Wake up, anons, you’re blinded by illusion and foolishly restricting your senses to the material realm. You have no anchor and are merely wallowing in endless rebirth. It’s hard in the Kali Yuga but you can still find God again

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I don't like god


That's what it WANTS you to believe

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Demiurge is merely the creator of the impermanent material realm. He is no more than a Godlet who ‘chose’ the Jews as is people. GOD is the creator of the superior transcendent realm and the creator of our eternal atman

Any concept of a discrete god in need of deference is merely a trick of the demiurge to separate and weaken fractions of the divine. True transcendence can never come from blind submission to some "superior" power, but only as insight from within.

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The redpilled are aware that this is the only way to know God. There are three ways of knowing – empiricism, reason and śabda – the divine sound The former is how we know God. Only consciousness (atman) can know super-consciousness (Brahman). Why? Because it is how things are known. To know we need:
1) the one who wishes to know
2) the object we wish to know
3) the medium of knowing
Just as we (the knower) can see (medium is eyes) a glass of water (object we wish to know) on a table in the material realm, so in the Transcendent must we use similar methods

Y'all niggas need Chaos Marxism.

Zig Forums is a right-wing board

Define god and soul though

you mad? yeah you're mad.

Still not liking god

all these shitty threads lately

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Maybe not in this lifetime, but you will be reborn over and over until you free yourself of illusion and false-ego

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god still ain't cool on my book

Stop being blinded by illusion bro

So many negative waves in this thread.

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Historical societies were not theocracies. The god-emperor concept, which only certain cultures had, was symbolic theater meant to legitimize the monarch and provide political stability therein.

People who study the occult and take it at face value are brain-damaged or end up that way.

I'd say God is the eternal, unchanging source of reality. He is Truth itself, that which guarantees that laws of logic and nature.

And souls is that spark of life & consciousness we have that allows us to intuit and reason about metaphysical truths.

god? ah yes, the major nigg

“gods” are just advanced aliens that visited us a long time ago

All wrong. Zig Forums is too blinded by illusion of the material realm to comprehend that this entire universe and all of existence was started by a uncaused cause who transcends both time and space

*tips fedora*

What do those things mean???

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Plato's Cave metaphor *yawns illusionary head off*
to comprehend that this entire universe and all of existence was started by a uncaused cause
El, the god of the Canaanites? Ialdaboath, the Demiurge?
Who? Be specific.
how do you get from this to eternal souls, jewish tricks, theocracies, and so on. We're open to metaphysical speculation on this board, but you haven't supplied any. Even on /vril/ you get premises, and a conclusion. The premises are unsound (imo) but you can see the logicical chain. Will try to screenshot it later got a ping for a pickup, looks like pax going Heathrow wooo big money evening finish

I only speak English, not whatever gibberish this is

That's assuming the OP is serious about this, and isn't just out to play silly buggers.

I can't screenshot /vril/, for some reason. But this is a reply in a thread starting "this might sound like a shitpost but.."

ping= characteristic sound made by Uber app to alert driver to pax request
Heathrow = airport to the west of London

Pure gibberish

god bad (unironically)

Feels good. Once you truly understand the divine you realize how intellectually lazy atheists truly are. Embrace National Communism with Theocratic characteristics

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sorry I don't talk to strangers I can't meet

They don't seriously believe a science fiction novel is a factual document, do they?

Marxists believe the insane ramblings of some bearded Jew to be the masterplan of human societal development so stranger things have happened

This sounds good

I can. I'm from /fascist/

says the nazbol, lol



That shit is poetry at best. And there's a clear attempt at a Peterson-type motte&bailey redefinition of god.
For example, what is a 'spark of life'? Life doesn't have a literal spark. This is poetry. Or sophistry.
And defining god as 'truth, basically' is dishonest. Even OP talks about 'finding god' and he doesn't mean learning factoids.

A piece of the One is the spark, everything else is part of Yaldabaoth’s trick

Atheists are irrational teens who rely completely on strawmans and circular arguments like “le sky daddy” and “le flying teapot”

Beware false gods

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beware false gods

and also OP just because I want them to see this:

religion demands that you believe, but never allows one to KNOW GOD.
All religion is wrong.
just LOVE and KNOW GOD.

You know what, I gotta post this.

You have been lied to about EVERYTHING
How to go on a better path

(Warning #2: Don't depend on others posts replying to this information. Many make very stupid assumptions without reading a single world in the entire thread and then post equally stupid replies. Even worse, some people intentionally make completely baseless and dishonest comments with the intent to mislead other readers. Moral is, read it yourself first before reading other people's replies or you will never understand in a corruption-free context.)

someone says
Even though I make a huge effort to make it very clear that all religions are very screwed up, and God is just God. (not some bathrobe sandal hippie vampire zombie fish jewish dude)

Hey, what is this thread about so I don't waste my time?

Religion DEMANDS that you believe, but never allows one to KNOW.

God had foreknowledge and had impact on Eve and Adam's decision to eat the forbidden fruit.
God set them up to eat the forbidden fruit because it was part of the story of the way things were meant to go. It is impossible to truly defy and go against God because everything that happens is the will of God.

The fact that Eve did not know the difference between Good and Evil when she ate the forbidden fruit (The fruit of the knowledge of good and evil) is very paradoxical, since She and Adam literally had no way of knowing that disobedience was a bad thing since they had not eaten the fruit which gives this type of understanding. Adam and Eve were basically in all honestly like totally one hundred and twelve percent retarded because of the fact that they were the first human beings ever. This meant that they had less experience and knowledge than even the dumbest baby alive in todays world. They are technically being punished for doing evil when they specifically didn't know what evil was or that eating the forbidden fruit was wrong other than the fact that they were told not to eat it, but that goes back to the fact that they had no way of knowing that disobedience was a bad thing. At least one of the MANY MANY reasons for life to exist is because we are supposed to learn what it is to know what is good and bad and knowingly choose to avoid what is bad so that we may choose to be distinctly good. Our entire life is a slow motion bite through the apple. As we spiritually bite through the apple (that God set us up to eat, because we had to learn- and that's okay) we are immersed in "the matrix" and we experience our entire life. When our life ends, it's because we finished the bite. Souls that know good and evil fully and completely, but choose good get to go be with God in heaven forever. Souls that know good and evil fully and completely but still choose evil get thrown in the poopoo box.

Big warning:

why do you think that matrix means "womb?" why do you think apocalypse means "the lifting of the veil"? what do you think renaissance really means? "rebirth".
we are in an artificial simulation womb reality and god is lifting the veil covering the vagina and we are all going through rebirth.

A lot of people have abandoned god in this harsh world we live in. These times are tough, but I understand what's really going on. A huge reason for their abandonment of god is that they believe that god has abandoned them, but they made a huge mistake and misunderstanding by believing that just because religion has abandoned them, that somehow God has abandoned them. This is a mistake because religion is an imperfect human interpretation of the divine. Religion is a mistake because they took something personal like the connection between an individual and god, and turned it into something very impersonal and generalized and vague and then they added several thousands of rules and bureaucracy and red tape and nonsensical stories to make the act of personally loving God and being loved by God personally more complicated and frustrating and confusing, and more exclusive and excluding to those who can't keep up with the complicated rules and are therefor "not good enough". Very intense efforts were also made to make some religions very dumbed down and uncomplicated so that they would also appear very simple or stupid and unattractive, and they even filled many with false teachings and false promises of forgiveness even for the most horrible things if they just beg for forgiveness or give the church or temple some money even if they don't really regret their sins. Consider this: Humans created religions as their imperfect human interpretation of the divine. Religion is imperfect because it was created by imperfect humans. Religion is imperfect. Since religion has abandoned people, It is actually Imperfect humans who have abandoned imperfect humans.

This plan was set in motion a very VERY long time ago by a satanic cult that believes it rules the world. It's a really deep plan because what this eventually does is make people feel rejected by God so that they are attracted to the opposite, and join the satanic cult.

All religions and their books and monuments (buildings and statues and paintings and art and so on and so forth) and saints and messengers and everything else are directly worshipped IN PLACE of god. This means that all religions, even those that warn of false idol worship are in fact false idols. RELIGIONS ARE ACTUALLY FALSE IDOLS IN DISGUISE.

God is perfect. God loves YOU. God never abandoned people. God never abandoned YOU. People misunderstand what has happened and feel resent and sadness and anger towards god because they have been brainwashed from birth to believe that religion and god are inseparable and one and the same, but that is a lie. Always Love God. Even if you don't like any religion. Love God. Don't believe, KNOW.



You guys should really understand that we're constantly fed lies from the moment we're born, no matter where we are born or who we are born to. It's all compromised. Everything is fake or if it is true is is twisted truth. We are lied to about God and we are lied to about the world and what is beyond all around us. We are lied to on every level so that our foundations of understanding are based on lies, meaning that everything that is built up from that false foundation is also false. Understand that and know that the wisest of people understand that they truly know nothing. The only truth that you can be sure of is to know God. There is no substitute. False gods are fake and satan is fake but many bad people exist and those bad people want others to believe in fake bad things so that they can do bad things in general and get away with it. There is nothing other than God that is worth accepting as 100% pure honest truth. God knows everything, God controls everything, and God is the one and only God. To depend on religion of any kind to give you a clean and un-corrupt understanding of God is to betray yourself in your search for the truth of God. God is of truth and truth is of God. There is no substitute to the one and only God. More and more are inevitably arriving to this understanding. religion is an attempt to put a box around god and create false rules and limitations that humans have for god, which is absolutely disgusting and false and which simply can not happen ever no matter what in any way. Only God controls everyone and everything, and can not be controlled by anything or anyone.


Giant list of simple pro tips:

science is as much a religion as religions are a religion, and as religion in its limited perception of the universe is imperfect; therefore so is science.
science, just like religion has many different versions and subsections of people with entirely different beliefs.
religion and science both get things right
religion and science both get things wrong
science is very often wrong
religion is very often wrong
if science was 100% right all the time, we wouldn't need science to figure out how the reality around us and everything beyond functions.
if religion was 100% right all the time, we wouldn't need religion to figure out how the reality around us and everything beyond functions.
if science was 100% right all the time, we wouldn't need religion to figure out how the reality around us and everything beyond functions.
if religion was 100% right all the time, we wouldn't need science to figure out how the reality around us and everything beyond functions.
science is the religion of trying to understand the world or "universe" around us.
religion is the science of trying to understand God.
religion and science are both created by human beings.

Science is a religion because scientists and mathematicians and historians and archaeologists panic if someone else (for example another scientist) discovers some problematica that does not fit into their current established standard model of "what is" and fearfully try to aggressively discredit or discard or silence the discoverer or data as quickly as possible to protect their credibility and careers. If you do not repeat and parrot what is already "their truth" you labeled as a phony mentally unstable and insane heretic and a scam artist, all to protect their religion from change, improvement, scrutiny, or even constructive criticism of any kind.

It's important to understand that Autism Level tests are tests created by imperfect human beings to poorly and terribly inaccurately attempt and immediately fail to measure the divine consciousness or "intelligence" in a person. If you fail to correctly (By their imperfect human standards of correctness) complete all the different questions or tasks in the test, then you fail and are given false judgment by imperfect human beings and are rated as low intelligence (by their imperfect human standards of intelligence). It does not matter to them if you're clever or able to do anything else "smart" outside the artificial boundaries of their "oh so very official and legit" "test".

Science is no longer about observation or trial and error.
Science is no longer based on method.
Science used to be the idea that you should test claims and not believe them on pure faith.
Science has long ago abandoned logic and has since began operating from an entirely false premise.
Science is about making shit up and making sure it sticks.
Nobody is allowed to ask "how the fuck did we get here"

So essentially science and religion is an attempt at observing and making observations (science physically) or (religion spiritually) and attempting to discuss and understand (science the universe around them) or (religion God)
Science says that the universe was compressed into a very tiny infinitely small point billions of years ago and then exploded and the galaxies and stars and planets formed. Religion says that in the beginning there was nothing and then God created the earth and the sun and the moon and the stars. The problem is that we don't know if the same people that have infiltrated religion and science decided to make up a lie and spread it through both science and religion, or if the good people in religion and science are just doing their best and were able to attempt to tell what they believe is truth on this subject and it just simply came out similar sounding because God helped guide them to the truth or close to it. Winging it.

human beings are imperfect, therefor what they think and create is imperfect.
We're all just trying our best. We're all just winging it. Everything we do as imperfect human beings is just an attempt, but we can't actually "DO" anything. Only God can truly "DO" anything.

Dedicating yourself strictly to any one type of science or any one type of religion and shutting out the wisdom and lies of the rest of the different kinds of systems is the death of creativity, curiosity, learning, and innocence. we are meant to explore and learn and find out the truth. during this process we are inevitably exposed to lies and we must strengthen ourselves against those lies so that we may grow in our search for the truth. beware that intentionally going out of your way to immerse yourself in an ocean of many lies and little truths is a fools game for the most manipulative, evil, and self-dishonest. intentionally surrounding yourself with many lies in an attempt to discover the truth is like drowning for a small bubble of dirty air. (many evil cults do this on purpose)
(notice some of these are smart tips from multiple different religons and spiritual beliefs. there are little pieces of truth scattered about and hidden in everything. there are also lies scattered about everywhere also, which is one of the biggest reasons why you never fully trust anything other than God)

I'm going to try to explain

>God created free will. God controls free will.

>God made the earth, the sun, the moon, and the stars and said "and it was good" it was not good for humanity, but good for the purpose God has for humanity.


Exodus 20

Deuteronomy 5

different kinds of responses I got to my thread and my answers for them

Religion has been one of the biggest methods by which human beings have manipulated and controlled each other as well as one of the biggest reasons for almost every single war that has ever been fought up until and including modern history. Protecting humanity? Religion is a scam. It's a business just like war. "Hey be very afraid so give your church all this money because god needs your money and he loves you but you're going to hell forever so no killing, meanwhile go kill all these people because they don't believe what you believe! also, do whatever we say or god will be very upset with you!"
Religion is a cucked up scam that distances people from God. why worship an impefect human created system when I can just worship God directly?

The only pure and honest founding reason in history for the creation of religion is to bring people closer to God. humanity is imperfect and has since corrupted the world around it and failed religion and thus humanity has failed God and humanity has also failed itself. religion was supposed to protect people by teaching them how to be closer to God but but it caused countless wars and hurt many people in many ways beyond physical wounds. religion was supposed to bring people closer to God but instead it became a business about gathering as much money from it's followers as possible and manipulating them and controlling their lives through fear. religion filled peoples minds with false and limiting ideas and left so many people with such a bad taste in their mouths that so many in their disgust and confusion sought to reject and spit out religion but instead pushed themselves away from God. religion CREATED atheists.
If you seek to preserve humanity you must preserve the love that humanity has for God. only GOD

Very similar example can be found in first six star wars movies by george lucas.
So love isn't forbidden since compassion is like universal love as anakin explains in episode 2 I believe. This attatchment isn't about love, it's just any attachment at all. Some of the crystal chakra anons say similar things sometimes as an example. (meh…)
This is a huge problem because they start to think the way that brainwashed liberals or lazy burnt out conservatives do (Plenty of offense intended, but in good will. Rediscover your roots) Liberals in the old fashioned sense wanted more freedom for good reasons. Conservatives in the old fashioned sense want to preserve or conserve and protect what freedom already exists. our founding fathers of our country USA were a special mix of old fashioned liberal and conservative in the same body, per each individual. In 2019, Liberals run wild demanding the destruction of freedom and Conservatives are lazy sleeping hippos that don't conserve anything. Both suffer from an immense lack of Self Awareness. The reason the USA was successful was that people had a balance of the right types of liberal and conservative thought with a very high amount of self awareness… for their time, yea nothing is perfect, I know. I'm not making a force balance argument here. I think that the sith, jedi, grey, are all BS. You can have any powers and use any color light saber but how you use them is what makes you good or bad. Titles are just a BS mask.

Similarly, different religions make a serious effort to warn their believers or readers to avoid intentionally or accidentally worshipping false gods or false idols but fail to properly warn anyone against falling victim to considering the religion and its books and symbolism as idols as gods. At the end of every religion, people forget about the god that is mentioned in its pages, and they bend over and bow down and worship the book itself. This is the same exact trap the jedi fall into and it's exactly why they fall. The first fall is in their mind, this allows them to fall in every other way. VERY sad, and even more sad the fact that they don't even see or accept their own flaws and mistakes as they are falling. Because they are attached.

Just a small note: If natural order natural law user starts asspulling more fake rules like "opposites attract and magnets are opposite so fish eat other fish and that's why the world goes around" then you know that's not me (OP)

Okay let's break it down.

God existed and then created people. people created religion to try and better understand god or spread the world but it always gets corrupted but that's besides the point. God existed in the absence of religion and God will always exist even long after we are all gone.

That seems like a projection, but I think the issue is that people refuse to take responsibility for the fact that they invented these stupid religions themselves and then gave themselves the fake excuse to go and kill and have horrible wars when there may have been other unknown justifications at the time that we may never truly fully understand. people shouldn't have been cowards and should have been more honest as to the real reasons why they chose to do things. lack of self awareness.

You literally didn't read the thread. I know you're just coming in here with a bunch of pain and anger. read the thread. get some snacks and read it when you can. It's a comfy read.

I didn't claim to hold the truth, and I claim that no human holds the truth. I claim that God holds the truth and God is the truth.

If you believe in god, you are religious. If you KNOW GOD, you have no needs.

religions are so different (even though they can be very similar) because religions are imperfect, because human beings are imperfect. religions are an imperfect attempt by imperfect human beings to try to understand god. If you give many children a task and tools to complete it, many of them will complete it the same and many will complete it very differently from each other. everyone is just winging it. just trying their best. (and then other more deceptive people move in to take advantage)

many lies are based in some truths because it makes them easier to believe. bad people knew that everyone would eventually come to feel God because God is an unavoidable truth. and so, these people tried to build a cage around God and a tower up to God's throne both physically, figuratively, and metaphorically- not out of wisdom, but out of desperation, and out of fear, and out of hate.

End dump of very high quality knowledge
Please enjoy and grow.

There are no such thing as atheists (Okay maybe just a few). All (99% of) atheists are satanists in disguise.

Technically speaking God must be unknowable or God wouldn't be God, but only God can allow souls to go up and be "home" and then actually know God. Our human perspective is very limited.

and God is always God, even after you know them in heaven.

Very Big Info

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Lots of shirk ITT

Reminder, as someone who has read the bible, I can tell you that God does not have our best interests in mind.
80% of his followers never read the bible themselves, their pastor did it for them and only the convenient parts.
The rest who actually did read it and yet still try to spread it are as vile as the creature they are whoreshipping.

but user, this implies that there are real gods



Modern historians are retarded. God exists, you are in denial of reality.

That was me continuing the other guys greentext on how fucking retarded denial of God or at the very least ancient aliens or the Thunderbolt theory and things like that which prove that Gods and mythologies are real is more retarded than thinking it's real. Work on your reading comprehension.


all religions are false representations of God.
There is only one God, the only. the truth.

There are innumerable false gods, but only One True God. all teachings misrepresent god, and these teachings are further corrupted to enslave all people.

When God made the earth and said "It was good" it wasn't good for humanity, but for the purpose that God had for humanity.



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Fuck Christian d-g g-d, communist bois be with Jahwe and prophet Marx man u no watamsayin bro?
Fuck yo broke ass apostolic shit and the false nigga prophet Crist from broke crib Nazareth.

Wew lads, I just astral-projected and returned to this realm after receiving a new dose of Aryan gnosis. My spiritual attainment is such that liberation is clear. In Svarga Loka I met Himmler reincarnated as a demigod (deva). He told me that Yaldabaoth, the God of the Jews, is truly enslaving the Jews and along with them the Christians and Muslims by preventing them from reaching liberation from Samsara.

Himmler told me that the Abrahamic slaves wallowed in materiality and disdained the enlightened wisdom of the Aryan yogis of ancient times. The Aryan yogis knew that law was meant to facilitate inner-development of even the lowest jiva and help them towards Liberation. Inner qualities were valued by the Aryans seated at the lotus feet of God. Yaldabaoth worshippers have a hollow conception of proscriptions, going through the motions, stressing social behavior but not the inner qualities of Aryan virtue. It’s just a Jewish façade yet they remain inwardly depraved instead of bringing the blissful attributes of our eternal soul to the surface in loving devotion to God. Yaldabaoth worshipers are deluded to think karma doesn’t exist, and that they have Dominion (genesis) over all non-humans. Hitler (Vishnu) clarified this in Bhagavad-Gita — our souls are the same, the Jews and Crosscucks are being lured into committing mass-scale ahimsa against fellow atmic beings. They will wallow in materiality for eternity as true virtuous aryans ascend.

When I awoke from my projection I was astounded. The redpills are becoming ever more Earth-shattering. Soon I’ll be enlightened, I feel. I’ve already unlocked various psychic powers like levitation, proving Shoko Asahara correct.

did you see Anne Frank in the realm of holy jews

What a fucking nigger, I'm cutting all ties with him.

The realm of the Jews is almost wholly material due to their enslavement to Yaldabaoth. Jews only reincarnate in this realm and in the hells

Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes is why we have tranny kids running around half naked

funny how an actually good thread was anchored because atheists got buttmad.

It's very sad

alright, you can have it back