Diversity was a mistake

Diversity was a mistake.

No I'm not talking about multiculturalism (though that's related).

I'm talking about anthropo-diversity; the variety of different types of people. Either by race, gender, age, mentality, etc.

What was God thinking?

"B-b-b-but, variety os the spice of life. If everything was the same, life would be boring."
Yes. Boring is GOOD. Life has taught us that any colorful change in our personal lives brings about disaster. Variety brings more trouble than its worth.
-Either it be invasive plants

-Microbes which certain populations have no immunity to

- Students with different cognitive developments (visual learners, technologically-impaired bookworms, illiterates, etc) whom take up assistance from "normal" students.

- Heterosexual marriages
(Women are more "tender"
Men are more "stirred")

- Mixed breed babies whom develop disorders from weakened immunity due to alternative race of either parent.

-Typical family houses having more than three souls living in it. Someone is always getting their stuff "borrowed" by their housemates.

Hell even in the animal kingdom, all those beautiful animals which are hybrids are stunted.
Birdsongs in the morning are war chants to defend against other species.

In space, high density stars suck off the gas of their companion star (since many stars are binary systems).
In our solar system, tidal effects from nearby celestial bodies can affect earth gravity or earth orbit which can cause some problems within a dozen centuries

Christians say that God made everything and "saw it was good." Is volatility God's definition of "good"?
If so, Jehovah really is psychotic.

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Heterosexuality is productive, homosexuality is counterproductive. Though I agree with most of what you said

Jehovah is the false Hebrew God, too. Had to point that out

pretty sure mixed race people have stronger immune systems in general

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Racism is settled science

Hybrid vigor is a myth!!1!11

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So this is the power of the left

S ok. All the non-Yankee proles will have to pick up the pieces and take care of their own shit.

Racism is wishful thinking.
Racialism is "settled science."

Do you even know the very basics of how biology works, son?
Tell me why do we reproduce in a sexual manner instead of an asexual manner?
If you know the answer to the question above you automatically know why your statement doesn't make any sense and you should do an effort to stop being a brainlet who believes in Zig Forums's dumb babble.

Lol preference and solidarity based on linguistic, phenotype, culture and region is wishful thinking but your kumbaya drum circle shit is cool and nice


Oh boy another paternalist who thinks anyone who disagrees with him is anti-whitey.

Really? Who was the original Hebrew God?

The Canaanite El, his consort Asharah, and a pantheon of other gods. Psych! The actual answer is the demiurge, there is no true original God, because His Creation itself is an cruel mistake against our own divine essence.

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Sloppy job Mossad!

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Outbreeding depression is a thing

Trial and chaos are good, all of our works will eventually vanish into dust, and you work with these conditions as best as you can and tough up to people who refuse to. If you can't, you're a pussy.

The world is full of morons, but that's fine. You can work with that.

Darwinism-Marxism when?

If everyone would be the same, there would be no specialized jobs.
You know where we would end up then?
Primal communities where everyone does everything ,but just decently and even in that anprim paradise there would still be division of labor among hunters and gatherers, so there would be minor differences.
Diversity is what makes humans strong.
Sexual reproduction offers better survivability for almost all multi cellular organisms, cause it allows better adaptability. Rice, potatoes and coffee are invasive plants in many parts of the world, are those bad?
Or are you just trying to be edgy to own the libtards?
nvm I'm wrong
you just wanted to show off your virtual fedora

Diversity is necessary because God made humans so insanely complex and fragile to render us inefficient on our own that we have to have "outside help."

Where there is diversity there is animosity.
The problem is that some folks glorify conflict as "rite of passage" .

If I was God, I would make all life androgynous hermaphrodites, race would be just skin colour and facial features, Israel would be just another country, and abolish if not shorten childhood development.

Oh and I would make all life interdimensional.


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I chuckled

take the brownpill tbh