Let's be honest. Socialism will never be achieved (en masse)

Let's be honest. Socialism will never be achieved (en masse).

The right is right on this one.

Even if the proletarians were to know the difference from socialism (seizing the means of work) from "socialism" (using your vagina to shit out babies to get a government check to waste on crack), most will not want it.

Corporations and banks are run by elites. The elites are people, like you and me, they just act on "reptilian" impulses. Remember, all corporations started out as small workshops. Then, they got enough recognition to get investments.

People are subconscious sado-masochists. They love drama, war, and angst. The rush of bloodshed gives them a thrill which they cover up as "character-building".
If socialism were enacted, most would flop. Some wish to build an empire, others want a private swamp.

Listen, the average working-class adult likes to talk politics and money. They don't know nor care about science.
Unless it's mineral extraction which can be sold for profit.
Or some conspiracy theorist says something about the heavens.
Or some politician says something about common natural energy sources.

How many of you are actually active in leftist activities other than patronizing newcomers and blaming zoomers for differing hobbies?

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It already has. A third of the world was some flavour of socialist.
Clearly in times where people were informed on what socialism was, they wanted it.
Completely irrelevant. We don't plan on asking them for permission.
Okay, let's pretend that's true, that sounds like a great way to rile people up for revolution.
Seems to be the opposite in my experience.
Workers don't give a shit about mineral extraction for profits, that is reserved for the mining industrial giants.
If you actually talked to people you'd know that global warming and our dependency on fossil fuels is a big topic these days.
I'm a member of a communist party.

You sound like a petite bourgeois faggot who will get the wall on the first day of the revolution.

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Most don't care because they don't know how to capitalize it.

Most don't care because they don't have more than $50 to spend on investments each month. I can't fathom how you can be so far removed from reality.
Thankfully I'm not American, so I don't have to deal with a sub 80IQ population.


No, I'm not.
So then why did you say they do care?
A "comeback"? I don't have to deal with conspiracytards because I am not in proximity to them. I'm from Denmark, a quite educated country by modern standards. There are very few people as dumb as the average American here.
Anyway, you ignored 80% of the discussion in favor of talking about dumb conspiracy theorists, who, obviously, aren't going to become communist revolutionaries, so they are irrelevant to our movement.

Yeah burgerland is a special case when it comes to conspiracy theories. I think we have more conspiracy theorists per square mile then pretty much everywhere else on Earth.

lolzy even "post-left anarchists" are social media Marvels Black Panther they/them twitter bio type niggas

what a joke a what a fucking decease on this planet a leftoid is a pollutant as much as carbon monoxide

LARPers aren't gonna do it. The inevitable material necessity will make it happen eventually.

dios mio

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Which is why the majority of youth actually despises capitalism. Even Zig Forumsniggers retards aren't so keen towards capitalism, if only because they seriously think it's run by ( ( (them) ) ). Not that they'd bat an eye over "aryan" white men exploiting them, anyway, given that they are the textbook definition of brainlets.

The reality is, if people over 40 years old suddenly died out right now, capitalism would crumble. Boomer faggots enshrined capitalism and dragged it on to it's absurd and logical conclusion. Boomers have no one to blame but themselves for the failures of capitalism.

Intellectuals get the wall

The future man will be forced to sniff glue from birth.

Ok. Sounds good

But why are they all making green dildos? And what's the U stand for?

I gave up. There aren't any leftwing spaces anymore. Every """leftist""" community has been entirely taken over by feminism and social justice.

There's no point in trying anymore, we lost. Just enjoy the memes.

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You shouldn't give up, if we give up that means that these radlibs win and no one will ever come to the real left-wing. We have to oust these bourgeoisie and revisionist morons out of our spaces.

Don’t give up yet comrade. For as long as there is Capitalism and a clear separation between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, there will always be others like us ready to overthrow the system. And if Capitalism continues on its self-destructive path, the more our numbers continue to grow.

lol i would love to see you morons try to oust them. they skeet on you on the onlines, you will be wimpy little eunuchs in real life. you wouldn't say half the shit you post online to a group of social justice queeroids.

nazbol: the desperate leftards only hope

not such a meme anymore guis

Bitch please, who’d be scared of those neoliberal scum? If a bunch of Zig Forumsnigger retards can do them damage, what’s there to be afraid about?

Be an real leftist punch your local faggots

I mean look at hardcore neoreactionaries getting deplatformed by corporations, getting fired from jobs…..hmmm wonder why do many of them hate capitalists now?

I have. Idgaf

Stopped reading there. Leninism was never socialism you retarded tankuck.

the third pic is retarded

the men's rights movement is championed by crytpo white supremacists or out right nazis.

B-but muh state. Muh bureaucrats

oh no… the misandrists have even made it to Zig Forums. This was supposed to be the last stronghold against your kind.

On the off chance you're not a misandrist and are actually just naive enough to believe the propaganda that misandrists have told you, you should definitely watch pic-related. Documentary made by a reformed misandrist who realized supporting gender equality is not actually the same as being a nazi.


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I had to google this shit and lol


Some days I truly wonder if it's not the destiny of our characteristic intelligence to obliterate ourselves. That the real answer to the Fermi Paradox is civilization eats its own planet before developing enough to escape its confines. But then I tell myself that even if that were truly the case, it's still worth resisting.

Roastie pls

But autism is an evolutionary effect. Gays and trannies are just accelerated capitalism. We can't be co-opted.

This board is such a joke. No one talked about trannies, but you insecure faggots can't go three posts without brining them up in some context. Perhaps you should make a habbit of jerking off before posting to avoid your sexual frustration shitting up the board?

yeah it was a pretty bad look for feminism. A feminist woman takes an honest look at MRAs and concludes that men actually have real issues that we should be addressing.
Feminists then cast her out of their movement and claim that acknowledging men's issues is hate speech.

How can anybody still think feminism is about equality?

Feminism means whatever is convinient for it to mean st this moment.

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You shouldn't give up, dude. That's what radlibs want. Of course r/socialism is retarded place. Just like the most of other "leftist" subreddits. Join r/brocialism or r/stupidpol. There exist anti idpol people even on twitter and facebook. Don't just give up because of the internet woketards. Read a fucking book. Join some communist group irl.

Same kind of thing happened to Erin Pizzey, the woman who pioneered domestic violence shelters. She grew up in a home where her dad was abusive and so her perspective was that domestic violence was like that: men abusing women. So she started setting up women's shelters. After a while of success and support, some men started to approach her telling her about their situation, where the genders were reversed. Being a reasonable person she realized her worldview was shaped by her situation and there was more to this than she thought at first. She tried to get men's shelters going too, but as soon as she did, she was also cast out of the feminist movement, and specifically out of the movement to build women's shelters, for which she was personally responsible in large part.

Autism is just fucked-up neuro-mechanics. There's nothing inherently good about it. The reason why proles glorify it is bc "muh rainman" and Aspies. Most autists are low-functioning or stunted. Some of them in high school are overgrown toddlers. Their behavior and ability is subpar of their age.

Aspies at best can get by five to ten years behind ability-to-age level.

If you want to decimate a nation, don't poison the food/water supply with flesh-easting bacteria. That shit will go away.

No. Inflict the men with severe autism and watch them flop about like idiots. Watch them fumble with about screws, misplace their keys and wallets, cannot drive, get irritated easily with jokes, etc.

4chan and Zig Forums are run by overage (NOT UNDERAGE, BUT OVERAGE) anons who's only virtue in life was having a pre-smartphone childhood. They think that bc they hate mainstram stuff and are no longer teenagers that they're mature and smart hence the zoomer-phobia. They're like dumbass elder siblings.
They talk about watching civilization burn like it's a fucking comic book. They're just miserable shits who don't know how to grow up.

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No. They may still love capitalism; they just want to be the ones to reign capitalism.

Stop putting words in young people's mouths. Why can't adults stop assuming shit about millennilas and or zoomers?
Plot twist: most youths are not infatuated with socialism, contrary to Fox News. That's just fear porn for boomers. Likewise, youths are not infatuated with fascism.

Adults like to blow teen antics out of proportion.
The fact that people get upset over middle-schoolers getting rowdy during video games but excuse thirty-something males doing the same says alot.

But yes, capitalism ( as we know it) would crumble if middle-age/elderly folks died.

God made a mistake with gender-binary biology. He should've made humans an androgynous hermaphrodite race. Think bishonen but with cock, balls and a juicy vagina. No boobs, no monthly loss of eggs, and no body hair.

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