Issues with homosexuality

Hello leftpol, I just wanted to have some serious discussion regarding the homosexuality and LGBT stuff in general. So the question today I have: Is the homosexuality the mental illness, and if so how we should act on it?

For me personally I've always saw homosexuality as a mental illness, but then again, something didn't quite right fit into the story… if gays are truly bad, why do they behave totally femine? Why the word "gay" is associated mostly with love and friendship on the internet? Is homosexuality a choice or not?

There are many questions that I could answer it by myself, but then again, I would like to hear from leftpol what it has gotta say.

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How is it a mental illness? In what way do you differentiate between mental illness and fetish? Is liking anal with women a mental illness? Is liking feet a mental illness? Is liking masculine women a mental illness?
How do you explain homosexuality in the animal kingdom? Are giraffes mentally ill? Calling things you don't understand a mental illness is fucking retarded.
I really don't understand this extreme obsession with homosexuality that the right has.

It is not a choice nor a mental illness. LGBT people are the most oppressed members of the proletariat and they need our support. All politically active socialists all over the world understand this nowadays. The Maoist guerrillas held Philippines first marriage between two women and Cuba are working hard for the rights of LGBT people right now with Fidel's niece as a prominent figure of the movement.

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First things first, I am not really a right winger, considering that I support the leftist economic systems as well as the fact that I am in favor of decriminalization of homosexuality. But again, if we were to protect them from oppression, we must acknowledge some truth regarding it. For me personally, gay people have been like on some way or another, mentally ill, but that does not mean that their trait only can determine their worth right?

Of course, being gay isn't exactly wrong, it is just an illness. Like is it so wrong for you to be sick that we need to jail you for it? And I am not talking about pedophilia here… My point regarding why homosexuality is a mental disorder is the shit I have saw on some pride parades, and I am gonna tell you, I didn't like it at all.

So who is here to blame here? Well we have homophobes such as NIFB who are literal retards who admit the truth, not realizing that homosexuality is not and shouldn't be treated as a sin or crime.
And even worse, we have LGBT fucktards who are literal apologizers of everything that gay people do, like every time an inconvenience happens, they always blame the straight, yet they never focus on themselves, while the other side blames the other one. It's just a neverending circlejerk and I want it to stop…

Nice job evading every question I asked and just repeating "they be mentally ill lol".

Continuing onwards from this post, let's see the other post.

Of course it isn't a choice, damn straight you are right.
Gotta stop you right there my friend. There is no actual evidence that homosexuality isn't a mental illness, HOWEVER, nobody said that the mental is inherently dangerous to the people, and by that logic in mind, we have to determine what causes the strange patterns of behaviours of homosexuals.
You could say that, however we need more of them to join on our side instead of sacrficing themselves to an altar of "equality" that is the New Liberal Left.

With all that said, disregarding the point that LGBT people aren't mentally ill, you can actually count me in for a help, but then again, the only rights they need are the acceptance and tolerance so they could easily find comfort and seek treatment for their illness.

Dude, I am on your side, I do want to protect them, but how the hell are we going to protect them if we do not acknowledge the basic truth? If you do not accept it, these bastards on far right will claim for themselves and use it as a propaganda tool to justify their hatred, so you better quickly make your fucking decision regarding this.

Dude, I don't care if you're on my side, you're an idiot nonetheless. Calling it a "basic truth" because you saw some faggots at a pride parade doing things you don't like is absolutely retarded.
In a setting such as a parade is where people let go completely and do crazy shit. Have you been to a festival before? People act absolutely insane there, straight, black, white gay, doesn't fucking matter. When you escape the drudgery of daily life for a day, especially gays in America who, in a normal setting, would could be beaten to death for acting slightly gay, you let go of you prohibitions.
I'm asking you to back up your statement that it's a mental illness, not just repeat it over and over again. This isn't Zig Forums, you need arguments here.

Alright then, I'll provide the arguments, and I'll understand if you reject them, but don't come back crying here how you were wrong and how I was right.

So the argument number one is: Their sexual orientation doesn't make any sense.
Don't get me wrong, while there is nothing wrong with two consenting same sex adults having sex, we need to understand why is there even a need for sex in the first place. The purpose of it is for reproduction, pure and simple. The gay couples cannot physically have children, so they have to adopt them instead. Now why would the two same sex consenting adults engage in an activity that is meant for procreation, while not actually procreating anything?

Second argument is regarding the usual behaviour of gay person in general. While there are actually some normal gay persons like David Rubin (a fucking libcuck), there are some monstrous examples like oh let's say, the so called drag queens, which I find it myself pretty disgusting. So what does this can suggest? This suggests the high possibility that homosexuality has a spectrum, much like how Autism has a spectrum. Sometimes, some people with autism literally behave like normal people, with a few exceptions, while there are people with autism who…… you guessed it.

And finally, there has been little to no explanation from the psychologists to as why did they removed homosexuality from the list of mental disorders.

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I refer to my first post

So where do exactly these fetishes come from anyway? I mean, they are not inherently the part of procreation, also I do understand what is homosexuality. It's basically fetishism, and some fetishes can and can't be a part of a mental illness. Seriously tell me why are some people atracted to same sex instead of the opposite one?
Oh really, you don't think that shit is relevant? Oh give me the break, drag beauty is disgusting, and judging from your arguments you better not be some apologist. I honestly hate those retards.
Actually there was indeed a reason to why it was put there as a mental illness. The only problem I had about it was a fact that it was criminalized, which doesn't actually solve the problem, rather it only makes things worse and people end up living in ignorance.

I don't know, but I don't have to hand wave it away as a mental illness just because I don't understand it.
I don't care what you find disgusting. I find tomatoes disgusting, but I don't feel like going on a weird crusade against tomatoes.
Well, I'm still waiting for that reason, 10 posts later.

You aren't really that easy to talk to, aren't you? Why don't you just accept the fact that they are mentally ill for fuck sakes? If they are not mentally ill, do tell me why the fuck do they need my protection anyway?

As for the reason, READ SIEG– I MEAN DSM-II


Fags are mentally ill and should just be shot for their deviance. They do not sustain the workers state, they are hedonists and deviants obsessed with sex. The proletariat’s future will not be built on a foundation of faggotry. Some are Jewish puppets and can be rehabilitated, others are serial homosexuals and should be given the treatment described above

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While mostly debatable, I cannot really blame you honestly. Then again, this is by far the more complex issue than you might think it is. Either way I've made my point, and that is that it is immoral to criminalize them since it doesn't actually solves the problem. It might solve it temporally, but it leaves up population in ignorance.

Yes, let’s let the homos spread their disease, prey on children, parade in the streets in fetish wear and fuck each other in the shitholes. Morality is bourgeois, right fellow prole? Idpol has to be rejected 100% or liberalism will seep in. Zig Forums is full of homos and trannies, just look at their trash thread

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Do you really think homosexuality spreads? If that's the case, then it clearly isn't a mental illness.
Obviously something that shouldn't happen, but that happens with straight men and women too.
It's beyond me how that could be an issue to some people.
Nope, homophobia is a moral wrong.
So let's stop this anti-gay idpol? Being gay is not politics.

OP here, and unfortunately for you, I do not associate with LGBT fucktards, so complain to someone else. And by the way "lmfao they are gonna fuck our children" is not homosexuality, it is pedophilia.
Wrong, I don't need your feelings here retard, and you might as well get the fucking rope for acting irrational. I understand your points, but you spew that shit out of fear nigga. And what if I told you that their behaviour might partially be because of your negative opinion towards them? You ruin their mental condition by being hostile towards them, which would give more reasons to this new faggy left to "protect them" from people who want to label them as mentally ill, and as a result, they encourage them more and more to act like degenerates. Like tell me, is the Jew guilty of you being fat or unemployed, or do you blame yourself for it? It should be obvious answer if you are a poltard.

Non-issue, unless LGBT won't be co-opted into pedo agenda. Being gay, trans, whatever, it doesn't really matter that much, the bottom line is that it's first and foremost your personal thing. Fighting for rights (or at least not making the life living hell for LGBT people would help) is fine but we should keep the kids out of this. I don't even like the idea of HRT for children. Mental illness or not, again non-issue, i'm not going around and trying to make you gay nor do I try to get your attention with slutty colorful clothing - to be honest I'm trying to be as much invisible as I can irl, not making people around me disturbed by how I look. Don't we have more important stuff to care about? Like I said, it should be our personal thing. Same as we shouldn't get attacked for who we are, we shouldn't support drag queens in pre-schools or HRT for children. If someone has problem with us and thinks we are mentally ill, it's fine by me, it's your opinion and I don't want to cause problems by forcing you to like me, just leave me alone. I just want to live my life as any other person, where the question of your sexual/gender identity wouldn't even be a topic worth talking about.

"serious discussion" huh? No. Homosexuality is not a mental illness. It's normal variation in many many species.
mental illness =/= bad person
feminine =/= good
Because homosexuality is a romantic/sexual relationship.
It's not a choice, but if it were it wouldn't matter. There's no good reason to control what consenting adults do together.

IMO of all marginalized groups, kids are the ones who need the most help. Not that it has to do with gay rights though.
Well they don't do that. They do puberty blockers. I don't agree with those either but they are different.
I don't see the problem with that at all. What is the difference between a drag queen and a clown in that context? It's just a particular exaggerated costume/performance.

Everyone asks about issues with homosexuality but no one asks about the issues with modern heterosexuality and sexuality in general.

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My point is that I wouldn't really like to influence different children (in any way, not just in issues of LGBT rights) just because they happen to be in the same class together. I don't understand it honestly. I'm aware that some kids in early puberty are solving issues of their sexual identity and it's fine, many of us did, I would be maybe just happier if they would have solid background at home, where they could talk about it with parents openly and without any pressure. It's weird situation because real world often doesn't work this way. My view is this - children should be protected and I don't want to influence your children in any way, portraying LGBT as cool trendy identity label, I want them to make their own free personal decision whenever they are truly ready. Does it make any sense? I don't know.

Absolutely agree.

More like lifetime monogamy or the nuclear family. Which is still related because originally the conservatives weren't afraid of gays because of the gay part but because of the free love and hookup culture part. The gays actually were a threat to muh family because they showed other lifestyles were possible. Notice how acceptance of homoseuality centered around codifying gayness in marriage as opposed to passing laws to ban discrimination or something like that.

Not sure what you mean, to be honest. Kids are like sponges. They're gonna be influenced by everything around them. Generally speaking it's thought in developmental psych that exposure to a wide variety of people and things is good for kids.
Well yeah, that's a more fundamental social problem, see
I'm generally for having representation and inclusion because a lot of people grow up without even hearing about something that applies to them. There's a reason so many people figured out they were trans in their 40s+ when it started being more mainstream.
I mean, from harm yeah. I don't agree with protecting kids from ideas or facts about what happens in the world.
Yeah that's fucked. It should be some personal detail thing like being left handed or something.
I don't think it's a choice though. I'm bi and I never chose to be attracted to men/women. I just am. I could definitely understand not being attracted to a gender though. There's certain traits that are a complete turn-off for me and I just figure it's like that.
Protip: none of this is gospel or settled science. There's a lot of terrain to map still. All we have is some early research trying to outline how sexuality works plus people's personal experience and opinions.

I just want to stay neutral in that matter. Being free to discover yourself and the world around you is best option, however being a human means living the life, being influenced, gaining experience. I'm aware of that, I just don't like to tell people what they should do and I always feel bad if I give someone some advice which may be good or wrong and they follow it. I don't know why. None of us live alone on empty island, yet still I'm more comfortable pretending we do. Maybe I just think that people are dumb idiots who can't think for themselves and that's pretty disgusting from me.

Alright, this is right. I wasn't thinking about it this way. However, I still stand behind what I said - LGBT should remain as something personal rather than some trend.

No, I didn't meant that you could decide to be something you are not. I meant that you can make decision to be open about it, tell your surroundings about it if you wish, accept it within yourself and so on. It's valid for me even if person decides to hide it for own personal reasons, even if that might do more harm than good. People are trying to hide it even if society around them would accept it - for example if they don't understand why they are 'different' so they try to escape it. I can't really force anyone to make decision to get the hell out of the closet. I can do my best to be the one who supports them but this decision is totally up to them.

It's not like some studies are going to change you. If you get documents proving you that being bi is in fact illness which can be cured, will you suddenly feel ill and desire the cure? I doubt it. I guess you would just continue living your life because you are okay with who you are, or not?

Capitalist ideology is a hell of a drug. The only way you find out how you are socially is to socialize. They only way to figure out how you are sexually is to be sexual and interact with other people. I do think there's a weirdly overzealous push. Lots of people who think "I'm gay" is a personality, that kind of thing. And anybody who tries to push being gay/trans/whatever is just as shitty as trying to push being straight on people. It's the normative standards that's the problem, not the identity.

I think that's true. LGBT activism is in a weird place where there was more success than expected and pretty suddenly. Turning sexuality into a trend is pretty cheap and disrespectful but there's probably a healthy middle ground where people spread awareness without overcompensating for having felt marginalized.

Ah, yeah. I agree with you. Funny how it's pushed so hard for people to be "out" that I didn't even think about this.

Well in my case nah. Other than social values, being attracted to any gender is kind of a strict advantage. I see your point though. The question of being an illness I think is a philosophical question rather than a scientific one. I can see why people think that way, but it makes way more sense to just acknowledge that people differ in a lot of ways. These things are only "harmful" or "pathological" because of how people who are LGBT… are seen as "queer" outsiders. There's nothing inherently harmful about being gay, transgender, etc. Even a biological thing like AIDS or a psych thing like trans suicide is mostly because of social/political factors. AIDS was as bad as it was because of politicians actively making it worse. Trans suicide is probably due more to ideas about gender and thinking non-conforming people are "freaks" than even body dysmorphia. I really feel for trans people. I know how it is to be treated like you're not a real person. For so many people to be like that to you must be hell. I do wish the people doing activism would try to be more responsible and not make the movement primarily about the narcissists who want to use LGBT identity as an accessory to their rockstar persona.

Yes of course. You have a good point with spreading awareness. I just don't like the tensions and arguments over this issue. I'm trying to not make from this conflict (while some people think being more radical is a good way to go). So if anyone decides to be ignorant and remains convinced being gay or whatever is decision or mental illness, I'm not that type of person who is going to push down his/her throat hot opinions. I see in people their interests, if I like being around them, if we have something we could talk about, I don't focus on their gender or sexual preferences. I guess that's more mature approach to people. If your friend comes out as whatever and you don't understand it, best thing person can say in that situation is "look, I don't get it, but I hope nothing changes between us, we are still friends/family/whatever". Being open and chill even if you don't accept or understand me is something I value a lot.

That's a bit different issue. I often heard from people that gay men just walk around and grab butts of other heterosexual men in club, or they try to hit on them - in other words, almost like they are these sexual deviants or whatever, which is simply not true. You can't really convince them that how you behave to other people is not 100% determined by your sexuality because you have heterosexual men who grab asses of their female co-workers too, you have shy introverted gay men who wouldn't even speak to you, and so on. People who don't understand us or even hate us often do so because they think we are all these extravagant provocateurs and deviants, trying to rape them and molest their kids or whatever. Imho best way to show them this is not truth is to be good example, good friend and having some manners. I'm not going to stop people from going to pride parades in latex with ass uncovered, I'm just not one of them and I don't want to "spread awareness" that way.

It is but it's also how are you treating and seeing yourself. I heard that even trans people can be often cunts sometimes to each other just because some "pass" as other gender easier than others. It never happened to me though but it's pretty believable. So with all this, you have also requirements of how you have to look, walk, talk, behave, and this creates even more problems, especially if you just can't change some aspects of your physical body. I would compare it with fashion industry and women having complexes because they can't reach some beauty standards. It's not just similar thing, it's exactly the same thing.

As you said, it gained new traction just relatively recently and it achieved some success but I think the dust will eventually settle down. We pretty much accept homosexuality in society, what was for many people unthinkable just a few decades ago. Trans issue got more attention recently and I think society will accept with time even concept of non-binary gender identities or whatever else. I remain as optimist here even though it will take some time, luckily world is changing faster than it used to. + we have different problems, our current system is one huge mess but we all know that.

What isnt? Also not really.
No, it doesnt damage the sufferer or society in any way. Dont attack people just because youre spooked about buttfucking.

That is what is in the definition of a mental illness though. It has to be damaging to the sufferer or society. Just being different isnt a mental illness. Clue is in the name. Illness. Something which is damaging to you.

No war but the class war

Yeah, it's not a good idea. It's not effective to scold people, and it's disrespectful too.
Yeah, a lot of people are spooked by gender ideology and think you have to treat people a certain way. Even a lot of wokies are like that.
Yeah, that's just basic tolerance. A big problem with the activists is they act like you're intolerant if you don't make an effort to understand everybody and fight for them. They're not even liberals in this sense, they're a kind of social authoritarian.

If only more people saw sexuality as another part of someone's personality rather than the defining trait.
Yeah, I broadly agree. The silly part of this is that heterosexuals have kinks like that too. This kind of display at pride parades just screams "look how different I am."

I've seen it. The whole "gatekeeping" thing is based on the fact that in order for transgender to mean anything as a label, there has to be someone who the label doesn't apply to. Unfortunately instead of just seeing non-trans people that way, some insecure people feel they need to validate themselves by clearly drawing a line that excludes people for not being trans "enough" or whatever. It's made worse by the fact that some cis idiots do claim to be non-binary trans to seem cool. Not that non-binary trans people don't exist, but it's an identity some people claim for woke points rather than because it particularly applies to them.
Difference is beauty standards make you an "ugly woman" rather than "not a woman," but yes, they're similar.

One can hope.
Well the good part of this is that people aren't bigoted by nature. muh two genders type stuff had to be introduced and enforced on people by state religion. So in that sense "human nature" is on our side.

Being a fag isn't a mental illness, but OP is a mentally ill faggot.

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One of these is not like the other.

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Yeah I agree fuck lesbos they're more likely to be TERFS anyways.

Fuck you, lesbians are based specifically for throwing all other orientations under the bus.



It's a pathological behavior; anal "sex" is a vector for disease and physical ruptures the intestinal walls. It is a mockery of heterosexual sex, the purpose of which is for reproduction. Sodomy shouldn't even be called sex, as no sexual reproduction can be its end result.

Sodomy is always pathological. Why you'd like a woman who looks like a man is beyond me. I'm not a deviant, so I like my women as feminine as possible because their femininity is indicative of their fertility, which again ties back into the entire purpose of sex, which is sexual reproduction. Any belief, behavior or activity that misappropriates the sex act is inherently deviant.

Lot's of fucked up deviant shit happens in nature. Some animals and humans are born with deformities. Doesn't mean it's an example to emulate. Giraffes sodomizing each other (for who know what reason, dominance?) doesn't make the behavior any less pathological.

Only some do, personally I hypothesize that the stereotypical feminine gays and normal gays are different types of gay on a neurological level.

Homosexuality is, by definition, not a mental illness since it does not produce any inherently destructive or self-destructive effects.

No, there are plenty of gays who aren't mentally ill, but a good 40% of them are only gay because they got molested as kids by some pedophile shabbos faggot (or their cousin, or some other older family member who gets beaten and diddled by his faggot dad back at home)

The mental illness comes into play when there are controlled efforts to sexualize children and teach them about homosexuality and "tolerance" before they even hit puberty so they grow up thinking all this shit is totally normal.

Holy shit.

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what are the odds this nigga doesn't even know what pathological behavior means?

You are actually a retard, my condolences. I never said it was a sin, I said it was pathological.Your reading comprehension is so shit, you must have interpreted the use of the word Sodomy to have some kind of moral dimension, when in fact I was using it technically.

Hear you go, bud:

Definition of pathological

1 : of or relating to pathology pathological research A pathological examination led to the diagnosis.
2 : altered or caused by disease pathological changes in the body also : indicative of disease pathological symptoms
3 : being such to a degree that is extreme, excessive, or markedly abnormal a pathological liar pathological fear

I think two men tearing each others assholes apart and spreading disease falls under pathological behavior.

Sexuality is not a choice. It is determined early in development through a combination of genetic factors and hormonal influences in the mother's womb. The science is quite well-established on this subject. "Gender" on the other hand is a social construction with little backing from biology.

So instead of spending millions giving the trannies and sexual deviants sex change operations why don't we throw the money into instead isolating the genetic and hormonal factors that turn kids gay and gay-proof all future kids so we won't have to deal with faggots anymore?

Neither is being retarded. Both should die

Hi Im a lefty

Gay, Trans,Pedo,Nekro = Mental Disorder

Ok well define homosexuality. Is it simply just an attraction to the same sex? Like heterosexuality and homosexuality have in actuality so little to do with sexual behaviors and more to with the social position you occupy as a result of percieved behavior. Are feminine straight men gay? Are heterosexual men who cross dress gay? Are heterosexual men who pursue sexual relations with other heterosexual men (due to cultural conditions making men 'easier' than women) gay? Is a man who engages with pegging with a woman gay? How and why do these rules apply differently than women?

Looking at it as a mental illness is just way too easy. I think what it actually is is simply you seeing something that on some level disgusts you because homosexuals break the rules of civilization and so calling it a mental illness makes it easier to digest and understand.

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Anytime a leftfaggot is cornered they just ask people to define something this simple as a way to squirm out of admitting they are wrong.
Gas the gays they are footsoldiers of the WOKE banks. As are the leftists who support them

This guy has it right, gays are made not born.

Pedophilia, depression, and higher suicide rates are all "inherently destructive or self-destructive effects."