How does leftpol defend this one?

surely not your comrades huh? this especially goes out to anyone with even a modicum of support for these twats.

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Okay, that wordfilter was genuinely impressive.

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Nice try, porky.

Either way, maybe if fascists didn't act like retards on the streets they wouldn't get punched in the face, huh? Just because you can call someone a nigger, doesn't mean you should. IRL, ther's no such thing as anonomity. Talk shit, get hit.

in any case, we're not related to antifags in any way, shape or form.

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Srsly tho, anybody know how to bypass the paywall, maybe using JS/CSS trickery? The following article I noticed on the sidebar looks potentially hilarious:

I never said you guys were, I never dealt with a paypall when I clicked, so I dunno whats going on in your end (rear end). there's just sympathizers here, like some Ancomm who's at the tipping point to agreeing with neocons, those types. not everyone here is ANTIFA, obviously. you didn't think I was that stupid. separating the wheat from the chaff


bitch I live on scraps.

If this is about my stance that, outside of some countries, such as Greece and Italy where the police and military are to this day unironically dominated by murderous fascists installed by NATO "stay behind" guerillas, the aut-right are LARPers or unremarkable petty gangsters that we socialists should leave as the responsibility of the pigs to suppress and beat down, rather than wasting our own effort or dirtying our own hands, that is a very inaccurate characterization.

I have nothing in particular against violently suppressing fashies that decide to get physical, aside from the tendency of shitlibs to lump together all right-wingers and any left-wingers that don't agree to their retarded IdPol virtue signaling with Hitler.

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Defend what? Of course Jews are going to like people who, in theory, punch people who want to expel or murder them.

Agreeing with Nazis for the wrong reasons.

fat cocks lol

While I have no sympathy for fascists getting smacked, I don't think smashie violence will ever do anything to actually seize power from the capitalist state. Reposting from >>>/Marx/ in the KKE thread:

Anarchist assault the police with molotov cocktails, which then gives them the clear to disperse with violence the rest of the protesters. We are talking about 50-100 anarchists, next to 10.000-100.000 protesters that aren't assaulting the police. The anarchists' assaults lead to damage to property, which the politicians use to paint the whole protest as violent hooliganism, despite the fact that the whole mess was caused by 50 people.

Moreover, it's a common practice for the police in Greece to dress as anarchists to provoke the riot squads to attack the peaceful protesters. Since they're hooded and their identities aren't known, you cannot differentiate them from cops pretending to be anarchists.

One of the most famous incident the right-wingers cite as "leftist violence against workers" is the torching of Marfin bank, where several employees died after a molotov was thrown inside the bank. It's not known if police dressed as anarchists or legitimate anarchists started the fire, but demagogues have been using the incident as anti-protest rhetoric for years. Anarchists only serve to give police an excuse to attack protests and to paint the protests as mindless vandalism, their little outbursts against riot police serve no purpose whatsoever, nor do they have any long-term beneficial results for the working class

nice ableism

so you support cops now?

go sit in an armchair

see, I guess the ends justify the means. Machiavelli was totally correct. I mean I'm no fan of cops either but it justifies his phrasing. Althusser even I think wrote a book on how this enables PSAs and ISAs. the issue is, in Althusser's case, do PSAs and ISAs exist in Althusserian Socialism or no?

stopped reading there tbh

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Ann tea fuh is too infected with liberals, but that's generally true of the fags that slag them off too. It's been shown reactionaries and states will make up shit to justify violent actions, so some fag getting punched or a few windows getting smashed isn't worth clutching pearls over. On the other hand it is undeniable their opponents in street brawls do go out looking for fights and generally have support of the police, so some form of community self-defense is necessary to prevent people from being attacked by reactionaries.

If there's more libtards doing antifascist action I'm not gonna complain tbh. Both because it means more people are doing it and because it means it's more likely to be a libtard getting knocked out by a reactionary.

I don't think this was implied. Point is that anarchists are deliberately provoked by cops into their senseless smashing and smashies take the bait every time because that's what smashies love to do.

I'm not objecting on that basis, my problem is that by welcoming liberals and socdems in a united front against fascism they're ignoring how those groups also push for reaction and counter revolution. By all means we should be defending ourselves from reactionary street gangs and paramilitary but at the same time we need to not get trapped in a united front with liberals and roses cuz that usually ends with us getting backstabbed by them.

American antifa are militant liberals that sometimes wave red flags, that's why they attack the partisan enemies of Democrats instead of the American state. Call me when they stop the CIA from arming the international far right, or at least disrupt its efforts to do so in any way whatsoever.

No. Benis.


but you just did lol, was that so hard? bagina

It's funny as fuck because neocons and neolibs are both labeling Antifa as a "white terrorist group" in order to distance themselves from their bad optics.

Maybe you retards will finally acknowledge that anti-white idpol is an epidemic when it happens to you.

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Example of the media doing that?


Ironically, white nationalists like Mike Peinovich are actually defending you faggots from these anti-white insults.

Shitlib mayors tell the police to stand down and not defend the right-wingers who are usually outnumbered in big shitlib cities. Also, they often order the right-wingers to disperse early and ignore their permit. A huge plurality/majority cops in big nigger cities like Baltimore are black, beaner, etc. and thus sympathize with leeching white wealth.

Admit it. Zig Forums white nationalism is preferable to this fucking circus.

It didn't even realize it anyways. I space when I feel like it and not when I dont.

Ebin benis

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The police sympathize with and coordinate with reactionaries.

Like usual, the nazbol is a clueless retard.






benis in bagina

Oldschool skinheads and anarchists are the white version of bloods vs. crips. Not sure the optics got better for either side though.

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Lol the liberal imperative is to prevent any nationalist revolutionary action. What happened there is totally illegal and the reason the cop will be punished. His actions were lone wolf, completely against protocol and the state imperative.

It’s called sabotage.

This is like if you place the ultimate ultimatum on police officers who want to be on your side:


This is right-wing sabotage of the state violence arm not cooperating with the piggies that you want to insinuate. You should actually be jealous cuz your praxis on cops is some embarrassing “kill pigs” Hollywood fantasy shit.