Alternatives to race realism?

What do you guys think about race realism? Can a leftist be a race realist?

And if you are opponent of "race realism" what theory do you support?

Boasian theory:


critical race theory:

Also what do you think about Noel Ignatiev and T.W. Allen and theories and concept of "whiteness"? Do you agree that we should "abolish white race"?

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Does race realism by definition mean race is connected to specific mental characteristics?

Here's a challenge:
Use data on the average differences between human populations to objectively and non-arbitrarily derive the number of and lines between human racial groups.
Then we can have this conversation.

Yeah I'm a race realist, in the sense the different Autism Level levels of the 'races' is due to different material conditions and little to do genetics.

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If you mix race with leftism you become a SJW

Why do you think you need an "alternative" to bullshit? Just stop believing in it. Would you ask for an "altlernative" to astrology?

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The theory that it's made up bullshit. "Race" isn't real. You don't need a theory to disbelieve something.

Races do not exist. Variability exists and it clusters according to your ancestry, but calling it "race" is retarded. The word "race" refers to fundamentally different types and would be appropriate to use in reference to homo sapiens vs homo erectus or something. The different population groups of humans we have today are nowhere near distant enough genetically to constitute separate "races." This whole discussion gets even more retarded once you realize that 90+% of human genetic diversity is contained within sub-Saharan Africa, and that humans outside Africa are descended from a few splinter groups who left that continent. If you were to divide people up according to ancestry and divergence the vast majority of divisions would be within the African continent, with much of Asia (the most populous continent) being only a few distinct groups. Genetic differences are much closer to having common family traits than speciation.

Uh, that's true, but critical race theory tends to adopt a rigid idea of racial categories when (being made up for convenience) the boundaries on a race fluctuate constantly. "White" people used to hate each other over nationality before the concept of whiteness existed. Zig Forums is full of mutts who think they're white enough to be on the nazi's good side.
People who use words like "whiteness" instead of saying "the idea of whiteness" are actively trying to confuse people and make the already hair-trigger white identitarians have something to freak out over. They know exactly what they're doing.

These videos are highly relevant to the subject in general, but especially to your point.

The Science of Human Races, Part 1

The Science of Human Races, Part 2

Do Human Races Exist?
Less thorough, the above videos were an expansion on this, but this one is more of a tl;dr

Who the fuck cares?


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Instead of race realism, why not try race fantasy, or perhaps race romanticism?

That one's the best, it pretty much encapsulates a racists view of race.

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Bravo for your thankless effortpost to such a shit thread, comrade.

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Wow what a shit thread. Thankfully I went to bed before it blew up but wow this is probably the worst thread on race I've seen on any leftist discussion site period.

If this thread's anything to go by leftism+race=Retard in general not just SJW.

"leftist" is a very general term, if you mean "can I be a socialist or communist" then yes, as long as you wish to abolish private property, even if you also believe niggers to be inferior, you can be a socialist

I’m no talkings about whiteness guys just the idea of it. It’s different.

This. Pseudo-communists want to inject their Jewish bullshit into pure leftist ideas

Geneticists like David Reich have shown that there are probably some genetic differences between the races in intelligence (and different sub-types of intelligence), but each according to his own ability, each according to his need. Unless there's some race that is demonstrably unable to contribute to a modern society in any way, shape or form I don't see the issue, we spend more money treating white skin cancer because whites lack melanin in their skin and that's genetic too, should we ban white people from entering the tropics and deport everyone with 80%+ European ancestry from Brazil and tropical Australia? Intelligence is heritable among individuals too, should we deport and gas low Autism Level people?

Let's kill whiteness but let niggers keep their revanchist blackness. What can go wrong?

No, you can only be a leftist if you support the extinction of your race and voluntarily submit to the Jews, since communism was invented by the Jews only to enslave and exterminate all non-Jews.

That would be ideal, yes.
If we did Idiocracy but backwards we would've been able to save humanity but now it's too late I'm afraid.

An alternative to race "realism" is not being an imbecile.


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pretty classist of you. I bet you live in a gated rich jewish community don't you?

Why are you nazbolfags so obsessed with race? How else are you gonna bang qt 3.14 azn waifus if you support an ethnostate?

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It's okay most "Russians" are asians

Disagree, from what I've seen only 30% of Russia tops is Asian, even going south like Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan 50% of people are still white.

Humans outside Africa have a varying admixture of small but significant amount of genes from other homo subspecies, the proportion of which clusters them into three (four, if you include pure (or, in some cases, likely mixed with some other undiscovered subspecies) homo sapiens from Africa) distinct groups which are basically equivalent to traditional conception of races.

As the result is very recent, it was likely not known to the author of the 2012 video you posted. This would be confirmed by the science he cites when discussing human inheritance (haplogroups rather than full genome sequencing that produced the aforementioned results).

Nevertheless, he is still explicitly not opposing the existence of biological and genetic divisions between human populations, but race essentialism, which posits that human specimen's traits and qualities can be judged based on his racial characteristics. This is obviously a correct position to take (regarding each and every kind of essentialism), but one that is largely orthogonal to the question of whether such divisions exist in the first place.

Eh, David Reich in particular does not concern himself with intelligence, in fact he specifically avoids issues like these. He's already taken too much fire for being instrumental in things like discovering and destroying recent assumptions about human migrations (basically showing that, as was originally assumed, and then rejected for ideological reasons, our ancestors kept invading each other, murdering and enslaving entire populations).

Aside from this, you're entirely correct. Prepare for statistically significant differences between human populations to be confirmed and attributed to genetics. If you're a leftist, it should not change your beliefs in any way.

Eh, I'm still not convinced. Unless this is something extremely recent, every piece of hype for this hypothesis I've read always fails to affirmatively rule out the possibility this was merely inherited from common ancestors in Africa rather than interbreeding in Europe/Asia.

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Interbreeding took place, as evidenced byștera_cu_Oase fossils (one of which has chunks of Neanderthal genome large enough to suggest a Neanderthal ancestors mere five-six generations before).
From this, the assumption that it lead to modern genetic differences is pretty obvious. Non-africans and Neanderthals share parts of genome that no African has. It's extremely unlikely that they were (still, some 500 thousand years after human and neanderthal lineages separated) preserved in common ancestors at the time of migrations, then completely disappeared from African lineages (in less than 50 thousand years).