What Causes Mass Shootings

With the Recent Mass Shootings, that have been happening in the last decade people are looking for a cause behind them, besides it's just a "random act of violence" or what liberals say "its because of guns". I know that for each mass shooting the root causes may be completely different, but it still a good idea to discuss what causes the things to happen, even its only one specific mass shooting. And we should discuss the best ways to prevent them from happening.

I'm also guessing a lot of these shootings stem from capitalism, but exactly how I'm still unsure on. And that the people who commit them are angry losers who rather kill innocents than examine why there a loser in the first place.

Lastly, If anybody knows about a article, paper, video, ect discussing the root causes of mass shooting can you post the link please.

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"Do you know of any mass shooters who were millionaires?"

All school shooters have been atheists. Fact.

Wasn't Stephen Paddock pretty well off though?

How about bosses in general? How many mass shooters were bosses?


The real reason mass shootings happen is because of, believe it or not, identity politics. The rich creates false consciousness, namely racialism (identitarianism), then they pit the working class against each other. Ever notice how almost every single mass shooter has been related to the far right? They are the useful idiots. Most of them also tend to be young and heavily radicalized by the internet.

As a matter of fact, it's far easier to de-convert someone from the far right, even the autistic as fuck Zig Forumsniggers, than to de-convert a liberal from "muh free market". We all know which ones are a greater threat to us, since Zig Forumstards all can do is kill a bunch of "shitskins". Beyond that, they are absolutely powerless.

Is what the OP should read. Come on, Zig Forums, stop falling for Porky’s tricks

OP, I can imagine there are a great many interesting studies into media coverage, copycat behavior, greater availability of mental health services, resolution-focused mental health modalities versus perpetual treatment, destigmatizing pursuit of formal mental health assistance as a subject of everyday life, school bullying, excessive strictness in childrearing, stigmatization of masculinity by female educators, and numerous other issues, but…

SERIOUSLY! Sez here, burgerstani school shootings account for 141 deaths in the last 19 years, which works out to ~7.4 deaths/year, or a 1-in-2.3M chance of dying due to school shooting:
Let's look at some other suuuuuuuper important issues such as:
13/year in USA
34/year in USA
450/year in USA
600/year in USA
15/year in USA
24/year worldwide
100/year in USA
150/year worldwide
40/year worldwide
5/year in UK
200/year in UK
25/year in UK

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Meanwhile, 5000 deaths occur every week in the US due to hospital mistakes. Holy fuck watch out for mass shooters!


Well liberals give enough of a damn to put up gun control laws.

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Biggest factor IMO is the media realizing they get lots of money every time they cover one, so they give them shitloads of attention and encourage copycats. The motivation for it probably differs quite a bit, but the idea itself has to occur to you. People may have all sorts of reasons for it, but given how much celebrities get worshipped, how alienating capitalism is, and how much airtime mass shootings get, why is anybody surprised that there's a slim percentage of the population willing to kill a bunch of people and possibly die to leave a mark on society rather than wasting away in some desk job and being forgotten completely in 10 years?

This is because of three things. I forget the name, but there's a recognized cognitive bias that makes people pay more attention to dramatic and violent things. The other main factor is that stuff that kills more people is usually regarded as accidental or beyond people's control, while a shooting has to be a very deliberate choice which raises serious (if subconscious) questions about freedom, choice, free will, etc. The third factor is of course that the topic is highly politicized and used as a wedge issue.

It is a spooky mystery

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Eugenics. The people shooting are typically the losers under such a system and are lashing out, or are servants of the system through confused ideology and actively encourage killing the weak. Either way, the school system and the workplace structurally encourages these acts. I keep saying, "well, what do you assholes expect to happen after all you've done?" Of course, the typical handwringing occurs in the media and they definitely, absolutely, don't want to talk about what they're doing to encourage this, nosiree. It's guns, or Doom, or some other bullshit excuse, rather than themselves and their very deliberate behavior that practically begs for a violent response.

Capitalism doesn't cause this shit, aside from creating the material conditions where eugenics will thrive. We didn't see this sort of shit in the 1960s in the same way, violence was often directed at useful targets and in useful ways, and by a different sort of person. The specific circumstance of forcing a student to be nothing but a target for abject humiliation, over and over again, is what causes this, and that only existed when the schools hit upon the idea of bringing the defectives into the school system proper, so the normal students have someone to shit on while their own living standards plummet dramatically thanks to neoliberalism.


the institution of modern education. it needed to be said.

Every time I engage with the medical industry, I am reminded of that line about Scott Adams distrusting transporters because they're operated by the same people who forget to reload the toner cartridge in the printer. This confirms what I have long suspected.

“Losers, like autodidacts, always know much more than winners. If you want to win, you need to know just one thing and not waste your time on anything else: the pleasures of erudition are reserved for losers. The more a person knows, the more things have gone wrong.”

― Umberto Eco

I support school shootings because its basically to ensure that the pool of winners is reduced

Wasn't the school system essentially the same back then, as it is today.

The logistics to keep that a secret is not worth the benefits. And besides if the feds were doing them in order to justify gun control, then why are all Republicans on capital Hill pro gun, including the President and his administration.
(Side Note) I doubt Trump is a big gun rights guy, his early interviews in the 2016 presidential race show that he's not really into them. He only changed his beliefs once his campaign started gaining steam, to get the NRA to back him.

eat shit you fucking waste of tax money
literally never brought that up

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t. loser

So what would be point of the fed to conduct them?


Dragnet telecom surveillance, censorship, making schools even more stultifyingly rulecucked, precrime detention, torture, travel restrictions, getting your junk and your kids' junk fondled at the airport, camps, black sites, war at home and abroad, drones, militarized pigs, and a bigger paycheck?

Dissatisfaction with life

Not being dicks to each other


Backs up what I say

Yes that's clearly the answer, let's all be bliss-ninnies. That's way better than deposing Porky and the system that makes everything as miserable as it can without making too many people at once, do anything to fight it effectually. And the shrinks that shill constantly for big pharma and have classified vidya, grumpiness in the face of authority, and being bored in school on the DSM, are a totally unbiased and credible source.

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US public schools funding comes mostly from the county and state barely any of it comes from the fed.
Meaning the county and state decides the rules, with most rules coming from the county.

All those things you mentioned for reasons, cost money, the feds and porky wouldn't want to spend the money, unless it made them money.

Oh god.

Okay. Consent can still be manufactured for rulecuckery at state as well as federal level.
Yes it will, it's called taxation.

The only way taxation is going to bring them money is taxing the rich a crazy amount, which won't happen obviously.

Also why would the government do it anyway, as liberal democracy is far more profitable for capitalists than a highly censored police state.

Bullshit. They tax the poor plenty and make plenty of money off it.
Also bullshit. We're not that, we're an increasingly-illiberal oligarchy with a thin veneer of toothless democracy in place to give the illusion of control. And a police state is plenty profitable to the prison, surveillance and arms contractors that have made bank running civil liberties in the shitter for a couple of decades.

There is literally no practical motive for perpetrating false-flag mass shootings you Zig Forumsyp mongoloid.

You clearly know absolutely nothing about any major mass shootings, the school system, or government finance.

Never posted there in my life. Don't even lurk there. Benis.
Not what I said.
It's not your job to educate me, amirite?

Cool. Have a picture of Elliot Rodger for your troubles. You're not even real. No one is except myself.

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Yeah Tax the poor to point of them revolting, especially in the country with the highest gun per capita.

The US has highest incarceration percent and in total of any country, this includes China. The US didn't have to achieve through false flag attacks. All they had to do was declare "war on drugs" and target poor black neighborhoods.

Most companies aren't these though. In a liberal democracy were ideas can be expressed freely, it is a lot easier for capitalism to commodify those things than in a police state with shit tons of censorship. Also with the amount of surveillance on the population trade among corporations would drastically slow down cutting into profits.

Note that's a pretty dumb statistic, since most of those guns are just hoarded by eccentric porkies, so as little as 36% of American households actually own any guns:
Taxing the poor is primarily done for two reasons: To force people to keep their noses to the grindstone instead of cultivating lofty ambitions for political change, and to maintain the farce that taxing rich people somehow requires taxing poor people too, thus maintaining a population of "muh gubmint, reee" classcucks.

That said, if you look at taxes as a whole, extending beyond the highly progressive federal income tax that whiny delusional rightards never shut up about, encompassing the highly regressive ad valorem (sales, property, etc.) taxes at the state/local level, about half of all tax revenues actually ARE collected from the bottom 50%, and the tax system overall is "flat":

While drugs and racebaiting did cause US incarceration to start rising from below the OECD average in the 1970s, it wasn't until 1980s legislation passed under Reagan at the federal level and via ALEC at the state level pushing privatization and deregulation (particularly the Sentencing Reform Act) that US incarceration rate absolutely exploded above the worst autocracies in the world:

Not even eccentric porkies. I've actually known a poor NEET who used his tax returns to buy guns. I wouldn't even be surprised if it turns out that the working class (Union workers actually are more likely to have firearms than the general population. Don't have the statistic on hand, but I can find.) and rural boomers are actually the ones with all the legal civilian arms, which the professional-managerial types have no guns and the ghetto poor/niggers have illegal firearms.

Even the porkies who do have guns in large numbers are often the small-business types or porkies who actually own arms companies.

Basically, America is an odd country where the raw military power is actually not with the ruling class, but a sort of vanguard of rural and working-class Americans who make up a significant minority of the population. (The military rank and file are overwhelmingly poor, and even the top-brass weren't that wealthy before their military careers took off.)

The capitalist ruling class relies almost entirely on soft power in the form of finance, ownership of capital, and government bureaucracy to maintain their rule.

This is kind of what I figured, thanks Gasden user

Clinton had the largest amount of groids incarcerated under his rule

neoliberals and christians who moralfag

It isn't so much that incarceration rate has actually dropped since Clinton (more specifically about halfway through Dubya's 2nd term), as that it's stopped rocketing upward.

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Oops, meant to use proportional rate, rather than absolute number. The trend is similar regardless.

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Looks like Zig Forums is responsible for another shooting, this will wake up white people up this time guys trust me.

According to this article the Dayton shooter was a "leftist", Elizabeth Warren supporter and liked "socialism". But I don't know if it isn't some canard

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but seriously though, even if this turns out to be true it doesn't seem to have motivated him to shoot those people so it's not really comparable to the other guy

Read Heroes

Can you link so I know it's the right book?

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