I honestly don't understand it. I can't figure out why you have such difficulty learning...

I honestly don't understand it. I can't figure out why you have such difficulty learning. All you have to do to prevent this spam is not delete or anchor my threads. There'd be literally one thread on the entire board. Instead you make futile attempts to keep me away by banning me over and over again, which I effortlessly get around by hitting a hotkey to switch VPNs and then posting the same thread again.

I suppose you're just not quick learners. Oh well. Some people have to learn through experience…

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Did your board die or something and now you have to beg us to host your Alunya porn collection here?

Nah, I just enjoy shitposting on your board(s).

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Because you posted 1-liner spam, kept reposting it, and at best such OPs would just result a lame thread of the same handful of yawnworthy derivative Zig Forums memes watered down from Zig Forums OC.

Wouldn't have to keep reposting it if mods didn't keep banning it tbqh.

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Copy +pasting this reply from Zig Forums. Why don't you stay here, user, or are your threads getting deleted here as well? >>2936843
She's got nice cat girl ears, but there's nothing really particularly communist looking about her .How about a tramp stamp with a suitable motif? I once saw a lady with the name "busty_angel_* (a paid-for encounter). It was the other way around, she chose her working name to match her tattoo, but she had a pair of angel wings tattooed on her lower back.
The picture looks about right.
Any bigger would look silly.

I'm pretty much copypasting my threads in both places. It's fitting, as these two boards seem to be copypasted copies of each other as best as I can tell.

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You lack imagination.

I didn't mean to be rude about your work user. But no art is above criticism.

Big titted commiekitty is best commiekitty. Through the power of lazily using the "bloat" tool, all things are possible. If nothing else, it is symbolic art representing the folly of putting any effort into anything.

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I really like the image you just posted. But I don't see what is has to do with Leftism. How about drawing a plaster bust of Nestor Makhno in the corner, or something, at lesst? (makhno held orgies.) just a suggestion
Ah, is that how its done? I would have said the last pic is the best-you seem to have captured movement in a still image (commiekitty's tits seem to be moving.) "bloat" tools or not, I would have said its the end result (the impression it has on the viewer) that's most important .
I was listening to a programme on radio 4 [BBC) about 70s rock drummers. The interviewer was asking isn't it a shame people are just using drum machines these days. The guy said, no not really, it's true the new guys can't do it physically, but they've still got to be able to think it out.

It's commiekitty. That's your board tan, right?

Commieanon, do you really think I'd be asking for OC if I was the one who had drawn any of those pics?

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We already have an OC cyclical at

That's the problem with your thread, it's just boring spam, and it doesn't even have any quasi-OC.

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It's a /b/tard who thinks posting her bothers us or something.

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That one's filled with commies tho. And besides, commiekitty is important enough to deserve its own OC thread.

Not sure where you got that idea tbqh. I just think posting commiekitty is a highly valuable service that must be provided. As no one else seems willing to provide, I have stepped into the position of commiekitty poster.

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She's called Alunya and she's an anarchist! She's super cute!

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I see no proof of that.

Eh. Anarchist. Communist. What's the difference?

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You mean those weird squiggles? Those are words?

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They are letters. Did you fail out of kindergarten?

Common misconception. In spite of her punny name and favored costume's bearing some similarity to that of a Catalan partisan, Alunya was explicitly described by catgirldrawfag as nonsectarian leftist in design.

Who cares? The original design was clearly anarchist. Of course newfags like you won't remember.

With that horrific chickenscratch? Doubtful.

I'll reiterate. Whether Alunyais a communist/anarchist/socialist/whatever, it makes no difference. They're all the same thing.

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Rachel didnt make alunya though

Shit, you're giving them names now? You can't go around giving board tans human names. Human names are for people.

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Low quality bait tbqh.

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Garbage in, garbage out tbrphwy famalam.

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Rachel is the human who did the political ideology catgirls comic.

Correct. She was getting posted before Rachel started making comics.

Regardless of the characters' ideologies, they were pretty clearly following aesthetics of the black and red.

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Right, but I remember posts of the OG drawfag describing their thoughts on Alunya, including the nonsectarianism point. Can't find a screencap in the booru tho.

Can you remember the thread it was in? Was it just like a general drawthread or was it something else?

Pretty sure it was long before the integrated archive, so barring a screencap, I'd have to find it on one of those sleazy scraper sites like Holla Forums. I Wonder if anybody will ever make a mirror of the old 8archive.moe Db accessible again?

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Okay regardless of which archive you go to unless you tell us what thread it was on we can't help you find it. I'm not telling you to use or give me a specific archival site I'm asking what thread it was on.

Look, it was years ago, probably in an OC thread. If I could remember more, I could find it.

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Who the fucks keep making alunya porn and why dont I know any of it?
Why is Zig Forums more engaged in making alunya porn than leftypol?

I want to hold Aluyna's hands.

Probably because some of us get laid more/at all.

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In case this gets bumped I think at the earliest Alunya would have been made in May 2015, and at the latest definitely November 2015, but I could be wrong. I think it also could have been post June but I wouldn't fully know. Can you remember the month it was made in or at least the season?

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because /leftypoop/ is full of humorless redditors?