we live in a society

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based and redpilled

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Note that, unfortunately, many of the founders of these game industry unions are more concerned about idpol bullshit and virtue signalling like #metoo than they are about core issues such as hours, crunch, intentionally high staff turnover, and low pay. They also have issues with being tied to trades that arguably do not have the best interests of gaming as a medium at heart, such as voice actors and moderators, rather than gaming-focused trades such as programmers and illustrators.

This has been a problem reaching back at least to the IGDA, a yellow union/industry group that was at the heart of GG.

Hopefully something good can come of efforts at unionizing the game industry, and salaried/tech jobs in general, but it will have to be with a steady hand and an eye against diversion into porky antics that will do nothing to protect workers.

What is it about entertainment industries like hollywood and gaming that attracts SJWs anyway?

Nothing, they're actively trying to subvert the industries by taking control and putting in their own guidelines that the industry must follow or die. It already happened to books believe it or not but thankfully literally no one reads modern fiction, and the music industry. Resetera and FemFrequency openly hate nerd culture but claim to love it so much that they want to change it for the worst, not even /v/eddit is that level of anti fun.

In entertainment generally, excessive reverence paid to PR/HR flacks and their social circle, rather than professionals (artists) themselves.

In gaming/tech/nerd-dom specifically, socially incompetent and naïve people who have neither the faculties nor experience to say no to deceptive social-climbing con artists. Like native Americans having no immunity to plague blankets, they're an ideal soft target for SJWs.

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Not to mention that SJWs dovetail nicely into what the Bourgeoisie want, a bunch of unthinking, uncritical, consuming morons who just let cultural shit be shoveled into their mouths as long as it virtue-signals the right messages. The SJWs are completely oblivious to the fact that the Capitalists don't actually give a crap about their issues and are only using them to gain more profits.

I don't know if they're oblivious, or if they just don't care. Remember that SJWs are usually spoiled rich kids and such who have nothing better to do than argue about idpol all day. They aren't working class.

They're not oblivious. They think the motive is irrelevant, that what matters is getting companies to do what they want. See the recent Anita Sarkeesian tweet threatening CD Projekt Red over Cyberpunk 2020 being problematic. She went full on "nice game you got here. be a shame if something happened to it." Of course, she's using the old model of threats instead of the new model of collaboration…

What they are oblivious or ambivalent about is that these fights are not against the companies' interests. They go along with SJW marketing precisely because it doesn't threaten the business model. Actual class struggle like unionizing programmers or animators would get push back (a lot) and SJWs aren't into that. They all just want a performative conflict that the companies can use for marketing and the wokies can use to get clicks. Stirring up these conflicts are a safe thing to use to distract people from class conflict because despite what idpol left-libs believe, identitarian issues do not underpin or undermine capitalism.

/v/ nowadays are post-2016 posters and too young to have a job
NEETs their entire life
or born with a silver spoon in their mouth

Neither of them know how hard it is to work and neither of them know that being a game dev is one of the most unthankful jobs there is.
Nowhere is the wage/skill ratio so abysmal.

So? There's consumer unions too.

Bernie Sanders regularly plays Rising Storm 2 as Viet Kong I hear he's MLG as fuck.


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Because the "gaming industry" is overrun with trannies and friendless nerds that can't get over being bullied in highschool, of course they have a fundamentally-unserious view of the world and their place in it.

What are you even talking about, retard.

It's basic psychology

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Unionizing the gaming industry will actually help get rid of these idpol faggots. I'm pretty sure most workers in the gaming industry actually din't give much of a shit about "wokeness".

Think about it: if the entire gaming industry was run by workers (gamers and programmers alike), none of the gamergate backlash clusterfuck would've happened in the first place. Sarkeesian and that disgusting degenerate Brianna Wu would not be relevant at all.

No one brought up Jews but you. But since you did:

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I think the main way in which unionization would help fix GG would be to lower turnover and increase wellbeing. Much of the gullibility that lead to it inside the industry stemmed from from the presence of low-quality vermin infesting the industry as a result of fresh cheap warm bodies being prioritized over competence.

That said, I don't think the development arm of gaming bore much guilt, compared to the outsize importance paid to advertising/PR, which was the route journos used to gain entry. Even with the death of professional game "journalism", advertising is still growing absurdly, making up nearly half of a typical game's budget, and providing a giant pus-filled abscess within which SJWs can congregate and peddle influence.

And evidence-free, process-free, (for the powerful) consequence-free witch hunts like #boohoo aren't the way to do that, as opposed to giving employees the job security and confidence to invoke preexisting rights without worry of retribution. Extralegal SJW lynchmobs are great, however, for carrying out personal vendettas against office politics rivals, and creating HR puff positions in which political allies can be installed.

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Imagine unironically believing gamers are a real oppressed minority.

All workers are oppressed.

It’s one thing to believe that the proletariat are oppressed, it’s another to believe that gamers are a legit minority

How retarded are you user?

Humor is not allowed here, comrade. Only bitter miserabalists and LARPing ideologues are permitted to post.

I don't think anyone here is dumb enough to think that. But who do you think buys and plays the majority of the games?

Imagine unironically believing stereotypes that linger from anti-gaming hysteria of crotchety boomers isn't being exploited by SJWs as an attack vector against hundreds of millions of men.

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The amount of people who buy videogames would fuckin vary from social classes ranging from lower class, middle class, and upper class obviously. And yes, obviously a majority of people of people who do consume the media are proletariat.

Imagine unironically beliving anti-SJW propaganda and muh masculinity is under attack by neolibs. Neolibs are pathetic, gender is a spook and idpol used in gaming is commonly by both hat fetishists and capitalist rainbows.

Not really my point. Rather, that the sheer popularity of gaming (many targets), combined with its still holding a niche stigma that should've died out at least 20 years ago (soft targets), makes attacking vidya an irresistible tactic for SJWs and other promulgators of moral panic.

Also, remember that similarly popular "niche" media can and have been destroyed by the ambitions of powermongering con artists in the past.

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you can't be real
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Were you asleep throughout the 80s, 90s, & 00s?

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Boomers created gaming, there hasn't been a single attack on them since 2007.

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