ITT: Mainstream "left" cringe thread

"Drumf is communist, he's endangering trade prof-I mean civil rights!"

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I'd nominate all woke commie Twitter who have "queer", "indigenous" etc. in their profile who are thinking if the revolution isn't led by an indigenous transwoman it's fascist. In generally everybody who uses "white" as an insult with no reason whatsoever. You disagree with someone's opinion? Make sure you add the prefix "white" to every sentence of your argument to really hammer it home.

Secondly, I'd nominate the ones of Leftcom Twitter who have hundreds of pronouns in their bio and some big-titted anime girl as their avi and constantly post kink and fetish shit. If you tell them prostitution and sex are bad they call you a fascist.

Thirdly, the crazy fucking Maoists who think nailing a pig's head to a lamppost with "DSA CAPITALIST TRAITORS" written on it is good praxis and who think everyone who isn't subscribed to exactly MLM is some kind of hyper-capitalist imperialist.

The anarchists who basically doing state department work for free all the time by doxxing leftists who they think of as authoritarian fascists because they reject IdPol. Basically all of black flag Twitter who always looks like some Starbucks barrista.

The fucking ML teens who use the ideology as a historical reenactment group, and constantly argue about this or that policy enacted in the fucking thirties which has no relevance for the struggle today.

The brocailists, ironic Bernie Bros, "dirtbag leftists" who pretend to be communists and make edgy ice pick jokes but just end up voting for fucking Bernie or some lukewarm SocDem because they are just in for the memes.

Fucking BreadTube, gulag every single one of these ugly mugs, from hbombercuck to DickSlime to whatever the names of these people are. Absolute cringe

The fucking "scene folks" who are just a socialist because of the scene and to drink beer during an anti-fascist rally and have never read a sentence of theory in their entire life and are mostly in because of friends and family.

The fucking 100 year old geezers who run communist parties basically as some "me and my old union friends get-together" and don't understand why a communist party needs, I don't know, maybe a fucking website that actually works??!!

The fucking crypto-NazBol memelords who think it's cool to constantly make ironic jokes about Jews or minorities but are totally communist, right.

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Pretty funny, considering the major element of the "deep state" that constantly gives Trump shit from the right almost literally fits their description.


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This 100%, even as an anarcho-syndicalist I'd approve gulags for them

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Not a fan of any of the right-wing groups; still, the left is only humiliated by this boomer-tier attempt at deception.

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Trust me, I wish I could ignore them, but considering most of the politics and ideology of the masses are decided by media and the internet, we should at least mock these dipshits.

Yes it is, is he retarded?

Apparently so

social justice is CRINGE

Me: The real leftist

Problem is that this is 99.9% of the left. Is the idea that we just give up, or do we learn to work together with people we cringe at?

This has to be bait.

No, work separately with, on a strictly quid-pro-quo issue-by-issue basis. We can not treat them as fellow leftists, because they are not, only as yet another rival political interest with whom we sometimes share a common position on certain issues, and hope to win to our way of thinking.

SJWs in particular can not be allowed to claim our mantle for themselves, slander our cause, or most particularly infiltrate and seize control over our ranks, peddling their distortion of our rhetoric.

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Fuck Jews though. Unironically. What do they have to do with communism?

The joke, that you totally missed, is that the person doing the test who is struggling over which button to push is a lifelong registered democrat (notice the "D" placard?) who has no ideological convictions of his own besides moderation and thus has a hard time supporting policies that will actually help people. Which accurately summarizes 95% of the Democratic base and 99% of their candidates for office.

The fact that all you got out of it is REPUBLICANS BAD when the comic's intention is to critique the average Democrat proves that you have very low eye queue and that you should just shoot yourself instead of getting involved in politics because you can't even understand a very simple comic.

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"Political cartoonists" get the rope too

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Are you literally retarded? The point is that the politicians of both parties are the same.

Maybe this will be easier for your cuckchan brain to understand.

sage for double post

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Like the universal healthcare that was supported by the (D) candidate last time, who after winning office with a (D) majority in both houses of the legislature, abandoned it long enough to lose legislative majority in one house. All so that he could pass a watered down version of (R) legislation, taken almost directly from the (R) opponent defeated in the prior election, that was a watered down version of a neocon thinktank's rebuttal, to an older watered down version of universal healthcare, that was incompetently pushed by the (D) candidate that comic was probably talking about?
Like the sensationalist talking point about a policy of the current (R) candidate, which was also in place under his (D) predecessor and his (D) defeated rival, but the (D)-leaning media didn't talk about then and don't bring said (D) politicians to task for, as a neoliberal smokescreen over an underlying area of policy reaching back 40 years that benefits porkies at the tremendous expense of both the American and Mexican working class?

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