were born and those who pledge an allegiance to an expansionist homicidal ideology like Islam? Are you really so enamored with their skin color that you're willing to give them a pass on swear a voluntary oath?

Real shit, I think you watched a after-school special and you want to be a hero where everybody claps for you taking a stand for a minority.

You shouldn't, reactionary Muslim immigrants should be forced to modernize before receiving any benefits from the countries they move to.

okay. That. is different than what I expected. I do have a legitimate right to defend myself against people trying to kill me for not being muslim? You're not going to reframe that as racism?

Now you're putting that into the "reactionary" box? How is that the same as the "reactionary" that leftist use to demonize anyone who opposes communism? Do I have a right to seek to preserve equal justice under the law, innocent until proven guilty, safety in my person and effects? Are these just quaint notions that need to be done away with because white people came up with them?

>some bronze age savages from societies that are militantly oppressed by western-backed fundamentalist reactionaries against any effort to embrace modernity are acting like bronze age savages

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Not if you pay taxes, you fucking pussy.

I've known plenty of Muslims who didn't kill me or anybody else. If you're literally paying the government to bomb these people then, yes - saying "I don't agree with bombing you" is literally no more credible than practicing some retarded religion and simultaneously disavowing violence carried out in said religion's name. In fact, if anything, the latter is more credible.

Groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc. kill shit tons of Muslims before they kill anybody else. For many Muslims, not only can these groups be disavowed - embracing them would literally be suicidal. On the other hand - as far as war and terror goes, the "western" gov'ts tend to also kill Muslims and destabilize third world nations first. I mean, cops do a shit ton of damage to western citizens, but even then if you aren't poor or black or whatever you can pretty much live your every day life without them usually being that much of a concern. Very different situation from being, say, a Shia on ISIS turf.

Motorists in general run over a lot more people than muslims. They also release poisonous gases that make you ill and lead to climate catastrophe. If you don't take the bus, you are committing a crime against humanity.

That's true, especially among diaspora, but the fact remains that Muslims worldwide are astonishingly and uniquely backward, both in terms of their personal opinions, and the positions officially sanctioned by major religious authorities, many of which are also one with the sole ruling legal authority of their national government. Though this goes hand-in-hand with the fact that by far the most ideologically backward Muslim sect, and also the most influential worldwide, the Wahhabi, are bankrolled and protected to the tune of hundreds of billions a year by the West's MIC apparatus.
This is absolutely true, much like the fact that the overwhelming majority of terrorism in the West is committed by Christards/stormniggers.

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Right of course. When it comes to westerners we need nuance "not all white ppl", but we must retaliate against "muslims".
Of course you're not wrong, you're just a hypocrite when it comes to the bad brown man.

Killing heathens is codified in Christianity too, hypocrite.
Yes, western Christians are generally not as dogmatic as middle eastern muslims, but for the most part Islam had been going through a great deal of reform akin to that of Christianity, but regressed with the siege mentality that came with western expansion into the middle East after the fall of the USSR.

And also, there are still tens of millions of fundamentalist Christians in America, people who would call for the extermination of muslims even if there had never been a terrorist attack.

Maybe we should rethink our foreign polices…

Once you get past AIPAC and ze neo-cons lust for perpetual war.

I guess that's too much of a stretch, lets continue pontificating over the outcomes rather than the cause.

We had 9/11 coming, there is only so much world bullying you can do before some ingenious cave dweller decides they've had enough.

Imagine if Saudi Arabia stuck a military base in bumsville Idaho.
Or China gave weapons to the Mexicans to kill people in Florida, who proceeded to bulldoze their houses and move some Mexicans in.

Yeah and in retaliation towards the Chinese and the Mexicans, Floridians proceed to mostly kill each other.

Why is leftpol acting like there are no savage cultures? US imperialism promoted Islamism to defeat secular nationalist alternatives to be sure.
But even Marx acknowledge in: "The British Rule In India" that "England, it is true, in causing a social revolution in Hindostan, was actuated only by the vilest interests, and was stupid in her manner of enforcing them. But that is not the question. The question is, can mankind fulfil its destiny without a fundamental revolution in the social state of Asia? If not, whatever may have been the crimes of England she was the unconscious tool of history in bringing about that revolution." Muslims do tend to hold intransigent, backwards views and intransigent minorities are the ones who dictate social norms. These views aren't going to go away just by having the west pull out.

As if muslims are brutes who can't help but regress when facing adversity. Just stop with the patronizing liberal talking points.

That's just made up. It serves no purpose to pretend that all religions are always equally bad.

This is a common misconception, every so called backward nation in the Islamic world has it's backwardness rooted in some form of colonialist empire building.

Take the UAE for example, a wholly Islamic nation which hasn't suffered the injustices of the others and as such is literally leading the world in fully sustainable cities.


I'll reaffirm Islam was never a problem, foreign policy was and still is.

Personally I think regular people should be punished for what politicians and bankers do. I am on the left-wing of politics.

No, clearly this applies to any people that is under siege, not just muslims.

The UAE has sharia courts, the death penalty for apostasy and uses mirgant laborers as defacto slaves. At what point does that outweigh having sustainable cities?

Personally as an leftist I think you should bear the consequences of what the bourgeoisie do

The porkies did a booboo in your name and now you need to fix it

Fuck the police and the system and shiet

That may have been true in the past, but contact alone with the west is probably sufficient to draw the Muslim world forward.

Even as far back as the 1800s, pragmatic realization on the part of the infamously stodgy Ottomans that they were falling behind the West caused them to embark on a (halting and incompetent, but still) campaign of secularization and industrialization reforms, the greatest disruption and backslide of which wasn't brought on by internal resistance by conservative bureaucrats, but by a side-effect of their involvement in WWI, when Western backing of superstitious desert savages (the Arabs) knocked the t*rks off their throne, destroying the Ottoman Empire.

This same pattern repeated itself post-WWII, when some degree of secular modernist Republicanism imitating the West began to manifest in the region, but due certain other characteristics of the modern west being imported by these political movements along with it (i.e.: socialism), the West responded by backing the only political tendency in the region free of socialist sympathies, goatfucking fundamentalists such as the Saudis.

Time and again for the last two centuries, direct meddling by Western governments in the Mideast has overwhelmingly proven itself a hindrance, especially compared with the passive natural pressure exerted by mere indirect intercourse with Western science, culture, and politics to aid the Mideast's indigenous modernist reformist movements.

The content of a religion has little relevance to how awful it is in practice, compared with whether or not religious fervor holds sway politically/legally at all. Islam is absolute shit as religions go, but even the most theoretically enlightened religions (i.e.: Buddhism, Taoism) have demonstrated ample capacity to produce brutally dogmatic behavior when coupled to unchecked power.

Agreed, was a terrible take. In addition to their moral/social problems, their economy (as you hinted at with the mention of slave labor) is completely unsustainable, with world record levels of unemployment among "citizens", and nearly all jobs performed either by 4th-world noncitizen slaves making up the majority of their population, or 1st-world "expert consultants. Much like every other Gulf monarchy, it is an entire nation of welfare leeches too indoctrinated with fringe fundamentalism to care about their plight.

The real nazis are the ones who don’t want to pick up the boojies trash

Jews are a much bigger threat

As an dialectical Marxist communist I…

Talk shit get hit thats what I say

The UAE have made reforms in 2017 that bring them in line with International labour laws.

If they want Islamic law who are we to tell them otherwise? If you speak to the people that live there, you might be shocked to find they want it that way. Much like the Chinese see the state as a protector/father figure or the Japanese dislike of individualism.

Nations & cultures are different.


Maybe if you didn’t subject yourself to generations of propaganda enticing the good in you to embark on military ventures for olygarchs under the guise of “freedom” and personally pilot those jets over those villages your entire citiy wouldn’t be in the process of being transformed by migrants and refugees?????? :/? Feel real stupid now don’t you fascist? ;)

In the communes we will teach that all the white kids are George Bush

Nice meme

Marx is a proto-religion which lacks spirituality.

They actively promote and finance an anti-western ideology. Sharia law isn't just a charming cultural difference and represents a clear threat to western society.

Western ideology? u wot m8?

Oh you mean capitalism, anything other than that represents a clear threat.

Keep supporting your corporate masters.

Oh please. There isn't a single revolutionary leftist movement out there that did not adopt nationalist slogans. Anationalism and the lack of any sort of metanarratives/myths is totally encouraged by modern capitalism precisely because it wants atomized compliant individuals. You cannot galvanize the proletariat without using moral sentiments and arguments relevant to them.

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Islam (like all religions) is shit, Islamists murder lefties everywhere they spread their poison, from Rojava to Indonesia, and you absolutely should retaliate against them!

But going full anticlerical and trying to ban all forms of Islam or whatever just makes us extra enemies. Let alone closing the doors in the face of people fleeing what Islamists would do to them. Oppose theocrats, but let people who mind their own business pray to whoever they want. Pick your battles.

Marx is a proto-religion which lacks spirituality and encourages lying.

Modern Marxist adherents identify with epistemology employed by Marx or Engels as their fundamental contribution, these areas are considered the foundations of Marxist orthodoxy.

It's simple. Christians are and have been a larger threat to peace than Muslims throughout the course of history.

We whomest are nothing but pseudo-slaves to the system had it coming while the booojiiiiii porky big daddy money baddies that call the shots got off scot-free and maybe a few million dollars richer



The peetti baby boojis that worked in those monoliths to finance capital are "we" and "we" deserve the same fate as "them"

Hello everyone
Have you a terorist attack video, other of christchurch, its for a video

It must be very comforting for the big bad booji daddies to know that there are people out there absolving them of their responsibility and transplanting it to everyone beneath them. Are leftoids the biggest boot lickers?

Not enough church shootings desu cuttie lefty antifashy daddy over here is right

All religions is bad ok but when mustafa comes in full burka u gotta let em squat to their sky daddy cuz that just a nice thing to do brah have a nice day and Sagan be upon u

Your second uncle twice removed voted for bush the first time sorry kiddo but a plane should have landed at your house too

Ugh booga >10 Rich white folks rape and pillage poor brown country
Mup da boooba >1 million Poor brown folks please rape and pillage rich white country

Retaliation is reactionary though guys

Smart thoughts from smart practical peoples

So taking abuse is revolutionary?

I don't believe Christian Communism can exist without being enforced by an authoritative state.

Call me the Linkola of God

I mean, obviously on a personal level you should absolutely defend yourself. However, on a grand scale, the Muslims are only retaliating after a century of emasculation, imperialism, and mass murder. So, I'd say it's unfair to attack them as a collective.

Back to Africa, nigger

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Taliban/ Al Qaeda / ISIS are the best organized fascist groups the world has seen since WWII but can we really blame them? I mean honestly you would be a fascist too if your were under siege.

I am a left-wing

I become a sakaist third worldist nigger the second a person with my skin color (cum) says something meany about the brown fascists

If my nation was being torn apart by predatory capitalism imperialist colonialism I would be an fascist too

As an dialectical Marxist I…

The porkies kicked some sand into your eyes but u r kind of an fascist if you try to get it out

Solidarity with our fascist brothas, deplatform white farmers

Islam is a more effective and fun slave religion than socialism. Under socialism you have to make up a whole PR war to remove some threatening population, under Islam, you command the Imam to command the nigger cattle to surrender all their lolis to the Mosque. Nothing personnell kid, muslims just make better nigger cattle.

Lol, kill Islamo-Capitalists freely. Saudis represent the Islamo-bourgeosie. Kill them freely. Send ISISSY to gulag. Kill any pawn of Wahhabi capitalism, I don't give a fuck. Actively hunt them.

But if a Muslim tradie is just minding their own business and not attacking you, don't go idpol on him will you? He has to work for the boss just like you.

It's not that hard to understand, Muslim bourgeoisie are bad and Muslim proles are not bad.