Is it possible to stop radlibs from taking over leftist spaces?

Is it possible to stop radlibs from taking over leftist spaces?

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You deserved it, reactionary faggot.


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your post is reactionary, friend.

SJWs are socialists now?

social justice is NOT socialism says the real left-winger from imageboard land


Why are you such a reactionary?

Is socialism fighting about pronouns on twitter?

You got banned for crying about two brown people joining the fight against climate change.
Kill yourself.

seems like you have me confused with someone else lol

Oh, okay, you're the guy crying about brown people fighting climate change, calling it neoliberalism?

no. i am a just a random guy who has noticed lot of radlibs on twitter leftist circles

Your OP contains a picture of two bans from leftypol, obviously from the coal plant thread, clearly implying you got banned by "radlibs".

ooh i see where the confusion comes from

no those are just leftypol activity numbers. top is from a few months ago and bottom is now

Maybe try actually communicating instead of expecting people to read your mind.

Mein gott. My bad.

/faggot/pol was shit way before the new femishit mod put the final nail in the coffin. At this point, it's just Zig Forums's version of r/socialism.

If anything, it just benefits us, because actual anti-idpol leftists will flock down here.

Unfortunately that never happened and this board is dead.
Anti-idpol people just leave this shithole of an website and never come back.

Where does one go to find anti-idpol people?

Moderators deserve the bullet

Are you still trying to make this gimmick a thing?

"Anti-idpol left" is really just a weird minority of white leftists who get mad at being called out on their racism, and are subsequently driven out of left-wing spaces and end up in sewers like this place.

That's definitely what it has become, but it was necessary to force other parts of the leftist movement to acknowledge the need for a class focused analysis.

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That's exactly what the "anti-idpolers" here are. Every single thread on this board devolves into shitting on trannies and faggots.

There is a smell on this thread… I'm not sure if it's of Zig Forums trying to false flag or just legit reddit being reddit.

Why not both?

I think that's just low-hanging fruit, like how eCelebs, popculture (especialy vidya), and other such fluff tend to get a million replies especially if it attracts the pedo autist.

The real problem is that not enough of us are involved with IRL organization to chat about it with much passion.

No it’s worse because unlike r/socialism Zig Forums is Dengist.

The Anti-idpol left are just leftists who didn’t waste a bunch of money and time on a useless humanities degree.

Just so you know, I'm what the alt-right calls a shitskin. I'm a mexifag and I despise idpol. It's not that we give a shit about your skin color. If you're an idpol retard, even if you're nordic/germanic, you get the middle finger.

/fascist/ unironically

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This but unironically, pre Hitler most fascists openly wanted as many ethnic people's in their empires as possible, they're pretty anti-idpol, that's why America is also 80% fascist in the modern day. It's just one large reactionary conservative multi ethnic empire.

The problem is that there's not enough viable, worthy RL organizations to be involved in. And for many actually existing organizations, being involved in them feels like a good explanation of going online to vent about identitarian bullshit.

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Isn't that a f e m o I d trait

The one you use on your mother, right.

Need citations for that. Needs the proper economy for that. Try again.

You're probably ANTIFA if you say silly things like that.

Fascism IS identity politics for white supremacists. The only reason actual fascists might hate Zig Forums is because it's overall a terrible board dwelling with soyboys.

We're pretty much the only non-idpol board out there, and even we get occassional nazbolfaggots and femicunts trying to raid pur board.

Okay this is the ultimate proof that "idpol" means fuck all anymore.


Go to /fascist/ and lurk two years kiddo



Miguel Serrano.

I did lurk some on that board. They somehow managed to be even worse than Zig Forumsniggers. They just took out the hilarity of Zig Forums's sheer insanity and they constantly suck that manlet Hitler's dick.

They're pretty damn spooked and regurgitate the white genocide thing that nobody gives a shit about. It's pure idpol garbage.

So you admit you never went there?

I shitpost a lot here, but I’m 100% serious when I say that you have clearly never browsed /fascist/ in your life

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Ok, let me clarify something.

I did lurk on some threads and the problem is not that they spawned off from Zig Forums. They're certainly not Zig Forums 2.0 and I never intended to say that. The problem is that they unironically believe in fascism as an utopian ideology.

Fascism is idpol with a jingoist appeal. It's capitalism + nationalism.

It's mostly ethnocentric shitskins who use Marxist aesthetics and parties in order to put themselves in power and leech from white nations. Most other white "radlibs" and white Marxists are cucks who shill for the latter.

If you had any sense of self-preservation you'd join left-leaning white nationalist movements like NatSoc or NazBol.

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Nice projection.

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Well sheeeeiiit.

Completely missed the point of that. That was just a picture of you, a 12 year old making edgy comments with no substance.
Also I'm white as fuck.


Pretty sure Maoist/Dengist 3rd-worldism is the most common type of Marxism on Earth, and it literally espouses subjugating white nations via mass-immigration and outright warfare.

If you really are white, then I question your sense of self-preservation by supporting a future Mugabe's right to have to killed via firing squad.

The fuck does that have to do with anything? But okay
Pretty sure Leninism is the most common type of Marxism on earth.
What the fuck. Source? :^)
You're insane my dude.

sure. ignoring most of it came from Socialist and Anarchist movements, including Sorelianism, Asserism, Nazbol, Pol Potism, etc.

none of us really believe its utopian at all. because implying that, people are always gonna get along. truth of the matter is, no matter what, humans are always going to be in conflict with one another, the eternal struggle.

That's legit leftypol though.

lol, organizations like LLCO (or even fucking Jason Unruhe himself) say that any person of any race in the 1st world profits from imperialism.

Says the commie who thinks the chiliastic end of capitalism is nigh that will usher in a golden era of moneylessness, statelessness and perfect equality for the classless masses. You’ve basically turned Abrahamic mind-poison secular

So bioleninism?
Any sort of ethnocentric ideology is going to be right wing by definition.

we never said that, we said that its end is guarantied.
Pretty much as long as we don't nuke our self's back to the stone age, Read Marx or any leftist text for that matter.

When you start an organization take measures to keep the radlibs out. Replace all pronouns with "fag" and open each meeting with "What's good my niggas?"