The fuck happened to this place

Hi, Zig Forums browser here, I used to come to this place like 1-2 years ago to check it out. It seemed to be pretty chill with good quality threads and efforts posts, with mostly Leftcom and similar posters.
Why is it now filled with fags from Zig Forums ? The users here used to complain that Zig Forums was filled with Nazbols and shit, and now they are all over here. Can't the mods just ban them ? It's obvious to the non-retarded eyes that they are shitting up this board.
Why are the mods doing nothing ? Did they fall for the freedom of speech meme ? Are they dead ?

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This place is mostly just the people who were banned from leftypol, so nazbol rejects. Almost all the anarchists who were banned in the rojava phase have left by now because this place is so shit.

It's not full of Zig Forums, it's just a couple of autistic shitposters.

Zig Forums was created too long after BO started sperging and most of the posters had started leaving, since then it's been a slow death that has only gotten worse in terms of quality. You can try /marxism/ but at this point there's likely to be no anarchist or leftcom presence on Zig Forums.

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Everyone left.

Two things happened recently. 1. Current board owner tried to push people onto another non-image board site. It was received rather poorly but probably did some damage toward user confidence in this board's administration (are they just going to abandon the place then?). 2. Zig Forums's BO announced their resignation and I think a lot of people have been giving that place another chance… for now.

This. It's just trolls and low effort shitposters bitching about "niggers" and "k¡kes", aka shit nobody cares about.

That being said, we never had many traffic to begin with.

The numbers had been declining before cheka took over, while trying to shill red planet hurt it is a part of a larger pattern.
Doesn't seem that way, Zig Forums uisp numbers have been falling as well. The recent bump to over 500 is more likely because that reactionary got beat up than Zig Forums going back, it'll probably drop back to mid 400s in a week.

We had 300 or so people a year and some change ago, we've significantly shrunk and have been infested with nazbols.

Go back to Zig Forums, Jewboy. We’re here to escape idpol-worshipping fags like you

Zig Forums has always been anti-idpol. It’s been the newfags who constantly worship niggers, Jews and defectives of all kinds

What's the story on that? Asking here because not interested in hearing bullshit from MSM, Zig Forumsvermin boards and RIDF Zig Forums.

Andy Ngo is a faggot viet reactionary who edits some rag and writes for the wall street journal. He is known for lying about mooslims, pushing skull science, and ridging along with Patriot Prayer in Portland to document their clashes with "antifa" and spin them. During the recent clashes in Portland Andy Ngo got punched a few times, milkshake tossed at him, sprayed with silly string, possibly egged, and had his gopro stolen. He later posted his bruised face, the reaction to this was mass liberal handwringing about violence and reactionaries frothing with outrage and conspiracy. Andy milked this like a motherfucker by claiming he had a brain hemorrhage (if he actually did he wouldn't have been released in a day or lucid) to get 200k in a gofundme, several stops on a media circuit, and an essay in the WSJ to play a martyr. On the bright side it did get a white nationalist to say "so much for the tolerant left" in a cnn interview.

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Stop white-knighting for desert barbarians, radlib

He outright made shit up to get patreonbux and writing gigs from spooked reactionaries.

That's too bad, I used to come here years ago finding some very good threads with useful ressources and mature people. Almost no shitposting too which is really the cancer of imageboard culture with anime.

Where did all of these users go ?

I hope the same fate doesn't happen to Zig Forums, it's one of the few remaining good board on this website and if it died I think many people (including me) would have nowhere to go.

Anons, I don't think you understand what identity politics really is…

I don't see what's wrong with Islam, it has way more revolutionary potential than Christianity will ever have (and it pain me to say it).

Good, he got what he deserved.

Where did they go? I want to find a new home.

"why can't the moderators shield me from opinions that live rent free in my head because it let them"

I'm not against shutting down and banning people just because they have differing opinions from mine, but cmon, when people keep spamming the same shit about "muh niggers and jews" without making any real arguments it gets tiring pretty quick. Even worse, it derail what could be a otherwise great conversation into a shit fest. This is why I generally stay on Zig Forums, at least here you can find quality discussion because the users put a lot of effort into their posts knowing the conversation isn't going to be derailed by some retards.

No idea, likely off chans for good, hopefully involved in politics beyond shitposting.
And 200k that he doesn't.

This is the most popular guess on the board. At minimum, it seems they probably haven't emigrated to "leftist" groups on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, or the like, or are massively suppressing their powerlevel.

I can't believe it's been 2 years already

then don't pay attention to it. you let it live rent free in your head.

I don't understand how they could, given the fact that the people in these are generally just a bunch of Radlib that don't give a shit about real socialist struggle. So either like you said they leaved to get into organizing or they just pussied out and forgot about their convictions.

Yeah, me neither.

Do you even speak English ? I don't understand what you mean by "rent free" and no I won't ignore it because it lower the quality of the discussions on this board. But I'm not gonna stay here anyway, this place as failed, you can keep it to yourself and your faggy nazbol friends.


You wanna sit down and talk about your feelings?

Constantly thinking about someone even when they aren't pestering you. IMHO, the Zig Forumsyp spam isn't really disruptive aside from near-duplicate threads, which actually should be deleted, and the main problem is simply not enough good threads being posted.

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Userbase declined due to lack of posts being made, bookclub died, BO 1 left, BO 2 left, BO 3 told everyone to just go back to old message boards instead. Eventually it probably got boring to most people to the point of them having to leave. The same thing happened to Zig Forums period. It's one giant dead board filled only with newfags feasting on it's corpse. Don't however believe that things were always this bad, as far as early 2019 even people were still opting to read anarchist books.
One could argue that if someone just began contributing more to the site, bringing in old productive threads and projects that the site would come back to life, but the problem is that if say even someone like me who knows the thread process set things up, usually no one else would follow. I recently spoke to another person on one of the old 2010 boards who basically said the community's lack of ambition to contribute to the board will kill it as much as mods will. I agree. Why reboot the bookclub, or start a "Book of user" thread where we compile theory, or anything of the sort when the OP will be the only one who actually bothers continuing it?
No because
A. That would just make us Zig Forums 2.0, and
B. That's what the Nazbol's want, specifically Jbarg and his one or two autistic friends. It's like if Batman killed the Joker, you just don't.

Technically it's 8 people, 3 shitposters, 5 legitimate Nazbol's all of whom scream louder than everyone else on the board.

I still see some posters outside of the board on occasion. It get's easy to spot someone once you've seen them enough here. Trust me they haven't gone to some epic secret bunkerchan or altchan. None of those exist these days believe me I tried looking, everything's the same Lynxchan/Tiny board+Vichan copy paste crap with minimum posting and mods with no vision, everything else is just fucking dark web boards made for cp. It's actually infuriating but anyway as I was saying, I've seen them on YouTube, Cuckchan, and a few other borderline gravechans. Nothing of value is being done.

Organize by what, starting a union to get a $5 raise?
Or donate $300 to the local Marxist party just so you can see it get 1,000 votes or so, then have the FBI tapping your connections after since they were in charge of it the whole time?
No shit no one's organizing, you can't in the conventional sense, you can't do anything in the conventional sense anymore like I said, everything these days is a shot in the dark, being an armchair and sitting in all day reading books is more productive than anything else, I don't blame them for cutting off their last online activity too. In fact I applaud them for it. I wish I could too, I haven't felt happy since 2016, but I'd probably feel even worse if I had stayed ignorant of imageboards.

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Plenty is being done, just on the opposite wing.
Driving me insane. That's why I was asking. I'm a newfag. I guess I'll just die inside fully then. Sounds hopeless.

Sasuga radlib

Yes, tankshit, institute Sharia law and continue to practice a desert Jew cult

Also doesn't help that newsanon apparently gave up on this place. They were shilling an awful lot of mainstream propaganda rags lately though.

newsanon was a Jew

Lads can we actually fucking not and instead take the steps to make our own news generals that's not just run by one person like Newsanon stuff was?

Seize the means of production, cumrades

Just copy paste it from leftypol.

Well I typically make threads for big single news stories, but I don't have the drive to skim lots of outlets, find the daily highlights, and put them all together as links.

Just have a news and current events cyclical and let people post stories there.

Pagan societies were run by bitches, literally. And both Christianity and Islam have revolutionary potential. Judaism doesn't because I said so. Antisemitism doesn't exist. Niggers.

No fuck cyclicals. We need more threads.

i went back to leftypol mostly, the body odor left and now it's fine. here got the nazi cancer a while ago.

Suck my dick, jew

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also fuck tankies bump thread

No, that would The Power Behind the Redditor.

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Good sassenach!

nah, I don't like trannies.

"lol muh autism"

I really hope a guy with down syndrome anally rapes all people that countersignal against mental illness.

actually i retract my statement because i was just banned for saying that stem is for clueless sheep autists and that ethics is a science

return to, this is not a politically correct online forum

You said something rather dumb, but I don't see how that's banworthy.

Reddit always banned me.
Nigger Capitalist faggot.

Autistic people can't be clueless

my ban just said, 'you are dumb'
just to clarify, it's in a thread that argues that going to school specifically and studying STEM is going to help the left. my argument is that schooling to become a domesticated and dull worker-drone and acruing a mountain of debt for the vampire administrator class of academia isn't going to help the left. also read the cybernetic hypothesis by tiqqun for the other stuff i mentioned.

pic related

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Because of a few things -

1. This board was formed from a split over over-moderation, so it plays into Zig Forums's ideology to be lax.
2. It's not even active enough now to ban those people.

Whatever happened, it escalated really fast. When I first saw Zig Forums a bunch of pretty good namefags and expatriates were talking the place up, saying it would be the new Zig Forums… a lot of good content at first, and an attempt to recapture the spirit… I look at it now and I have the same question as you. The good Zig Forumsers just didn't stick around, and it lost traction and a bunch of people just left I guess. Honestly part of the reason is it was a shit idea to begin with.

The split was a shitty response to a shitty situation - and the time a mod cleared Zig Forums and defected here didn't help. The Zig Forums crowd, at that point, became literal saboteurs. So, personally, in its heyday I didn't use Zig Forums much because I didn't trust it. If they were willing to do that, who knew where their actual allegiances lay?

The best traits about Zig Forums have fallen off into the void since the purge. At peak, it was a great place with both smart discussion of a variety of ideologies and good memes and in-jokes which reminded me of the /b/ of yore. The path BO took restricted both the intellectual side and the fun side. I have hopes that Zig Forums can at least become kind of decent again now that old BO is gone, but seriously… fuck old BO.

That's an oxymoron.

No, it could have worked, and should have worked. It wasn't even the jannies, 100% of the problem was Che, and basically nobody else agreed with him.

I keep thinking back to the Gamergate boards success at exodus in just a few days each time the BO sperged out, showing how Zig Forums was capable of triumphing over the problem that normally kills web forums. /gg/, /gamergate/, back to /gg/, then /gamergatehq/, right up until that final, failed migration to /ggrevolt/ after Acid's spergout that singlehandedly killed GG's Zig Forums presence, handing it Twatter, /r/KiA on Reddit, and what few scraps remained to the 8/v/ circlejerk general thread. Especially ironic, since Che was also very probably a founder of /ggrevolt/, on an agenda specifically opposing tyrannical moderation.

The problem was simply a lack of discipline among shitposters, unwilling to pick up stakes in unison when BOs go insane, even on boards that aren't squatting legacy names from 4chan.

I was honestly astonished Zig Forums wasn't evacuated in under a week from the instant Che handed out "imperialism" bans and gave cancerous namefags like Hoochie modpowers as a joke.

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Bat'ko was fun.

I didn't know this shit.

RE Gamergate - my theory is that worked out because a whole host of those people were actual reactionaries who didn't really care about opsec. And it was pre-Jim, too (right?), so even for the people genuinely concerned about that it was a little less of an issue than it would be now. Zig Forums, on the other hand, is already an opsec nightmare just by being based on 8ch. A board migration just makes those concerns worse with a potential increase in the number of actors who can monitor leftist posters and the possibility of sabotage or betrayal.

Can board owners/volunteers actually see IPs? I thought only Zig Forums's globals can, everybody else just sees board-specific UID hashes.

They can't afaik, but they could still use that to profile users.

Go kill yourself. You're the kind of the people who ruined leftypol. I don't try to get people banned for their views, yet faggots like you constantly ban me whenever I piss on the negroid sacred cow.

On that other note, I admittedly don't agree with that Nazbol poster on everything, but really I don't give a shit. People like you ruin boards far more than he ever will.

It wasn't a shit idea, besides the mods still banning people for retarded reasons.

This. I've been banned multiple times just for shitting on whatever sacred cows the mods feel like protecting. Fuck mods and fuck ideologues/partisans. If your idea of politics is playing a teamsport between good Left/Right team and bad Right/Left team, you're part of the problem.

tbh, I think people took advantage of him. that's the fault of the general public, not him. he wasn't even that high functioning. plus people tend to be straight up evil and really only care about themselves.

I used to get banned a lot but /lefty/ banned me permanently. didn't want to get their POC homosex dungeon invaded.

FYI, the old BO is still around, he just demoted himself but still has mod powers. If you check ban logs you can still see people getting month/permabans for "imperialism", just not as frequently as before.

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I'll always remember those events fondly, but let's be honest: they're an exception to the rule. Every major board community with a censorious, oppressive cocksucker for an owner on this site has lacked the conviction since then to actually migrate in mass when shit goes down.

Most users of a forum/board don't pay attention to mod drama. Zig Forums was going to remain the top board unless they simply banned enough people before they could attract more from other places. Inertia and exposure are much bigger factors in the existence of a community than what's actually a better community. That's why all the social media sites are dogshit even though technically better alternatives have been made - people go where people are.

All of this is true, but how do we stop that? Fuck.

Winnie the Pooh isn't actually banned in China in case you weren't aware.

b-b-but muh maymays
Autocrats are not noted for their transparency nor honesty

Interest in learning, growing and being an alternative to idpol redlibism has vanished.
I feel it started when Zig Forums's old BO became a radlib and it has been a slow rot since then.
Nobody has anything interesting to say or will to listen, it feels like actual defeat.
I'm afraid this is the normal state of being in radleftism.

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Back to Zig Forums, modcuck

So this place is literally "No gods, no masters" now? Is BO dead? And mods, where are the mods?
When this board started to be like this?

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We have achieved anarchy, BO was a shill who wanted to push us into his honeypot forum. Mods still harass us occasionally, but it’s essentially anarcho-nazbol here now


Go back to your gay forum, the adults are talking here.

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Your discord trannies must have alerted you. Go back to your forum

ideological conflict is good for mental progression, keep up the good work. The best moderator is one that moderates the least, as long as the content is on topic. Leftists selfsegregate too much

ayo how about FUCK JANNIES

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Ah yeah don't we all miss those sputniknews & russian times links? Fuck newsasnon, more like propaganda user

kys, liberal

I miss WSWS poster because of that girl they always posted.

I bet you think AOC is a communist and not just a disgusting liberal mongrel


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Russian news about America is way more accurate than American MSM propaganda though.


your bias is showing

Fuck off American

Having fun fighting with that strawman?

There is no pure unbiased news. Russia will print negative news about America because they're world rivals, but that doesn't make them useless as a news source.

You idiot, everything you morons do brings more normies toward the 3rd position. At first I enjoyed the influx of new minds to temper but everywhere I go even fucking here I have to read newfagsfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.
If you foot soldiers actually took a position that could rationally be argued instead of mass banning normies and the dreaded "wacist nazi's" off every msm discussion board I'd enjoy this more.
Fucking stereotype's dripping off every piece of activism you people do. If I see another ancient boomer with ear piercings wailing on about white supremacy the only thing I'll be thinking about is how tf am I going to navigate my ever growing corner of the world around the new minds and get into the juicy parts.
pissssssssssssss out bye

Nice advice there, what are you 100 years old?
I'd rather watch paint dry or just sniff it untill I throw up a lung. Lol.
The only way you will get normies to accept you way is if they are in a bottomless pit of despair(like yourself) and see no other way out.

Muh burgers

His advice seems sound to me, janny

American detected