Free Speech

Is free speech a Leftist value?

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So much for free speech

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Elaborate how free speech is idpol

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Lol institutionalized free speech is a platform and we don’t platform nazis

Yes, obviously.

Without absolute free expression, there can be no democracy. Socialism is the democratization of the means of production. Without free expression, there can be no socialism.

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Socialism is the next step in the process of the enlightenment.

You are identifying concepts and ideas with words, it is pure idpol. Language is harmful for the mind, I would communicate in a less abstract way if we were not using the Internet, so sadly non-idpol discussion is impossible at the moment

so its only an issue when someone says bad words about people. if everything is a spook then it just becomes contextual.

Obviously any use of logic is idpol.
One of the axioms of logic is identity, that 1=1.

Glad to hear Zig Forums is still on the side of the Enlightenment. There's a lot of censorious faggots from reddit on that other board lately.


To not have free speech would imply a power who can censor people, which is something that any anarchist should be assumed to oppose. State socialists should also want free speech for their people because the state is supposed to be accountable to the workers (even if there are problems with that).
Anybody who opposes such a basic thing as free speech needs to justify that restriction on people pretty rigorously and explain how it doesn't create a power imbalance that could be used by counterrevolutionaries.

"Deplatformers" who feel the need to prevent righties from getting a chance to speak, rather than directly confront their bad arguments, are a cancer to the Left and should really open a history book. All this behavior does is set the stage for a future showdown where the court of public opinion can rule that Leftist ideas are also too extreme or dangerous to allow, and successfully justify suppression. In fact it's already been happened on corporate media channels, from Google's algorithm attacks on progressive news sources, to Facebook's repeated bannings of groups like Police The Police, to Youtube demonitizing and de-subscribing people from lefty/leftish channels on a regular basis. Some Leftists seem to be under the delusion that just because they don't respect the state's laws or corporate hegemony, it magically doesn't exist. That if they just wish real bad they don't need to navigate our various communications' channels that have been captured by capitalists.

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Does anyone who claims to support "free speech" even do so absolutely and consistently or only through the lens of their own ideological biases? With the recent T_D shutdown there's yet another Christian-tier victimhood influx from right-wingers who claim to support free speech, while they would be celebrating and crying "BASED" if leftist spaces had the same fate.

The problem with conservatives crying about free speech is that they are the ones who support capitalism in the first place, which gives these companies so much power. I would nationalize these platforms so that they have to bide by the 1st amendment and can't censor anybody, which the right would usually consider a commie act if it weren't affecting them like this.

There are still a handful of people at some old lefty NGOs like EFF & ACLU that eagerly go to bat to protect their hated enemies on the right, even if those same NGOs have been increasingly infiltrated by bootlicking hypocritical subhumans since 2007.

Modern leftists are more conservative than 1950s suburbanites.

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A minority, that's too often silent. For any person adhering to consistent political principles, there are two loud opportunist hypocrites using them as a weapon in their particularist battles.
Does not mean that the principled position is wrong or useless.

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But no seriously, what America calls free speech is bourgeois speech. Yeah if you have a publication you in many instances literally get away with murder. This is why I focus on the lawful aspect and either want every moderator held liable for all the death threats and child porn online (Australia recently said so) or I want them sued to oblivion for harassing legally liable individual persons.

Both carry different repercussions. If the former, business as usual. They'll just have to get more flaky bot mods to ban bad words. It becomes a shit show and i laugh as mods themselves get banned by their own faulty bots and no human wants the job because no amount of jannie power is worth the feds kicking your door down over.

However big tech like Google and Facebook persevere.

If the latter, big tech ironically will flounder. Everyone would go after them and they'd disband. The internet would once again belong to the lowly neet moderators the likes of kiwifarms and discord servers. Which means more pettiness, more bans, they just hold no real financial sway and could probably get doxxed and DDoS'd if you really wanted too. (Probably be easier than suing them too) it also means more of us are on watchlist.

Free speech can only exist as a means unto an ends for institutions or individuals. To ask if it's a communist value is the wrong question. Is it YOUR value?

Because frankly communism is just workers owning the means of production. Don't let anyone insert their own bullshit into it. It's just an economic fact. Marxism which is the most popularized form of communism does go into more philosophical aspects, but sense its materialist still doesn't care what you decide is ultimately the role of free speech.

I would say however moderators are anti-communist. Seeing as they're always the first ones to remind you it's a private website (yet don't wanna take liability HMMMMM) and ironically the only semi communist moderator method I've seen was on /r/libertarian where they won't ban anyone without a member base approval but it isn't even majority, it just has to be like 40 percent because ofcourse all mods are petty little scumbags. But when the fucking libertarians are managing to justify mods under communism better you fucked up and should kill yourself.

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Who wouldn't want to protect this?

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That moderators exist at all, let alone are required, is indicative of a fundamental design flaw in the architecture of forums, sites, and in some cases the Internet itself. One that is, moreover, technically unnecessary using proven alternate designs.
Yes, and being able to translate that ownership into responsiveness toward the desires of workers requires free democratic processes, of which free expression is a vital component.

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You are right that it's wrong to say "Is X communist?" but I don't think the question is entirely wrong. It's just poorly phrased and conceived. The right question to ask is "Is X desirable? Is it good? Would we want it in a society where we get to call the shots?"