The head of Google's AI algorithm, Jen Gennai, was caught openly admitting that Google is censoring nationalists...

The head of Google's AI algorithm, Jen Gennai, was caught openly admitting that Google is censoring nationalists, right-wingers, and even center-left neoliberals like Dave Rubin in order to prevent Trump from winning in 2020.

Project Veritas's video was up for several hours, before getting ☘️taken down☘️. For those who don't know, Google owns YouTube.

Now wait a minute Zig Forums, you told me that corporations support fascists and nationalists. Why are they doing literally the opposite? Google is literally altering its algorithms to prevent nationalist videos and articles from getting views.

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inb4 autistic screeching

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I got nothing.
Maybe we are just pawns of the establishment guys?

And the establishment is Jews and Zionist shabbos.

Google is also censoring leftists but we're used to that


Maoist Rebels talks about overthrowing the US government all the time, but gets to stay on YouTube. Meanwhile, Varg gets banned for making music and survivalist videos.

Here's some proof for ya:

Either way, the internet media censorship has more to do with the fact that capitalism now panders to SJWs. Liberal media has a profit incentive and a target market they have to pay lipservice to. Why do you think Jeremy Corbyn and Ilhan Omar get so much shit, despite being on the left?

Also, I'm pretty sure the rich also hate Sanders, despite him being a jew, so your ( ( (boogieman) ) ) claim is absurd.

They only care about money, and virtue signalling about idpol doesn't cost them anything. Also why you have all these corporations giving lip service to fags.

They prefer more subtle methods of propaganda on the issues that matter to them, hence why the MSM is presented as respectable. It's easier to get people to believe a guy in a suit than some retard raving about white genocide.

They'll ban him if his channel gets bigger, or the US starts seeing actual real-life leftist guerilla activity. Insofar as corporations ignore us it's because we're too small and ineffectual for them to view us as a threat.

They have rigged the algorithm to promote corporate news sources at the expense of leftist ones, as was mentioned upthread.

The only thing corporation support is their bottom line. Any opposition Google and the like take to right wingers is merely the reach the largest audience they can. If a leftist gets on social media and screeches loud enough about anything that harms these mega corps power or wealth they'll be banned in minutes and we all know it.

So tell me why Varg gets banned. He's even less known than Maoist Fatass. It's because there's a certain tribe in charge of media who has an ethnic bias against whites uniting.

Bernie gets interviews on CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc. Paul Nehlen and Patrick Little don't.

Now we didn't. We said they supported liberalism. Repost this on >>>Zig Forums if you want bait replies.

I get that reply all the time from Marxists though. They claim nationalism is just about to get mass corporate support at any moment.

Plenty of white nationalists wear suits and have mountains of data to back-up their positions. People like Jared Taylor, etc.

They get banned, while Antifa furries who screech about 6 gorillian genders get promoted to the top of recommended videos by YouTube/Google.

Because they criticized Israel.

The Quartering is a soy neckbeard, but his vid has clips of the original Veritas vid that got deleted.

really makes pic-related lawsuit make a lot of sense. Apparently it's a completely toxic, anti-white anti-male culture from top to bottom there. But google is so large and powerful that the few employees who are still rational have to put up with it.

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TRS mentions this all the time. If these corporations only cared about profit motive, they would allow white nationalist vids (most of which don't fedpost) to exist on their platform and generate more ad revenue.

Instead, they actively reduce their possible ad revenue base in favor of ideological censorship.

The liberalism one? Or the random:
Most corporations are global these days, I'm not a Marxist.

Precisely because SJW content is not a threat to their business model, actual Marxism is. And Antifa are a bunch of liberals pretending to be socialists, they are a bunch of street clowns who dress up to try to be "edgy" without knowing what the hell they are talking about.

listen even though I'd say I'm the upmost political fringist, people should have a right to at least state their ideas and intentions honestly, even if I disagree with them completely it's better for society as a whole to have healthy forthright debates

to be fair he's a convicted criminal who openly talks about destroying all of Christiandom and attacking minorities on the basis that they merely exist.

Corbyn is probably the last contemporary politician to not be swamped with liberalism.

the place has been overthrown by anarchildren



Citation need, mamzer. His vids were about living innawoods and going primbol gang, and waiting on urban society to destroy itself.

Nothing in there about advocating genocide. Pilpul harder.

Download it here:
← View it here.

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It's a good expose on corporate information control, even if you're not right-leaning.


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That's what i thot too. And as I say about every happening: always archive before spreading.

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Leftniggers have to admit that Amerikkka is like a new pseudo-USSR if they admitted at the very least that the people running these corporations are "do one socialism" type queeriods.

Leftniggers are so disingenuous they can't even admit that leftoid counter-culture has influenced the shit society we live in for multiple generations at least starting since the 60s.

Leftniggers are such slime that they can't even admit at the very least that this stage we are in is just the embarrassing stage where they have just marched up through the institutions and perched up at power positions before toppling them down. Even THIS is too shameful for them to admit, it stings, they can't stand to admit it it, they burn with rage to think about it. "We are supposed to be the underdog the whole time guys, we are the powerless". They think to themselves.

It's honestly incredible how different the reality you Zig Forumsyps live in is, where capitalists are somehow leftist.

They're just enacting leftist policy from a capitalist power position. It's not hard to understand, you nigger.

Here's an actual prole's take on corporate censorship:

Like what? I hope you're not talking about liberal idpol nonsense.

Shilling for succdem leftist parties by openly funding them, censoring their opponents, and supporting mass-immigration of shitskins of whom 80%+ vote leftist.

It's more longmarch bullshit. They want to eventually progress into Marxism. All these Silicon Valley types are literal Marxists from the '60s (or their kids), or foreign Pajeets who have an interest in supporting a Marxist 3rd-Wolrdist takeover of white nations, and thus leeching gibs from them.

Oh, yes, indeed, it was the left that did it.
And modern/postmodern "art" of course, was the perfect commercialized yet "counterculture" vehicle for:

And the Ford Foundation is, of course, a front for…

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Leftniggers really do not want to take responsibility over how much leftoid counter culture has influenced the society we live in, it hurts them physically to imagine it, faces turn red with rage, blood boiling.

You might have had a point 60 years ago.

Like who?

No they don't, you retard. Capitalists want capitalism, because that's the only reason they have any power.

Fucking lmao leftniggers are in cope mode

The female exec in the vid admits to supporting Bernie and Warrne.

Most of them are single fags and catladies who don't have a lineage to care for. Also, they're already so rich that they could retire tomorrow and never have to work the rest of their lives. When you're that rich, you're free to live-out your ideological fantasies without worrying about maintaining a strict profit.

If capitalists actually thought like that then we wouldn't have billionaires in this world. You are incredibly naive.

Nobody is an leftist unless they're living in a jungle wearing balaclavas running sustainable commune farms and worshiping paintings of Stalin is my favorite leftnigger response. Meanwhile the thread about opting out of society gets ridiculed to oblivion and shit. You guys have nothing.

It's nice to know where to aim an ICBM now. Find her address, it's hackertime. I fucking hate corporate capitalist lackeys that just let robots do whatever the fuck they want

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Watch the narrative about Google change now from the leftoids. More sympathy, more benefit of the doubt more turning the other cheek to what google does.

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You're naive to think all billionaires behave like Christian white nationalist males from the 1800s.

I'm pretty sure the CIA knows where Hitler fled to too my dude.

That's because they constantly want to keep you on the grid.

Yeah, 75% of Muslims in the UK vote Labor, so…

I know man can you believe those China lovers?

Goddamn nigga this shit alone should be reason enough for everybody in this thread to quit it with the leftism shit. Just give it up you fucking retards.

It’s all 4D chess! Nevermind the fact that they share 99% of the same views in aiming for a globalized, industrialized, borderless, democratic world-state where homos and apes can run amok under the aegis of a small clique. B-b-but it’s all smoke and mirrors from porky!


Look at the stark partisan divide between /catholics/protestants or italians/germans/poles/swedes/etc and angloes in burgerstan. Give it a generation or two, they'll end up exactly like the mutts that make up Zig Forums's userbase, happily switching to the party that railed against their grandparents.

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They've been doing the same exact shit to progressive and leftist news sources both on Youtube and around the internet since the summer of 2017 if not longer. As just one example, literally every time Jimmy Dore uploads a video about the conflict in Syria his videos get demonetized and his subscribers are constantly getting mysteriously unsubscribed.

Stop posting this racist mutt meme

Sex-predator Trot detected

It's funny seeing you 3rd-world niggers try to explain how white people interact.

Don’t know about you but I’m still getting right-wing garbage in my recommended tabs. And plus, they’re peak neoliberals man, they don’t give two fucks about the far-left or the far-right and would gladly ban the both of them to make a profit to appease their brainwashed neoliberal masses.

They're far from the only victims.

Simply lol

Tim Pool is the next Hitler, obviously.

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There it is man the next new buzzword

Band camp is guilty of the same shit, they took down 2 of my projects within months of each other


Pol pot was based

He should have killed more urbanites and intellectuals, maybe we wouldn’t have this pozz-infused idpol leftist hellhole we have now


real Zig Forums is disenfranchised rural kids. often their men.

damn right

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As if I give a shit about culture and idpol. Egoism above all

hmmmm, nah

It's honestly incredible how different the reality you leftniggers live in is, where people who call themselves communists are somehow liberals.

That guy is also responsible for the digital infrastructure we are more increasingly dependent on. His address should be on everyone's list.

That's nice anarcho cumbucket

More Krackpotkinite anti American working class bullshit. Just die, faggot

Fascism and nationalism isn't about wypipo. It's the structure of the hierarchy, not what identity gets put at the top. People are wary of white nationalism/fascism, so corporations are going to try pushing woke nationalism/fascism since almost nobody gets that politics is about function not form.

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People are wary because they're chickenshits. Oh noes white people want to not die…help he's trying to kill everyone!!!!!

Ok faggot. Reported.

Reported for using a slur.


It's true that America has inter-ethnic conflicts among its white population, but that'll be superseded by radlibs pushing the racial conflict instead. Supercategory > subcategory.

Sensitive are we? Grow some balls


Stop being so patriarchal, mutt

The mods are trannies.


They kill themselves usually in their late 20s

So it's just a matter of waiting

Trannies need exterminated




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