I don't hate Viet Cong because they're communists

…I hate them because they're Viets.

Overseas Viet here.

I'm descended from a Vietnamese draft dodger who fled to avoid conscription into the army when the SRV fought the Vietnamese-Cambodian War. Said draft dodger holds a rabid hatred of the Vietnamese government, probably because that seems to be a trend amongst Viet Kieu yellow flag wavers. I live in a virulently anti-communist area so I must hide my power level.

I've had a certain distaste for my co-ethnics over here. They're the most reactionary garbage and you might know they're the most pro-neocon bunch of garbage outside of Cuban gusanos. I fucking hate the cram school industry and the cult of education they've set up as well. The worst reactionary Confucian values seem to permeate it. I used to learn at a cram school and they were authoritarian as shit. I distinctly remember one of the tutors asking who hated America and I put my hand up and the tutor shithead shay on me for it.

Looking at the current state of geopolitics of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and its red neoliberal cucking, I can't say I'm impressed either. I used to have a virulent, hysterical hatred of the SRV as well, carrying on from my father as a function of the anti-communism. I've since calmed down and I don't really buy into the myth of the 18th Division of the South Vietnamese army, but the Vietnamese, both here and there are absolutely cucked over by neoliberalism. The Viet Kieu are cucked by M16 rifles and the Viet Cong (as overseas Viets refer to the SRV as a whole) are cucked by American fast food.

Side mention: my uncle married a Vietnamese Catholic. They're the richest part of the family over here and when you look at the Buddhist Catholic conflict in South Vietnam, I find it highly interesting.

Why are Viets in general so cucked?

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Is modern Vietnam even remotely socialist at this point?

Fuck V*etnam

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How fascinating. You are really unique in your views.


you can hate us for the time being. but we're gonna soon be your allies, at least the disenfranchised farmer kids.

I think any of those who fought in Vietnam to be spat on by filthy hippies who had kids, those hippies had SJW kids. you were a farm boy, those SJWs hold giant tech jobs and ruin your communities by bringing in pozi into your small rural towns. Year Zero in America, finally.

Asians in general are really just bugs in human form.

t. Richard Nixon

They officially claim to have a "socialist-oriented market economy" with the intention of eventually moving towards a socialism, which is similar to what China claims.

I really don’t even think they are human like whites are. Leftoids are deluding themselves

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Kinda sad, if true.
Considering how the US and China cooperated just to fuck Vietnam up, just for them ending up in opposing roles.
Now China and the US are not getting along at all while Vietnam and US are buddies now?
Guess economic interests trumps the vicious shit Americans dropped on Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.
Maybe Agent Orange had a ingredient that turned survivors into neolib conserfs, I don't know.

While their is no justifiable reason to support the war, 90% of the anti-vietnam war movement were proto-radlibs who had a hatred for working people. Sadly their was no truly left alternative anti-war movement.

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So no, they are not socialist, they are capitalist.

It’s because China and Vietnam have boarder disputes.

Are those glasses in the pic?

Anyway, fascinating bread. I'm a white boy, but I visited Vietnam a couple years ago because I was interested in the history. After coming home and learning more about the history of South Vietnam, I couldn't help but come to the conclusion that the Vietnamese conquest of Kampuchea Krom, and Whitoid Manifest Destiny, were kindred spirits. It's no wonder the South Vietnamese allied with the Americans, their hearts were just as mercurial and calculating.


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t. asian bugman

Based and anti-Vietpilled

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this thread speaks so much about the current quality and state of the board

I just hate gooks in general. They single handedly ruined leftism and it's reputation during the past few decades.

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I know an Australian who volunteered in both the Second and the Third Indochina war.
So don't worry, your sire got covered.

everytime i see them my mind flashes to a burning monk