Radlibs are lumpenproles

Socialist in the streets, anarcho-capitalist in the sheets

The weirdest shit is how radlibs will claim to be socialists, but somehow defend authoritarian governments and corporations on every issue. They function as lumpenproles, the dregs of society that have no real concern of class consciousness and will defend private business at any cost. The exchange is simple, the ruling class provides protection/services/goods to the lumpenproles, and the lumpenproles crack down on any real revolutionary people.

The real kicker is the sleight of hand employed by the ruling class to convince said lumpen that they are the real socialists. Self-avowed socialists will celebrate corporate brands for endorsing woke idpol, such as burgerking, Gillette, mastercard, youtube, large banks, etc. Meanwhile, real people campaigning for workers get tarnished. Jeremy Corbyn is attacked both by the capitalist right and left for merely suggesting that the working people of Britain should control the banks, and not the ruling class. The same thing is happening in America, where Bernie is also attacked for not being woke enough.

These radlibs imagine themselves as the vanguard of the revolution, but their actions are always in defense of money's interests. If you ever take to a radlib about the plight of workers in poorer areas, they easily scoff at said workers. They deem those poorer than themselves as rednecks, flyover states, rural retards, chuds, etc. The actual fabric of a revolutionary class is deemed not worthy by liberalism, only trans latinx crippled midgets can be part of the revolution, brought to you by gillette: shave your legs with 5-blade smoothness.

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Punch your local faggots

Says me the real left-winger

I wonder who is behind this post

And let's not forget how extremely-online twitter radicals heap praise upon the corrupt, incompetent or repressive leaders of single-party """socialist""" states while disparaging and lashing out at the actual workers in these countries whenever they try to protest or independently organize.

There are always 2 sides to the story tho.
Don't forget that the guy he "deplatformed" was a multi millionaire backed up by the Koch brothers.
Once those ppl are deplatformed porky needs to invent new spooks to distract ppl, which is hard, so deplatforming these ppl would actually bring about opportunities for ppl to wake up in absence of a boogeyman.
That's why radlibs never actually succeed in deplatforming bigots, they just win small battles while porky keeps the war going. The right thing to do would be to support radlibs in deplatforming efforts in hopes of getting rid of enough idpol distractions to bring about more class conciousness, cause fighting them is just futile and what porky wants you to do.

Crowder still has donations and merchandising to suckle off of, and he's a war-mongering zionist. Crowder has obviously violated youtube terms of service but kept his account intact, meanwhile people who have never violated youtube ToS got deplatformed, both left and right.
Carlos Maza is a distraction from the real censorship, antiwar people both left and right get booted off while a zionist gets a slap on the wrist.

The ruling class wants you to think the debate is about whether or not people have the right to call someone a faggot, but the real issue is Capitalist warmongerers controlling the platform to keep out antiwar voices.

And give more power to curb speech to corporations like Google? No.

The right thing to do would be to support nationalizing these shitty companies so they can't control the dialog anymore.

lol at going after crowder of all people

This. Youtube/Twitter/Facebook/Reddit/etc. should be protocols, not websites. That there is centralized moderation at all is indicative of their intentionally flawed architecture.

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its all because their pp's shrivel up because someone said "nigger" in their upstart hipster cafe.

That's not what lumpenproles are, user.

true, but the former statement

is also true

first they were petite bourgeois now they are lumpenproles

u niggas cant get ur story staight

they're lumpenbourgeois

… So you're saying they're mafiosos, pimps, and drug lords?


They're not entirely lumpenproles, not all of them.

Really, it's nigger lumpenproles and professional-managerial types, the latter actually being the ones who actually are true-believer leftists.

The nigger lumpens get gibsmedats from the government and anti-discrimination shit, while the professional-managerial types pretty much exist to keep the working-class in line.

Though interestingly, I think the actual source of your money as a lumpenprole affects your political orientation greatly. The ones who are former working-class or are the children of working-class families tend to be pretty redpilled on both capitalism and niggers/immigration. The ones from middle-class families tend to be SJW retards or, if they're edgy, le MAGApede/Rational Septic types. And, the ones who were always lumpen are the niggers and really only care about the gibsmedats.

Yes, it is retarded that a lot of our politics is devolving to a fight between lumpens with different income sources, but that is late stage capitalism for you. We could've prevented this if we didn't send our jobs to China and destroy our unions. Desegregating the South was also a mistake. We should have segregated the North too officially.

By 'leftist', I meant radlib by the way.

Basically, the niggers want gibsmes and to fuck over whitey, radlib professional-managerial types are ideological puritans, and porky uses both for their ends. Christfags were the old ideological puritans, and there's a commonality between radlibs and Christfags.

fuck all nigger

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Working/middle I guess. Left wing nationalist, Pol Pot fan

Anyone have the gulags ready?

They already have that power tho.
Yes ideally they should be nationalized, but for that there needs to be class consciousness and corporations oppose that no matter the public's opinion on free speech. However fascists keep ppl from reaching class consciousness by just saying "Capitalists or niggers cause all the problems in the world and capitalism works just fine when it isn't crony". So since corporations only follow their customer's opinion when it comes to fascists and they use all their power to repress class consciousness anyways, should it become a threat, we should ally with corporations when fighting fascists.
Or you could just not fight fascists and get censored when they gain more ground regardless.

At least in burgerstan, they don't have the power to have the government step in and punish political enemies on their behalf, completely ban any upstart competitors from arising to take their place, or enforce mandatory censorship at the border, all of which have happened in Australia, Canada, Worst Korea, Japan, Europe, etc.

And even in those countries, such policies are still fragmentary and subject to continuing legal challenges.

If shitlibs and delusional nirvana fallacy faggots like you have their way, we're going to end up like Saudi Arabia, with an ironclad, completely unaccountable censorship body in place, ready and waiting for right wingers to seize the reigns of.

Ideally, they shouldn't be sites at all, but protocols. Interoperable, open, decentralized, anonymous, and standardized.

remember how liberals created the gestapo and all the sudden hitler was in power?
If public opinion had been different in the weimar republic, ww2 wouldn't have happened, but because liberals were more afraid of getting called out on censorship and accused of being labeled communists, they let right wingers oppress and slander communists all they wanted until they were powerless.
Public opinion is swayed by biased information platforms, whether you like it or not, so the least you can do is make sure they are not biased towards ppl that hate you.
Also we're talking about corporations and not gubbermints here and those corporations do have that power in burgerstan as evidenced by the "banning" of crowder or the shadow ban shenanigans on leddit.

Yes, the center-left SDP literally recruited fascist freikorps to murder anyone left of them. To this day, the SDP publicly proclaims that this was totes the right choice to prevent the eeeevil Spartacists and KDP from turning Germany into the bolshie dictatorship.
Yes, and did lots of the oppression and slander themselves. Remember the freikorps that murdered Rosa wasn't fascist, but was the SDP's own Horse Guard freikorps.
Yes, and giving those platforms the power to become even more biased will make that even worse.
Yes, corporations that have achieved the unprecedented level of power they possess in no small part due to stripping away regulation of their conduct, enshrining policy in their favor, and are eager to obtain even power through unchecked business influence of government, with the willing cooperation or indifference of people like you.
Conduct of a type which was once unilaterally decried and fought against by left wing activist organizations, before they were infiltrated and commandeered by alphabet agency SJW moles, yes.

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Ok I guess that the liberals were part of the problem back then. However they cooperated with fascists and the fascists didn't mind despite having different goals. So why should anybody care when fascists get the short end of the stick? Sure it can be used as precedent, but they don't really need precedent, if they wanna censor the left.

They also constantly threw the fascists in jail, tortured them, and exiled them, as part of a far-reaching regime of censorship and suppression, but they would pluck them right out of the trash can whenever leftists became a problem. That pattern of behavior continued and magnified, until the fascists were given the keys to direct control over Germany to avert communist revolution.
They do need precedent, because they need more powers, more unaccountable secret positions for their agents to occupy, more supposed transgressions that can be used to justify suppression, more mechanisms of mass surveillance to catch these dastardly free thinkers.

Remember that as recently as the 1900s, it was still a crime to even voice opposition against government policy, organize labor unions, or form socialist parties, each of these being overturned by unflinching activism from the left. The downfall of such activism represents a tremendously dangerous trend, both for the left itself, and for broader political discourse as a whole.

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I dunno.
Now you just sound like some conspiracy theorist.
Ofcourse activism is good and necessary and the dissolution of oppressive power structures is often done by left leaning ppl. But those same ppl also often let their opponents freely spread propaganda to subvert them. None of this is really done covertly as far as I can tell. News outlets continuosly spread propaganda against unions until unionbusting becomes seen as a misdemeanor again, they continuosly spread propaganda against blacks until it's ok to separate them again and nowadays as finally leftists are speaking up against those that undermine them, they try to appease by banning the ones that leftists disagree with most.
But I have faith that ppl are not gonna be content with that. Just like fascists weren't content with being just pawns in the weimar republic.

What, accusing SJWs of being on CIA/FBI payroll? I'll admit that, unlike what I've said on other subjects, which are uncontroversial facts that can be found in any history text, that accusation is still speculative.

But the frequent collaboration between SJWs and institutional power, whether in government, in academia, or in major corporations (including leading censorship/surveillance platforms such as Google and Facebook, which have extensive publicly acknowledged connections in terms of contracts and personnel exchange with national security apparatus), point strongly to that conclusion, even if there aren't "smoking gun" policy memos that literally state woke identitarianism was deployed with the specific aim of undermining anticapitalism.

Yes, because any mechanism by which ideas can be suppressed, rather than challenged in open debate, is a weapon that will inevitably be used by powermongers to destroy us. Censorship is like NBC weapons, deploying them results in murder-suicide by default.

We can not and must not allow censorship mechanisms to exist unchallenged, let alone encourage their growth.
I never said it was, aside from perhaps the dubiously authentic "leftist" partisan affiliation of the people pushing these mechanisms. They say they want more power over the people, and shitlibs are handing it to them on a silver platter, openly decrying free expression, and openly pushing other agendas that were once anathema to mainstream leftism, such as hot war against Russia/Syria/Iran/Venezuela/etc, a CIA coup against the US civilian government, blacks themselves asking for racial segregation to return, and labor unions being decried as reservoirs of white male privilege.

The behavior of the modern "left" wouldn't have even been the subject of parody 20 years ago, it should be completely unbelievable, but it's real.

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my only issue with you, man, is your hatred towards Christianity. never saw a non-Protestant huh?

Well how would you keep fascists in check then, if censorship is not an option?
From what I can tell it's easier for them to pull ppl over to their side than it is the other way around.
Either the status quo remains or fascists win, because they are not afraid to censor others and cooperate temporarily with the establishment.
Both options are shit.

tbh, I think most are usually are the Marcuse/Adorno/Fromm types who decided to take a page out of Altas Shrugged and used it to platform themselves to the top. regarding, of course, SJWs.

its not necessarily Jews, its just Jewish-style behavior.

you don't. if you fear them, they feed off that.

All of the top-ranking SJWs are obviously self promotional con artists who prioritize getting lucrative lecture circuit slots, but the question is if someone is pulling the strings. The direct predecessors of SJWs, PoMo crit theorists, for instance, mostly (though a few were confirmed CIA agents) weren't personally aware of being used by the CIA to kill leftism, but CIA programs to use them for exactly that purpose (via, e.g., the CCF, Ford Foundation, and other front orgs) have been publicly revealed. I can only suspect that much the same is true today.

This, honestly. The far right themselves are (except for a few countries like Greece) largely irrelevant outside of serving as a boogeyman for the shitlibs, at least for the time being. Moreover, nearly all of what drives their recruitment isn't their own rhetoric, but the continued apologia for porky's antics on the part of the "left", so transparent that practically any random Joe or Jane can tell it's clearly not in the public's interest.

Take away even a few of the modern center-left establishment's most blatantly revolting excesses, and the aut-right would vanish like popping a soap bubble.

Censorship shilling is a perfect example of that. It contradicts everything leftism has stood for over centuries of political history, clearly does less than nothing to hinder the right long term, and makes all of us on the left look like delusional cocksuckers at best, cryptofascists at worst.

The establishment is not interested at all in giving up its excesses. It's blatantly obvious that you have to take away what's fueling fascism, because fascists use the general population to back them up when conflicts arise. Instead of worrying that people might pick up fascist ideas after listening to them, one should worry about having better arguments. The freemarket of ideas shit is retarded, but it is true that good arguing skills will win people over.

Sure, the establishment won't stop what they're doing willingly, but at least we can ensure they don't do it while successfully masquerading as leftists!

We need to purge all of these people, reconstitute leftists as a force capable of opposing them, and categorically decry their deceit any time they attempt to conceal themselves in the desiccated pelt of our political alignment.

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never thought I'd get along with an ancomm before. well here we are.

Yeah, SJWs and the right have a weird "good cop bad cop" relationship. The each use the other as a recruiting tool, while having pretty much the same underlying policy of protecting porky.

you were converted by the same process, don't talk as if you believe their premises. You are only bothered by the weird optics of anarchists being volunteer stasi for mega corporations. Every objection you have to this comes from your self-image as a rebel on the of the poor having some cracks in it

It really doesn't, leftists have been pro-speech for themselves and no-one else. Everyone on this website believes hate speech laws are justified, there is not a single one of you who does not wish more right-wingers were in jail for using their ever diminishing privilege to speak.

For me it is kind of embarrassing to admit that some leftoid values are being privilegized by global capital so I regress to the most class reductionist "its only communist if Stalin personally blessed it with his piss" version of communism that i don't even personally believe.

Consider me nazbol

pic related

lol. The right are pretty much the only ones allowed to speak. Turn on the news and it's wall to wall right-wing garbage.

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you can change the channel from fox news

You beat hate speech with speech that explains why bigots are retarded.

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convince me that Ryan Faulk is wrong

about what

Love to see non-right-wing content on my favorite TV channel MSNBC

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There aren’t any Lenin worship hours on the tely. Wall to wall right-wing garbage.

MSNBC just reported about Trumps corn hair. Wall to wall right-wing garbage.

The right are pretty much the ones allowed to speak. They only got their bank accounts canceled to stay relevant, the drama queens.

The only three banned organizations in the UK are National Action and two Muslim extremist groups.

The right are the only ones allowed to speak.

It’s not like communist militants are becoming digital icons for corporations like Microsoft or anything en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marsha_P._Johnson

Calm down cuckfascists

I’m excuse me but did the gay black retard brown triple gender so called “socialist” liberationist militant anti-right-wing cracka killa on tv say anything about the coal miners? I don’t think so therefore not communist, sorry kiddo.

Don’t call me a class reductionist but this communists flavor of brown revolution is just a little bit fascist for my taste. Not communist sorry kiddo.

Boo hoo fascists cry me a river u got deplatowned we REAL communists can’t get a word in edgewise of our dry as dirt fucking ancient 1920s Marx / Lenin orthodoxy fucking more boring than a dictionary ass defeated ass WE WUZ SCIENCE N SHIET humorless theory.

You can, but you'll still get the same shit on every other channel.

That's naive and divorced from reality.

Debate and facts change nothing, Destiny debates these bigots all the time, meticulously citing data and debunking every single one of these reactionary hacks and never has he changed anybodies mind nor do these cretins ever change their stances, they will momentarily concede a point or two but will overall remain steadfast to their ideology and go on pretending as though they never debated destiny.

It's not just with him, same goes for Academic Agent who got schooled hard on Labour Theory of Value and now still acts like he's right about it, or that time he tried to debate Potholer54 a conservative environmental scientist and proceeded to ignore him later.

Speaking of Potholer54, he debunked Crowder and was going to debate him till Crowder pulled out and Crowder still acts as though the bullshit he peddled was true.

Reactionaries believe what they want to, they can not be reasoned with. Otherwise you'd have lots of people claiming to be former rightwingers, like that Caleb (Faradayspeaks) guy who would otherwise be deemed unremarkable, the fact that he's so rare and people even accuse him of being a plant goes to show how pointless debate is.

You mean this desTINY?

Destiny is bad at arguing because he can't make the opponents look silly, the point of debate is to make the other side look retarded and/or dishonest. The way you do that is you make emotional arguments are arguments with emotional undertones. How the rightwing uses internet debates as tool to further the free speech narrative is a bigger subject, but debates are very important and you shouldn't ignore their worth

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Forget his twitter feed, look up his debates with No Bullshit, Jontron, Maddox's Ex, Styxenhammer etc, he made them all look comical but it didn't change anybodies mind and only reaffirmed those that didn't like these guys to begin with.

I know Destiny is a liberal pro capitalist shill but he's been very prolific in dunking on the right in real time and it hasn't hurt any of these grifters. In fact their channels only continue to grow no matter how many times they get publicly shamed and exposed for being morons.

So many brainwashed people around the world. There's no hope in 2020 with idiots everywhere. I'm just hoping for impeachment to start before 2020 or there's no hope to beat him and I'm sitting it out.

The point of arguing with fascists isn't to convince them. It's to convince the audience that they're retarded. See the post you were responding to.

But they will reason with neutrals who could be won over by us instead. And suppressing these people's speech isn't going to stop them from believing it, nor will it stop people from finding the ideas. Exposing them for the world to see and taking their ideas apart will show people how bad the ideas are, which is a display that would not exist at all if our reaction to them was to silence and ignore.

sage for doublepost

As if they wouldn't grow if they weren't debated. As if they wouldn't still get support if they were deplatformed. Right wing ideas will always play because they are backed by capitalists. Allowing platforms to censor people just means the Koch brothers or whomever may need to build their own platforms, while giving justifications for the platforms to censor other people they disagree with like, i dunno, that political tendency that opposes the mode of production they run on.

nice digits.

You're not understanding me. The debate is about personality vs. personality making emotional arguments. It's information guerrilla warfare. Nobody wants to read some long, intellectual argument. They want funny, edgy content. If you watch the Trainwrecktv debate, you can see Destiny getting stalled up against Nick Fuentes. Why? Because Nick is quick-witted and can make edgy jokes. Destiny gets triggered by edginess, loses composure, loses debate. You can only engage in scientific dialectics with someone else who is arguing in good faith and is morally honest.

The right likes to engange in debates because they've worked hard to figure out how to win debates, and know debates are fantastic propaganda. Convincing radicals to your side takes time and effort, but the propaganda is aimed at centrist normies. You're denying yourself a platform in the internet age.


this. it's a demoralization tactic against rival radicals and discrediting of rival radicals in front of normies. If you publicly refuse to a debate, they'll call you a pussy and try demoralization like that.

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you know what, now post radlib copy-pasta from rational-wiki

the effectively are, as whites are over-represented and the union workers for Trump. They voted for America to be a racist nation hostile to POC. It is effectively a white supremacists faction that the Democratic Party has to pander to, they also vote for racial profiling in policing etc.

what happens when you combine those phrases?
Can I vote for this party?

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I don't even know who that is. Tell me what argument you want a counterpoint for.

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AlternativeHypothesis, altright gay white who does the LOOK AT THIS GRAPH thing

Also because Destiny is a liberal retard who's not a good faith actor either

Reminder that professional "debaters" and "owners" have an incentive to never beat the people they deal with because it would dry up their source of material. People like Destiny and "SJW" youtube deliberately antagonize people and act stupider than they are to drive people to the right.

Destiny is basically a liberal Ben Shapiro. He just talks really fast while spouting random factoids to sound smart and try and throw you off.

He unironically identifies as a neoliberal soooooo

lol libruls and leftards are basically indistinguishable. Even you niggas can't tell yourselves apart.

No, they do it because stupid people like to have someone to do the thinking and debating for them, and you're not gonna be that person that's fulfilling a need they're willing to pay for if you're playing above their level.

I remember a debate he had with his mother, who he nagged and bitched at even more snidely than as is usual for him. He's a living south park character, down to his very voice, he's gamified, his every interaction being a game of one-up-manship. I guess that's the bargain of making a living sitting in front of a webcam all day, you become the gimmick that draws in the supply of attention.

That was literally a one of instance because conservatives started attacking them for only defending progressives in court. It was one march on one day. Literally an irrelevant act of propaganda. They have for example never defended the alt-right, in any civil liberties dispute

You are full of shit, take off your partisan blinkers and look at history. ACLU alone had countless cases reaching back decades in stalwart defense of free expression, even for nazi hypocrites using those rights opportunistically:
Just because modern SJW libs have gone insane, doesn't mean the left has always been like this, nor that the actual left is any different today.

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Even the ACLU has gone full retard mode today.

They pretty much have turned their backs on free speech.

That pic is used to justify people who still oppose gay rights and shit, dude. What you "believe" is true isn't what matters. What matters is trying to find the truth regardless of what other people say.

True, but there are still good people inside leftist NGOs such as ACLU:
Hopefully, some day, sanity will return, and the opportunism of SJWs will be openly rebuked by those who now cower in their shadow.

Yes, that's kinda' exactly the entire point of the pic. The capacity to fight for something because you believe it, not because it is convenient or comfortable, but because it is true, is a prerequisite to searching for unpopular truths in the first place. If you're too dull to understand the gist, perhaps the original from Clemens will illuminate things for you:

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I wonder why. its whatever generates the most revenue to the "general public" i.e., normies who never browsed an image board in their life.

hate speech isn't even real. most who complain about it are low-T men and broads. it can range from saying 'nigger' online to midly disagreeing with a feminist. its a dubious measure for any goddamn thing.

there is no such thing as actualized truth. since nothing historically can be verified accurately, its always second or third hand accounts of things that may or may not have occurred. was there any evidence Stonewall happened? likely. but is there anything of his occurance that isn't a second hand account of what happened there exactly? down to details? photos can also be doctored to appeal to agenda, don't forget that, same with news reports.

It was always like this, all of those cases where simply the result of the left having less power and thus needing one of its institutions to temper itself. The back lash from neo-nazis and Rush Limbaugh being silenced would simply be bad enough for some more cynical heads to jump in. ACLU has been son bad for the free speech of students that the organization FIRE had to be started so right-wingers could have even a modicum of a platform on the universities.

In the current year with the backing of the mega corporations like google etc. and the demographic shift, the left just does not need to care. There was never an authentic concern for free speech on the left, it at best came with enough caveats to be meaningless. The gulags are the best representation of the consistent attitudes of the left on free speech

Never go full retard.

Believing something and it being true are 2 different things.

Take your postmodernism to /liberalpol/. There's a clear difference between simply believing something and having evidence.

Incitement of hatred is obviously real. The problem with"hate speech" as a concept is its use to define a category of disallowed speech, not that there's no such thing as hate speech.

Love for one’s race is not hate. It’s Jews like you who want to destroy everything.

Leftist NGOs have suffered significantly over the decades for upholding free expression for the right, losing funding, members, and being persecuted by those unable to see the bigger picture.

The fact that FIRE had to be founded, and that it has weathered such a hailstorm for what is mostly upfront activism, is despicable, but the current state of the "left" that produced this situation is a new and strange perversion of the historical norm.

Obviously, but the inability to hold beliefs against the current of mainstream consensus (or "consensus") is a crucial failing.
user, I'm pretty sure that was bait.
I think a better way to put that, would be that hate speech as a consistently and enforcably defined legal standard does not and can not exist. Similarly, that "incitement of hatred" is either dangerously vague, or completely redundant to valid legal definitions such as true threat, solicitation, or incitement, to imminent lawless action.