A comrade is dead

Staunch Marxist, managing editor for Black Agenda Report, and one of the most lucid and effective survivors of the Black Panthers, Bruce Dixon died of cancer on June 29th. Show this comrade some fucking respect.

Goodnight Bruce, I won't be one of those "Goldilocks socialists" you sometimes referenced. I'm going to get some fucking work done.

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I keep trying not to hate Boomers so much but then the handful of good ones keep dying before they can lead us back out of this miasma to rebuild a proper Left in the US. Thanks assholes!


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F, black agenda report has some great stuff.

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Why does a communist revolutionary cracka killa anti-establishmentarianism brown nigger nigger have a spot on Huffington Post lmao


Troublemaker at the huffington post over here


Check this comment out form @cjsgomarket

lol black radicalism is nuts deep in "small business" entrepreneurialism

Sounds like he wanted to steal wealth from productive whites and give it to the worthless underclass.(hell naw!)

Bruce often railed against these clowns, hence the butthurt.


Maybe you should actually read some of his writings.


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But where are the writings?
You said there would be texts here Eggman.

Because his ideas aren't really a tangible threat to the status qou



Because he wasn't anti establishment from like 1980s, you fucking Zig Forums ape.

Doesn’t matter you baboon. It’s actually incredible that some upstart small business woke nigger capitalism niggers are even aware of a guy like this. It goes to show you how much more powerful race radicalism is than your class cuck bullshit. This baboon was more influential to woke capital than you leftoid nuthuggers and those woke capitalist niggers who hate him would ever want to admit.

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how is "black power" socialist?

sounds like reverse facism…it's cool if you really like to be black…but not cool if you carry on your people's penchant for "race war"

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the panthers were pretty fucking hard left seperatists before the cia niggers appeared and made it about fugg whypipo gimme welfare

Yeah the Panthers were primarily Maoists. This why Tupac was a moaist, as his parents were both Black Panthers.

Depends on who is using and for what reason. Using it for black nationalism and black supremacy then your correct. Using it for black people to form solidarity with one another to achieve better conditions for blacks then no.
The reason White Power is exclusively fascist is because White people in general have better treatment than blacks in the US and most of the world.

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