How do they do it?

What’s their secret?

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That they actually don't give shit, it's more like brainstorming for an hearts of iron mod. Zig Forums is both more obnoxious and influential because they actually have ideological passion.

There is actually nothing more pathetic than brown NEET mongrel brainlets of any politics who think they're so superior to Zig Forumstards. Sorry but Zig Forums still owns your pathetic imageboard life.


Well they are nice people, unlike poltards I guess
I mean, the only thing they do is wage eternal Holly Meme War

I gave up on Zig Forums when i found out their info graphics wasnt real. I am now smart and bluepilled man.

I am not an Zig Forumstard anymore but I still consume and regurgitate the feces they calls memes. I am above them.

lol at the underage angst and rage"ex-Zig Forums" tardos display at Zig Forums. its the same rage a kid has when a girl breaks up with him.

lmao what does it say about you if every thread you make is about Zig Forums and about how you are not a Zig Forumstard anymore and about how much you hate Zig Forums and oooooooohhhhhhhhh that Zig Forums just grinds your little gears so much doesn't it ooohhhh

eww Zig Forumstards are so embarrassing and ugly, let me check out these sonic the hedgehog communists though

brain damage

did some retard really post seven or eight times i a row? cringe


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Jewish people are a-okay, Stalin liked horsedicks almost as much as I do and the homophobia and transphobia on this board need to stop rn.

wrong board

this is right wing propaganda i'm just too lazy to press report


to be quite honest the entire mongrel meme and 56% meme ironically enough can confirm an authentic American ethnicity despite its racist connotations.

I'll be quite honest, and most leftists will outright deny this but the heavy moderation proves most marxists and socialists and communists can't come to the conclusion of what real communism is and can't stay on similar grounds for any given topic, especially uncomfortable ones. of course the flipside is that too much agreement kills discussions as much as silencing opposition. the left can never achieve this balance because too many anons get their knickers in a twist over a disagreement and it usually depends on the ideological lens of the moderator at the time deciding who is in the right instead of taking a pragmatic approach to discussion. the entire idea of something being taken as "triggering" is inherently a feminine quality that most leftists can't shake off, and regardless of the any two or three or more people in a discussion all boils down to whom the board moderator has favoritism towards, and who they stand against instead of letting discussion play out as it should. this place can't be moderated properly until everyone comes to terms with that.

When did you discover your love of anal vore? :^)

I actually lurked quite a bit around /fascist/ and it doesn't seem like the place any weeb would want to be. They hate animemes and almost anything related to the typical moeshit lolifags are fond of.

Unless you actually take fascism seriously (and seriously think you won't be at the bottom of the ethno-state), it's a no-go for weebfags and soyboys (like, 99.999999…% of channers).

are they the ones who keep trying to force the >muh cuckime meme? lol

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radlib detected. always taking about body parts and fluids.

No, that's /tv/.

So it's still just Zig Forums then?

Checks out

anime in real life

Isn’t the BO and a few people around him literally the ones making most of the board art? I’ve lurked there too and the BO is obviously some sort of puritan antifun fag but the weebshit comes down from the very top

Well, sort of. What I mostly think is, some Zig Forumsfags wanted to, unironically, support fascism but got tired of all the low effort shitposting on Zig Forums, so they migrated. Thing is, at least Zig Forums was hilarious for the sheer amount of insanity and memes. Now, /fascist/ is just stormfront 2.0

Why some neckbeard soyboy that masturbates to lolishit would like to support an ideology that would throw them in concentration camps is beyond me.

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Fuck off capitalist

it's like the >muh iphones argument, but more retarded

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You’re a willing contributor to the system and a LARPer. If you’re not preparing to go off the grid like I am you’re just a cog. Also, Spongebob is still airing, retard

How would you still know that SpongeBob is still airing if you don't watch comsumerist media?

By your clown-ass standards so are you. Fuck off.

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I googled it before posting

Read better, nigger

That's pretty comsumerist of you.

I found your theme song

How do you know I'm not, faggot? For all you know I have a brace of submachine guns and a library of Trotskyist literature innawoods. Fuck off lol don't worry FBI, I don't have that or anything like that, twas but an Orwell reference

necrobumping won't hide your shame


sage negated btw lol

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It was actually only 1 day you nigger.

Cool it with the racism, you kik.e nigger fFAGGOT

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That's what you niggers from beaner and SEA countries here tell yourselves to feel better.

do you get paid by the epithet? lol

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