Can we please get a meme thread going?

Can we please get a meme thread going?

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These are pretty crummy maymays so far.

Suck my dick. Have some more trash, Slavoj

The real reason why the workers will join the revolution.

Memes haha they’re so great and funny haha
We weren’t talking about memes before Zig Forums went full meme warfare haha
So funny XD
I love emem Hahahahahahahaahah
Our counter culture is being influenced by what fascists do haha
And that’s a good meme
Haha dank

We already have an OC thread.

Pepe was everywhere by like 2010 before Zig Forums even existed, and got revived in the mainstream and backlashed by R9K before Zig Forums even touched him. Like half of gen y was raised on 4chan circa '06-'10. Zig Forums was the latecomers who just inserted their fetish into everything and made it unfunny.

But that said,




Actually, hold that - OP's image out of the "Ok." category. It's definitely gobshite.

I'd like to lick her toilet tbh

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Revision - OP's image is OK, but
was gobshite.


The hill imageboard left-niggers want to die on

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Stay mad

Radlib tier

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You have clearly never seen the shit put out by smoloko

That's the JRA Shigenobu group, not the URA.

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How do I know this isn't some faggot LARPing as a Mom?

Open borders is an incredibly unpopular idea, outside of echo chambers like leftist SJW subreddits. Even normiefags aren't on board.

*F E M O I D

Dropping some lame memes I found on reddit.

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Masculophobic fectoid

Literally everyone "wuz memerz" before Zig Forums.
Zig Forums is actually unique in jealously guarding their stale meme-based identity. I mean, yeah, they were retarded stormfags who just rehashed oldmemes and circlejerked over ad hominems… but we generally don't talk about that when ya'll aren't coming in and crying about other people using the frog.

Fuck off to wherever you came from

Or in the realms of any Mom normalfaggot enclaves

Democratic Republic Of Kampudixieland

I came from here.
What are you gonna do, council me to death?
Get real, Bookfag!

Nice wordfilters faggots

Reported. I’m sick of the fascists here


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