What's the Marxist take on megacorporations censoring and banning right-wingers?

What's the Marxist take on megacorporations censoring and banning right-wingers?


The quarantine came 2 days after Carlos Maza, the same Hispanic gay openly communist "journalist" who got YouTubers banned, complained about Reddit being "toxic" and "problematic".

Why are small time gay Hispanic communist journos calling the shots for giant multi-billion-dollar imperialist "white" CEOs? My sociology professor didn't mention anything about this.

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They do it for the sake of profit.
Rightism is not profitable but liberalism is.
Is it that hard to see?

Play capitalist games, win capitalist prizes.
Those wrong thinkers are bad for profits so those megacorps acting as a private entity can choose to just kick them out of their platforms.

The rightists being the brainlets that they are still won't realize that the problem is capitalism tho.

I for one am shocked, shocked, that a corporation would do such a thing.

Call me tinfoil, but those self proclaimed communists working for mega corporations promoting nothing but liberal talk show hosts are plants.

How about you first provide some evidence that this stupid liberal was in fact a communist.

So OP, have you stopped beating your wife yet?

Most white nationalists are either NatSoc or NazBol, and support mandating pro-white narratives for corporations, executing CEOs for treason, and/or just not having corporations at all.

Exactly. They aren't anti-capitalism at all.

Calls himself "gay wonk" (reference to wonky) on his Twitter bio. Promotes Marxist shit-tier memes all the time. Literally calls himself Marxist in his Twitter bio.


NazBols are anti-capitalist though. They are essentially pro-white tankies and would prefer the state or some type of state-linked bureaucracy to govern all production.

This is implying tankies are normally anti-white, which is retarded.

marxist does not mean communist and even if it did calling yourself a communist does not equal supporting or understanding communism

Carlos Maza is a literal Marxist.

They point I'm trying to make is that literal commies infiltrate these capitalist/neoliberal institutions and use their positions of power to benefit Marxist causes.

You're a delusional tard if you think being in a corp. automatically makes you capitalist. Do you feel yourself becoming less Marxist when you're at your wagie job?

/r/FULLCOMMUNISM was purged years ago.

Robert Mugabe is pretty anti-white. The Soviets funded him so he could kill whites more efficiently in Rhodesia.

You can argue that Dengist China "isn't real tankies" but they engage in policies that diminish white power globally and have a hierarchy that is essentially Han nationalist and exclusionary of other races/cultures - thus it isn't amicable to whites.

since when do a few journalists employed by vox control the entire company.
and furthermore how the fuck is banning some conservative idiots on the internet a marxist cause

They are just the voices of the left's desire. The CEOs themselves like Jen Gennai at Google, are also Marxist and when they see a comrade journo squawking about something, they use their power to accomplish the prescribed goal.

It literally decreases support for right-leaning capitalist parties, which leads to more and more succdems being elected, and from succdems come actual Marxists. It's more longmarch bullshit.

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ah, so you're just a retarded person. never mind.

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Name a single communist billionaire.

When people get that rich, they stop caring about strict profit margins and start feeling free to act on their political desires.

Sillicon Valley types were raised in a Marxist environment (hippies and 60s shit) and are known as "red diaper babies". They played by the rules of capitalism in order to get rich, and know they they have billions of punts and control of massive information networks, they are free to act out their commie fantasies. It's not hard to understand.

I know you lefties' existence is predicated on always being the underdog losers, and so this notion is hard to accept.

if anything the opposite would be true you mouth breathing homo, succdems have historically been some of the most vocal and successful opponents of communism
wow it's almost like there are multiple factions of capitalists and some of them support neoliberalism and "woke" politics opportunistically while others like trump oppose it

Yet people ITT constantly deny that it's possible for a Marxist to work at Vox.

A literal meme.
Well, good to see where your loyalty really lies.

no ones denying that we're laughing at the idea that the company itself and it's owners would support marxism.

Not an argument.

Many Marxists subscribe to 3rd-worldism and literally want to flood white nations with leftist-voting shitskins in order to subjugate them.

Also what's the deal with based anti-imperialist China invading and conquering Tibet and liquidating their culture? Seems rather the opposite of your stated position.

Stop taking Zig Forums memes seriously.

debatable, especially since you haven't defined what you mean by third worldism
not only is that not what third-worldism means but it's also completely untrue and it's also unproven that third-world immigrants would all uniformly vote for leftists

It's not un-plausible that 50-year-old fags and catladies with no children wouldn't care about maintaining a strict corporatist future. Many of them probably feel they can just use their wealth/influence to jump from the position of CEO to state bureaucrat, which happens all the time in China.


Quit equivocating. Name one.

Yeah not uniformly; just 75% of Muslims in Europe, and 80% of Hispanics in the US, lol.

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Hurr durr liberals are marxists am i right, therefore marxists want more immigrants so we can have more liberalism.
Seriously go back to Zig Forums

it's not un-plausible that you're a delusional moron whose projecting nefarious left wing conspiracies onto a group of hyper capitalist enemies of the working class because teenagers on pol convinced you that muh white culture is being threatened by imaginary communist billionaires

there is no fucking leftist party in europe or America for those immigrants to vote for retard. the closest you can get is someone like corbyn but half of the labor party fucking hates him and other than that that's it.

The man is a generic lib with an edgy bio

The Zig Forumsyp almost has a valid point on this one. If you extend "Marxist" to "Leninist", it does cover Maotists turd worldists who genuinely want to conquer 'murka.

And half of them don't realize it, because they're too unaware to notice that Jezza is unequivocally pro-Brexit.

The US communist party supports open borders. LOL. They openly shill for giving lumpenprole invaders full citizenship. cpusa.org/party_voices/working-class-position-on-immigration/

There literally are communist parties in the US and in Europe. Beaners and niggers wave commie flags around all the time. They play to shift neoliberal parties like the Democrats further and further to the left, until they become essentially Dengist bureaucracies that constantly extract wealth from whites. See: South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc.

Based on what, your fee-fees?

CPUSA has been literally controlled opposition since the '60s when the FBI first starting infiltrating it (if not earlier). Look up CoIntelPro, this is public knowledge. There's a reason it's one of the smallest of the many fragmented communist and socialist parties in the US. It's because no actual communist or socialist respects or trusts it. Even Bob Avakian's cartoon cult has more political capital than CPUSA.


Is a pathetic joke that urged support of Cliton over Birdie in '16
Oh, wow, I'll be sure to keep an eye out if the native peoples of the Americas rise from their graves to exploit us colonists.

Based on one look at his utterly putrid Twatter

So if 95% of communists "aren't true communists" and support things that literally make white peoples' lives worse, then why do you shill for them constantly?

Do you think you can change 5 billion niggers' minds by posting in this hugbox?

The Democrats actually shifted rightward after the 2016 election. Quite an accomplishment.

bruh no one here is shilling for CPUSA.

Literally not an argument, lol. White working-class plebs in South Africa are shit-on by the leftist parties for being white.

I dunno, why won't you stop beating your wife yet?

You donate and shill for leftist groups that ultimately contribute to the displacement and physical assault on white proles.

Look-up the racial quotas for that, friendo.

name 5 leftist groups that hate white people that you think i donate to


Most Marxists are pro-fag and anti-white now. That's the new reality. "White peepo be the bourgeoisie n' sheeit."

Look who's talking lol.

Oh I definitely have no problem with fags. But there are no "anti-white" marxists. If you think wanting to diminish the power of capitalist empires is anti-white just because the capitalist empire is predominantly white, then you have literal brain damage.
Not wanting to kill off shitskins is also not "anti-white".

Congratulations, you're one white autist who willingly takes it up the ass from ethnocentric shitskins who support Marxist movements for the gibs (aka 90% of Marxists).

answer the question mouth breather-kun

Still waiting

get fucked tbh

Wtf guyz you told me that commies were the big scary danger to porky and that right wingers are actually just capitalist tools! Really makes me think

Fixed that for you.

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Gave me a good chuckle.

Quick reminder Marx dug himself into a hole by making Marxism an entire thought process by which to view events by. This is the power of science.

Jesus fucking Christ I knew Reddit was absolutely terrible post removal of /r/Jailbait but wow they stooped even that low.

Fucking wew, how did Marx do that exactly? Do you mean dialectical materialism?

Nothing on his twitter is remotely anti communist. Unless being gay automatically makes him a lib

And there's nothing remotely communist either.

Except the fact that he calls himself a communist

This is the guy that tweeted “do socialism” right? lol that kind of says it all doesn’t it

Yeah, he calls himself a communist and espouses literally nothing about class. It's exclusively about gay pride.

reminder that online political affiliation has basically nothing to do with reality, it's just how you personally identify when talking about current events

the only distinction between you and a nazi (with respect to a media platform's power over you) is whether or not they deem your political identity as acceptable

The invisible hand decided and it decided against you.
People don't like violence in their consumption and corporations don't like exterminating potential consumers.
Also liberals are known to be wealthy. Sure there are conserf fatcats as well, but with conserfs it's either you are few and superrich or dirt poor and plentyful. The super rich are already catered to. Shame to you for failing wealth distribution.

In a nutshell: Catering to liberals is way more profitable in the longrun than catering to militant conserfs and right-wingers.

he started with those killings of farmers after the dissolution of USSR, you cretin

it's probably just a joke, brainlet
or have you some other proof he is marxist?

Imagine thinking that hippie=marxist. Ok, OP. Everything is marxist, lol. Most of them are just "muh we need more welfare" libs, just like their parents.

Nobody denies that.

Nope. 3rd worldists are minority and basically exist mostly in North America.


For example CPGB-ML is against open
borders, you retard.
Most of them are just red libs or succdems, but ok. Communists only by name.
and many of them are very socially conservative. Just look at the parties in former socialst bloc countries.

Lol, read some materials by SACP or south african trots. They are against anti white chauvinism.

Mass killings of white farmers started at the end of 90s, lol.

Just admit it, OP and unLARP. You are not real nazbol but some boomer from reddit.

Hang yourself

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Yes pop lib is very profitable. African-Americans are still lapping that up for a half-century. What will rich white men think up next?

its not our fault African-Americans can't be pragmatic over shit like that. but I forget responsibility is racist. sure, capitalism is shit but come on now, that's one thing they have control over.

yeah, but people still post there. quarantine=/=deleting
cuntservatives are such pussies

check out this

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Pierre lower the music volume because it's hard to hear you

I disagree with the premise that the rightwing is being censored at all. If you are a capitalist, war mongering shill then you won't get deplatformed. What people do get deplatformed for is making valid critiques of the neoliberal regime, regardless of what part of the poltiical compass they're on. Tulsi Gabbard, Tucker Carlson, Jimmy Dore, and Alex Jones are all targets of censorship. Even though they differ on many issues, they all attack America's imperialist war machine, they all attack capitalist abuse and corporate power.

Personally I think radlibs are the most harmful radicals right now, because they only exist to enforce capitalism while also neutering the left. Part 1 of the democrat debate was yesterday, and the candidates were trying to prove how woke they could be. Julian Castro said abortion is the right of all women, including trans women. Meanwhile, they won't publicly say they want to remove capitalist control of certain markets. So if you cut your dick off and start HRT, the democrats will fight for your legal right to have an abortion, despite men not being able to get pregnant. Worker controlled industries? That's too far fam, watch contrapoints.

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Watching the second debate now and just seeing more of the same. They spent a good chunk pedantically debating if medicare for all is financially feasible, which is a conservative/capitalist bullshit lie. The moderators also attack Yang for suggesting $1000/month ubi. Yet, most of the candidates support a war with Iran.

So when it comes to war, most democrat candidates are willing to spend trillions on blood, bombs, and aircraft carriers. But healthcare for all? UBI? shit's too expensive, yo.

I got shitfaced as fuck watching the debate and it just got worse. Unironically blaming Russia for the 2016 election and not the fact that Trump won with a mix of proworker and racial rhetoric. Fucking kill me. God I hate liberals.

Holy shit they actually are still going on about that? During 2020 campaigning? That seals it then, Trump is getting re-elected.

I am an disappointment in our liberal cousins this is why I’m nazbol

The debates are completely pointless unless it's a debate between Tulsi and Bernie, since they are the only ones with even a shred of credibility. Everyone else is just spewing whatever bullshit they think will help them win.

Its OK because Megacorporations are the new proletariat.

Hi Zig Forums

Im currently banned from Zig Forums
But im not gonna be impolite. So Hi.

forgot pic

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Neoliberalism faggot

I always had him figured out as one of thpse right wing white supremacists.

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Mike Gravel would have been interesting.

Well, for one thing, you're retarded in assuming that capital has any political agenda besides profit. The Junker industrialists of Hitler's era were interested in supporting Hitler during his suppression of the left; the Tech industries of now are willing to support H1B Visas due to their willingness to work for less than nationals. You'll notice that capital does not call for revolution on any terms. Poor black people can still be poor, but black individuals; well, they've been suppressed and abused and we should lift them up to provide good role models for the community. You don't really get it and blame it on Marxism, whereas all "Marxist" praxis proposes is a centralization of power based on class instead of discrete nations. The fact that capital transgresses national bounds time and time again is literally of no consequence to capitalists, because capital does not give a shit about populist policy.
You're literally pointing fingers at the left-wing for being anti-nationalist, which is the sort of class division internationalists were so anxious about; liberals and conservatives are then free to divide and conquer as they please because the prole, or the lumpenprole, or the millions of the oppressed, so to speak, will never, ever, be able to form a coherent political statement and will forever be wrapped in its own shitflinging to form a united front.
The prole is fucked and all you're doing is pointing at ghosts (because that's all Communism is now; a ghost save for China, Vietnam, Laos, and Cuba) because of a culture war. Strap your belt in, radical, you're in for a long, reformist, liberal ride.

lol democrats are commies lololol, i'm so funni

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Oversimplification. They have plenty of agendas, it's just that they're centered around profit.

get stuffed

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They're trying to stop Tulsi/Bernie/Yang from getting any attention. The focus is on biden versus the woke Poc's. Screentime is a huge deal for getting notoriety, and the media can select who they want to give that screentime to.

Again, the agendas themselves are subset under the primary agenda, that is, profit. If one supports capitalism, one generally supports this as good for society.

Nationalism has been played by both sides of the capitalism/communism spectra. Nationalism has been played to justify capitalism (Hitler's "productive" versus "unproductive" capitalism) and communism (the Bolshevik revolution being seen as an anti-imperialist revolution due to foreign support for the whites).
The unfortunate truth is that globalism itself is probably just unrelated as a phenomena to either economic system, and is just mostly manifest because of decreasing barriers to international investment and travel and the marked increased economic benefit for going global. Currently everything is proceeding to a global liberal conservatism presided over by our very own Concert of the World (the UN). Take that as you will.

Gregor Strasser died in the Night of the Long Knives, and Hitler was open to Slavs in his military long before he even lost the war.
The bleak fact of the matter is any sort of clinging to populist nationalism is just asking to be manipulated and used as a powerbase for a dictator which is perfectly fine with class divisions amongst the ubermensch.

Check out this new video by SEV:

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The new fascists are just spergy NEETs that shitpost online. They have too much time on their hands and do nothing but play videogames, watch porn, and get high/drunk. Why do you think they advocate for hyper traditionalism and cultural conservatism? It's because they want an alternative to the lives they hate, and want to tear down the system at the same time. They're not an actual political movement, they hold no real power, and exist only online in the darker corners of the internet.

Yet, they're the constant boogeyman used to justify capitalism. Radlibs will pretend that anonymous losers online are the same thing as the fucking SA in 1933, just look at >>146524's video. We live in a police state with overbearing surveillance and capitalist control of speech rights, and that police state is justified by radlibs who want to dox anonymous trolls. Absolutely pathetic.

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