Board owner of /marxism/ here

Board owner of /marxism/ here.

I've made a thread offering volunteer positions to anyone willing to do the work of organizing a new book club and posting news updates. I think the old book club organizer is already on board with the plan, but I'd really like to have a Newsanon as well.


Coincidentally, someone started a book club thread on leftypol less than 24 hours after I made that thread, but I won't be contributing there. I've had too many effortposts deleted by vols to bother wasting my time on any leftypol projects.

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I could but I'm borderline Nazbol

Stop splitting the board further. Post your thread here.

The left won't win until every individual is their own organization.

Excuse you, splitting is a time-honored leftist tradition.
Now stop being so sectarian or we'll have you both denounced and expelled from the board!

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Maybe you should follow your own advice and go back to leftypol?

Zig Forums has been taken over by trannies, idpol and redditniggers. All the oldfags came here. This board is a bastion of anti-idpol. /marxism/ is another subversive plot to destroy the anti-idpol underpinnings of leftism probably lead by Zig Forums‘s original tranny bo

All the oldfags are gone, dude.

Lol, no.

Oldfags never existed. Newfags are still newfags even after 20 years of browsing image boards.

Reminder that everyone getting their own plot of land, and live basically like kings on that land, and left alone by everyone else is the ONLY moral and workable leftist utopia.

Fuck you I want friends and family and mass transit.

How about making sure people are always able to choose between either?

Fuck off individualist, no one cares what YOU want. It’s time for the gulag

Everyone wants something else, and "want" is a kind of extension of "need".
Society needs the ability to supply those needs and wants.

Nice ahamkara

Not everyone can be a buddhist monk, though promoting those kind of values would really help release strain from productive facilities and aid against the psychological trauma that advertising inflicted.

Started on 4chan around 2006, is that old enough?

Read the Bhagavad Gita

Screw prescriptionist dharma, love bhakti, and Moksha's gr8.
Still, what's your plan to advertise this book to the masses?

Glad they're not all gone, but I didn't quite mean so literally.

I will reveal unto the ignorant the true Supreme Personality of the Godhead

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Sorry man, I believe the essence of that which is good is in good things…