What’s your excuse, leftoids

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I'm legally not allowed to here

To add people with mental disorders are literally wards of the State and we can't just "get up leave" unless we want to get arrested. Also we're not legally allowed to carry weapons

How “severe” do they think you are? You seriously wouldn’t be allowed to just fuck off into the woods?

In the US government, right here, even high functioning tists like me can be considered "government property"

Sad really if you think about it

Even more reason for you to go off the grid and escape ZOG Occupied Government’s grip

We're considered more dangerous than queers to Evangelical Christians. There was a story Martin Luther killed one of us for being "demonic" Lefties don't care because we can't be commoditized like aforementioned gays or trannies or fuck, even women and minorities. It simply isn't "sexy" enough to bother with. Foucault was right.

And How are we exactly going to do that when these big corporations, Chinese bourgeoisie and the state are starting to buy and own more and more of the wilderness around us? Eventually there will be nowhere to go.

Not surprised.


Go dilate

No, FBI-kun, that's not true.



I will strangle a porky with my bare fucking hands in the revolution but going innawoods is illegal so can we not?

Uhm excuse me sir that tent is illegal, can you like please not???

Now watch me kill this cop

Listen dumbass if you go innawoods the state is going to inevitably come after you, the struggle will crescendo into revolutionary proportions between the peaceful/sustainable squatters and the land buyers. We leftists don’t want that do we?

Dumb idiot innawoods is impossible… a revolution led by mongoloid city queer soy fed baristas is very possible and easy.

I dunno who you think you're fooling.

Marxist anarchist ben shapiro “just live in the woods 4hed.” Holy fuck is this page dead. Let me shred both my passports, my social security card, cut my fingers off, get a sex change, and live in the woods where I’ll pick some wild strawberries and befriend a beaver that builds communes and fights nazis. Maybe leftpol should move to the woods so it can finally die alone and in peace. Holy fucking yikes

You just don’t belong here, Reddit

Boohoo da woods so hard and scawy says the mens who will surely murder police officers and decapitate bankers with machetes in the revolution.

Lols the mens whomest have this grand idea of a world without money, nations or heiarchy can’t live without their passports

Let's see how your logic applies to other things

this is why I get off to incel shootings.

same logic applies

this is why this board is a diarrhea deposit

That's not at all the same logic.

I think we've come to a point where logic is suspendable. since both sides are feels at this point and there's no use trying to deny that.

Logic has always been suspended for nazis.

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Yeah, that praxis has worked out reeeeally well in the past for all many peoples.

The only way to fight capitalism is from inside the machine.

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Guerrilla armies always fail. The revolution will be periscoped tweeted and Instagram storied.

I ain’t scared I just don’t wanna

Guerilla armies only work against relatively civilized countries that have to abide by at least the pretense of human rights. Against old-fashioned totalitarian regimes, the response to guerilla warfare is to unapologetically march from one end to the other of a country, butchering men, women, and children indiscriminately, shelling cities, burning forests, killing animals, and poisoning wells, until the countryside is completely depopulated, then perhaps shipping in more compliant replacements.

That guerilla warfare works in the modern era is purely a quirk of diplomatic law.

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I actually come here because i don’t fuck with reddit and never have, in hopes that there is still an inkling left of decent conversation, although I see there is not and hasn’t been for several weeks now. But what a great argument. Just tell everyone to piss off to reddit while I roll around in the ashes of Zig Forums and argue with the 5 other nutsacs who have nothing better to do than spread their cancer. Sounds like the dream, my g.

Are you guys being entirely disingenuous or being this hilariously retarded on purpose? Your actual retort to breaking free from the system is to go live inawoods? Are you aware how fucking hilarious, defeatist, and pointless that sounds? This is beyond the realm of autism, we’ve now branched into levels of retardation i didn’t know were imagineable.

Edit: i might unironically fuck off to reddit if this is the level of braindead patheticism i can expect in this neck of the retard woods

logic is suspendable for all people in the material realm. only on the astral plane is objective truth.
and Sartre was a faggot. never contributed much. in fact Camus was more correct than he was.


All the war criminals that were covering their asses with this lame propaganda are long dead, why are stormniggers still embarrassing themselves with this moon landing denialist-tier farce instead of bragging about their high score?

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Participating in the capitalist system as little as possible is DEFEATIST give it up dummy it is POINTLESS

Says I the not defeated not pathetic communist stallion man

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So true the next panel to this comic is when knuckles says SO WHY EVEN TRY while someone brands a hammer and sickle on him like a cow

Repeat after me: I do not and can not, without putting my life into dire jeapordy, waltz off into nature without the support of a sizeable collective of people, structures to support the various life processes I need to go through and the hard won knowledge of how to survive in my area, usually held (and protected) by indigenous peoples of the land.

Are you like, rolling in money or something? or are you just REALLY fed up ?

Living off the gird is feasible if you aren't lazy and take the time to read up on primitive survival and permaculture. Unless you're dissabled

Yeah, if a small fraction of the world's population wanna go lumpen and live off-grid innawoods, it's not really that hard. The problem is trying to sell that as viable revolutionary praxis, when (as pointed out last thread) one of the most urgent reasons to oppose capitalism is the threat it poses to the environment.

I don't think anything could please the bourgeoisie more than anti-capitalists fucking off into the woods.

Not being slave in the rat race is what the bourgeoise want man just stay here and follow my communist Instagram account.

Sustainable living in the beauty of nature is a really hard sell. Killing cops and decapitating porkies in final struggle very easy sell nice and good people like it very much.

Turns out life is hard and scawy without the capitalism communist stallion men’s hate so much.

Repeat after me: camping without my phone for an extended period of time is very difficult for me but I swear to you I will decapitate fascists with a fucking machete in the revolution yes very much I promise you this.

Are you okay?

Porkies is about to go Fallout 4 on all of nature that is why you should stay here and place a hammer and sickle bumper sticker on your car. Effective praxis.

lol imagine being this up your own ass. Like your edgy communist twitter account matters to anyone. Like your gay ass communist opinions you only make known online on social media is making anybody sweat. Fucking lmao man this shit is a joke bro. Fuck. Niggas feel dangerous from their university dorm rooms and shit. Fuck nigga this shit is embarrassing.

Am I witnessing a mental breakdown?

Why do you keep bringing up Fallout 4? 1 and 2 were much better.

You're witnessing a shitposter. Like half the posts in this thread are just him.




Leftcomms have that tendency

New Vegas fucker

Tantalizing taste trailing toward the tatters they terminated.

I'm still holding out for some band of heroic modders that won't quit to bring us a greater fraction of what should have been:

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All of Zig Forums is the same two or three /fascist: crossposters posting insane shit at each other for shits and giggles at this point I think

Still better than Zig Forums

Guerrilla armies succeed when they're supported by another country or get a sufficient number of soldiers to turn.

I did enjoy fallout 3, NV and 4, but it wasn't at all the same kind of experience as the first Fallout games. The humor was completely gone, the interesting dialogue completely gone. It was just an action adventure.