Boomer Anarchist attacks ICE dtention center

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seems legit :^)

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Notice how there in the coming will be no deplatformings, bannings or media freakouts over this anarkiddie attack or the mass celebrations of it currently going on on Twitter. This anarchist was on a leash to this corporate overlords without even knowing it. I still chuckle when I hear Marxists or gutterscum anarchists thinking they oppose the status quo in anyway

Acceleration's a good thing isn't it?

that's nice honey

Leftist intellectual.

t. assblasted anarkiddie

Your utopianism will never work. You are siding with corporations, just like all antifa gutter rats

IIRC he was torching buses used to transport the beaners. If he was smart he would've tried shooting the guards and springing the beaners instead of chimping out in a parking lot and getting domed

says the state socialist

Nobody wants to visit your shit board, Zig Forums

I transcend such petty distinctions

Probably would've been way more of a backlash with a body count, sabotage is the right tactic at this phase imo. Just wish he got more done, had more help, and didn't have to die for it.

it's all so tiresome

I haven't been here all weekend, didn't this retard try shooting up a detention center or something and fucked up horribly? Like I don't know the full story but I think he walked into a parking lot, couldn't keep his cum in and pre maturely sperged out getting shot right?
Why is Reddit celebrating this guy again?

It looks like he wanted to sabotage GEO's equipment rather than shoot some guards. All things considered his only mistake was getting caught, but that's boomers for ya.

Then why even carry a rifle?


Good wagie. You have the same outlook as the Koch Brothers.

Honestly though, if you're white, you're a cuck; and if not, then you're just proving my point that leftcom is used by niggers as a cover for anti-white ethnocentrism.

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Yeah that's why it's the 2nd most popular on Zig Forums, lol.

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congrats on being King of Shit Mountain I guess

/b/ has more posters because it isn't divided along political lines; and it's literally an anything-goes board.

Speaking of which, you fags literally split from the main Zig Forums because you niggers have virtually no cohesion (due to the fact modern Marxism is used by Jews and nigs to leech from white proles); and Zig Forums originally had to be created because leftists can't compete on regular Zig Forums. Sad!

Zig Forums actually kills for its convictions. You fags can't even fight neocon Zionists 1v1 in a street fight without getting knocked-out. You support open borders just like the Koch Bros and other porkies do; and they give you preferential treatment on social media because you're useful for suppressing nationalist rebellions, which are an actual threat to them.

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What are you fourteen lol?
>>>Zig Forums You have to go back

Also lol eight retards on twitter are proof that the left is controlled by corporations lmao get out of here boomer.

/b2/ you mean, because their BO Dys was such a colossal sperg.
Like the conviction of almost killing your gay Nazi torture chamber board, because Kampfy was such a colossally spergy BO, the global admins had to break their own rules and directly remove him to prevent Zig Forums from being totally eclipsed by better boards, as it imploded under the collective circlejerking autism of you stormniggers too undisciplined to abandon the legacy board from cuckchan you repelled everyone else away from.
Gee, noticing a pattern? Maybe it's for some other reason, related to the fact that our board didn't have Chodemonkey's dick up our ass on a hair trigger like yours.

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Wait what the fuck.
Then why the fuck did this dipshit fucking fund Trump? He's been the Republican's go to circuit for funding and instructions sure, but can't he stop? Is he like permanently forced into that position for life by capitalist-Jews or some shit?

lol, you are using the same arguments like in the deplatforming thread where another nazbol poster totally destroyed you
the only pathetic pussy here are you

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You can always trust leftists to put identity stuff before class stuff.

Magapede spic much?

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The nazbol guy in that thread writes like this. In fact if you go to that thread you will see he wrote almost this same sentence. Nazbol guy is that you? Lol

Is every cringe pic about Zig Forums are kids under 18?

Yes. Because all ofthem are kids under 18

Greg Ramos is not a white name

top kek

I bet this Jew thinks that names aren’t often a good indicator of race

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Whites literally share many of the same names and surnames as many other modern natives, some underdeveloped African languages are literally just mixed english with a few native terms, it's literally not a good indicator of race in the modern world where everyone tries being white, that's why crypto-jews exist even if a large chunk wear their names and stars with pride while openly doing horrendous shit.

That's still not the majority case though.

Another example of leftists using idealistic question-begging instead of actual reality in order to promote their idealistic egalitarianism.

back to >>>Zig Forums snownigger

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How are they underdeveloped? As long there able to communicate it's developed as much as any other language.

Most of Africa adopted white, Chinese, and Islamic culture, you cannot tell me that in a post colonial world linguistics and culture matter. Race certainly does more than ever but everything else isn't an indicator.

Underdeveloped in respect to their own culture.

We're talking about the actual demographics of the US, not Africa.

because it's reddit, the only thing that matters to them is their precious karma

well so much for that

initially they funded ted cruz but when they realised which way things were going they swung in behind trump, who really isn't the threat to the broader system of global capitalism that some people still think he is. moreover, while the koch bros do support open borders, it's hardly their only goal and one which is unlikely to be achieved anytime soon

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Fuck off with your divisive idpol bullshit.

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Nobody is immigrating because they saw antifa in the TV, you brain dead piece of shit.

Immigrants aren't the people in control of how much migration there is

Neither are people participating in anti-fascist actions.

They are, however, the ones pushing the Overton Window to exclude anything and everything short of the most ludicrous laissez-faire unregulated capitalism as fascist racism.


Which identity was evoked and where?

Just because antifa can't get shit done doesn't mean they aren't trying to


The other two are legal constructs, not identities. Please, think before posting.