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Can you guys suggest me what books to read and to tell me what do you think regarding:

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Also I have accidentally posted this same thread three times, so I would suggest the mods to delete 2 other threads.

What have your read already and what subjects are you interested in?
Anywho Marx's wage labor and capital is very comprehensive and critique of the gotha program still very relevant
A mockery of enlightnemt values and a massive historical tragedy
For losers
I don;t understand why nazis deny the holocaust, shouldn't they be proud thatt hey got so many kills?

They deny the holocaust to get rid of the stain from their ideology, which unironically proves that they are closeted cucks in denial who always preach how "being able to kill non whites is virtue" but when you ask them about lolocaust, they literally go full "but muh daddy Hitler dindunuffin wrong I swear, Nazism is all peace and luv lololo" which unironically proves for them that Hitler was literally a Jew lmfao.
As for the readings, I am more interested in Anarchism and all that stuff, but I heard that those books are pretty good.
P.S. being a Jew isn't really a bad thing, but if we are going to be real here, if any retard uses argument "lmao Sassenachmunism is Jewish" then they better reject Nazism since Hitler literally built Hotels and Pools for Jews according to their own propaganda

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have you read the conquest of bread already?

Welp not yet, but I saw some videos regarding it and all that stuff, but sure thing I could get read on it. But either way, I am more interested to why these retarded people from Zig Forums believe that their leader was the saviour of white race when he literally allied with "Jewish communists" as well as according to their own propaganda regarding Holocaust

Oh about that >>>/netcom/1287

I don't deny either even if it really happened. People die I laugh.

Thanks for the info mate. And by the way, just wanted to let you know that I am actually an ex-not socialist, primarily because of the two reasons:
1, Strange incosistency between what Hitler said in Mein Kampf about Jews, and what he actually did to them during the war.
2. Nazi economy was pure bullshit, only productive during the war.
Special mention goes to Zig Forums too, which is literally FBI honeypot, as well as the fact that most of those retards who claim to be fighting against "white genocide" are mutts themselves who attack other people for not being white.

Well I do actually deny some parts of it, because that is the only way to actually expose Hitler as a zionist prick he was

Oh great welcome aboard.You have a lot to learn but any learning is good learning

Oh and BTW
Check out some Zizek lectures on youtube, he gets to the meat of why people thinks like they do when it comes to politics
If you're american maybe also read A people's History of the United States, personally I have not read it and I'm not sure if the other users would approve of it but I heard good stuff about it
Dunno what else to recommend since I'm not too used to anarchist literature

Sure thing, and I am glad that you dislike Zionism as well. I might not be not socialist anymore, but that doesn't stop me from hating Zionism even more.

And stay away from Settlers by Sakai, the book is a CIA plant and the backbone of radlib identity politics, basically the SJW's manual to blame honkies

We absolutely hate zionism
Isreal is is the country Hitler wanted germany to be and its existence is his biggest legacy
The mere idea of zionism is a mockery of enlightenment values and any desire that man has of living in solidarity

Indeed lol, like I truly hate SJW pricks… they are quite literally those people who believe "minorities dindu nuffin" even though it is a well known fact that all people make mistakes.

What a fuck did he meant by this, did he wanted Jews to go out from Europe so they could control the world from Israel? Hitler's gotta be one of those extreme quality crafted baits against Zionism

COGP is indeed still very relevant, and ironically it was the anarchists of Spain who implemented the labour voucher system proposed by Marx in that pamphlet.

Woops meant for

Muh mutts
Muh Retards

Zig Forumss response to Sakai

Bringin' tears to my eyes, oh yeah
Nobody done noticed 'til the jet was in the sky
Bringin' tears to my eyes, keep goin'
You gotta tell The WIZRD, it's a story like a book
Tears in my eyes, I can't forget where I came from
I lost a lover, it's alright



Crap. Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was a very short-lived agreement, and citing it as "uniting with Jewish Communists" when Germany exterminated their own Communists and attacked Russia isn't just wrong, it's bizarrely wrong. Like from that point on I'm not even sure what the message is supposed to be - is it supposed to be making fun of Nazi historical revisionism or does the person who made this actually believe that concentration camps were resorts? I mean the Nazis actually did wreck Europe and Germany itself, so that bit's true.

It's a problem, but the alt-right has the wrong "final solution", if you must. We oppose zionism not under antisemitic principles. We don't necessarily hate jews; we hate their religion, their idpol antics, the embodiment of "jewishness" as a weaponized political force and we also despise Israel and jewish nationalism because we see it as a tool of the bourgeoisie to control geopolitics.

As a matter of fact, we hate zionism because jewish nationalism/supremacy/separatism isn't any different from white/black/asian/(insert meaningless spooked term here) nationalism/supremacy/separatism. It's all about identity politics.

Zionism = nazism for the jews.

Divide and conquer tactic used by the bourgeoisie to divert the attention from the bourgeois question. Tell whites to blame "niggers", then also tell blacks to blame "cumskins" and watch as they fight each other, all because the amount of, or lack there of, melanin, while they run through the backdoor with all the money.

The evidence from both the holocaust and holodomor is out there. Discussing it any further is asinine.

OP here, so to answer to what was my message in my picture is to make fun of the fact that not socialists defend Holocaust which ironically proves that their leader was a crypto Capitalist. How can you tell me this is not a complete jewery? Pic related

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This is Zig Forums-tier shit, tho. You can actually look these things up - for instance, the usage of the one pool (in a complex of over 40 camps with over a million prisoners) was permitted to SS officers and "Aryan" collaborators. The brothel was stocked with female prisoners. And testimony of the football teams actually comes from some of the same witnesses who describe seeing other less-privileged prisoners living in starvation conditions. Given the size of the operation, it actually makes sense that there would be things there to accommodate cooperation and the everyday lives of officers.

Like Judaism itself, it’s a form of reactionary and subversive idpol
Nothing wrong with it
Whoever made that never read Mein Kampf

Franis Dec?

Evidence is empiricist and should be thoroughly patronized

Eh I don’t care

White Nationalism is a spook. It’s retarded to base your entire identity on skin alone

fascism for jews
cucked and bluepilled, more degenerate than radlibs
actually a good meme to troll Zig Forums

Awesome you got em dood pls troll them with epic good meme and post their rage here HAHA so gud they are an killed

lol, someone is butthurt

Good explanation, but I only wonder about this chimney on the roof and all that stuff.

Holocaust denial is some of the funniest ideology. Just the fact that people say shit like "The Holocaust didn't happen but I wish it did." Think about how many levels of nonsense you have to be on to say that.

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Basically the same issue for two different demographics. Each is obsessed with their own "whiteness/Jewishness" to the point that they don't actually represent any average white/jew/etc but have to continue insisting they do directly represent them otherwise they lose their standing. This is why it's "Antisemitic" to criticize Israel, because Israeli Zionists want a monopoly on Jewishness to defend themselves.

Personally I think it's fucking retarded demagoguery for chuds who think either group is absolutely monolithic. As a white guy getting rawdogged by capitalism, I do not have any allies among white nationalists. If they want to pardon the crimes of non-zionist, white bourgeoisie for the sake of their pallor, I could give less of a fuck about their vision for the proverbial "HUWHITE RACE"

probably good 4/pol/ bait

funniest sentence in this thread

Thanks, one of my favorite.

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