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So today I wanted to discuss with you guys is there are a truth in these following examples, and why?

For me personally, this is where I was originally converted into not socialism, because I did not want my race to disappear. However, I always had that feel that something wasn't right about it… Why don't we as Fascist just expose how fucking racist Israel really is instead of advocating for violence on minorities?

And the most important thing: There is a quite clear difference between modern Jews and ancient Biblical Jews. Ever since I became NatSoc I always wondered why, how in the world did a nation that was once persecuted simply for their religion BECAME a slave master? Weren't Jews taught in the Bible to not attack their neighbor? If so, then what a fuck is all this shit then?

Finally, we have Haavara Agreement, between the Nazis and the Zionists.

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In continuation:
There is an extreme clear link between both white nationalism and Zionism. Both of them propagate the hatred towards non Jewish/non whites and both of them share the same idea, the only thing that divides them is history, but their DNA is identical, and even history showed that the founders of the KKK were Democrats, who were pretty much consistent of Jewish people. Even the president of Confederacy, was in fact Jewish in origin.

And I was always wondering why Swastika was banned in many places, and I've come to the conclusion after watching what Hitler did to Jews in Auschwitz (he treated them very well according to pro white propaganda) that Jews do not hate Hitler, they only hide it because it would expose their bigotry towards both whites and non whites all alike. Well fuck them

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Reminder Zig Forums is always retarded

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What's your point? That Jews were persecuted for just being Jews? Look dude, I was firstly a not socialist, and while I have left it, I know deeply inside that they have spoke some truth. And that is that Zionism is evil, and the source of that Zionism is Talmud.

When will this meme finally die?

You have the right notes but the wrong conclusions.
Modern zionism came to be because the european jews were left defranchaised when nationalism became a big ideology in the 19th century so the myth of a jewish homeleand had to be invented to even fit this ideology.
Yes, the modern state of isreal is what Hitler wanted germany to be and modern nazis envy that, they will half admit it because one of the keys to be rightist is the belief that some are more deserving than others, Nazis want to be like the jews of isreal, they only dislike isreal because it's jewsish and not for its crimes.
I will like to add the idea that the nazis have about jews in Lacan's and Zizek's work is what I think is called the significant other, Jews in the nazi are non persons and akin to faeries for a pre modern farmer, in the mind of the nazis jews don't act for their needs as person or community but their acts exist to to harm them and it's a permanent state, a nazi will never see anything jewish and think it's anything but an attack on them.
You should really check out some Zizek lectures, it really helps you to see how nazis think

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Well at least now this can be used as a containment thread for incorrect assumptions varying across the political spectrum, requesting a cyclical.

Then what else is isreal?

An ideal and willing distraction from the violence and dispossession resulting from turf wars between Arab tyrants following the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire:

A Jewish state brought upon by the religion.
The religion itself defines it not it's race, even though Jews are white, and aside from some mixing, were mostly white the same way the Finn's and Eurasia is even though they have Asiatic DNA. The thing about Judaism is it's not genetic it's a religion linked to a mindset, way of acting, and ages of history, to put it bluntly a semi spook. Stuff like the Book of Enoch if you're willing to go there might be true, the rest is all just misconception, and bronze age stories that nurture shitty behavior in all Jews, not just Zionists. What Israel does however is throw all other white nations right into the bus. It's not white nationalism at all. It doesn't bother influencing others it merely wants it's own group of white's different from non Jew Whites to be at the top. It's likely that this is a modern day version of Catholicism during the Middle Ages where for the most part Jews had far less control, most crimes done then were Catholicism's fault. Judaism and it's followers likely got to where they are thanks to capitalism as Catholicism did with war. That's why Israel came into being, it's a much bigger, Jewish version of Vatican City, in an area they wanted simply because of their scripture, and took it because they had all the power in the world to at an opportune time, and everyone from the USSR, UK, US, everyone who was anyone, initially agreed they were allowed to do as they pleased when the idea was proposed. It is not European Colonialism or Nationalism it is Jewish supremacy.
The problem here with Israel and Judaism is that modern capitalism is in a hyper state of reality where the ride goes so fast that any instability won't stop it, it'll get to the end, Israel's become too big to be compared to it's predecessor much like modern capitalism is similar to Feudalism and slave economy yet it's extreme scale makes a whole new monster. For all we know the US and Israel government might already be in space, this is why people consider Israel to be a much larger threat than ever, capitalism isn't evolving, it's clearly managed to go against the idea and is sitting there with a very good chance it will continue no matter what, and by extent the same goes for Israel.
With that in mind the point is similar systems of practice are not always the same simply because they evolved from one another or share similar traits.

But also this, Israel is what many powerful people wanted to invest in for many reasons other than their own.

I think his point is that nazis are lying scumbags, and they'll make up any lie to vilify jews.

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the real truth is that white nationalism / racist conservatism etc is just the performative dance of white liberation without the language of oppression all other races have. The White Left is what you are looking for.

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Sort of agreed, hopefully not.

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lol i was converted to nazbol when i found out that Zig Forums ms paint memes aren't true

This is the same guy that was talking major shit about Zig Forumstards as if he isn't a bigger dumb mongoloid for having fallen for such trash in the first place. Embarrassing.

Whats your nazbol story /b/?

I started seeing nazbol memes on leftypol and I warned them that retards would start taking it seriously.
Meme responsibly kids.

The problem with that argument is that judaism doesn´t try convert non believer and even the few people that converts is put into doubt about their jewishness.
Yes, judaism is a religion but since the 19th century we and the jews have been fed ideas that jews are a separated race and similar crap.
Yes, isreal is the fantasy of jewsish supremacy and what makes it more egregious is the fact that jews are not actually different from us.
I want to add that most jews were european that have been jewish communities in other parts of the world and made out of non white races. A terrible example are ethiopian jews that in isreal have received forced sterilizations and general discrimination and it's really a testament to how intolerant isreal is.

Do you know why your women are going for "Tyrone" instead of you? Because "Tyrone" is a bourgeois rich fuck with access to surgeries, wealth and a stable job, something you lack because liberals built the system to benefit them, not you. The system is rigged against the working class. Get rid of the system, you'll be able to "ascend" and get yourself a nice "aryan" lady, because wealth no longer matters on the sexual "marketplace".

Also, most white women only date white men, so the problem is certainly not racemixing. We, socialists, don't want to exterminate the white working class. That's all liberal propaganda.

The only ones currently defending Israel are liberals and MAGAshits. Even leftist SJW retards are calling out Israel (for idiotic reasons, but still calling them out).

Jew is a meaningless tem, just as white/black/whatever. It's all identity politics and socially constructed identities to divide and conquer. Since the beggining of civilization, it has always been about class struggle. The jewish bourgeoisie were slavemasters because they were rich and ruling class, not because they were jewish. Marx and Lenin were jews, but they fought against the bourgeoisie. Marx even called out world jewry (if you must), so did Mikhail Bakunin and Pierre Joseph Proudhon (all of them leftists).

In Lenin's words: "The jewish bourgeoisie are our enemies, not as jews but as bourgeoisie".

It's utterly idiotic to think that someone being born jewish makes him inherently bad. Same goes for race/sex/whatever-socially-constructed-identity: It's absolutely irrelevant.

Neither of those care about the working class. Hitler betrayed the german workers and sold himself to the bourgeoisie. And everyone and their grandmother knows the evils of zionism.

>There is an extreme clear link between both white nationalism and Zionism. Both of them propagate the hatred towards non Jewish/non whites and both of them share the same idea, the only thing that divides them is history, but their DNA is identical, and even history showed that the founders of the KKK were Democrats, who were pretty much consistent of Jewish people. Even the president of Confederacy, was in fact Jewish in origin

Slavery wasn't founded on racism; racism is a consequence of slavery. Slavery is a class issue, not a race one. Other races, including whites and jews, have been enslaved because they were underclass. Right now, both whites, blacks, jews, hispanics… whatever are being enslaved by capitalism. We're all enriching the bourgeoisie by participating in it.

Once again, the problem is capitalism, not race.

Yet another liberal strategy to pit the white working class against the jews It's exactly the same with white nationalism and black lives matter.

I miss when the chans were more laid back and focused on fun shitposting. Every political board now has seriousposting or angry shitposting. Zig Forums on 4chan was still usable until Charlottesville.

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Fooking lol. 4/pol/ hasn't been useable since Stormfags took over back in 2008.

So what was the deal with Hitler supporting the Grand Mufti of Palestine? Kinda deflates your "Nazi/Jew" alliance meme.

Newfag detected.

You're just salty because you lost arguments constantly and got pushed out. You even got pushed-out of Zig Forums because the reality is most Marxists are anti-white niggers or some type of tranny or other mentally-ill freak. The mods there prolly banned you for saying bad things about Mugabe.

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Sure, I'm salty that fascists took over a site I used.
I've never been banned from leftypol.

I mean if the shoe fits.


Another example of how nazis forge a false reality to fit their feels.

/new/ and Zig Forums were heavily libertarian even if there were a few spergs here and there. In the vein of most chan culture, it was critical of US war mongering, spying, and corporate abuse. Very pro free speech. It only started swinging hard to the right after:

A) leftists left it

B) 2016 election

Be honest, you'd be on Zig Forums right now if you weren't banned for some stupid reason.

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Leftists left because it became impossible to argue with a million fascists screaming you down.
It became far right long before that.
I am on leftypol right now.

Amazing how the same thing happened in reverse on SA, which also used to be mostly apolitical aside from underage Paulbots.

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there is no such thing as absolute reality you empiricist nigger

I was banned for being mean to holes

goddamn atheists deserve pogroms

That's because what we call Jews is the result of Talmudic Judaism, after Christ the "Jews" left Christianity, They don't even follow the OT anymore or worship YHWH, and despise Christ enough to make fun of him in the Talmud. This would be like trying to call Muslims Christians.

Since they don't follow Christ, they follow another 'messiah'.

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As a rule, anything that is in image form is striaght up fake, adulterated, or taken out of context. If there was an amount of truth, whoever made it would have made it in text form, but it was made as an image to make it harder to quote or search or refute.

The Haavara Agreement was real. The Nazis didn't like Jews, but even then it's hard to gain support for blatantly evil things like genocide from the start.

Zionism means Jews should colonise Palestine because Jews lived there 2 millennia ago. Sure they use religious text as part of justification but it comes down to making excuses to take land.

It became stronger when the British thought it would be useful to have a "little loyal Jewish Ulster" in Palestine.

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Mental retardation isn't even real, my nigger. Comrade Foucault is 100% correct

Years later Kurds would end up there with help from their Jewish feminazi overlords

Exactly, the British overthrew the Palestinians, who were supported by Germany.

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