Can we get a late stage capitalism thread going?

Can we get a late stage capitalism thread going?

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and that's 6 images

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lol wut

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Delphine is just an evil cunt tbh. the only reason that no one has attacked her yet is because people still consider "women" a protected class. what the fuck ever…a lot of people think with a bully mentality, and that's why public violence, at work or at schools happens here. you can only back a wolf so far into a corner until he bites you. problem is (and you can look it up) is that women had 7 extra rights men never had even before feminism, and I believe most of those are still intact. so what was feminism? some giant government sponsored shit test?

this man makes more money than you by recording himself and uploading it to youtube

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Someone’s jealous, I see

This, really. On the one hand, Internet prostitutes deserve zero sympathy, but on the other hand, their paypig johns also deserve zero sympathy.

Hotpockets, on the other hand, are subhuman garbage, doing a job that exists only because every website and other online service since USENET was designed around intentional defects falsely necessitating their presence.

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Twitter screencaps are low hanging fruit, but nevertheless…

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He’s not wrong

No, he's retarded. Even if you ignore that blue collar workers still make up nearly a third of jobs, and that service sector bullshit jobs are only as large a slice of the economy as they are because offshoring allows a legal loophole around the 14th Amendment to export slavery outside our borders to the tune of billions of sweatshop workers worldwide, there's still the fact that even in cities whitecishetdevils form the plurality of poor workers, even in service sector bullshit jobs. Moreover, even among the darkies that shitlibs love to infantilize, lower economic status correlates with the same politically incorrect opinions on social issues that muh rednecks are castigated for.
Really, really retarded.

Were you taking lessons from ancaps?

Anybody who thinks only white people are socially regressive only encounter the working class on Thanksgiving when their fail-uncle shows up. Racial diversity, gender diversity, etc does not equate to socially progressive. You would know this if you ever socialized with workers.
On average:
Women are at least as racist as men.
Blacks and Latinos are more conservative than whites (voting liberal out of self interest).
LGBT people are more radical (though not necessarily radical left).

Nah, my point was more that if about 90% of the shitposters reeeeing at FortCraft streamers & eThots ripping off tweens that steal mommy's credit card could get away with doing the same thing, they would in a heartbeat.

I was talking about the facebook news fam

Ah. I have more sympathy for CIA darksite torturers than mods.

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The amount of commentary who made videos on her, and also bought her bath water to do "reviews", is fucking discussing, desperate fucks.

So late stage, even /v/ debates it with a relatively low bait level

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If that's late stage then I'm sorry to inform you but we have been in "late stage" for almost 60 years now.

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That's really sad. Maybe you should spend less time online.

The difference is he wasn't a cute grill who catered and lived off the donations of kissless virgin fetishists and thus didn't sold at all.

I think the whole notion of late stage capitalism at this point is wishful thinking, this is just capitalism.

benis lol

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This bathwater selling girl is not cute either.

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Holy fug I've seen a lot of those but before but there are so many more awful ones (note that juvenile diabetes [type 1] is not caused by lifestyle to any extent, and is unrelated to adult onset diabetes [type 2], that being the variety caused increasingly by lifestyle. On a truly depressing note, use of the terms "juvenile" and "adult" onset have been discontinued among endocrinologists in recent years by the once unheard of, but now increasingly common, occurrence of type 2 diabetes in juveniles due to exploding childhood obesity rates.)

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not jealous at all, what are you are a radlib defending muh womens? women are trash.

tbqh, artists used to do this shit years ago during HC punk and call it art. they just didn't profit from it.

None of you guys should be mad at comrade Delphine, she took the burden of waking up people by showing capitalism's absurdity in practice which is a 1000% more efficient than trying to reach the common cattle with theory, words and abstract concepts that they don't even have the basic cognitive abilities to comprehend. Only by living it in practice the cattle might acquire some conscience.

Because homosexuals are generally unstable people with an unconscious death wish. See: the AIDS "crisis".

I just hate her for being a woman. I think rape is 100% and anyone who supports her is pro-progress. I liked the caveman era better because no laws existed.

The saddest part is the pathetic cope around it

How does that government designer strain of ebola have anything to do with homosexuals supposedly having a death wish?

They're radicals because the rightwing despises them for existing. It's not rocket science.

animal cruelty is one the rise. People get a kick out of hurting something other than them if their own life sucks.

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Where can I buy some of your bathwater?

It's the other way around fam.
People learn kindness, empathy, sympathy, humility, etc, with suffering and living a live that sucks so that they can understand how bad evil is by living the effects of it.
On the other hand, spoiled faggets whom have it easy have a greater tendency of developing into sadistic psychopaths.

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That's bullshit, poor kids abused by their parents are more likely to become abusers themselves.

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This is it. Marx have been utterly BTFO.
Value definitely doesn't have anything to do with the amount of labor put into creating stuff but it's actually all about "sentimental value" as defined by human nature.

one-hundred percent what? bad? cool? niggy?

LTV is a way of measuring things by industry, not on their own, considering she's a model, and the modeling industry alone makes millions a year total it still counts.

Pretty sure the guy is being sarcastic.

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So glad to see "late stage capitalizm" threads infesting here as well as Zig Forums. At least in the old days, people tried to pretend they weren't from Reddit.
Oh well, I guess socialism means keking or cringing at Facebook screencaps and Liveleak videos now, not actually reading or doing anything. Maybe we can get a Twitter screencaps thread going to, so we can sit here raging at random peoples' shitty opinions just like every other political subforum on the entire internet.


Exchange value for long has dominated use-value. This is nothing new.

Late stage capitalism is anything I don’t like


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Never said I did. Plus you never know if there's any radlibs lurking


I hate both of them so there.

Why are YOU mad at him for making a perfectly on-topic post? Too close to home?

At least bell dolphin is self aware

more like late stage cringe lmao gottem

They tested the water and found none of her DNA in it, which could be a problem since it's false advertising?

I don't know many far-left people in real life, but the few I do are very money oriented, they play the stock market and they complain about not affording LUXURY goods quite often.
Confuses me. Since they'll rant about fiat money and capitalism quite often.

bro did u just gottem?

If someone is beta enough to spend money on some water that a make-up covered slut sat in, they deserve to be swindled

no such thing.
If you want a healthy economy, you need sick people who maintain it.

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That tweet is fucking retarded

Nah, he's right. The true costs of flight are being externalized and ignored or actively subsidized to a far vaster degree than rail.

Perhaps the starkest example is long-distance commodity trade costs being distorted so far as to undercut local production.

Calling it "late stage" capitalism is just wishful thinking.

It's just capitalism.

Didn’t read lol

ancoms have good critiques of the system, even if you doubt their solution

That guy is a certified retard and a statist, not an anarchist.