The Left Can't Terrorism

Imagine being this retard.

There won't be any beaners at his funeral. Most of them don't give a shit, and can't even read the English articles that mention him.

Stop being a cuck for foreign groups that don't give a shit about you, Zig Forums.

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Leftists are just slaves of the mass-media machine. They didn’t give a fuck when Obongo threw spics in cages

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Agreed with the rest of your post, but

There's not that much of difference except some differences on foreign policy and economics. You's both hurl yourself in front of a machine gun to save your precious brown people and trannies.

yep this is going in my FBI plant cringe compilation

Nope. Read his manifesto. It reads like something any generic retard from leftwitter or /r/chapotraphouse would write.
>>>Zig Forums684126

A Zig Forumstard like you should know that MKultra and mossad plants exist. Can you explain why capitalism is good because antifa are a bunch of dorks or something?

I'm a distributist, fucknuts.

So you're a catholic Zig Forumstard

And if he was a mossad or CIA plant he'dve been more competent and actually done some damage. His background as a faggy anarchist "folk" singer and his stunningly bad performance leads me to believe this was a genuine case of some left twitter dipshit sperging out and getting owned. Most left wing militants in the US are incompetent. Like that bernie bro who shot at a bunch of congressmen and didn't get a single kill. Or the weather underground kiddies who blew themselves up trying to build nail bombs. Compare that to their rightwing counterparts like Tarrant and Mcveigh. Both of them racked up an impressive kill count.

You don't have to be a catholic to support distributism. Just like you don't need to be catholic to believe in the big bang theory, which was hypothesized by a catholic priest.

So you're just trying to bantz leftists by bragging how good reactionaries are at mass shootings?

Let's stop equivocating entire ideologies and beliefs with the actions of one lone sperg who accomplished nothing. McVeigh was kinda based though, never understand why anarchists didn't support him. You'd think anarchists would be mad that the US government just shot innocent civilians.

ok I laughed

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He was avenging the people who were killed by the feds at Waco and Ruby Ridge. Of course the left would be asshurt about feds dying for killing white people. If he did it because the feds killed black people or some shit then they would support him

Why is the left so antiwhite now? Member' when leftism meant being against government and corporate abuse of poorer people?

The modern western left believes has replaced the bourgeoisie with the white man. Settles by Sakai is a pretty good summation of the modern western left. Not to mention you have the old Jewish left who are still disillusioned at the failure of the Soviet union and believe that whites are too inherently reactionary to help construct their communist tikkun olam

at first I was like
but then I

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Oh yeah, and your terrorist from Christchurhch was a cool guy from Zig Forums who thought that the world is ruled by le gultural margzists and now he is in prison and niggers fuck him in the ass
Yeah, the right definitely can terrorism

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Boggles the mind


At most he would have a few Maoris and maybe some Indonesians or Chinks. They're all too beta.

you forgot




Reddit sucks Jew dick even harder than you fags.

are you 12?

How are these two not related?

Because aside from the involvement in neocon military adventurism of their dumb ethnat state where proletarian Jews continue to suffer under the depredations of their own ruling class, they are largely irrelevant to porky's antics in the larger world.

Do you actually have any objection at all against porky's cock up your ass, as long as it's the other white meat?


Most of them are these days

So you support cops now?

Good liberal!

Jews lack an Aryan spirit. But leftists are too busy navel gazing at mere materialism

Muh settlers.